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6-4-14 1:10pm Angela: with Dr. Neil Baum

Jun 4, 2014|

Angela talks with Dr. Neil Baum and takes calls about health issues.

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Our first hour what do for all time favorite people on earth that was with this hopefully every month is here doctor -- bomb. And we're going to be talking about all kinds of things male and female issues whether -- incontinence or whatever. But. We can learn a lot from this man and he loves it when you call. Because if you've ever had any issues at all and are uncomfortable even talking to your own doctor he is here for office. Then our second program is going to be a major discussion. On the proposed overhaul of civil service. And at long last were able to get Andy Koplan who's the CEO of the city. -- and he will be there with. A representative of the police department as well as Greg -- bitch with them representing the business community. About and this is -- this is Manger it's not change in a very long time some of the proposals will be controversial but as the city says much needed. And Morgan and our our day. Talking about it as we do periodically. Parenting issues. And I love this one because I think it affects so many people it's how do you raise a these kids when they hit they're tween. We're talking major adolescent issues. And we have the great people from the parenting center we have a delightful fodder we love that he is coming in to talk about raising. Those kids who are 111213 fourteen and getting through those. Monumental issues that they face but we begin we have. The older we get the more were aware of changes in our bodies and some of them kind of tougher to take than others. Urinary incontinence happens in both men and women and happens for me area of reasons. Is this inevitable. Or are there things we can do to prevent it. Or if incontinence already exist. Is there anything that can be done to reverse it. Doctor -- bomb -- Euro logic export. Is here to discuss. Questions about this and really anything don't you wanna talk about 260187260187. We were talking in our staff room earlier this week about. Every other commercial on television has got something to do the with either this incontinence or sexual issues. On another talking the big spots are. -- pain after with intercourse after menopause. Delicate subjects. That people really do need answers to and I think that historically we have been very reticent to talk about. Frankly I'm at the point life where I'm glad we're seeing commercials because it opened the door up to these talks and again this is a man who comes here. -- his own free will to help sell again don't hesitate to call. Let me start witness. Let's start with the incontinence. What is the most common reason. Women become in content vs man. But -- let's begin with the concept of incontinence it's now okay and that is. Win where young and -- a top of our you know it's okay to be in diapers. We we we accept that. You grow out of that diapers you become toilet train. And we take for granted. That that's gonna last a lifetime. Often it to us and there's probably nothing board gets dressing. Yeah man or a woman. Then to lose control over their year is -- devastating. Set of circumstances. That make them. Failed to socialize. And stayed in there home. But he. Increased risk of getting into nursing home she passed she asked for the reason. Having to Wear. IPad more -- a diaper. And so it's something. I think it's really important that we get out in disguise because help is available. So let's look at why. And men and women become incontinent. In women the most common cause of incontinence occurs. A round or after menopause. After men applies women have a deep crease production of estrogen and estrogen is the female hormone. It is produced in the overeat and when that. Hormone. Level decreases. It decreases. The blood supply to the pelvis. And it decreases the function. The urinary tract. And so consequently. Women have to go to the bathroom immediately and when I see immediately. Normally. When you have the warning that you have to go to the restroom you can wait. Fifteen minutes half hour. But these women. Can only wait fifteen seconds before they were there Blatter will contracted -- urinate on themselves. The second problem that we women. Is that that support. In their pelvis of their Blatter you re threes -- like all there. Ligaments and tissues in the body become weak and his -- yet Alter. And the -- women cough or Sundays. They will get a spurt -- yearning have to Wear keypad. Nine year. Wore a diaper to to control that. Now let me. Back up a second and state. That incontinence is not a normal part of aging. And that is a myth that is out there and it's so many women except where you know on 65. And seven B. You know maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. And they keep it to themselves they don't share with -- they don't share with their doctor -- -- with their close its friends. They sit there -- there -- side they suffer in silence. And the point that I want to me is there incontinence is not necessarily. A normal part of aging. 