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6-4-14 12:10pm Scoot: on the French Quarter Minutemen

Jun 4, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and talks about the French Quarter Minutemen.

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Good afternoon I'm screwed in -- -- -- witness it's going to be a warm day today were gonna have a couple of very odd days may hit ninety for the first time this spring which we've been expecting and it's been really nice. I -- drive down the hallway yesterday and coming back about my guess it was about. 7 o'clock. 730. It was just so pleasant I didn't even need the AC on just just cruise with the wind is down it was very comfortable. The stuff blogs today is titled understanding the silent torture. Of OCD. And I was talking earlier doubts in my experience with a CD and in my life and and we we so often hear people say all OCD. But those who suffer with obsessive compulsive disorder OCD. Don't casually say hi I have a CD o.s CD. Beacon is your brain disorder and its manifestations are devastating and torturous. And most people try to keep a secret. I'm I'm getting a lot of text people thanking me for for talking about if you do wanna. Send me an email email addresses scoot it WWL dot com. And we're also talking about the French Quarter -- -- and this is a group of citizens who are armed they have legal carry concealed to permits. And their goal is to reduce crime in the French Quarter and they're offering to escorts. Workers. From near the place of business to their cars the bus streetcar or whatever their destination it's. Do you have to be a a worker to you have to just gotten off work -- about what about citizens. I don't have a problem with the concept of the French Quarter and it meant. My concerns focus on the individuals. Who won a volunteer their time to go to the quarter. Armed. And help people get to their cars. -- these people who would never go to the quarter anyway. Suddenly there at the -- -- -- they don't wanna. Get their guns and go downtown and and and help people. Or is -- a case of these are people who want to have an excuse. To use their guards. You don't have to have an excuse to walk around with your guns if you could legally -- carry guns. But is is is this somebody like like George Zimmerman who it is is looking for an opportunity to. To. Maintain justice to maintain peace again. My question is the individuals. Here's a text double checked on line guardian angels aren't armed training background checks in uniforms are required. To I admire the hell out of the guardian angels. I believe they were part of New Orleans after Katrina. And it only ridden in Denver for awhile -- believe they started in it in New York. Here's attacks again thank you scoop for talking about two who CD. I -- is taxed who cares if it's gun toting shoot happy people protecting others. We all concede. The criminals. Are protected by the justice system. Just what the world needs off for people to start. Taking. Taking control the justice system sure -- making that happen. OK I mean it sounds really good in theory and I don't disagree with that. But if you go around. Administering justice. On the streets. You're going to jail. And if you're fighting against the justice system that lets people go that may be the same justice system that doesn't allow -- ago. So did this is the vigilante mentality. It scares me about the concept at the French Quarter and Internet if you wanna join our show with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668870. -- Amber's late 77 from every steadier on Debbie WL. -- -- I wanted to explain you understand it that sealed -- carriers that are volunteering at or they're people in the current quarter display engine. Are concealed permit carriers it took a cry like a permit ebitda field permit. It into the background there -- check to check Bellamy and have a police record. I you have to crude. You know you know how to use our most concealed carry permit. Carriers are ex military. Our ex police so these are people -- I -- permit -- yeah Bobbitt not gonna go to the pawn shop. All the way to French Quarter and escort someone here call. Are concealed gun permit holders are one election -- -- all the -- arm. They've concealed permit carriers collection half a vote per cent of all the gun crimes are committed by. -- -- I would believe that statistic. Under. Mr. potter these hot -- out of the French Quarter minutemen identify -- Mean that we got out of it and we know who they are and again and you can be concealed carry out there there have been a lot of concealed carry permit owners who refused to go on inappropriately. Because of rage to anger because it's not very well but it happens. Of course that's that's certainly is true. I don't have a problem with a concept of the French Quarter and I wonder what kind of people volunteering to do this. Sounds like people that. One at -- -- -- I'd be glad to that's I think you know it is purely voluntary you don't want escort that you're right back out. If you don't don't feel Koppel with it and in just a creature to him. Or why or why just workers would if I'm in the French Quarter and I wanna go home just on the other side -- canal street with the escort me. Or is it do you have to prove that you just got off work. Yeah I don't know all the detail. But it seemed like it would make an elite. Public integrity. Pawnshop