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Sports Talk 6-4 7:25pm, Mike Detillier

Jun 4, 2014|

Join Deke & Bobby as they talk to: Mike Detillier (WWL NFL Analyst) about what has been going with the Saints and other news in the NFL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I did CAA dot com act might ETA on Twitter at -- now next week the DT at the eleventh and twelfth is Saints. Mini camp tomorrow it's an organized team activities Saints have beat the practice in the media is to check out Mike eight Wear number 47. Not talk on how much does -- have left in the tank. But boy -- he made a couple of plays in game one thing we oust them with stood out on the did the -- old team last week on two of the first three plays during team. The Saints defense got a handle on the football you can see it's an emphasis. Yet no question about it because you know last year brought up that. More precious more inevitable or Paterno wasn't there and I think that's something he'll be in bringing in Champ Bailey in bringing in Byrd. I think it that emphasis is there to try to create those turnovers Donald PO. Sure that thing that we would know. It just -- instantly you know not. Really. Spark if you. Didn't need to. I'm the one thing. Should be it was a better as a unit then you sign the one thing eating -- eternal. City you can't teach -- -- hand the ball. I grew up toward the ball the one thing a lot of time income now but it it. But it will grab that with the ball in the first part of it. And I know how to one domino in and out. You don't know that you might think about what happened out what was what then -- -- really. Was the -- that you pants and he's. Like a lot of play. And I think they'll hold. This year in its been -- injure -- and you know -- coddled like little bit on Champ Bailey. In -- but. -- -- obvious that can make those qualities and more to do. Then he got in mid -- And Mike you know -- to point out even more I him while we talk about it I mean. I don't know if they would be any better but I don't I can't imagine they they wouldn't be a's a's. I -- it's a fortunate guys like Roman Harper. And Malcolm Jenkins from haven't been around a guy like that there are sharp I'm I'm I'm I'm -- -- -- -- -- -- they picked up a lot from there. Do you agree with you -- -- -- I think you raise the level that she. Ovals. Is it in my opinion. More than any other principally in one year in that you're Spain and then at -- on the black and gold you know all I think sharp had been -- and old now. Arm and now -- -- trying to find that guy you back into it acute medical expert. Because the long term. You've gotten a lot longer in Champ Bailey. Promote longevity stamp -- -- and I think that you look at it would be habit that sleep position. That there is only one team in the NFL that you can say right now is better. At this deal when Whitney got game tonight and there'll come when things happen he -- -- -- -- world in terms bird. I don't want you pick a sport that championship belt that in the big guy that is. Now Micah. I guess you always the never 100%. In the short run anything. But the one -- concern and I were talking about this and answer your question about John finger when bringing him on board but you look at Jerry is -- all know as of you know dealt with players -- -- Brockman -- back was all jacked up in the -- he had we have balls in this slipped disk whatever. But what is your take I mean -- think -- be healed up and ready to roll and he's back. But what about that time. When you on the quarterback and defense he's trying to get their continuity in OTAs mini camp and in training camp. That and let's say he's not be available. And till the end of August of the regular season. I mean that. I know he's human he's that to a -- but do you think that would effect him even though he's played at the highest level of the last three seasons. You know it it would be -- but you know he just didn't regain you know you'd probably -- guy you know look cheap. You know and Gilbert know if you would attribute to. Defensive back in his day and in your credentials and now it is gonna pick up the mental part of this real quick. Mocking my concern is I'm I would ready today outward not ready but in the park right -- Yeah it's been the one thing that happened connected. Well it shall pay better teams in. One week one. -- -- You look at when they've been very except when it was. This year when it was. We won't happen. Last year bat or get out of the blocks and you're out of there and -- thing is just not we ended Duke this year. In game. Pectoral play all time the two teams articles. Will get in there somewhere along the lines they've got a complete Ewing Walt. You walk out games and hope that this should just be missed -- Ottawa and and end up -- that you can't blame the agent -- as long term if you wanna win the division. But secondly you wanna get home advantage. Because look at what you want to law is that it's been ten. Eleven last year where there's been an outline that and they'll. You want in the late in the don't. And so I picked up and hit it that is gonna get -- fast start and that's where I think your birds in this one. -- mean in game one. Mentally you get to pick up all. He's not a rookie when it right but lately all of. And the middle order is very very well. I don't believe that you know what impact of back into -- it's always a concern no matter what in my line. You always have a concern about it but that technology today in the medical part of that. Is light years away from big chance or even five years ago. Where you can pull it in those are certainly can come back and duplicate what it would do they could eat and how shall I. You -- a elbow they had it done today. Probably an. Art. We had a all this comments -- -- on getting cut. Yeah. -- different today and not -- and how to change the what all -- that would have been Birmingham. How much huge orthopedic -- -- -- -- a little. -- -- -- -- -- -- Are in the country that's going to be built right -- our specializing. In new ought to -- should you. How much input that being placed on that is is in it would. I think you -- you talk with so many will pat back injuries that -- the -- you just don't (%expletive) all rot away and Wear out. It actually. No matter what will that affect you when you that pack that that really serious knee injury. Might become again off their great starting. Kind of -- -- look at the mean dictators of the schedule now I know teams very. A year to year red when you look at the playoff teams and you're playing like I agree being home with. You -- before the bye October 12. I mean. I mean I think we should be five -- and at worst Ford one. Simply because I think we're better than the teams you're playing before the bye. Obviously but then you look at the -- starting -- at Detroit in October 19 and especially. Come Sunday Night Football the Packers. The and you go all the way to Carolina and and even at the Bears deserve fifteen that that's you can't afford not to get off to a great start. Did it get up that way you know only time you know that you talk about this. When you look at the hole and always get into and you look at you look at it from all the way. You know out -- of all the knowledge of community into that trap or Winnetka collar tackle and a -- little -- actively number. Mean that it will happen is that both those games are going to be at home. Yeah and they're -- And walking up there is thank you look at. Deeply thankful that we did in the year. But we look at it the typical games level and against top quarterback. And don't act like he walked one in peachy you pulling in war. And so that it is really sure -- you do it. But in on the field and be an annual Eckstein. It is -- like you more personnel why. And you know you look at that position and we talked about the -- is trying to match -- similar to what album oh. In Seattle. Brought -- Seattle beat it's not that reasonable and get a lot of credit but would drop it is actually. Yeah they get there they got after all the the ability didn't assume all the Peyton Manning. He was feeling and he. Looked. And Manning and the -- -- yeah. -- it you know Michael Bennett you know and -- an urban and oh yeah. It would -- Rational and you and you look at these events. -- thinking you're locked -- the break. You concede that he's on the murky that. Actual name -- John Jenkins Eagles in the middle. I England lost another guy that he -- lot of help these big and all the -- Like 567. And going rocket Barkley. Again. Anybody else from that point I would be O line that you might blow -- how they do. And yeah I'll go up talent but you look at the talent the -- and developing talent. Bit different I think when you look at the teams that you want to look at. Eight years and you know be considered for. One. Side you've been the other because they see him get a consistent pass rushing we saw here. That part of upended the deal is getting the turnovers which will -- a more minutes. Now my guy you bring in of those Davis of tackles. And this the Saints just signed Brandon Dietrich. You know he had Bunkley and Jake did you bring an -- Moses McCray you know was listed as a nose tackles. Oh what is your take on Jeter -- I was reading and at times beginning at where it's been last season in Jacksonville playing in thirteen games in one start but. Really the previous three seasons with the with the Patriots. Do you Dayne what is his tenure thing is is in camp body. No he gets -- mean that the Utley with the Patriots to a brilliant singles adapt and you know. Well watching you know you've looked like a middle range version of -- on Colbert. You look at his body BO. Would you doubt that even god can stop the run. You know he's got it kind of -- as a multiple -- he's not gonna give you great pass rush. But he -- got it can play a game one -- -- again it up and get some real competition here and did not only player. Know he's 26 yeah. But yeah I'd like him that -- in the -- You just not care body because the guy lately has started in the lead. And I think it sometimes you looking for the right -- When I watched him play an incoming out of Alabama. Where I think that wrote about it is you -- -- on Kolb when Kenyan men and Dallas. Shula player in that he's a -- all -- -- in Iran. Not gonna give -- great pass rush. And you know what a big -- We've pretty well and when you talk. That's one thing you said. Is that notebook the most important position. But India this year and that you come in the late hit that -- feet and then. Because most teams are right handed to you gonna run the football right -- you do. You want to assure that area. And some depth there because you know he'll. Out there that he's in the you know my veterans in the -- -- a lot of the -- -- yeah -- pick -- pick -- that Patriots last year. Mean it is applied and hopefully in the rookie will be agents and you know at us. The -- and does well in -- certain to -- Lee. And it typical wine and up god do you plan that should. Sometimes seven man rotation oh deep and Milan and Italy meet so many people. That can do that and do that well that's why you know I hear people talking about experience and everything else and that that you -- -- -- A lot of positions. Especially -- -- -- -- -- all outside linebackers and -- prediction that you don't want a lot of them. In the end that chapter of money that being