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Jun 4, 2014|

How many times have you heard people say, “I have OCD!” But do they? Scoot’s battled with a severe case of obsessive-compulsive disorder since he was a kid. Scoot talks to an OCD specialist, Dr. Frank Granett, Author of “The American Epidemic: Solutions for Over-medicating Our Youth”, ADHD and Nutritional Physiology Expert Advisor and Director of clinical pharmacy operations at Behavioral Center of Michigan Psychiatric Hospital.

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Had divorced parents go to for -- Today and tomorrow don't you people be here on Friday and -- -- is due to a 49 and I'm glad you're with us it is a beautiful they -- -- to be a nice day yesterday. I drove down to see volume my friend one of my favorite listeners have missed on. And at home yesterday it coming back it was just ferry for a delightful very comfortable to even have the AC on at all. And to I have to tell you this I always thought I was at home during rush hour traffic. And I can tell you that. I don't know how you guys deal with the lights. My god some of those bright lights were so long that you could have gotten out of your car and chain to oral rotate your tires. And against so many lights which is frustrating to be. In homered during rush hour traffic as it is to be on the interstate in New Orleans area during rush hour traffic but god bless you for dealing with it with all those lights. It's just such a pretty such a pretty area to -- great to see missed on again this done if you're listening very good morning to you. And by the way I walked in the Rouse is there are -- Charles. That store. Is like the crown jewel of grosses. That story is like a palace. It's like -- -- a grocery store that you would see in rich suburbs of Southern California need to truly amazing well before going further on the show. Let me just their wipe off the -- Real OCD problems. As you know over the will be talking about it on the show -- this morning I had what did you talk about the twelve year old girls. Who were suspects in the stabbing of a twelve year old friend of -- -- nineteen times -- police say the girls were influenced. By a fictional character on a web site. It seemed to slender man. And they they did his team -- terrific standing. In order to. Appease. Slender. -- creepy Internet figure. But I don't know if we're gonna get to that today because -- wanna talk about the French Quarter midget man. In the last couple of Asia for talk about this Angela talked about yesterday Italy topping has talked about -- won't -- show. This is a group of volunteers. It was organized to reduce crime in the French Quarter. And founder of the group Erin Jordan who was on -- show yesterday. Has said that he's exercising his Second Amendment Rights that members carry a concealed. Handgun licenses that are licensed gun carriers. In the first quarter minutemen are offering to escort French Quarter workers waiters waitresses apart -- stance -- anyone who works in the French Quarter. Safely to their car bus or street car. -- -- PDs eighth district met with a French Quarter -- yesterday I don't think they said anything publicly about it yet. The order of the the the founder Eric Jordan of the first quarter -- said. That. Them NO PD did not say they were against the group but they do -- sets of concerns and as to why. So what do you think about this idea we'll talk about this coming up in the next hour here. On WW LI. SI have said on the year before I have obsessive compulsive disorder. And and I know that today there are so many people who just casually saying all I know CD. And that doesn't really offend me as somebody usually suffer with it all my life and I wanna talk about this not because there were talk about me. But because I want to talk about those two on. May be affected by -- those who. May be around people children or loved one or dear friend or brother or sister that you think might be OCD. -- frank Greenwich is author of the American epidemic solutions for over dedicating our salute our youth. He's also an ADHD in nutritional of his ideology expert and director of the clinical pharmacy operations at the behavioral center and Michigan psychiatric hospital. And frank welcome to our show this morning. They're great to be what you do you and your -- Up frank. What is OCD obsessive compulsive disorder and and is it misunderstood by society. Up very well misunderstood its group it's that's a compulsive disorder is the neural behavioral disorder. And that has no eight superior that that affects children like -- -- saying all the way so adult and even our elderly population so. That does not distinguish or discriminate with age but predominantly you know. What we need to understand is there's three fights now and the -- research that are pretty much localized as far as what. Has gone wrong with the -- -- which is the critical -- transmitter that's involved and those CDs. And then and creating this imbalance. And there's three sites one is in the pre frontal cortex or royal -- tax the other in the center of the brain called the -- -- -- And then the third party input so without getting into the science