in expert Gordon people. -- has -- -- concealed permit is there. Yet most people cannot hit a -- great. -- And I was I wonder if anybody tennis has its has failed to get a concealed carry firm. Their market paper apartment here here are most of it is so over 50% of the people who ploy can get him. I don't particularly in a lot of people you have a felony or record or. History. The correction and in the background or. It if you have -- metal bowl history. You know and -- and and you. And I hospital or any type of mental issue you can't get warrant attention Melanie. If you have a domestic dispute. I typed history on your record can't get a -- permit. These people are checked out pretty good like most. Got killed gun permit holders commit election half of 1% of all the non crop. They're not your everyday guys that can go on. Up pawnshop and buy guns I'm -- a -- talked about open carry open carry. Is it much anybody that haven't gone. And what I understand -- carry. Permit older error had been checked out by the art. Why it's it's nice to note -- it takes an effort to get a concealed carry permits -- -- -- -- -- -- and I've talked to. I'm Dave Newman who is with no concealed carry. And he is. An expert he says but trainer into licensed and qualified enough talk to him. On number times on the show he's been on the show is as well. But is it really that difficult to get a concealed carry permit. Do you support. Or oppose. The French Quarter million. A group of people citizens who are volunteering their time to go to the French Quarter. And protect people walking to from from work to their cars -- to their destination. If you -- enjoy an issue with a comets are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. At a text numbers it's -- it's every here's a text they cannot check your mental problems unless. Sir again sometimes spell checked and it's a funny things are not exactly sure what this word -- a here's a text discuss the young man founder of the French Quarter man. When Angela so -- you -- yesterday's stated that he does not frequent the French Quarter. Going out to have following. Also he said that he would only be escorting those who called them for an escort to their car. He also stated that he would be asking for a background check of the volunteers. Well that sounds like. A positive move. But aren't you interested in people who are I -- I hope they're good people in the world who just won a volunteer their time. But their. But there are people like that like the groups who go running into family restaurants and showed off their weapons. There are people who want an excuse. To flaunt. The Second Amendment. Which by the way I support. I'm scoot into -- are coming back and to be WL. So there's this a group known as the French Quarter midget man and they're just becoming organized and they're armed citizens with legal concealed carry permits. And they want to go to the French Quarter and escort people from work to their cars is its. Not a good idea -- I'm suited for growing down more of your calls coming up here's a quick update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll. Do you support or oppose the French Quarter -- a group of armed citizens offering to escort French Quarter workers. I'm 90% support it and only -- just switched 89% supported it now 11% oppose it give us your opinion. Like going to our website WW dot com. I just mentioned Dave Newman who was with Nolan -- Perry certified and he is -- showed it I'm glad you called this was a great opportunity to. Have a quick conversation with the medical just a moment ago saying it. And I it's very very difficult. To get a concealed carry perfect. Well I think it's. If you're a law abiding citizen and you don't -- any priors and third it's not hard it's just a matter process in the paper going to Prosser as well fine. And -- in the clients. There was a couple of things that he -- -- a little bit of an issue -- you know it's right there there have been sent to background check and people that do carry a weapon with a concealed weapons parliament are added. -- by the threat they actually check them out. He says a lot of people get rejected it 50% I think so yeah that is not. He said majority in majority means. -- Are over 50%. Yeah most people find out that. You know it wouldn't be able look at the process -- even take a classic somebody -- interest -- technical work sure. It would actually be it would get a permit it would usually call me and I'm addicted to it in the class and then. You know I have to it cannot would that stop me from the department and at that point I would tell -- Probably won't passed through the assistant. And they won't take decline it won't be in the -- So that number is definitely wrong and then -- statement about most people that are -- and good with concealed weapons permits are excellent. Military. Not true as well. It's a lot of average Joes I mean had been in the reason why it's not hard to get improved will be trying. It's not part of our clients is just a matter of record the process. And a lot of -- ever every averaged eight people. And -- that was my impression and -- before -- ago. That the concept of different order hated man in terms of concealed your average concealed carry. Permits owner I'm going into the French Quarter escorting people from one place to another. On how will train would they be to deal with. Conflicted it might come