65. And seven year old. Women should be able to hold there a year and should be able to be able to urinate in the toilet normally and not -- to. Get -- and -- depends on. That is a very good news because I think that probably was among those who thought this is just a progression the -- -- Happens with aging and you're saying not necessarily. Absolutely -- I I -- when women are eighty and 85 and nine. Date. Are going to be able to it if they get treatment. They are going to be able. To not have to to Wear a diaper and that's really their message I would they get across is if you're out there our listeners are out there. And they're suffering from this problem. They should contact their doctor the doctor says that's a normal part of aging I would say a and getting -- doctor. You know something that I have heard from what difference is. That. What I have affectionately named tiny Blatter sent -- -- it's having to go more often. In May not be losing you know being in the continent but just haven't frequency is more. Is that part of aging yes that is part of aging and that is as we get older our bladder capacity. The ability to hold. Larger qualities that year and diminishes. And it is not uncommon. To you have to go to the bathroom frequently but also a wanna point out. Didn't have various foods and fluids. Can become what we call Blatter -- tenth. A main the main. Culprits are the main example is caffeine. Caffeine and that younger person won't have the impact that it has signed. A seventy year old man or woman. And a seven year old man or woman it becomes a -- irritant. And -- you can almost talked to a man or woman's take you know and I drink coffee. You know within just a few moments I'll have to go to the restroom. So yes that is it's one decreasing capacity. And also there are various food and fluids that we consume. Sit tricked. Juices orange juice grapefruit -- these are Blatter irritants and without alcohol. Alcohol functions as a diuretic. And so it increases. Then load it. It is presented to the Blatter and makes them go to the bathroom more more often and that happens in younger people as well. Every Wednesday with this we're gonna continue our talk on non incontinence. With doctor -- bomb. And now we're gonna talk about you guys are not free of this either so we'll talk about what's happening with mail and continents right after this I'm Angela under the -- -- well. We're back with doctor Neil Baughman were talking about John again one of those delicate subjects that frankly need to be talked more about because. As doctor and a bomb just said people suffer in silence with incontinence. We have talked about why it happens to women and let's kind of fine -- why it happens to man. Nan also. After middle aged around the age of 55. To seventy start having problems going to the bathroom frequently. Getting up at night to urinate straining to urinate. Common for them to dribble after day urinate. And -- are usually problems related to the prostate plan. The prostate gland is a wall that size organ. That surrounds. The EU re threat now that you re threat is that too. That goes from the latter through the penis to the outside of the body that transports the year. A round that you re threat kind of like a doughnut. Around. To propose. Is the prostate plan. As men get older for reasons not entirely. Clear. The prostate -- begins to grow. And as it grows it compresses that to -- squeezes that too. Consequently the Blatter has still work harder it has to squeeze more. He doesn't empty itself so. There's just imagine it is a gas tank the Blatter and the gas tank is half full. -- you don't empty so you don't have to add more much more fluid before the man has to go again. And so this is why they have the symptoms. Going to the -- too frequently. They start getting up at night. First one's been twice in three when they start getting up four or five times tonight. Dan there exhausted in the morning absolutely they do not have a good night's sleep and as a result. Productivity. In the workplace goes down the fall asleep you know at the end of that you know and when they get home at the end of the day -- They have mull it has more than just quality of life issues it really impacts. Demand entirely now when he gets his prostate operated on. Or treated with medication. They are at risk for incontinence. Losing the urine Wendy Kaufman studies. And also the problem of having to go to the bathroom. Right. The I have heard that about the operation. For prostate can cause incontinence. There's no reversal percent. There are treatments for that. There are exercises. That men can do there are medications that men can take. And there are operations. Debt provide an artificial. Muscle around the U re threat that helps control the the year nation. That operation and is a difficult one it's not that real simple operation. And it usually doesn't last