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6-4-14 5:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the "Redskins" controversy with Dan Steinberg

Jun 4, 2014|

Bobby and Deke talk with Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post about the controversy over the "Redskins" name.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dan Steinberg a sports blog of the Washington Post. John does now and thank you so much for the time what what is the vibe in DC anyway what is the feel over -- from the fan -- is this. Is this more of a bigger deal is a guy like Harry Reid and in the in the political guys are they making dismal would be do that it really is. I would talk about -- here in New Orleans, Louisiana a we make -- more -- -- big -- or or do some legitimacy if it. While there's certainly a lot of chatter about a year but I think -- Redskins sounds are overwhelmingly. -- keep him in the game and they don't see it. Different they just don't see them as well because it's a team that means so much that emotional -- -- emotional -- they think. Pocketbook and it's so positive for a he considered sort of negatively by other people's optimism out -- disconnect between. Written consent to the name wanna keep and a lot of the picture now so. Certainly it's -- -- this year but there's not any kind of pushed at all sad part like. -- -- -- Now then don't you think there's some truly to get done that on the active parent this. A little bit because you do have sponsorships you look at LA clippers' Donald Sterling. What occurred there and I know. And African American and as -- majority of players in -- when you look at. The redskins' situation and you look at the big time sponsors. You look at the history would panics initiative trying to get a team in Memphis. In all Sunday FedEx Field. The stadium in in DC Bank of America Verizon Coke cola Comcast on and on that to me. That the only one that can truly put pressure. That that I think Roger Goodell Daniel Snyder the owners would take notice to be his sponsors. But read and and Harry Reid and and if if the US. I said it is who signed a petition. Yeah I think that that robbery in -- so speculative Cabrera or anywhere close up. I think that the sponsors and certainly one eagle on Aardsma is in charge of you know -- -- -- -- on the board of directors of the Gretzky and apartments we -- And -- have a shareholders and -- are both. Failed miserably so I don't think. That is -- very viable option any -- soon to be -- battle through it but to me it could happen. If players are coming out thing you know not play that game which is weaker people were certain the Clippers I don't think. I I don't sense that movement of players that direction but you know if in totally -- -- -- -- Robert the third shot accidents and it would marketplace for the team like the name. I think probably completely flipped under it and then fan just an award that were struck again the Third World. Then I thought the players cross and one out of the 32 teams off the list so someone could possibly Peyton sellers -- I think both marks street on south side is that most certainly pressured about sponsors -- be much more important than any competitors. Dan Steinberg sports boggles the Washington Post -- just wanting it to me. It -- if it -- if it were a situation where it came down to it I think it. Dan Snyder and and the and the big big powers that be in responses at the very least if you go about what has been done before. But if Florida State mohicans and look at all of -- big casinos of factions that have. Have run up with this situation before. I had I am no no all the way to believe or I would believe in -- list that at the very least. Dance night it will come out Luke was sent down at a table with talk to people of the redskin nation and -- can tribe. And we've come to an agreement. That we we we are -- -- -- -- -- -- in the -- much like Florida State it to me that that would be that that would be at the end of the very bottom line. Did the wash in his face and in this situation although nobody got. And then you give credit far wrong was here ready dead. Then just night and is stabbed to travel to native American reservations last month and establish a foundation. To assist American Indian tribe so actually. Say they got more real life issues and I I can help out of these reservation is that correct. Yeah he created what are your original owner consolidation. Could do some projects garbage and he -- Umpire that -- for one tribe did not like coats and blankets and other tracks I think the question of the problem here is that. You're not done the single entity the way -- it would be with some. Cry because it's like Redskins vs -- got to try. I've written Redskins and all. Native Americans -- -- country in the other issue there's not any kind of unanimity. With native American issues solved. You saw on the American upon that we have no problem with the Redskins they had some on World War II -- native American on the field for game. But then I can tell you this look at Louisiana they got Louisiana Lafayette. Yeah playing ugly right now holds that a super regional. Their mascot is the raging cajun I don't know -- -- cajun doesn't embrace that I think he got some native Americans like you said that embrace. The Washington Redskins using their name and it's Omar bend it I mean so I mean as is not universal I do you. I and the take down approach and I've heard some people really to the last say well if you have been one of person. And that's one too many what did you take on that. You know I think that the world record you could you will. Given that it's just that one person and that's what about where are the anyone could. To stand up and like that extra. I think that's a little bit different than that we we don't have any good that we haven't had any public opinion on an hour and ten year after that to happen. Well Annenberg -- and -- -- at an all American public -- Want to enjoy this awhile because we don't know what -- be today against the 10% of native Americans still hundreds of thousand people were not where it. It's one person or two people that it's agree number of people it's not universal and -- it's a minority or minority apparently in -- -- I don't know who decides what the rational thing -- many people as a candidate you'd change I had no idea it would its side a lot of people think it's going to be at least majority. American -- there. -- can beat you thought you want to put. I'm at peace -- -- bargain if you're interested groups which I've been reading -- honestly because people just. Can't stop talking about it as much as people today. They want it just will not leave that in an eighteen months of of this pretty solid so you can sports article on him. Dan Steinberg sports -- for the Washington Post Dan thank you so much for the time we appreciate. --