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6-4 8:15am Tommy, who is Slenderman?

Jun 4, 2014|

Tommy talks to CNN technology reporter Doug Gross about Slenderman, the reported motive behind a stabbing in Wisconsin

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about his bizarre slender man. Standing incident that happened in Waukesha Wisconsin it would be funny if it were not so serious Anna -- young lady almost. I had not almost died. We're proud to have Doug gross with a right now as CNN technology reporter who who wrote a great piece about this and we're Lincoln it up under my page -- -- WL I come to morning dud thank you for taking the time. -- -- -- the you know a lot of us or even heaven a tough time knowing how to talk about this and what this is. And grasping grasping the concept of it. So Kenyan maybe try to Telesis souls slender man stories from the beginning. Yes it really is one of those. Took -- the Internet and storied. Couple. Slugger Manny. Ramirez that generations where you were hurt generations chase. Michael Myers right dignity it didn't have been no movies about. Now technically. On and on parity the typical albeit that our entertainment secure start in it would. On via web site or all all the people or anything happening eight voters. And hey he would want to create. Does Cory you're looking to quote unquote terrible -- and we're making these pictures that we. Are. -- one guy Eric -- that these two images like newspaper go to eighty. They're cute and -- -- Specter background just call the character under and so that was that was not legal to try to make. He goes picture it's spread like it they started doing things on the character and get as happened on the Internet we are planning and the bottle thing right. Our popped up on other web site. Started cheering. You know different people in -- all the major. On them to. Get people have been Emeka did you being on the -- -- I called in historical via the Internet mocked her -- that's what -- Yorker that. You know popped up randomly in the warm and -- your partners Laker. -- get billions of web site where somebody. On the and that. Supposedly according that -- -- that's what these girls got fixated. Doug if you can give -- say. I'm not it's nefarious. A friendly version of slender man some people can get how it happened on the Internet can you can you think of either a drawing or. Or is it just a mean -- like piano playing kitty or something like that. It at the little creepy you know play and I'm trying to make the comparison. But the character that the bank of the out -- -- -- always sort of we've been ordered to just sort of beer -- and never. Teachers always -- in the dark out it all up and the Internet like sort of classic. You know British gentleman with the polar cap and dark -- -- -- and figure it only part in the now I think probably. Speak to the appeal away almost a blank canvas different people details -- -- But it was creepy part of his story the people YouTube or aggregate. He all our children whether it's inspiring children to attack children -- to that. The description of the character who described the major search. The thing. That that and these these these. The hallmarks of what -- Is there and I Terry Terry -- again I'm not trying to say that's under -- strong kitty but what I'm trying to get Doug is something that. You know people -- 3040. -- understand in terms of things that they see on the Internet that it's starts out and nothing then suddenly it's. Everywhere buddy buddy it wouldn't necessarily be scary it might be funny when -- trying to think about other character that might develop like that night and I'm coming up empty right now. A product copycat. And hey you know. Having an -- to get it yet. It very much he would back at the Internet story out these these meetings as a call that just sort of start popping up in some of the about that captures people's imaginations and they won this year they wanna beat her own version of a lot of times. That they're look at their -- should get that don't always. Right I'll let Tom get. I'm -- these in Italy audience of the -- or click on a -- court that. Or. Moving all but obviously want the a lot here at our you know our story are absolutely. Yeah great wonderment as sort of the horror movie version. Quote if you. So if you could control both boys your kids you know -- go see scary movie if they were getting into. You know things like Freddy Krueger or whatever -- or maybe dwelling on them I guess now it's going to be a lot harder to keep track of because you're not gonna know they're on of the movie or not. That and that's what -- what part time right out of out of balance that freedom. With the fact that yet apparent you know Betsy little boy at all how do you. How do you control obviously looked like he was just get away from you know would be a horrible. And you know web. And it. You know it's gonna be Indian right ethnic. And best paying. As a parent would probably just ground it sold. Eventually despite all the filters on -- you know despite all kinds lecture on the eventually they're going to stumble -- the -- won the -- reality or Egypt after. Try to make sure they have the grounding. Bet -- -- using -- -- -- -- As disturbed by this war. A common sense that yes -- that has yet been backed away and go back here at. Look at -- again and again. So again Eric -- in created this -- main character in an interview back in January according your article. He says he feels less like a creator more of an administrator like the man energy feels like he's under -- managers of their do and is staying. He is kinda needs to watch him and take care of him and and you -- NTELOS that he already applied Korea copyright on character and I'm just wondering does this. You know only inspire copycats is is makes undermanned more popular than ever or does it pretty well. And here and slender man's career on talk about a fictional character that way. Right here we are. I'd be in the sort of retirement standards. -- -- local of course but. But you know obviously the apples are exposed. That it be industry whether people. Orders are actually. More literate. And unfortunately -- -- lot -- people becomes fascinated with the split up. I think at the end of the day is -- earlier it didn't look like camp here and ecological and you know used it. Tell stories we're. You -- and horrible horrible rare circumstances like the -- about is absorbed and and you take it. What is a mob. Not democracy on -- and that's. -- what it should be -- via the web site. Called. Pop that we didn't would decrease in term. Of life. You got it is that you got it does drive me crazy. Acting new -- here uncle creepy puppet creepy that you do live from copy. Which you felt you -- from copy paste. -- hot all the beer shall -- basic ideas. People -- you can copy and paste it. Broad email here Ed so creepy pop let out meaning our actions we hear quite decree popular. It is they're describing this type of spiritual war usually only our patient and that's what looked like what they were going to in the -- reports. Google -- that -- you know according to -- it sort of explanation of what the web site was it was. Wonderment on the web site until the you do that the police he did -- hurt because -- it had nothing you could -- reality it accurate it is a compilation of stories people and then. Stories they wrote -- and -- -- -- that they made and despite compile them and get kids presumably all the people go there and beat the stories of those videos. Yeah we get we have break wing picking up here right heroic comeback now so I ask you about is this an anomaly or are there other pictures out there was slender man that. Parents need to be aware of or do we know Doug gross or I guess CNN technology reporter he wrote a great piece that you can find. At CNN dot com -- can easily find it at our website if you click on my page under Tommy's recommended -- Tommy's home a Tony for timely in traffic more was done. A moment or another time -- that all important look at traffic and for that we go to -- Robinson 828 Tommy Tucker double WL. Talking about this slender man in the standings that happened in Waukesha Wisconsin. And I Doug green nice enough to spend some time with a CNN's technology. Reporter and Doug before we went to the traffic is this union is this undermanned playing and and the influence on these two girls of course is no way to predict how somebody's gonna reacted. Is that the anomaly or are there hundreds or maybe even thousands of these things all over the Internet. Well I think if they -- -- me you know -- -- completely say really. I'll I'll be in India we -- I'd now like it if there is an interest topic it will be on the Internet. End you know thousands thousands of different ways and and I think about it. Like that apparently I. You -- twelve locals and I got blocked a million web site -- you know I'm not sure. It could keep -- the web site would have been in my top million -- it's like. You're going to but it is a block things and and yet the moment ago whatever the media is. The 99% 99. Nine point 9% of consumers are going to do that -- an old story that your story error. Oh wouldn't that -- the amateur -- but yeah. Horrible horrible what that's like -- quarter -- are them are happening in the best majority of cases. L one thing as a parent and I think. Nice -- somebody that didn't wanna go from the old radio cards and and and trying to talk -- -- industry here but they don't -- -- the computer and I. And I told you you may as well because we're not going back it's gonna keep on me and I guess I mentioned that story because if -- parent. You better get tech savvy you better find out what's going on because this is gonna continue day you know to get more. I guess kids more Internet driven everything they do is to be on the Internet pretty much. That's exactly right you were you cannot have whatever opinions we have about whether it's the Internet but in two -- fourteen you know the the -- or ordeal and about. You can and that's why they're eating. You want but on the users go. To you wanna look educated wet dreary today -- -- -- what I. -- you think that the most valuable tool you don't Garnett which is yet to advocate just let them hey you know. There are certainly. You out there on. You know whenever we talk about. -- you -- mean disease war. You'd need to see and keep that line communication. If you troubled. Pop up. We'll talk about it. You know -- currently going to a web site should help out with you. You know what about it again it is very. Verses. Aren't. I'd -- in many cases of Internet. The -- -- most probably you know pushed. Are going to say that freedom and free speech online thing but that means. Everything that you are pretty much let you know you Rottweiler in these Arctic cat communication that education is. Along those lines and lighter note the formula to go were talking earlier about you know back in a teenage boys you on the dirty magazine man on the hit the jackpot now. Whatever type and what happened that night it was Jordan what. Rule thirty. Or 34 days ago he typed -- -- I'd done a pleasure talking to we talked.

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