forever that they have to go back and have it repaired so it's not the be undertaken lightly. If a man has the problem and it's treated surgically if a man has the problem of incontinence. The usually starts with non medical. Options such as exercises. Dan that next level is -- -- medications that the man can take. By mouth and then third are the surgical options so it escalates from the simple to that complex. Is it more we were talking it's not a it's a -- practices. Because of age. For women. But because men have more tendencies to prostate problems would they be more likely to get this yes then. When they start having prostate. Difficulties. As most men do this and this is aim that is normal consequence of aging. Prostate. Disease and prostate enlargement now we're not talking prostate cancer we -- talk about that another time but we're just talking. Enlargement of the prostate gland. Is a normal consequence of -- It affects. About that thirty or 40% of men between fifty and sixty. By the time we get at the AD it affects seventy to 80% so it is definitely a progression. Associated. With AG older you get. The more likely you are to have prostate trouble. The more prostate trouble you have the more likely you -- to have urinary symptoms would you say that in most cases. Men will not have to be. Operated on that the the medications would help yes in most cases are no way these medications are very effective. There are not very expensive. They don't have. Large number of side effects. Or adverse effects. Most men can can to take them for the rest of their lives and they do not have to have surgery. Now for women there are also exercises. Yes those are called K Google AE. GE L. K go exercises. Are this say they're trying do. Rehabilitate. Or rebuild the muscles in the pelvis. And -- Practice with those exercising those muscles. It's the same muscles that a woman would use. To prevent from passing. Wrecked the gas and they practice by squeezing. The muscles in the pelvis and they hold it for three or four seconds and they do this multiple times during that day. And over a several month period of time they can rebuild those muscles and control. Mild loss of -- when they -- cities it works its highly effective. We have a caller let's go to -- in -- I I -- do an. Adequate and -- are now. You mentioned Clinton and building them up for a look -- -- A little hot -- -- To carry out -- then. The doctor actually at my mom tell me or you know you're sitting in the app or stop -- At least now holding and it actually make -- And that's pretty. I'm calling about is something. Different. Not happened. -- -- settled. Nicely and you why. You could -- up to -- your current and then you're coming in -- like he can't attack them or. Few months later I -- Adam and you. Again I'd like -- I don't know that cat do the same same. Or that Internet. You're getting fatter because these current and it'll happier for non bank storm in and. Outlet cheek. -- eccentric. Yes no I understand I understand your question the question is after you go to the bathroom you think you're done you stand up. And you continued to dribble is that correct. He had -- -- come out and I have to life began in every activity. Couple things that. -- come to mind that one is at the age of forty. What happens is your Blatter squeezes. And then you'd think you're done. Yet yet your Blatter knows it is not done and it continues to squeeze. So my advice to you and as often happens demand and it happens to men they go to the bathroom. They think they're done they walk out of the bathroom and then they have a circle on their khaki pants. And -- yet. It's happened and it happened the media went to the movie theater not too long ago I was in a hurry to get into the theater. Because the movie was starting. I went to the restroom and when I sat down guys. I mean. I I didn't practice what I'm going to tell you is that you should do that he has. That wind at your age and at my age that we have to stay at the toilet a little longer and. I tend to try to you know actually push speaking out when -- back. And it -- nothing more would come out and then when it in my thought I was thinking and I am analytical part. It was mine and I -- I I'm. My -- in that position. Or. -- and then of course diabetics. Are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But if there hadn't. I didn't mean to interrupt you hand that it's probably not related to is that diabetes. It is probably related to you at that position. The Blatter and you -- threat and then there's one other condition. It's going to be a little tough to me to describe over the radio but it's a situation called divert. To -- -- The -- the -- TI CU RLU. And I've particular. And what that is is that little pout -- -- The U re -- you heard me describe with the free throw was earlier that the two from the latter to the outside the body. You can develop a little out patching of that you retrain its stores the year and it -- year and. And then when you stand up and tees and the only way to