of those three areas simply it's an imbalance. And the reason why drug may airmen who now works group but the fact that. You know this imbalance could be due to a metabolic condition we talked about this in the book and our educational BBB -- political. -- psychological physical type of contributing factors nutritional and environmental when you go after those assessments. You can find the cause of the bureau's policy being treated are much better. Yeah and just. Just to point out one thing my name is scoot with BT not scoop. That that's OK I guess what the correct because it sounds like I'm some kind of a hot shot or going out -- agreement -- scooping netstat -- I'm frank. As somebody who. Who dealt with this. Silent torture all of my life it's under control now but I still deal with it on a daily basis. I know that there are so many people who can actually -- and most CD they're not really OCD. But really because what we have to do Israel as you'll -- these symptoms are real actor explaining however. Others an underlying causation and one person OC these symptoms may -- be due to a totally different risk factor. That your own so what we try to do and explain and -- nonprofit organization and help people realize and that's right do. On a daily basis just consult and go after these assessments one by one. And when you do that. You know you can find out what the true underlying product -- a perfect example we had a 11 child that basically. You know the internal. Anxiety that that person was experiencing. Simply do it all over excessive levels of cortisol and the child life. And that can be easily detected in the you know basically when he goes through and and helped. Eradicate true. You know a proper judgment you can basically get things under control not immediately but it's a gradual process and that's order but he needs to understand. If you just joining us this morning our studio for -- today and we're talking to author of of the book the American epidemic solutions for over dedicating our youth. Famous frank credit he's also. Our director of clinical pharmacy operations at the behavioral center at Michigan psychiatric hospital. On how dangerous is obsessive compulsive disorder if not treated. If not treated what we have to realize is that. This can lead in two. A crisis situation and nurtured where IKEA. Just truly OTB cases. But it it does happen and -- go untreated. What can happen is behavioral health crisis were in -- location may be possible so very important these symptoms are real. And like they say and there's so many assessment that are open people out. Before -- gets so that crisis situation so your sense in your child or you yourself. Day by -- is just not. You know turning off those emotions are those actual movement sore spot processes. Then go to our web site that she eight or wideout or hit the apps the pharmacist out. And I have three complicated by send how to go about packet back right on track. And -- -- -- -- -- CE 00. Yes she -- wide out or work like okay. -- -- -- -- Go right to their actual pharmacy cabinet are -- right to my -- messages all day. -- in this particular you know issue especially in the workforce. Many people on the workforce are experiencing those CPU and they never had it in their lifetime so. The stretch the shoot being the high eighties there are real but there's an underlying causation that. For me it was at a very very early age is so this is something that can manifest itself later in life. Exactly and that's the key -- all curious to leaders. About -- and yeah -- case like that and so. Like -- say when you do these assessment processes. You know per perfect example upper circle here in the -- freak in the first two. So -- -- vertebrae which is the outlets and access many children especially number the parent may not even know. But there's a gentle or maybe even severe -- workstation worked as a blockage of nervous system energy flow this is critical because that's the very site. That's spinal port crosses over the left brain. And their crops and over read -- that juncture. And this is many times that we can eliminate audio CDs symptoms despite that along we talk about nutrition and the -- nutritional -- web site that helped you all well. This is something that I've I've suffered Burris not only assume as a child but it teacher and really throughout to most of my adult life when I was growing up frank Hughes in the medical. Communities know anything about OCD it. -- appears to agree to a psychiatrist twice and they say but we can't find anything wrong with him both -- made me believe I honestly believe that I had the only brained work this way in the entire world. And I didn't want to try to even explain it to. My two wise I did -- try to explain it to anybody that I didn't think anybody could comprehend the way in my brain worked. Well exactly and that back decades ago. About what the problem and and now there's so much education out there and that's what we're there are basically are non profit. Helps people that -- -- themselves that these symptoms are truly real. But that's that's how you can go about it the step by step action plan that's let's talk about in the book as well