off -- mean they're not protecting themselves they're protecting somebody else do you think somebody with a concealed carry permit is automatically. Trained to handle that situation. They are better trained and someone who -- but at the same time I would highly highly recommend more training on how to deal with earth scenario analysis. As a matter rated go to each particle that today. More debt triple shooting -- and talk about dynamic to shooting her combat -- shooting. You know you get it that concealed weapons -- -- every basic the basic principle or -- you are a combined. Would the cover of the legal aspects. Deadly force you have. And some conflict resolution. And torture child access prevention it's not an extensive class on. Moving and shooting in and drop it and quick shoot quit in and the being able to analyze what's really going on this truly a moment to use our board court. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's like radio I think mixed up here in the studio sent Dave thanks for calling. Art work and I got a text a moment ago I said that the the founder of the French Quarter minutemen Erin Jordan -- does not go to the French Quarter they'll I misspoke. He does this live radio so I'm happy to correct that he does go to the French Quarter to have -- And I I think it would be important to have people who are interested in in being in that environment and not just be down there because. No they wanna kind of maybe set the record straight if somebody has a -- Here is. I texts. That reads. I. You are so skeptical of people willing to volunteer time to help and protect others. I keep in mind that there is a reason these guys are volunteering in the first place cried and gun violence is out of control in this city. YA as so critical. Of the people volunteering to help step up. It's just that I don't judge all gun owners. By the mentality in behavior of some. That we've seen in the news recently that they're. There are factions within the gun owners. It wanna flaunt the Second Amendment they want to show off their guns they won an excuse to be around their guns. They're going into family restaurants with their guns and these do not reflect gun owners. This is a small group of people with a certain gun mentality. And if those people are the ones who want a volunteer for French Quarter minutemen that's what would concern me not the concept but those who might be drawn to that and I. I would like to go a little bit about -- background checks. And what they're gonna do to make sure that just. Somebody with a gun doesn't just go down there and join because they wanna walk around with -- garbage you can't walk a -- you're gonna give a concealed carry permit or guesses open carry in the state as well. So you can't do that you don't need to be part of the French Quarter -- -- but what is it that drive I I love people who volunteer. But I like to make sure that we have the right people volunteering for the French Quarter minutemen sister -- new world enjoyed every WL. Yeah silent. -- -- volunteering to protect their community. That tree. At. The city. Thankfully is the change escort it is -- More break down. -- the future. Our communities. Where -- The only. America is gonna stay differently should we keep our guns to protect their community by community because. The people who -- You know support each other and every community should hand. In the Erica betrayed. And product candidate. You know play. The race in -- Separated. -- could step but they support we do that statute that BI you know our -- can keep its sovereign nation. Sister of guys you had time to color show thanks for sharing your opinion. If you are joining us with your comment your thoughts are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines here -- seventy. And attacks Amber's -- 77. -- studio for girl are coming right back with more of your comments and more of your text here's a WWL news updates with state Colin. I tell what day is it's. My -- come on set what day is today. And you know it's Wednesday were halfway through week hey it's gonna get more. I was gonna get a little odd but hey that happens in this part of the country this time last year I started for Garland -- you are with us so earlier we were talking about obsessive compulsive disorder -- CD. Obviously blog today so they were talking about is understanding the silent torture of or CDS -- This year some of my experience I could've written a book. On this and it was actually part to write this because it's so personal for me but I wanted to. A to share for those of court suffering with a OCD and may not know it mean I know what to do about it mean nobody gets better mean I know that you can't control. Now all of this season is in the blogging you can read it today and share with those who do you think need to beat the reader's understanding the silent torture OCD trending now. On our website at WWL dot com here's an update on our WW a pretty jaguar opinion poll this afternoon do you support or oppose the French Quarter -- man and a group far. Citizens offering to escort French Quarter workers. 