diagnose that is yet to see you -- largest EU RO LOG I ST you rally edges. And they can do a very simple test and vacancy if you have a -- tick here if you have a -- particular item you can. Digitally use your finger to express the fluid from it but you don't need to do that. If if you don't have a -- particular and then the other suggestion I would have for use when you think you're done urinating standout. And then sit back down for a few seconds and an extra few drops tool will come out. But I guess you should be able to control this without having. Where liner more. Accurate arm. -- actually amendment exe. Well -- -- heart and you are wonderful to call him on and he probably helped more than your realize somebody else out there listening unfortunately we have to take a break we need to go to the newsroom. But again thank you and we will be back with doctor -- bomb run after the well again our special guest today is -- -- urologist who has. But helping us all with the various issues that are subject often difficult to discount -- Really appreciated her call from and she brought up a great example of needing help. And something she brought up with sort of part of my questioning as well. But wait win when we tend to gang gained weight does that affect the pressure on the black yes OK did. Who and and at the -- men and women win you gain weight and there's increase pressure. On all the organs inside the abdomen one of which is the latter. So we knew cough and sneeze and you have increased pressure on there it doesn't take. Much additional. Pressure from the -- this -- that laughed the bend over to tie the issue her. And almost any activity at all. Can cause the yearned to squirt out. And so this is why the easiest solution. For. Men and women. It is to lose. Sometimes just 1520 pounds can make them. Hold their urine can become continent and that will solve their problem. And make them whole Latin -- healthier the lower their blood pressure. Decrease their risk of diabetes. Decrease their heart disease lower their cholesterol and mean it we can go on and on about the benefits. Of of weight loss. And you know we do do that we do a lot of shows on. The crisis of obesity in this country and certainly in our community but this is the first time it's ever been connected to in continents. We talked about all the other issues that diabetes heart disease even cancer now but not in continent so that is another motivate her. To take the -- office. We don't want to let me ask you please let me -- enemy -- adding one more good smoking. -- out smoking causes chronic coughing. And if you want to keep yourself dry. Use stop smoking you'd stop the irritation. In Europe. Respiratory tract as when you -- yet diaphragm. That organ at the bellows that goes up and down when you -- When you cough you push. Down on the contents in the abdomen you increase the pressure on the latter and it causes the year and to squared up. So if there are two good reasons. You know -- the people who want to become continent is. Throw away the cigarettes. Get moving. And a lot of weight loss program. Fifteen or twenty pounds making it different I consider that Hughes chairman. -- this year yes that but that's in norm that it dead it's huge in that you know takes weeks and maybe months in order to accomplish. But. The embarrassment associated with the loss -- year. Is something and it changes at people's personalities. Are all absolutely. -- when when you mentioned about people retreat. And don't become this socially active. Because they're embarrassed about look at the commercial that runs of it they have to one for men want from women but the messages of -- you're always looking for a bath her. Yet we call that toilet mapping -- -- -- there there's a debt that's that's. A medical. A term called popular mapping. And that is the -- person comes from Metairie to downtown. They will know every clean restroom along the way and -- often visit multiple ones. -- I'm making I'm making that trip. And one of the highlights of my medical career woods and lady who was incontinence. For years. And we solved her problem. And she said to me she's as you know doctor -- This is the first Thanksgiving and Christmas. I've been with my Family. Guy years. I tell you that just brought tears of allies. That this was a real life changer this lady has become reclusive. And few refused to socialize with her family. For five. Years. And we were able to turn it around. And turned her life for a and she had a personality. Changed she came me and you know kind of show eight. You know lost her confidence in herself depressed was depressed she was on anti depressant medication. She -- doll that. And became the woman she wanted to be. Because their problem and incontinence with solved now was that solved through these -- eagle exercises. Or through some sort of surgery. We went through the hers is more severe than that. And she had to have a topical. Estrogen creams that she had to have. And she had to have medication. We used a combination