our educational dvds. -- that you can preview on our site that helps people get that struggling parent that I had that child that they just don't know basically what to do war. They've taken and so psychiatrist and guess what after a couple of months some medication now working it's not doing any better for my child. Therein lies the problem -- we have to go to the assessment. Reevaluate the assessment maps right view when in doubt when we help people do that it's it's there it's a rewarding. Op process and there's there's many assessments that are helping -- well. Did I thought with Mia thought this was something that was my fault I thought it I couldn't I mean this was something that I could control and then later realized that this was a medical condition. Well and exactly jackets to the crux of the matter it's one of our respect which is the environmental Specter which deals with just what you just you know senate where. You know your internal feelings where you know we get a therapist on board right away especially such a young child -- kind of events and you know disgust -- feelings and emotions because that it's critical that they can open up -- therapist. Generally that child will -- open up to the parent. So you know we view this that's more of our interventions. Shaq in his nutritional and I'm nutrition and get all the toxins out of body. We talk about upper cervical sure we talked about Omega three. Fish oil and kids and adults it's so deficient are American diet and it's creating neural behavioral. Symptoms and that's another issue that we need to deal. Could you take a couple of questions. Sure -- liked -- where it's gonna hang on if -- -- stay with this if you have a question we're gonna keep the Frankfurt just a few more minutes. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's having a -- interstate 7870. Talking to frank credit he's author of the book the American epidemic solutions for. Over medicating our youth also. Director of clinical pharmacy operations at the behavioral center. -- at the to Michigan psychiatric hospital. And he's got a private. Nonprofit organization we'll tell you about that in just a moment. This -- blog today is on our website and it's the first time that I've relieved written about this in this way. It's understanding. The the silent torture. Of OCD I've dealt with obsessive compulsive disorder my entire life. We'll talk more about this on the show later somebody wanted to know what my symptoms were. Because at the -- that would help the audience I was share that with you would all of that is in the blog and wrote it having a -- dot com if you think you have OCD. If you have OCV if you'd think somebody in your family has deal with obsessive compulsive disorder or may happen in -- not sure. The blog may may enlighten you it's titled understanding the silent torture almost CD we're talking to frank branded. Who is a director of clinical pharmacy operations that behavior of senator. I'm at Michigan psychiatric hospital and frank. This is such a silent torture. It was for me again it's it's under control my life is did the best it has ever been. But I never regretted the birth today. Because it always got me away from who once. And and I I needed to I hated my childhood and it had nothing to do with my parents -- everything to do with with OCD it was a miserable experience. You know what a lot of parents you know when they recognize symptoms from her child. You really don't like you just and you really don't know what that child experiencing what it's true where her true emotions are internally. -- respect to these symptoms so we need to do realize those CD's is a comparable type. And the mentality if you well. And like I said earlier the quarters -- issue you know -- -- its core all calling and knew that the hormone at church which basically secretive by the adrenal gland in the you know that's a reactor type on mountainous stretch that that we talk about this honor free. A preview on our site and talk about. For example the universe the -- -- you know the story that they sat then they measure. Porter oh level and teenaged kid and so okay. And the kids that. Elevated cortisol levels were fourteen times more likely to be diagnosed but it neural behavioral disorder like ADHD. Now not the -- Both media ADHD however there appear eager accurately it looked at disorder it's a type of balance so. What we need to realize is -- -- quarter -- coming from and especially her child population and we talk about that. -- treaty uttered the media especially as well the book where you know react that rightful place -- so common now -- -- and across the country. Diabetes as basically another epidemic we're gonna have about 2.5. At thirty million. Kids and adults that what some form diabetes so. It's an underlying cause -- that he's habeas truly -- -- that hadn't been done so for decades now the information coming out that's the world. So it seems as if we've advanced to the point now in the medical community where there might actually be things that can be done to prevent it. -- and and key. Question you'd just raise what do we do to prevent. Europe behavioral disorders like OCB from ever popping any