WWL>Topics>>6-4-14 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the "Redskins" controversy

6-4-14 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the "Redskins" controversy

Jun 4, 2014|

Bobby and Deke talk about the controversy over the Washington Redskins' name.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports all along he became him Bobby -- time Deke Bellavia coming up on today's program will begin to point toward tomorrow's OTA. NFL analyst Mike to TA -- Jonas played in a program to get his take on what he is looking at tomorrow as the media get the chance take a look at the OT eight in the next two wins in there that we will be mini camp. And those practices open to the -- what was it can do for you. In this -- as well. As always on number to get involved at 2601872038668. Nines you rates him. Mr. -- hand it's been a Sama. And early summer -- -- of controversy. In a world of sports this once seemingly rears its head. About this time a year. And -- basically. Goes after the the most popular the and that's the national football only because there all the teams. In sports with names that have native American mascots. But the Redskins comes up the most. Because. Many different things but I was that because the NFL with -- No one can say anything about the Chicago Blackhawks. They would the NHL team of a year ago they were in game seven of the Stanley Cup Western Conference finals. Last Sunday night. But I don't think it's because. Hockey is not a popular football. So the National Football League now and the Washington Redskins. Have a decision made. Should the NFL forced the -- emirates gave it to change inning you could cast you vote online at WW dot com. We've got some -- a day for you you can say yes. Know all leave it up for the team to decide whether or not -- changed in me. Bobby a lot of information a lot of stuff about this. Golf what you. Well man I don't know where to start because -- We get any at well I needed. Play both sides of the fence so to speak but I but I am not eventually. Going to be politically correct. -- But I concede approach where if you -- -- one person in the union inning every one -- now whereas it's not at all on the cajun. You know I don't like the term raging cajun. One Louisiana Lafayette. And the change their mask well. I'm Irish. Did fighting Irish what. And I don't like that -- and it -- inning he can only have an animal. A line Tigers and Bears on line. -- and work and I mean I'm the Tigers abeyance until. Well oh what Peter what dog farm boy mileage -- -- in -- soon as Chicago it came -- today that you just have a team. And then and then about as a mask aegis. All you might have some people it'd been like sugar and Bears and -- -- -- August albeit through the things I mean mighty August I don't know how you complain about. You know the Houston Rockets. You know and a -- that's kind of violence that you could be because finally I don't know if I -- changeable to the Washington -- in Washington Wizards in anonymity I'm an all around a lot Washington DC's -- -- change -- name from the -- yeah yeah I mean colon it it again it's so ridiculous. But to look at it. The bottom line is. They were called the Washington blacks key difference is that at the Redskins. That name. If it came about. When the Redskins name came about the 20s30s. Right you know in 1933. When you look at the Redskins history but it's not the same but -- it in and in. A lot of ways it is it is because that ring Landry it is offensive to some B was basis on -- violence because some people it would it change it would it change. Blacks in -- Civil rights and that's when it they work well since he was called the blacks is it would it change about it time civil rights camera on the sixties. But. Case -- point. African American community. Cards as a black individual has more stroke -- an American in. Mean and the reason why bring that up. As good as you look at the population. And and you look at what you try to compare with -- with Donald -- in the NBA. You know when his comment to us in an African Americans. But we got to look at it the NBA is comprised the majority of players in Indy they are African Americans there's no sport league that the majority Iranian. You know that's a vastly a large percentage of the American. Populace even when you look at the population compared to native American you -- Right now. Thirteen point 1% are black or African American law home. In the US where American union are eskimo Alaska native. That comprised of one point 2%. So it did Santo -- -- stroke. If you want the name that change in Washington you know does that happen. The masses and not the masses. Is that advertisers. Right. When you look at this sponsor agreements in the sponsors that's how the NFL's gonna get pressure. Until. Is he isn't it but he did it is dug into -- deep too so let's say they keep the local. But the change in name easy is it is the way -- if you kept the local you can look anymore about it's honoring the legacy. A native Americans had -- argument. And I have the connotations but about that this what I that's what I say and what -- outrebounded in the scheme and the skins. The Washington watch this game the right place Kansas -- right in a tube they pick it gains -- at times -- Washington's gains enough value to hate we who can be offended. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But but but you know Osama broken up and added that so it probably would be though -- who knows and the coaches in -- do. They stared down brittney gave if you look at it the question and to me was confronting NFL and Daniel Snyder do major sponsors look at their -- to sponsor his sponsors more. Do major sponsors such as FedEx. Express as the field gap FedEx thing when they couldn't get a team in Memphis. On prophetic he jumped on board with the Redskins and couldn't get an NFL team. Yeah Coca-Cola. Called Comcast Comcast sports and Verizon and arrive until they find their reds' game the skin Nemo -- that ain't -- I'm gonna happen. Did Daniel Snyder and NFL. And -- to meet the right now they don't seem. As none of them to have you know we're pulling it. You know that name out and -- we don't like -- not respond to anymore. And did they did that -- -- that we get detention of Roger Goodell then is night and the rest of the NFL owners that's when they would take notice. Now if you look at it. -- as far as the politics about it in and people hate it when apologies -- -- him. You look guys everything I -- read. The Democrat from the batter he knows he did people love or hate him he's the majority leader. And he's in an -- -- NFL -- we supported name changed. For the Washington football team he was able to get fifty Sanders senators. To sign on to that. Now the a lot of due to a says that makes me just because the cynicism and do that to go in the opposite direction. You know because how you look at the popularity of congress. And how they look at what's going -- Washington DC. You know the fans just pool and that eagle man I don't want them involved in anything a dealing you know with sports kind of thing. So with the when you look now to look at it. From Daniel Snyder's prospective. And and what he's trying to do the native American community so -- -- and I'm I'm like -- center right now I'm setting the table playing. Both sides of offense so to speak it. You look at Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder he said we need to focus. -- time for people in general we need to focus on reality. Concerning native American and matters instead of criticize in the team's big name. He went on -- -- the real issues issues are real life issues real life needs. I think it's time that people focus on reality. Mr. Snider he traveled in in his Fabrice and traveled that a native American. Reservations. And last month -- established a foundation tennis is. American Indian tribes. And -- is almost it is kind of like trying to -- -- and Nolan does put money back in the community. To keep him quiet. Now. He Daniel Snyder said the Redskins name is kind of a badge of honor he looks at it that way when you look at the history. Like I said you're gonna basically. Eighty years. This has been the name he goes back and it would even the Boston. A Redskins win when you Trace back history of that but now if you look at and I think I'm pronouncing this right on nine or indeed in Indian nation. And on their spokesman array how Brenner. Said in his statement in and Dan Snyder -- -- if it's acceptable. Part billionaire to market promote and profit off. Of a dictionary -- racial slur then he's living on alternate uniforms. So down. League do you get approved we look at the Florida State Seminoles again approve. They got a proven that drives him to ride via -- -- you look -- -- -- start I got an -- he keeps on casino again. Approval because -- they have a lawyer right now cars and it or -- there right -- people you don't yet. Yes so that was -- Brooklyn. It was again and name's ray how Ritter a lot of them know ray ray helped rid of him and a broken yet. -- from what we frank is that we get a break it down more and I'm trying to see. Does that -- conclusion I'll break down also I'll do or how helpful birds NFL's senior vice president. Of labor labor policy and government affairs -- Reading. Approach to NFL's taken on Daniel Snyder's side. And then all right rich I mean you you do use the defenses that day and. Tell us I mean be found offense this is the big this is big source doesn't mean you get to this time a year where he kind of in between seasons. -- you got some camp coming up but this is the hot thing I mean this has been in the on the floor gambling deal I mean right now you know they got something that I'm -- these about Harry Reid. So we'll go we're gonna talk about this thing get your take through to a Texas 178 at. And welcome back to sports talk -- the National Football League forced the Washington Redskins to change their name yes no I'll leave it up to the team the Redskins franchise cast your vote on line. At WW now. Dot com and they grow what if all of a sudden I don't know if -- Catholics that offended because it's sacrilegious on line you know things are. I don't like San Diego Padres went -- different element now Padres. A -- you look the Saints that's associated with the Catholic christianity. I'm -- I think you can -- then. If you really stretches you a lot of mascot she could be media and someone. Should say now. The only thing is with very few things. Don't think so well but this is what the senate the senators. The US senate is listening. They noted that tribal organizations. -- anymore in two million native Americans across US have said they won the Redskins and mean dropped -- insane everyone was against it. But the represented as of this that requisite two million native Americans said they wanted the Redskins. I mean drop so. This morning just one person be offended at the combining coming to -- -- people yeah they did was that. And it to being you know -- held by China personally -- -- -- -- -- small embassy 300 million. Plus. But he got to figure Beriault one. American as they now have Chinese noted it is an Indian giant. Peabody you know against the yen was at the arena some mean people here yes. None -- that that. Well all the -- -- -- -- but if you who you have been and that's why would you look at it. When you compared African American culture the thirteen point 1% and native Americans in the United States won one point 2%. Right so an -- let's go to his caller Robert because he's gonna make a great great point line he's the hospital Robin Roberts thank you for calling WW yeah. -- -- My collar kind of one green I'll be home in saint if there -- more. Native Americans in this country that. It would be more of an out well and all I wanna -- -- the -- -- made it wouldn't stand that so a few years ago. If you can go to a restaurant now you'll see a black American apparently you have fear he's apparently you'll feel like family. Culpable. Would you have never been -- -- run in England native American Pam. And considering the -- that they have been through in your country I think that it. Hopefully Erica and Daniel Snyder -- put up -- unfair so I sit by. Embarrass them like that you should let go and instantly that he did that there was not a compliment -- retain their name. It's not gonna angry at the Rio de France. It's not gonna cost them anything -- -- ending England native Americans in the country fair enough it's a good thing. Considering everything that they've been. But Robert did don't you think that to me while all of aside and look what happened with Donald sterling and LA Clippers. And now they NBA is I mean come on it is African American Wednesday that as -- the majority of players. And it and you look -- NFL structured. That and I think it you have to have as far as the pressure to be put Roger Goodell and Daniel Snyder and the rest of the NFL owners. That you have to have. The major sponsors like today at Bank of America ankle caught him. At that I grew up you were the people who are. On what we are constantly in my knee. -- he'll do so. Think that's what -- it's like you're in the program -- -- that is because the population of the native Americans. Didn't put in the right now in the bloke I guarantee you if anything almost second inning. It would change in the morning. Because the number yeah that was in the country. So I ended I think in order of Americans coming up and put them. Well I I event a -- thank you so much always good to have you on the show but gone back to your viewpoint is absolutely. The people who are in favor and the people who behind the push to put pressure on the risking anything any time subject comes up in the mainstream media and Donald Sterling you -- like -- Homophobic slurs and Rachel the absolutely garage that we moment hey isn't an opportunity you know while cause we got the people who walk. This is no given there watching TV at a certain point your date. During that during the morning hours late more now is a lot of the program and that you watch on TV commercial commercial with his gear toward the whole month. Mother to a home products would they show up. That is why when something like this happens they know that the people who are probably got -- -- -- -- about a balanced learning situation. All more likely to have something like he has it under their skin also so they wanna keep the pats third so to speak and. They arrived -- wait this is that because the perfect time for well Asia capitalize on all this moment if you shoot if you truly look at what's happened in the history of the United States the native Americans it is atrocious but I mean yeah. -- what you look old school whatever you wanna call it might makes right. Whoever has the power is gonna dominate and I think it's right right now right but by that big that they I cannot Curtis -- -- inherited the way before we go to -- they have been. Cases whatever you wanna say. You could -- if you really -- they clearly correct. They came to an agreement but they have been a lot of cases you go to the casino in the universities. Where. People would say they made an agreement -- ball off. To keep the name Manny if you look at his worth about something that it's unbelievable like close our -- genocide that Cherokee Nation chairman and Oklahoma. And not you know night it was of the of the history this is it's unbelievable -- -- -- take it. Time -- will come back for more -- to be a -- -- his fourth 33 time first news go to -- Hansbrough Dan Steinberg sports blog for the Washington Post will John us. We'll talk to him about that take. And your take as well should the NFL forth to Washington Redskins to change in name if -- reflects bad on the Washington Redskins I cannot reflect back on the national football right. Mean -- semblance in that. Give should take to the phone to go let's go to a bush for Bob Bob thank you for calling the VW ago. -- guys. I think they're missing the biggest. Marketing concept they could possibly have they'll change her name. To the war and didn't rednecks. And while I would think so well these. Days and you. Itself feature certain -- We. You know but bobbled about that we'll use him he would submit next defeated. Now all know that they -- want to talk I'm from south lead and then. Want you to work do. Whatever. And I. -- David have both my numbers figures registered -- and as a policy RCA. You know so that the Dallas Sunday if you go to history go behind. In how the -- embraced and if you look at that term. A -- and as it's really afraid Sturm is Kronos. And I could not who has a low level prostitute not -- about a gutter. -- what they'll normal prostitute call Lamas accrued enough -- now that's like the Lowell is a blow prostitutes. And I'll play well I tell you. Not now bog it tell you that their pre depression. In the team's -- about a hundred years ago that was fighting words you know I called cajun cocoon as he would like we did they embraced it. And they made like my dad and his drug. A registered RCA raised to -- and ask when a radical looking over his shoulder and you know what shall and all on him on his drugs I mean. You know is how you offended. And onion and how you embrace that I think that heavily comes in the play. You look which universities had to do is no longer. You know Northeastern University Indians Louisiana Monroe and now they would -- -- arkansas' date stamp from what was the Indian Stanford in the end the team hoosiers and they let you read them Bryant. Brian -- are very in depth Sosa earlier in -- it gets that a point. Where Bob what do you think it is the game I just think. They still have a little bit tradition. -- -- everybody likes to cut nickname short the Washington Redskins. -- It hammered out their mascot of the pitches of the mascot is that it's a pitcher of the pain and native American Indian and it is a good read the -- -- ED it at -- -- but to me it's a beautiful. Coming and I mean ever look at the Blackhawks local -- that -- the same and I -- I have an old school hockey Jersey or that by now I've do I mean I got to act got old school would know that's that's actually a Redskins. All already well -- Reebok Reebok actually did a throwback land in the early nineties. And -- Canadian dollar made the signature the NFC east a ball over new York and was -- born and original New York -- went with the in while like the Yankees. And the Knicks also use a little in the mets' most -- -- -- now. And they had the Washington Redskins one of the whole -- 37 -- and they had to do is just the scheme and actually had this the year. Do the Washington name almost like the Florida State it in crest on him. And now what what what I can consider away Chicago Blackhawks had to meet at Eagles up popularity rabbi was seething about the and they just won their sports championship they were in the the second has series because it the masses don't sell it would not even notable -- Brian that that that dale by cultivating through laborers. And oh yeah why some of the negative that they understand it's a tribe. But but when you look at when visits Iowa -- votes to win does it stop I mean OK Atlanta Braves. That's too much of a violent in the end I and I remember when I was Garner public that Atlantic game you know could be Goran after all like the Astros -- take a road trip. -- Six Flags over Georgia. And and I'm -- and and beyond. Right field. At a TP set up an -- down the Braves it'll run -- any wiggled it in events around the TV do yeah is saying OK somebody I've got to explain this to me. Cleveland Indians. Why is it because it's a public universities that have a -- -- as wide as universities have the change Indians and the Cleveland franchise don't have to. I'm not any pressure from the scene no doctor -- because it's a public university verses a private business. At -- in the NC like if there oppressors in the NFL it's only count on the owner Redskins it probably made changes. They gave it there was so mania that look at the time I look look we did this one -- but there was so much of a timeline that schools will give him an auto. In some of them fall some of the col -- that would Dakota school some of our fallen and Warren. 11 on the name some of matching had to change the name. And and and not not the mascot somebody changed a mascot and not the name of fighting Illini -- I'm await these -- a spiritual Indian dance is based on the basketball. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The mess that the logo is that a in -- intimidate. Follow follow CoreStates back to the -- ago Bobby let's go to. Being in -- -- is not for the maintains Ben thank you for called. A couple. Of its stock. They're written it at air and that -- 9033. -- -- Are you know -- why it happened here a while. It. Yeah I start I -- Arab busted doing Boston in the went that'd VCR avenue on the Redskins did. Didn't. Like that -- we're not you know you get to come artist I don't know -- we got. Between. The Blackhawks. And you go out of notre art and our. Off topic that in our sport and where we stop with these. Yeah I don't know not a lot of people take you stand on demand a lot of -- saying you know they say Estes out somewhere well the thing is I could tell you -- bit but it is is because is. I don't think this Indians hard. In non Indians in the -- American. Native Americans have a problem with that term Kansas City Chiefs he had did anybody that tees it in the Indians did that but it but it is it in a redskin. Now and August embassy here is a thing. Look at the redskin mascot. Look at the name risking it. Look at the Cleveland Indian local and look at the name. The logo is a little crazy any of them offensive yes in the actual Indians -- to Golden State Warriors. That's they did that you don't normally use it to bring it used is gone from Golden State Oakland as the go to bed nets depth -- logo. That doesn't that doesn't fit people it's it's lawyers. Like I think some of it is really at the end because the local is more offensive in the name and some people think the name is more -- in the lower leg in -- Washington bullets that's why they changed the Washington Wizards. And you get that appointees -- heard about BK has been -- influence like you -- Warriors are the Raiders. The Raiders are Pirates will what are what are Raiders impart to -- rape and pillage the village oh we got to change their name. Did indicate it's going to be influenced by the Raiders and the Pirates only guy and that's after the used to do you that you if you -- certainly looked like -- they'd be. Yeah I had no pain in it yet again it's ridiculous. Some people agree will come back -- argue a call to sports talk on WW. And welcome back to the phones that we go to Claudia thank you for calling WW Rio. And I don't. Yes I am regarding an average and I have an additional comment he should be changed in Milwaukee where it's because that encourages people to drink beer. Do you find offense and that we have religious names like they. I'm tiebreak in the annual little back and the -- there I think that I'm on a little too far and -- New York Giants. At that Murton be hitting. Yeah I mean -- -- -- and I eat you make a great great point today he gets ridiculous or where does it stop. And then now almost take that approach. That that politics. The devolution I'd been involved in this. You know now it's right there in Washington capital that he got. The local professional team. When you got. The likes. -- Harry Reid another senators in. And that don't have bigger fish to -- something else you know to be involved and let's go to Steve on the notion he wants to him on it Steve thank you for calling WW -- You've been watching and China urged. So we can tell I meant exactly what caught on extracurricular. A great year you take a look at it. Rex can't come from years ago when I can't go to jail for a game and they will be honored in America and there were more or get -- that war they'll. Or make people -- -- which are. In that. While -- for a and it will be changed in just a little bit -- You're at but I like in -- -- like the Raiders. C'mon you know. Somewhere shortly Joseph -- But what are urged the there's hardly at all we will cover. Is Steve that's a good point -- -- what would -- about the name -- mascot now but Steve the would you agree with this as -- get -- go to break. I mean outing nothing's happening. Until the major sponsors and I think ball happened with the name until the likes about FedEx BankAmerica Verizon all those guys that that's when. That that's been the pressure on a -- down or not it's not gonna happen. I try to dictate to retain an NFL. Steve thank you so much for your -- we appreciate key Darian Patrick -- Alfredo. Welcome to all of -- -- -- should take city NFL forced to watch a Redskins to change their name yes. No I'll leave it up to the Redskins franchise this is sports talk he's Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia and you're listening to WW.