88% support and only 12% oppose it. Here is a text that read says -- what do you do when the police department can't stop crime in a quarter. What do you think we should do. Yeah I do understand it's a problem and and that's you know again that's my neighborhood. But. Police generally. In any city. Don't really stop crime as much as they respond to it. It would be nice if that the presence of police officers stop crime in some cases that works in some cases. It doesn't. I like the concept. Of honest citizens. Walking people to their cars. But I -- because of of what I know about a lot of ago a lot of gun owners. I have to just at least ask the question who -- these people. Here's a text you are insinuating that anyone who wants to volunteer has an agenda isn't that profiling you know that's -- don't know. No it's not profiling because it directly related back to. What I considered to be aggressive behavior by gun owners in. And brandishing their weapons in -- restaurants that's that's not something that is necessary. And there's a certain type of person who feels the need to do that are obese people who -- gonna be driven to the French Quarter minutemen. For saint -- stand your -- WL. -- -- good and every national strategy even my approached that topic would be that you issue. All the minutemen. And people are. There. Has been well. They were all trying at all. Want the old -- What -- that the war. We will. Post in. The -- -- -- aboard as all of this. Be protected. -- were involved and still. -- their protection at all here while one couple one way. Banish. All due to personal -- -- one. In the real world who achieve our ability to increase. Interest which -- That organization. And it -- to ensure that person. Yeah. The issue. Is particularly important just hit the hole. Yeah I think it's a really good point in a -- you were glad you brought that up who's going to be lively responsible if if something goes wrong. Here's a Texan -- -- I support your concerns about the French Quarter -- man. But I often questioned the character motivation of many of our cops as well. From New Orleans -- -- under the WL. Actually doing that you media catch at night and McCauley at night so under a person. I'm there in the. And thoughtful. And here's and here's my. Situation. -- workers -- or. And you made -- know someone column. Well if not a citizen it -- -- in the air. Yet on a short while after. In a -- is generally and to seek to act on our own. And then let's -- eagle and certainly done and need that real Latin EE. Actually. If he would expect it the issue -- it trying to. Wrapped. Internships where their vehicle -- at. Immediately do it's we can get in the out years it's neck and the comment. Think should be thought -- very. Effect he wants to create meaning and content so. It should at some immediate future. -- -- that -- decade as we know because list. What -- thought wouldn't it. How will you know it here -- minute -- on your you know your history. Well -- I don't what if somebody's leaving a place and somebody comes up and says hey I'm a French Quarter minutemen can ask coach to your car oh sure I'd I'd I'd love to be escorted to my car. But they're actually the bad person. It looked like being CT. Before people. You should should. Indecent about being pitched it out some law enforcement agency. -- in because of the main force needs here. -- has talked about it our concerns. And. What would would cut that out of bad things are reacting it -- integrate. The bad guys that they're -- the sit down and figure out how to neatly in the so it could benefit. And what again. We don't know to meet demand -- and so if you act all our name and. It ankle on not rapper kept on it it it -- -- the -- away. It is an approach you and get to courses manner because expect it you could change mentioned it that did -- -- if you actually. You union -- you on a dime. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the problem -- -- in eastern India pop. So to me it's patently swear. It looked so and so witnesses this year. A T shirt. It -- you know how easy it would be -- duplicated. Teacher and it you know and they -- guys who jumped to be one of the guys was wearing one of those yellow reflective vest and honestly 4 o'clock in the morning. I thought this guy it was it was going to work just like I was that morning at filling -- for Tommy Tucker. Still there you know the criminals will figure out how to imitates people who look like -- -- people. Right so it would be Portland it -- They -- of this organization he needs to sit out what things actually. In late in the -- the dignity being out how to combat heat these issues because they beat it can't become. -- that only blunt citizen split but that well the one other thing though. Get. That out and an ethnic -- would be about it years gimmick 06 to eight months. But they've got tired of of working there that it in a while traditional report -- -- would be and it's what people freaked. -- it's not a not a paid -- on there properly got a good break. I appreciate you calling into thanks what you do for a city or your text coming up on stewed in -- garlands on this Wednesday afternoon on VW well. You know we really just need a bunch of people like shaft. And you know the French Quarter. -- pretty much take care of the problem. She asked in May be Robocop. I'm still in fort Garland we've been talking about this at -- as we talked about the last couple of days in the city and Angela and dead founder. And his group air Jordan on the show. This is the French Quarter midget man they take their name from that militia. That wears among the first to fight during the American revolution. And it's also been used to describe it paramilitary