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Sports Talk 6- 635pm, Jenny Vrentas

Jun 4, 2014|

Join Deke & Bobby as they talk to: Jenny Vrentas (NFL writer for Sports Illustrated and The MMQB) about the NFL possibly making the Washington Redskins change their name.

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And welcome back. -- -- Christie Garrett is out this week he's on vacation. And use that you know about Disney World. He's got his ball is over there with him. And he wants -- between some suggestions like I tweet him the best of value. At the magic kingdom is -- de -- Cassell called against the on tavern. They got to basically you know they got to be Turkey legs in India's world. Don't think I was it is doubtful hot dog like hammer -- into -- through but I'm telling you it's a big hole growth on the ball. It's is like callable in if you low poll -- world. That's only it's a big shank it to folks think that hamstring. And whack Tweety -- about it pitches you can hold a secret my phone chatter. As a means. In Minnie -- out in my channel would mean. The -- seriously missing thing the about industry news is nobody seems to tweet -- -- some -- -- as a Christian tough days. It was me -- me meaning now. There. -- all right here. In the big you've got an area you know -- -- in the music here. I think yeah I think I tweaked it a decade ago -- and he might he might not need Michael keys make him -- that would -- You know -- -- the leader of ego. But you can follow him on Twitter and Christie Garrett won demanded video for Joseph Joseph thank you calling WW -- So I. -- they only do. It I'm not goal and she agreed. To. That town and country and it looks fine. Well at ten under at the Yankee and -- -- I'm epic and -- deeply into but -- Are right. -- -- -- -- -- Color rays and -- and it won't. Be rich you. You know. Well the history behind if you look at Redskins in a dictionary it is a real chancellor. -- put that into a bit to the problem. Is named after entrapment or. Sign up there the -- average in the -- and still ran it in that arm a battle. It's war paint were talking now walking out guy to. It's war paint that they talk about. -- years you know group and what sport. -- this -- -- been button battle. And I I break did if you get an award year in and be achieved an -- Jenkins' name on. That and not about to Politico dot your. Twelfth creating -- Did that the Washington -- To note thank you so much for the call. Different days joins -- now he's an NFL writer for Sports Illustrated in the Monday Morning Quarterback -- also has. Weighing in on the NFL's Washington Redskins in -- whether or not to keep the name debate team thank you so much for the time in. What type of feedback you give up on this topic and. We need. Some time at spraying speaking with different -- and -- -- my coworkers and to number eighteen try and -- and -- -- see how people feel about name and right opinion not -- consent despite. The large. Number of people killed there strongly against the name on a personal reasons a lot of -- the reasons being you know history. -- native Americans. America. And I think it you know. There and the Eagles later that small vocal minority. I -- the decade they are vocal that they feel strongly but it's not according core group of people back. It's great for many years 08 or you're near Kenyon Martin more. Today. But social media. You know. It's it's certainly been injured -- and mark for Kmart and their feelings that there are a lot of people in names are very legitimate reason. Now -- Mike peca and it and that money talks and -- whatever the scenario situation what you're dealing with and I look at it from a perspective. Knock -- America and you look the major sponsors. The sponsorship agreements. And it I think until they take their approach. With the Redskins like oh look we respect native Americans to a point. Where we seed -- name so offensive we know long of one our name associated to damn. That and that doesn't seem to be the case as of right now the question is will -- be the case in the future but. It till you get the likes of a FedEx in. That's part about the Redskins ownership my understanding but FedEx Bank of America Coca-Cola Verizon. It to you truly. Again dim involved in and they're putting pressure -- Roger Goodell Daniel Snyder are the rest of the NFL owners. The the bats well for them to spot and that's how you gonna get then -- how to take notice I think. Yeah I think you're absolutely right and being. Money. Talks and drive a lot of the same and so you know I killed the issue here it. But her during her. The team partner Matt and that if they'd been steadfast in not they're not changing the name one point. In a letter saying I'll never change in -- and I think most people who are against the name a lot of native American -- in the -- that it spoke with -- actively -- you know. Until it becomes money issue and -- you know the team and kicking financial opted for holding -- name. You know they see him changing -- and you know the potential influences. Extreme political pressure back you know we stopped to -- senators signed latter a couple of weeks ago and the name and any political pressure. -- there's not speak nearly as bluntly as that potential pressure. Gadget you got to do with the did they don't want congress involved you know they when they wanna keep the government out of it that's lasted from a business standpoint. That that's where really where. -- you can apply pressure now as far as. -- when you look at like -- car should seek an influence. When you look OK we know we came about it name B -- Donald Sterling. On the that the vast majority of players obviously are African American. But then when I look we look talking about an influence. OK -- thirteen I was reading -- -- thirteen point 1%. Are black or African American. You -- the United States is a hole where you look American union are Alaskan native alone that's about one point two. Percent of the population so is it a case in point where is because. And the Indians as far as the population has not that many native Americans are. And so that's why they're four they don't have that influences as far as media buying power with sponsorships. Yeah I think a lot of Americans you know not exactly back there like 90% of the population that -- -- hurt a lot. Doesn't back. There into the making. They'd be there are a lot of native American players and professionals sport. So I think you know. Definitely. You know. 18 certainly the other they're trying to make their their boy hurt in other ways trying to solicit support for our. Other groups -- got a -- -- politician getting called. A lot of politicians have led the charge come from states like Washington there. No matter where your constituency there are a lot of try it and try and that it sort of under. The American perspective and -- -- little bit more. Yeah certainly you know. You know Americans deal and you know we're talking ET it's healing it's certainly felt that played certain there as well that. They're boys and -- and you don't count much and applied it. -- -- -- issue. Very personally each hit too many native American equal. -- how can be able follow you on Twitter. -- -- practice day and then lie isn't that there are yeah. Jenny thank you so much for you -- we appreciate your time. -- -- Welcome -- debate in. WW.