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6-4 9:10am Tommy, Sgt. Bergdahl

Jun 4, 2014|

Tommy talks to Marin Cook, Professor of Professional Military Ethics at the US Naval War College, about the moral choices soldiers are faced with

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Etc. guess Martin -- He's at the admiral to -- right admiral James Bond Stockdale chair. A professional military ethics is carrying. -- at the US Naval War College. Thank you professor. Tell me about it. I guess the whole ethical consideration of a soldier and leaving his post in what responsibility not specifically as it relates to is right it's like sergeant -- to Albany and in general about you know leave no man behind that. The ethics leaving your fellow soldiers fine. Well Portland in the query connected personal opinion opera companies. That process. Well well certainly if in fact he -- -- and I think there's much about the that's really very very much on Korea. But you can back he deserved nevertheless that would make their supply I think it's premature to -- -- certainty. At any given number of people sides specifically trying to find one. Number of articles -- your -- they're talking about but it would have been patrolling anyway. It publicly that the any deaths are directly related circuit board but nevertheless if respect he deserves that it -- -- -- and -- yesterday as. They -- you'll have investigated and determined that now -- and so now -- -- also possible. Desertion. Is you know it's a pretty dramatic terms to us civilians but that is as simple as just walking away from your postman in even their views on that -- post that time it was a explain all that -- professor if you will because. A lot of us have never been in the military and now are not veterans and we don't know I mean -- assigned to an army barracks and that's what happened with private bird doll. Well if the story that I -- to -- -- return from the pictures and -- simply walked away. That's technically absent without leave. And it's it's an offense. And I guess that's that's what I'm trying to figure out as being a wall was same as deserting. Well well if you're absolutely for example if you just went into the ground. And with to a party without telling your commanders would be able but it would be -- -- because that's the beauty of the Portland. When in combat zone if you leave your unit that is and you leave -- period of time. That it's up to what graver offense because now you've diminished capabilities unit. And that particular unit was under triple -- so you -- all the capability. So you and he looked specifically on the -- that moment. They can get our fighters and second that this is Oracle's needed. There have been reports of of emails between his father and he worries at the right thing in essence I'm paraphrasing here felt. That -- -- -- you know pair phrasing here he felt bad for the F. You know it is confuse to Afghanistan. People afghanis. Afghans -- as a professor Afghans. Now. -- And then his father said you need to follow your conscience. And would that necessarily tend toward. Indicate. And Nikola rationed. With the talent and Miller and Ian the militants in Afghanistan. And in port. Physical and it's a long -- from losing faith in the mission to actively cooperating with the temperature. I don't see any evidence of that yet but it's possible. Relatively losing -- mission has hardly unique to divert bill a lot of people experienced and competent. And brings the next question about soldiers being faced with. Moral dilemmas in the awards it anymore column wars we've been conducting as of late as opposed to. Back in the days you were to where you know we you're tanked it was clear. Germany I don't think correct -- professor known historian here but. Because Germany was allied with Japan that we had a clear enemy -- friends and my own clumsy way. But when it -- And that but the point is that the way we've been using military -- for the last ten plus years. Really isn't as legally on the war that is war by definition is something -- conduct against other states. Who -- home than the subject of congressional response -- And nothing we've done. In the last ten years has been that and the rules for the American beer per equivalent court. Robert -- is to say professor cook has written a book called moral warrior ethics and service in the US. Military any points up for the first time in history the capabilities US military. Far outstrip those and any potential rival leaders -- -- collectively. In reality raises fundamental questions about its role nature and conduct and a professor I guess after 9/11 everybody at least citizens want this to go get Obama. Bill begin an illegal game. Right I mean there's no clear country. That you can attack you knew that. At the time Afghanistan it was a a friendly haven for a Osama bin Laden although actually the al-Qaeda had pretty well taken over after they were invited in by the Taliban is that correct. -- -- that would that there was a there was an Afghan government we didn't recognize it but -- -- where they effect a controlled country. So I mean we knew we wanted to go get it actually was go get al-Qaeda. That happened to be inside the sovereign country Afghanistan with whom we were not -- -- here no reason to go to war. It -- it's forgotten that we actually observed some legal niceties here that the Afghan government to handle. On -- and and -- -- people would. And that respect their own respective policy in little in the field. And that we hasn't acted against al-Qaeda inside -- intention. Now we did them one way Security Council authorization so. One could argue that that that while it was legal. -- -- Iraq that have more much more complicated story my personal opinion was so that was Tuesday I think that's not a uniquely -- it -- yeah but I'm of the view McCorkle is not legal. Nigeria and you know -- so many times we hear about people either getting killed by drones and again you. Believe what you can I guess Leo would you choose to believe because you don't know also. If they other countries reporting inaccurately sometimes you don't know -- our government is reporting inaccurately for a a host of different reasons but in terms collateral damage that's something that always didn't go on. With submitted civilians getting killed with bombing strikes what Andean may be back in World War II or World War I. But now it's more prevalent and as a result. Is tougher firfer soldiers taken and it causes then had to say women and really sign up for this. Well that the very complicated story but the short answer is no the bat -- people killed in war on computers -- in the midst. If anything looked for more discriminate that we have been poor because the technology allows it to be so so that a person indicted in the -- On this law the -- you're going to at maturity and not I don't have a war error around the bottom equitable World War II on the list. -- -- -- -- Chances that you would hit which Korea were very small. So. On the other hand because the technologies somewhat better we have higher expectations but it's virtually round. And the truth is that the only place in the qualities intelligence that Social Security so. I think one thing that people it is still too content from school and uncle tiger -- Tracking specific individuals and knowing that they were bought and look at -- trying to get an environment where there were surrounded by. -- civilians avert future. Then there was the so called signature strikes which -- -- just on the pattern of activity that it is suspect repeatedly in these people work. And it was in particular particular strikes work. Corporate -- dual core older -- it does it matter of fact we've reduced those dramatically -- traditional approach to individuals. For that so you know a little problem -- your attack in the individual. Inside the country there on the war from coming virtual world war that's not the movement. So in terms of of dilemmas faced by soldiers on active duty today that are actually involved in the theater of combat is it. Harder for them to agree with the mission but even if they if they disagree. You you just still can't do what you want ranked so. Well in our system there is no there's there's no legal basis in our current legal system. What's called selective conscientious objection that is saying. I'm not oppose all -- -- that particular award as one I don't agree with McCormack on the civilian. There's a considerable org -- an epic literature that perhaps that ought to be. Something that available to people and some -- went back awhile. But our system what she look great right and that they feel you are in and he will be orders until you get to the end of your adjustment period so there is no. There is no legal basis to inaudible particular appointment of six brigade. One the nominee -- solid politics one theory that some people are prospering is that he was somehow way. And opera it is a CIA agent that's why we traded back point but. Did -- -- five Taliban for him in terms of the trade itself. And as far as an espionage -- they did what happened to wouldn't fit the typical. It is spy aids is -- good scenario what are. Well there -- I'd like it is very likely that they think that because the way he was being used in -- like it. In Afghanistan and make -- sense -- that's what you want war. And then in terms of who we gave up to get him back. On the is that that uncommon for. -- some prisoners to be exchanged -- others. Well prisoner exchange at the end of every war that's that storm. The problem with this kind of where will we call it does not -- just winning the war you know there we creature should prisoners that -- Middle East peace agreement. We have -- peace agreement so. Nurture mute -- happen though a lot more than any emotional right now what went. Decided to do this because you're obviously pretty key element would sit back. The security agreement to keep in the culture warrior makes some and I put. The precedent that it could network holders we will be back on target is probably. Did happens at the end of the war anywhere right you know you said it normally does. All that is very rewards are expected to repatriate prisoners on a -- that's the global war require. But the problem is that model doesn't fit that particular kind considerate Albert well. You don't you don't sit down on the deck of the injuries inside these trees and -- future -- that that a little while but every month. Guess our locker. We -- able. When he heard it here when I was wondering is if it would seem immune to Taliban would sees many Americans soldiers they possibly -- as it stands now so how would this. Trading. At this point lead to more American soldiers being seized. Well no I think that's the big risk in this is due to incentivize people to do exactly that. What the president thought it would were taken that risk I think just can't let. Ever soldiers is in a big theater of combat than any thinks that you know like you -- selective conscientious objectors. If he thinks you know what I'm not to do this coming on American Eagle and this house and I'm not gonna. Did his -- -- not the plays maybe get some women maybe get some children. Happen in Iraq a lot with the dude you're more police work then military work in a lot of ways. What is supposed bill. Burnett opted -- In any failure there all the orders -- in the theater Tuesday criminal offense in the uniform code of military justice so. Extreme if if you believe it virtually in the you can refuse and they illegal chances but it probably won't go -- And in terms of yet the history of that did you -- they don't say well okay you. He gave you disagree with the mission you had a legitimate moral oddly moral objection to -- so no harm no foul chances are you on a jail. I mean we had a few cases of people -- -- -- -- specific appointments because and on rare occasion there and so -- -- -- so for example today. A Serbian American pilot did one line -- -- I think Europe figured -- this -- of popular. Like the bachelor. So bottom line when it comes of people that are considering. The military as a career. In terms of being a moral warrior guessing on that -- your book ethics and service in the US military. Would you advise some young person on and that it's always as it has been or things have changed and you'd better think twice. Well. I think most people -- -- -- going especially in the ranks of very young you know really think it through and yet some widely enjoyed they enjoyed for. Mostly for benefits and per job in world. Possible villages and all of them back in fluently all along well you what to do it and in my book you mentioned there's chapters are all about once or states in which are trying to work out. Why would you voluntarily give up war. To the extent that it is. To do -- Cuba. And I think you're morally report apparently that state is -- -- New Orleans you know fundamentally disagree. If you don't understand it is torture under any news or use. Those are gonna make an intelligent decisions that are the true that look like they're using. It's amazing stuff and and I could talk to you for two hours but we have to know and you need to thank you so much professor every time the book is the moral warrior. Ethics and service in the US military and you get dead and all the usual outlets. Yes and the wrong you know there's a new and simple this is no accurate picture came out picture. I'm very well will look to that is as well thank you professor appreciate your time thanks.

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