child or adult that you well and that and that line in many respect her -- talked about. But I really like your listeners to understand zeroing in on nutrition freeware that our home page all to the bottom. Listen Adrian goals as a picture ever. Listen to her weapon archery. They'll give -- tremendous insight works free radical being damaged that's where these free radical compound -- were eating processed fruit and an early age when we're eating. -- other -- -- that coming and the kids at an early age. Is at epidemic proportions compare or fifty years ago. The environmental -- that through talks and especially. Are one of the risk factors that are fueling meals CPR. Problem as well so when you start eliminating risk factors. Going after nutritional and -- supplementation and that's a question to your listeners if you are not supplement your diet today. Your likelihood of developing some form of chronic illness. Goes up exponentially because. Our diet or nutrition. Our food chain and so much more depleted today than it was four years ago so that we need to recognize that -- -- I have a whole. International guy from what you can do and if you have questions about that asks her to step in and out about -- anyway. So -- even our our grandparents who hates lard in order and stuff that we don't even -- today our grandparents ate a lot better than we're reading today. Yeah yes torture and and the thing at or don't realizes. The Environmental Working Group it's an organization a phenomenal study that came out and they sat. They measured the umbilical cord blood newborns okay. That's -- dynamic because that proves that our kids are under siege were pox and that pre Iraq compound. On average. Colbert 200 options were circulating through on the mother's blood. Internet child that knew that that he'd -- Q well. -- to -- talks and -- these were talking about -- -- like pesticides. But are not fox and that are on the pipeline coating your yen you know we should be cooking with. Stainless steel all of it's issues like this that. You know that fox and that are plastic bottle I mean we don't want the technical about it but we want to realize these are truly getting in. Well -- got a German -- issued Tuesday got a freaking me out -- all this I wish I try to get through news break and I appreciate your your time. Frank is author of the American epidemic solutions for over medicating our youth. Also director of clinical pharmacy operations at the behavioral center for. Michigan psychiatric hospital. And the the nonprofit website is CA OOY dot org. Go to ask the pharmacist and it's -- information frank thanks for being with -- -- -- -- You support the French Quarter minutemen. Or oppose it. That's our Demi give you a party general people give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we're gonna track that -- throughout the show. And give -- update coming up here in just a few missiles to be talking about that a little bit later. In the show. I got a text here that says that I should be careful. Abouts basically revealing that -- have dealt with OCD all my life. This could be a real shock to people who think I have a good grasp of reality. I have a very strong grasp of reality. But I'm not afraid to let you know when it took to get here. Because a lot of other people are dealing with us for those of you who know nothing about OCD for those of you who don't have it this is not necessarily of interest to you. But every topic and every show can't be of interest every single person who's who's listening. But having grown up with this silence and torture of OCD. I love to know that if there's a possibility that I can can enlighten anybody who has it themselves. Since he recant or later in life or if if there are parents who think that they -- their kids they DO CT. You know we're really quick to diagnose things today all right so CD that's ADHD. Sometimes it was hard to focus in and pay attention when I was a kid. Does that mean I had radiation now so I do think that there's a lot of over medication. I think there's so a lot of fun but very simplistic. I'd diagnosis is that it to go on. And for somebody to just say I have OCD. -- they probably don't have OCD. Because the person really has OCD. Is trying to hide it. And so if if I can serve as an example. That there is something you can do about it and you can get beyond it. -- it's it's worth talking about if you enjoyed Russia would comment do you have a CD if you've been treated or argue are you dealing with the our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. Tech -- is -- 7870. You can also a send me an email and my email address is -- -- WWL. Dot com. Since I was very young I battle with this very severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder. It's under control now but it still kind of a daily -- you never really get rid of it. I had a big breakthrough. And I'll I'll tell you about that in in just a moment. What I wrote the blog in my talking about this on the show this is not about me this is not about me is a victim with OC deal police -- sorry for me. This is about sharing a pit of my experience with something that's that's really not totally understood by people. In hopes of helping somebody perhaps who is engaged in this is serious challenge. And I really hope to help despite bringing up some of my symptoms and some of the things that we will talk about. I hope to help those of you who have kids are loved ones who -- silently suffering but I can write a book. On my life with no CD but my goal is to just. Is it just touch the surface with this. On the web sites at the Mayo Clinic dot org. Defines OCD. As characterized by a reasonable thoughts. And fears obsessions. -- due to repetitive behaviors. Compulsions. It's also possible to have only obsessions -- -- compulsions. And still have a CT. In my case the obsessive thoughts lead to compulsive behavior. Obsessive thoughts in a compulsive behavior are -- very quickly from one person to another but the one common thing is. The thoughts force an individual to try to control something that they can control in their lives. If I can't control things in my life if I can control my thoughts. And then maybe I can control -- that this is a thing I'd do but maybe I can control winding up the pants. On my desk maybe I can control on the germs that I'm I'm exposed to I'm a bit of a German fold but that's not really directly connected with my. With my OCD. But these thoughts on -- not just thoughts of doing something could be actually. It's not just having a ritual -- not OCD if you're a superstitious if you do certain things if you. Put on the same issue every day. But if -- if those thoughts lead to something that is totally halted your life if you cannot move on from that point. Then you may have OCD. And this is not. This is not some politically correct affliction. But excuses bizarre behavior. And and I realize the world we live -- today there's an excuse for everything that we do. But again in in in my case. Really nothing was known about OCD when I was growing up and therefore -- went untreated. So I would not want anybody to go untreated today and again again my breakthrough I think news is incredible. You know there were times if you listen to me on a year over the years. And I was toll suffered with OCD moments OCD episodes as -- as I call. And you would have never known. I have listened to shows back. When I knew I was just having a severe. OCD moment. And I would listen to the show -- I think my god scoop how did you even do that. How did you hide it that well. And that's why the people's boost proclaim I CD's they're not really an -- OCD. It really came back to I guess it was about it was it was about ten years old. And my dad traveled almost every week but I restore it up. And I was success with this fear that he was going to be killed. While -- and I never seen again. Talk about briefly how it started and and just talk about some of the symptoms again this is not about me. The reason I learned about OCD was because I read something and I said wait a minute that's not what I do. But that's the way my mind works. In a -- -- anybody who is dealing with this. Silent torture of OCD. -- I'd love for the show to service that purpose here's our -- give you a party -- opinion polls and do you support or oppose the French Quarter minutemen group of armed citizens offering to escort French Quarter workers. 85% say they support. 15% please say they oppose give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com a retractable. Throughout the show here. I realize it by talking and in some detail about -- mind that with obsessive compulsive disorder I open myself up for ridiculous jokes. But as you know obviously that's that's something that it bothers me and I can't -- I can't let that stand in the way of of being honest with -- I will tell you this if you listen to the show we do know this is true. This is happy as I've ever been with me. This is happy as I've ever been with my life. I don't have as many things. As I once had. But this is the happiest I've ever been. So if you aren't dealing with something like OCD. Things can get better. As I said my dad traveled to every week when I was growing up. And in the early stages Somalia a CD when there was something that happen it doesn't matter what happened but there -- something traumatic it happened in my life and it was around ten. In my day it was at a town at the time. And from that moment all. I I became obsessed with the idea that he was not coming home that he would be he would be killed. So in the early years of bio CD I had certain sets of clothes that I had to -- each state of the week. But he trap search -- on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday. And if he if he traveled to Tuesday through Friday at certain clothes. If he traveled Wednesday that we start with the Wednesday senate clothes and where to until we came home. And I honestly believed that if I didn't Wear those clothes. My -- which dot. So wearing the clothes made me feel like I controlled his state I I know that sounds ridiculous. But that's how the OCD mine works my dad worked as sales promotion manager for -- beer locally brewed beer. Distributed over five states from the Syrian. And since many of distributors that my dad had to visit to regularly were in small towns and cities they were accessible by the airlines to convince the company to buy company point. So like there was a great pilot he was in the navy who loved to fly having the plane was a dream for him. It even though I'd I'd had faith in his ability to fly. I still felt like something was gonna happen to him as he flew this relatively small plane across these states often by himself. In addition to wearing certain clothes each day of the week that he traveled. I had to sit in a certain position. On the -- with my hands and feet locked in a specific region position. And I wasn't able to relax. Actually called that night to let us know that he received from the ground and in his hotel. Again this was my manifestation. But that does it mean yours is is the same the point is you do something your obsessive thoughts lead to this compulsive behavior. Also. I and my Brothers and sisters have have told me this as well. If anybody moved anything in the house. Even salt and pepper shakers I had to move back exactly where they -- Because I thought that if anything moved. That was gonna somehow. Mean my dad was gonna was gonna die. Mean later it changed. Later the -- compulsive behavior change from physical. To silent mental torture having the same thoughts over and over and over again. I began to focus on being a perfect person and I made the slightest mistake. I would begin this ritualistic thought process that just took over my brain my entire body. We talked to myself -- ever talked to god about starting over restore of a right now starting right now. I'll never make that mistake again I'll never make any mistakes against hurting right now I'm going to be dispersant. Just ahead OCD. My brain was looking for something to obsess over Percy was my father than it was my quest for perfection. And I always felt like I had to get rid of -- OCD. In order to be the person that they've got Barnaby debate. I mean it's impossible for me to actually write out a generic -- for explain. A narrative of the Bristol Ratul mystic thought process that we take over my brain. But I'm gonna help you try to relate to which do you support or oppose the French Quarter -- man that's a group of armed citizens offering to escort French Quarter workers to their vehicles or their destination. As -- ever give you a pretty general opinion poll right now 84% say they supported only 16% oppose it we'll talk about that more. Later in the show give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com discuss blog today is titled understanding the silent torture OCD and I would since that time talking about this on the show because it. We had a guest earlier who deals with OCD Moore from a medical standpoint. Here's a text that -- -- it feels like a doomed obsession. I know how that feels I pray god heals both of us that's from Debian great. -- Debbie I can tell you that I'm on the other side if it's under control now and I just feel -- we -- doesn't mean that I still don't have encounters with that on and on a daily basis by. Compared to the past its cylinder patrols oil price that. -- for that you get better as well and I actually I missed the home -- as has Gordon -- yesterday I missed the home exit and end up getting off at the -- blew by you exit. So I was in your neighborhood yesterday. While it's impossible to say exactly. What I would do. A mention that you're talking to yourself. And to god in prayer. Your hands -- -- during a fixed position. You're staring at a specific spot on the floor count the wall. At this point you don't feel law because this thought process has taken -- You feel as if you're just going through the motions of life. And you're just. Desperately trying to hide this deep torture from anyone around you loved ones or even strangers. Imagine. -- tripping over one word in your mind. If you go through this thought process. Or not having the right feeling. As you had this thought process during this conversation with yourself and got. Imagine having to start the ritual over at the time you had the wrong feeling or you trip over a word. I would start by repositioning myself let's start over this same exact spot start over. And yet I told myself that it's ridiculous but. I had to do it. Imagine sitting or standing in that rejected that position and staring at a specific spot I'm talking about Micah a certain spot in the green of the woods. A flaw in the paint. -- a marker piece of lint on the floor. And if things don't work out right having to go back and repeat that process over and over and over again. Maybe for ten minutes. May be for thirty. In the past I did it for hours at a time. This is OCD this is the silent torture. Of OCD. It's not that you can't physically move on but mentally. You can't. You can't move. There were OCD episodes again that just wouldn't completely stop my life. But the good news is. I had a really great breakthrough moment for the psychiatrist in Portland and I went most of my life without doing what it was gonna get -- -- -- people were talking about. We're talking about. Other things that are Michael CD were totally misunderstood in the past -- talk about my big breakthrough moment W two Mort you're text coming up right after the news by astute and for Garland.