groups so over the years minutemen. Is that is the best name I don't care about the name and I liked the concept of honest citizens volunteering to help keep people safe. My big question is how trying to. And or any trained to deal with a gun in those circumstances should there be the beginning of the conflict. And then a number of people have. -- city attacks and even called will who's gonna be liable and do like believed responsible. If something goes wrong. Here is attacks the reason with regards to the minute man net too many times says you seemed to question people's motives. That are trying to make a difference. Volunteer willing to protect others. Like I do agree that that's a good thing. But. I support the Second Amendment. But that does it take away mine by right to to question. The mentality of some gun owners. Because of that way some -- some gun owners had to -- it. The overwhelming. Overwhelming majority of gun owners are responsible gun owners in this country. However there are some people who. Worship their guidance. They love their guns. There are people who believe that everybody. I should be marked I that they had a text about that just it just a moment ago. The the only way to keep America safe is for everybody to be art. Is really. The answer but there are people. Who think that way. Here's a -- have you a pretty -- opinion polling has been very very lopsided all day. Do you support or oppose the French Quarter minuteman group of our citizens offering to escort French Quarter workers. 88% support it only 20%. A post. Here is attacks says that Reid says -- as long as it's not coming out of my tax dollars it beats being held hostage by the city. Raising taxes for something that we don't get in the first place when his city going to understand that you can't believe the hard working citizens. They do you have dry you do something with the ones that are causing the problems so if someone wants to give their time. To do that why not. Again I I just think it's important that we know the motive behind doing that and if these are good hard working people who just won a volunteer their time I think that's great. But let's not be naive to the reality that there are people who are so pro -- That. They want an excuse. To walk around with Erica. That they needed because if you have a gun legally you can walk around with it but I guess that there are people who want an excuse to. To feel like is being useful. Here's a text whatever happened to the guardian angels. I don't know. But their motivation was. Was very very good. And I I hope that if there is some kind of some kind of a French Quarter militia some kind of a French Quarter minuteman group I would hope that their motive is just as honorable. As a guardian angels. I'm Scott paper Garland if you are join us our numbers 260 when he seventy toll free 86688. -- early Saturday. A text number is it's heavy seventy. Talking about the French Quarter minutemen this is a group of volunteers who are organizing to reduce crime in the front core real it sounds great. -- members will carry concealed handgun licenses. And they're gonna help reduce crime in the French Quarter by by offering to escorts waiters waitresses bartenders -- anyone working in the French Quarter to their carte Blanche to. Mystery car or to their destinations safely mean theory actually have a nice idea from every Tony -- under the WL. Capital. That could joining. It. I sent -- emails to the director. At Yale child or as you've been asked -- -- The guardian angels where capital well all year out that they'll be back in March are also talked to Jack -- -- -- -- -- Story well it's true. -- -- Well I'd I don't know I'm not the assignment manager there they do a great job covering -- covering the news may be is other stories have taken precedent I mean I can't answer for somebody else -- Yeah -- would -- this system which should be. Why why French. Press. Well I'm really I'm really I love the mentality of the guardian angels. I love their their motives and I would hope that the French Quarter midget man has the same kind of motivation. Well actually. And they're back at him. Tony I'm glad to call a show thanks for listing here is a text. It -- in slight hills old town they have off duty police officers that patrol on bicycles and have direct contact with. SPG. That's sounds almost like an ideal situation. Now here's a textile why all the publicity why not just do it putting it out there opens him up to violence. Well you would you'd have to get through the word the word out but again it might. But my question is who are the people and and I don't need to know everything about them he's sort of make sure that the motivation. To volunteer. Not to have a gun to protect you but the motivation to volunteer. To walk around with your -- Which is fine -- -- sort of make sure that the motivation is. Is appropriate and I think that's that's worth question. A -- what today's been about MIA a silent torture with those CD if you are dealing with that or know somebody who is or -- -- -- -- -- are -- you are in love -- has so CD. You can read that and share with others understanding the silent torture of OCD. I want to thank guys Brian Newman our executive producer -- antennae are associate producer. And mark in order studio producer a student for Garland have a great afternoon Angeles coming up next and we're back tomorrow whatever WL. -- --