fair. Okay well we come back we're gonna ask about. This thing we hear about the the screener. In my hearing mash mash the mash we're gonna talk about that stay with this and give us a call 260187. Date as the doctors it. I'm -- on WW well. But we are talking with doctor Neil vomit we've got some callers let's go to reckon it boils Rick. A oh pretty good other national Barca warmed I have a probable. I have to lean. And every time again -- I get income. And I Warner Music -- things -- can do about it because like I mentioned earlier. It's embarrassing and then one time I don't go. Connect may be walked to -- income. Well let me ask -- is loaded question Rick first of law have emphysema I take it you may have been a smoker in the past -- I've -- stop smoking. You do it good good -- I am out at you. Dying oh how very difficult it's okay getting to the answer to that question. Yes it simply panicked and began there are some exercises. That you can do. And also I would recommend use it when your about to go out -- -- -- in in in to a social situation. Go to the bathroom first and then when you get somewhere. Asked to use the restroom before you that he used the restaurant. This is probably relate it to Blatter volume. And lower you can keep the latter value when you start having copying. And the and the team that that's what causes the incontinence so tried those few things and if that doesn't work contact. Your position. Hampshire there are some medications that we can put too. I don't call. -- and I don't crocodile. Well all you the year without -- I'm -- had -- yeah my side and -- -- -- about it anyway. Stop and didn't really control Obama. So I don't. Okay you may have some prostate trouble. And this is not related to your end to Xena. And you would need again to see a urologist. And get evaluated. And they can often put you on medication that can control that this doesn't sound like. I thought it was a related to the coughing the from the magazine that if it's not that nature prostate. Okay I'm an advocate aren't you discuss it meant a lot of prosperity. But it wanted to be sure so Rick's start with your primary care doctor Rick ending goes there it is thank you so much for calling it. And we're gonna go to bomb. -- We're just in Korea about so what are they are -- fighters that. You might be referring to. The exercise is Bob are called hagel. TE GE L you can go to the Internet and type that into that Google's search. Or you can go to my website www. Neil -- dot com. And you'll get the exercise is called -- eagle exercises. If you can't find it that way if you call my office. 8918454. We will mailed them to you that there is our exercises that you can do that will work. Very well -- are -- -- calling on her being in Metairie. What I was trying to write that -- and 1841. 891. 8454. -- -- -- Yes you went through this message is hurt and I understood everything you say it cause I got this same problem. That broke below. The darker I went through I can blame me you know and mama. He did the same thing in the -- This same thing happened to me. And Arnold you know more than. Maybe timeout in an effort throughout his. And it's a -- I -- about it's. Just our way. You know -- same -- you worked on this latest. Bottle us up to non I understand. It you don't want to ask is this. Uses -- and about -- -- bonds may be accurate view from our the act the group afterward. And I have pity you now as it before you go anywhere because I got after drill. And it usually you want to make -- initial. They it day. And knows that you were killed and about. What this emotional on that there. Would shake an update and tell them. Did light exercise. So I don't -- there is no more no when. After this doctor did. Not -- this McCain mentioned his name and a. -- In the are you not able to have intimacy with the partner. -- what are you able to have sexual intimacy with our. Monologue or people I've been kind of this happens. It's -- That. Right -- all right so that's not an issue. That the issue is. -- would get -- it would -- Coach you tell them. The. Most expedient yes yes that sex is a good exercise. And and it is. Does help strengthen. The muscles in the pelvis and fortunately. We can't do it multiple time today. And so it is an -- it's not a practical one. -- stated pro -- was. Commuter shuttle. And does it help fumbles or is -- -- went and could this doctor this system that. And there's -- -- I'd like to send him echoed could be alone. It might not -- but I. When -- but the campus said that -- stated effort toward the court saying. We're out movement because good -- ability. And Winnipeg. And he knows that there that demand has come drone and put the updated details revealed to get a. It is part time. The -- it. Okay -- out. You have my number please give me a call I'll be happy -- talk with you and answered at a later date I really appreciate the call her and I really appreciate kneeled on. You are friendly with -- a lot of people and we have you back. Everyone -- with this we'll be right back.