all that. What I call good quarterback. But not the quarterback. Peyton like that we thought they would talent up and. Welcome back -- I did today here on WW I don't few moments with NFL analyst Mike TA might Colin cabinet. Breaks the break a record 61 million dollars in guaranteed hundred -- in dollar contract. What is make that money that you put -- Drew Brees looked pretty good and I mean -- it got me it goes to show you read his contract affected. Joseph Flacco. And rod is Jay Cutler Matt. And now that Tony Romo yeah we're not at all. You look at what top of the contract. It's gonna affect Indy bell and Alex Smith. Russell Wilson. And a bit of luck. And so what -- painful or with property it is good. Is Bobby. But it is part of the market today he's seventeen. And chick so -- sport. Which. Just coming in in my head with a lot of people the percentage now. He's got a coach that com. I guess. Bill Burton modern neighbors in -- gym more he would great the special teams running the football. And technically the quarterback on the other manager and he's done a good job of it. But last year I think the progress and you know. There. Email a lot of ways with his feet but yeah it -- many Belichick what it is you do it once on a ball in tight situations. And yet even -- about what an inch and a half away from getting his team should -- second straight year. While he's on a great he's not a great team and. And he's on a great team but that's what you're gonna -- to date to play in England Jimmy Graham. You've got to -- in the next couple weeks with a long term deal and we actually now you look at that actually got a pretty good field. What we've all. And look at what's being paid out to the other quarterbacks. And it not. So much better arms in the league -- the world -- Tom Brady. Is paying big money. -- potential. Put -- potential of the -- Alou Maroney equipment back. That's what the point -- and yet. You look at that team around you know you try to put pieces in place and bringing Anquan Boldin. You know opposite Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis -- -- -- Stevie Johnson on Buffalo. They're trying to put this short game together with that -- is that chests. While they won their short game Seattle you in the long we're. Because Adrian currency market this year they dropped all the questions -- -- speech or. They're a distraction if you could I think big truck also important football now feel more that would 49ers -- with property and Pickett a law that. All between. Yeah I mean. A perfect example. I just couldn't see Aaron Rodgers aren't Tom Brady Drew Brees to have the kind of game and when it was that. San Francisco and Carolina was like ten and nine a bullet cam Munich cabernet. -- they could not throw the ball and -- his policy is good his. The Panthers defense or is good depart as he was on his -- -- him stopped and deleted the league now might look at that Jimmy Graham. And June 1718. As the nets -- hearing is that. As far as the agreement -- two part question potty thing -- gonna go -- and also now. Former starting senator John I think Golan. 35 years of age signs a one year contract. Do you think you know he wins the job -- almost like the insurance policy that -- -- I think he's the insurance policy but truly -- Eagles Eagles you all know the system very well. And so we can become and yet you know almost like -- to a -- but you know I'm. I thought processes this is definitely not consigned to get me a better chance the store. In the -- that was ordered one game in the NFL regular season -- fair -- why not go back and I think he's bought the insurance policy. But I think you would absolutely idiotic view at that put -- in. I think -- is gonna happen if people arbitration and an opportunity got a rule they didn't programs shape. Them. I think is gonna come down the long term deal averaging around eleven million dollars a year for Jimmy -- Bottom line is. You know it -- not enough that well too much. -- -- Like back gap in the middle and I think that's what it's gonna end up being in the right smack dab in the middle. Long term deal in the next few weeks and Jimmy. Mike did the NFL analyst at Mike to two -- dot com and MIT dot com and my identity on wood might take someone to see out Amare. Grandma on the way I don't forget now operated jaguar opinion poll should the NFL for the Washington Redskins to change their name yes. No leave it to the team. Can you vote -- -- -- the bigs -- -- elementary teaching right now I'd check it in and because -- was as to what I think where I think the public I was whale obvious that he. It's kind of a 5050 deal will hopefully as the forgotten -- about the baseball. -- area was they. It would be news if I'm them I'm grateful for Yo-Yo we say yeah but but but anyway. I'd be down there. Then I'd say they'd say no we -- ACC in the Big Five yet the power the power powers that be bad for college football. Will be posted in the don't you -- years it would -- it was like -- finally it was almost look at the fifties -- or or at the end yes in my book but I think right now Samuel opposite says don't show nickname tonight at that -- -- -- -- insane no fourteen the -- -- leave it to the team at 50%. City. 54 consistency -- a -- -- though the -- as the you know. Now -- -- the Redskins fans thing. You know just leave us along. The line I don't know I tie it and some team in or. You could say leave the name as is a dog today he'll win a game and change. If the ultimate goal is that somebody wanted changes the sponsors that's right it has -- thanks so much so all of our great you know Stephen gala and now mark Menard. And also big John. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --