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Scoot Show 6-4 8pm, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Jun 4, 2014|

Bob Mitchell’s in for Scoot again tonight…he’ll continue the discussion about trading 5 terrorism detainees for Sgt Bow Bergdahl. Have you seen the video of the official handover? What’s your immediate reaction? Plus, call in with your questions and theories about Bergdahl, the exchange, Obama’s thinking, etc… Do you think something’s at play that’s not obvious to the masses? ALSO: there’s an online petition on the White House’s official website that demands the Obama administration punish Bowe Bergdahl. He could be charged with desertion or more since soldiers from his own unit died trying to track him down. Have you made your decision yet or do you think everyone is rushing to judgment? ALSO: police arrested a dad on child cruelty charges after he punished his 16-year-old son by making him carry a 23-pound landscape stone for several miles for not doing chores and school work. Is this child cruelty or old fashion discipline? Did you ever receive or hand out an unusual punishment? Are parents too soft on kids today?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Knowledge base Bob Mitchell again filling -- virtue of the real Robert Mitchell will be with a -- a midnight tonight will be. Lay out what's on our WWL talked able Johnson master control and he will keep me on my toes and he'll take your phone calls and get you ready to take part the conversation. Where we didn't do as we're going to we're gonna continue. But discussion. About trading the five terrorism detainees. For charger bowl Borg. Last night's show was just amazing the phones were burning off the hook and if you did any. -- watching of the TV at all -- and endlessly in the news any -- it's all people or continuing to talk about. So I thought we would continue to talk about that about it a lot of people did not get a chance to call in and give their opinion. And I have a couple of other things I'm going to for a while. And -- you choose. Which direction this show goes into if you wanna continue to talk about the the that the terrorists than in the -- the five for one swap will do that not have a couple by the league's. And we can go in that direction to the beaten -- completely up to you to six year old -- seventy. 866890. It -- the first the ball. Have you seen the video. LB official handover well when one week got sergeant -- call back. If so what is your immediate reaction. Look at the video and just give me your thoughts on -- now if you've not watched the video it's posted on WWL. Dot com that collect data and help lead. What your thoughts are now to me. The first thing that that struck me when I saw the video was. He sure looked healthy. Community. Now remember of the main reason we were given that the swap had to be made at this time was that he wasn't very -- health. All one knows that it looked like he was in fine health committee. So if you have not seen the video. Go to WWL dot com take a look at it. And then when you get a chance called lead at 260 -- 7866890870. With your thoughts on it. You can text me at 87870. Then if you get a chance to view not already seen an analyst -- on TV a couple of times and onslaught on YouTube. Did you see the welcome home video. Of the five Islamic militants Iran Lebanon Qatar. I mean they were treated as heroes. And it was like welcome home dude good to see you here. And these are the people that we are trusting. To keep an eye on them for the United States. So if you have any thoughts. At least theories about this whole exchange. I would really love to hear from -- at 260 -- 7866. And a 90 it's -- but he do you think that. Some things -- play but it's not obvious to the -- I mean let's hope so let's hope there is more behind us then we concede right now. And what does our government flavor of this the thing that come up. Hit me because -- I read and saw a couple of the wives and parents. What does the government say to the parents of the soldiers killed in action looking for displeasure. The day saved his life by trading five for one. While. Parents and spouses. Lose their loved ones. Also -- online petition on the White House's official website that demands the Obama administration. Polish boy bird doll. He -- could be charged with the assertion. Or. I mean officers in his own unit. Died trying to track him down so. Could he be charged with what we know we don't know there's there's so much of this. I I just have a hard time believing that it's just as obvious as -- I believe that. When this happened wind -- swap -- we'd got our last POW back. I believe Washington's thought was help people go to rejoice and go up and down in -- neutral -- down and say we did a good thing. And I think had his though his his his. What he called it his team members. His platoon buddies. If if they had not spoken out then we may not have known about this because they had to sign a document that said that they would not speak about this. And now that is free a lot of numbers and what happened that some are no longer even in the military. And that's of how we're able to get a lot of this information. And I am going to read you a portion of the transcript that some of these. -- the bodies of his said okay. Also. If if you're tired of talking him -- this obviously. I've got enough talking about what's that about the hostage situation. Will not really hostage situation of the 51 swat situation. If you're tired about talking about that. A police arrest of the dead. One child cruelty charges after he punished a sixteen year old son. By making him carry a 23 pound landscape stone for several miles for not doing chores and school work. Now is this child cruelty. Or just old fashioned discipline and did you ever receive or handle it and usual punishment is that parents are too soft on kids today. I would give back the ball those but let me go and start with the phone calls that go to our Randall Randall -- you. -- Give me your thoughts on on on this whole situation. Well it means that. -- And the trial a bit. Of people do go leaders you know make. We went to match. Retreat when the match. To hear little aspirin use that you had no problem for the prisoner swap. But this is a guy that that according to his buddies. In Afghanistan and walk away that's that I don't want to be part of this anymore and I'm a moving on I'm leaving I'm going eight wall. And then a lot of these bodies. Tried to go and find him and. In. Jail. And or needed. -- -- the true light of the true. No it's true. We leave Oprah you leave and -- also noble. But yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let him. Okay I'll -- you say you say and even though he was a -- still don't leave him behind and do it every are you concerned that we. That day a new president by negotiating with these terrorists to release the money. It really. People don't. Came out. Shall we have well you're you're OK with that. Eric -- yeah. People what. You. Went back to land -- it all year. Troll -- Well there -- and politics separate debt. And. -- -- a lot of people think that this whole situation. Was done by Washington to get the focus off of all the problems in the the advantage. -- -- and two out. There. 2005. And then. I'll get that would be George W. -- -- Mom. The Obama took office let's say this is -- you're right you're right. I haven't thought. Now with the trial could and couldn't help but note that. And that is saying that we -- out -- patrol. While. It. True. -- -- All right Wendell thanks for your opinion Bologna in the plaza where you a lot of. -- After awhile who -- like apple and military are able to put his country -- what outlook. In the United States currently serves -- -- continue to track that Japan. It took me instead. Technical problem you to do it's it is pre register. Check out there in -- -- -- been able to do that in a deterrent. -- You. Don't -- -- you don't. Care what it juniors we're I mean it. Paris and you can put it. People are you back here. It's an. International. Act it out and not. What did you say these. The kitchen on the apple and our government in order. To campaign it changed our name social and it. People wouldn't you. Want and where. You were chairman and gotten to meet. And -- Children. -- let me ask your question did you receive the the video of his release. We'll check it -- doesn't he looks good and healthy to me it's it's on WWL dot com and the government said the reason they had to make the deal was because his -- was really fail in and they had to give a month ago before he died. But on those he seemed to walk up righty these circle will ultimately. You know being seen him -- it. He's a few of them out. It. All right but I appreciate your -- NN. Thank you so much to six year old only 7866890. Its revenue of a couple of lines open. You can fold in -- thoughts and -- -- your theories -- what do you think -- -- -- -- may -- going on behind the -- that we don't even -- about. Shortly. I do not want to believe that our government and president could be that stupid so why I don't want to believe that I've got the figure there's something. Going on on the scene that the we don't know I certainly hope so but I wanna know which you think. 26 year old -- 7866. And finally it's simply text -- -- 87870. I'm Bob excellent let's go to. On the brigades that WWL a -- dot com. And arbiter of seventy party drag our opinion poll -- with a vote to child discipline. How would you rate today's parents too soft to hard. Or just about -- that gets -- to our our second subject to a if you wanna go in that direction police. A rest of the ban on trial cruelty charges after he punished. This sixteen year old -- by making him carry a 43 -- landscapes to hold for several miles. For not doing chores. And school were closed this child cruelty. Or just old fashioned discipline. In -- and give me your thoughts on that. And vote and then they'll continue to give me your thoughts on the five for one swap five terrorist. Four chartered. -- -- doll. To secure -- late 7866890. Wait that lets them again Specter of old goat to a dog Doug are you. Bilbao why don't I. Doing fine dugout and didn't give me your overall view of the and and do you see. And even possibly going on behind the scenes here that we don't know we can't create our government can't be that stupid. Well do you know I agree well -- are that stupid but I just. She Y beat -- well I've cherished. One -- that at desert one million people as a true art council cart -- -- -- -- odd errors at all. I would say go to sleep here. You know I think you're right and that's a good point we had several military people call in last night and they said there was no way in the world if they were captured. They would want. The government to negotiate with terrorists to people that they're trying to fight. The people that you know and you know what what what I'd like to -- is that. -- oh what kind of activity went on were there -- lives sacrificed actually grab these five guys and put these five guys and in India -- now. And I don't know if you've got a chance to see. The celebration. That. But I did you achieve the color you're you're right -- In the patents that I or let go to retreat I -- other terrorists are pretty somebody else you know and I. No. Right I just I don't network that was appropriate that it could batter. The president was -- George Bush Dick Cheney or all they did just. I action like -- a look at the crew aren't being absolutely shirt. Well and all I have a couple of text messages and -- of the the first caller had no idea what I was talking about. And it'll sometimes though it's it's my job to allow people to give their opinions whether than try to take and argue with them and fight them down. If that's what they wanna think. Are you I believe that we have gone down. A bad road here you know we gave up five it really bad guys for us. Exactly exactly you know you're right get it I think it's great people to carpet out a lot -- right yeah people are dot org right. But people -- dot grossed out -- Paris but -- our listeners that's awfully. Listen to the statement that the Taliban issued the quota of their leader Mullah Mohammed Omar is describing the release of the five Taliban officials. From Guantanamo as only significant achievement. For the movement the Taliban had announced the extremes of great happiness and joy. And said the were seeking the release of additional prisoners. Though they didn't provide any -- of actual date. Are going to use that as propaganda. To trade and and and recruit you know more bad guys. All it does it look like overall the first bullet does it it you know it can't eat it puts a black our military that so terrorist allies that it. And -- that is -- Doug you'll take a shot at a arm. WWL pretty drag our opinion poll question when it comes to trial discipline how would you rate today's parent too soft to hard to about Roy. Eric. And what about this guy that got arrested because he published a sixteen year old sold but he could carry. 843 public Netscape stone for several miles from the doing his chores and school board is that child cruelty of the old fashioned discipline. At all pilot they would grab and chip both packed today as -- pack it all out Al -- and believe. I'm not immediately or Atlanta brought. You know edit it looks like to be that in in today's society any time a parent tries to do anything at all. It that little bit out of the ordinary. The -- and tried to teach their children right from world. Bum deal I got punished the -- -- -- -- Perpetrate a tablet out but what out all it took and cannot let. At Q what both my daughter -- raise their -- that you and I don't think -- that's -- project site by. -- I think people they shot but because they -- can't control what -- eagle back the date. -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't -- my question was did you ever dish out or receive any unusual punishment and and for me. One of the punishments. That hurt me more than anything and could not have been any more than made me. 1415. Youthful and bush still remember it today that the biggest -- my parents would punish me. Was not to let me go outside and play ball -- in today's society. The children. -- you punish them by telling them that they they can't stay inside you know Adam. So. My mother punishment but what she made me do. It is the kids -- you know we we played street ball. She made me sit on the front porch. And watched them. Play street ball for about two hours and I couldn't do nothing but sit there. And poet you aren't I or act still at it and it was torture it was what I have a brother had a -- Right exactly your butt out quite yet that's -- Unbelievable. Thank you but appreciate phony -- and thank you -- it's -- power does that. You hit me I tried to -- banquet that I got cut off. But it's my feeling Obama is being -- -- -- film he needs to be more more real small. Like that. Is that. -- that's -- got. You know quotations -- okay. One thing about this with kids. Bet you do. It can problems he's fourteen and so that copy to drop its EP make a big cup he put his name. Until. If you don't hate you could -- so for you to like. It would record on so. Talk much going up again to leave notes we east regional licenses. And I tried it works. Howard did you get a chance to see the video of the prisoner exchange. What that helicopter DeLia. In the he appeared via it probably has some -- that they as a. -- -- -- those from those that -- but you know the government made a big issue that the reason they had the big -- and make it now. And didn't have time book to go before congress was that his his health whistle bit. He looked okay the league. I think he liked it all the stuff that's going on among lose -- -- -- -- must make our community. -- -- government right now it's every day is disaster day for Obama. Had not -- the -- it's if something isn't right now what's coming up more. Well here's here's what I wonder and of course there is little there's a lot of this that we against only time was going to tell. As more and more facts come out but. If if the admitted his platoon. Ted got broken the agreement that they made that they all had to sign documents that said. That they would not talk about this issue of talk about when it happened that they would they would not they would not mentioned they would not say anything how he just walked away. And had at those guys not broken. That agreement they signed we may not know about -- -- us. -- -- that Obama do what the whole thing yeah. Relationship -- all of and Obama really on the talk and apparently whatever language between each other. It's -- Bob it is scary scary scary every day he gets scared. You know they can. I'll work around a lot of Hispanics and people on board -- in -- where people. And as a Caucasian race span dwindles and I think we need to. Lineup so would people like gore appeared in court work. And. Would say and cord wood in court here and equipment. You know council went into the wallets so gifted enough. Is -- people. I'm not too many people -- we need to do a lineup so it's something that he is Hispanic there terrorists -- I -- finished it is systemic picture. -- for the women's -- feasible. But. In this immigration deal all these people come across the board now enacted. Output down madcow will become their -- I mean the -- Chalabi the government alone people come across the lake is. Don't know our operation to -- all right okay but let me read a couple text of wanting and it welled up. Some of the question -- -- WWL new report earlier. The -- odd looking. Four's and number ago while there's no room for eight years at at that point there's no -- but. Members of -- -- and said that they were on patrol will keep him and they were killed at this point. There's -- There's an old document that says and that's O. That'll all promote in the an investigation. Here's -- vestige. Ex army missile built in warn them you'd chess move together in total on the open parliament that make -- think. That war is for. And Bob I'm hoping that the guy was implanted while attracting probe so the whole thing is orchestrated to be able to. Traced the insurgents back to their roots. While I don't know about that. They they certainly the as long as -- in -- seem to be able to come and go as as they please so and I would have to believe that. Although we might think that the other side is totally stupid if we did put some -- implant them I would have to be. I would be shocked if they weren't able to detector let's take another call let's go to a pollen -- are your ball. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm doing OK it is still try and a rambled through all this mess and you know use you looked at a news late Hulk Hogan they make a deal like that -- that. There's too. So you need to go Smart does mean again if you. Followed the low to pose as. Well it was actually. The law that these -- They wind outside need to law that you have to -- notify list -- thirty days before you release them on. So -- you to notice the law and you. And usually -- -- not followed the law did. And so did it that these people it was speculation I would speculate that that congress would not agree. Exactly so bad for them it is doing and then. Go. Away with Libya some you know medical. And it CP. -- -- -- -- him any. They know how he couldn't find the media. -- The simple call on the way -- and I'm sure that he was not a bill would be 34 days I'm sure there was some arrangement so when he's started the process -- -- -- -- -- Was notified congress that technical and -- and again and it is. And here -- is it possible to congress just need to -- that these. And so -- and do what the strong global. -- we denied. Because he notified and -- our commitment to that they're cheap and did not. And therefore easily. Four in the law on the on the presidents. -- it is here's. I think you're right to a I think congress little that it would wait a minute no we can't let all five of these these these of five Taliban leaders we can't have that reminds the of half of the guys say hey look. We're all Google over voters for the yeah for the next three or four hours you'll leaders. And you don't wanna ask you wife of your wives does are you is not exactly so you do is simply go. Before she could say no. Exactly I think that's what happened and that it is. Is that politics. Person it's against politicizing that we -- whichever way. And so this is one of those things weren't so when we gonna do it right and simply because -- Iraq and and to do. And I'll look at it from a political point of view and I think as -- would edit that. To be. Windy wall and eventually winds down that these guys who -- torn anyway and you can do that argument toward making tables all of return of five guys warrant. Due to a conference record in the admittedly being so it about it I think we're mostly we stated took that into one that signed into law. It wasn't something that was made in the -- and that most urgent and so it's it's it's something to look at all. Let me tell you this but honestly believes when we finally leave Afghanistan. That's gonna go right back the way it was before. It's. And that to handle fortunately. Actually got so going to be eventually you'd you don't want it to -- that would. I don't and I don't want to go that way but but that's the way that country has been going on Russia tried to -- they couldn't change -- I thought I just think the whole opening is that. Totally useless war. And asking them to be -- if you he's in -- The this moment. Leave and go out really well why should then you tell me about it certainly dual content now -- huge global quiet. And it's their it's their religious beliefs that we are evil and it's that religious believes they should get rid of us. Played it yet affordable. -- loop there person and the liberty mission was not to buy a bit it was supposed to be punished. That renewable going to look upon it. If somebody does a two -- administration and when you put them in. Your. -- About -- as you will and technical. And then spend. And -- billions that he has set a world you're from that so totally. Awry. Thank you all appreciate you calling to a six year of 17866890. It's seventy. I'm Bob Mitchell -- -- -- we are continuing to talk about this five for one prisoner swap that has everybody a couple of up in arms when we come back a vegetable or your phone calls and and and give you some of the fact that but I have found out today about the situation. I'm Bob Mitchell and which do WWL and I'm Bob Mitchell interest due to -- if you take -- show we have a few lines are open to six year old -- seventy. Told 3866889. Knowing somebody -- be at 87878. RW WL project -- opinion poll question would come to child discipline. How would you rate today's parents too soft. Two part adjustable -- -- -- to go to WWL. Dot com let me chickens the 7% -- just right. 0%. Notes -- eat two hard 97%. Say. Two soft and I do have. A text message -- read in conjunction with that. Bob it's a no win situation society -- outlawed disciplining your children but yet wonder why the younger generation. Or out of control there's a big difference between a good weapon. And child abuse -- that we have to agree with you when that. All right -- -- seen the video of the official hand over a book Roger Burton law. Borg gulch to me as a result of mental and that would pronouncing those guys -- I'm. Whether that means anything up at. If so what is your immediate real action now if you've not watched the video go to WWL dot com and take a look because remember. One of the things that the governments of the the -- and rescued this guy because it was a really bad health. Leave it looks on the big deal like him and in pretty good health to me. And other -- it's my understanding that the US were about to release the prisoners soon and that we as a true. I don't know I put a handle on -- have answered the a couple of real -- text masters don't get back to the fold. The military's notorious for cover ups and we don't know really happen. After the Patrick Thomas -- Patrick Tillman scandal should be it's hard to trust anything for military top -- Very very good point let's go to. What Iraq power Iraq. I don't know how he called me put -- month compared to -- actual. -- what I don't understand people -- you know walls don't make the right. People always want well bush is bush he is it's I mean. Bubbles come in all its way for the change hope we can believe in early in you know I'm not scene there today. You know it is because I'm Mexican American I am not an awful. Obama oh Michael Obama could do wrong you were involved and people. Big to world they'll make the right people to -- -- Dole. Were President Obama was. Rebecca Lee and you know administered prices go right eating eating even like the Packers. Mind -- the issue that is needed and I don't. Checks and balances in this country you know. I think I I from the people I've talked to and -- I personally feel if it would have been one. One prisoner swap. -- you know people would probably say okay but but they -- they didn't just released. Five nobody is at at as I said last night this was like releasing. Five slowed for one shoplifters I mean you know they weren't they released some some top Taliban officials. And you know I'm gonna go light that our -- president said. That he that these people will probably go back to try and hurt our country I don't know how you -- with a clean conscience do -- And and not based it would alone the regional market -- malnutrition but ultimately experts don't know it was like he's in good health. Again the next two days in the same around the church and enlighten you get into the triple jump. He seems to be good so everything but now they stand on these. -- -- -- -- Yeah it is that it -- -- like like you know like -- beacon of -- -- wanna -- for one of the first reports of that that he served his country with honor and dignity he didn't do that I mean. I guess that and I guess we will never know. But I think I think if the people that he served with. Had not come forward had not broken the agreement that they had sun and and and and talked about him in and when we come back up probably won't be able to get through to next hour. I've got some comments from some of the people that were in his platoon. And to a man they all think that he needs to be held responsible he's a deserter. And and weapons and promote -- so that sort of thing but -- the property we know. I couldn't do. I believe okay now I don't know I'm just I'm just taking while a step out on on the diamond -- I think that some of those may have been. Automatic promotion -- also may -- may -- there's someone in the military who was listening right now can call me. And maybe they can explain because you're right he won in the private. And now now he's a sergeant I don't know it may be. They because they never did classified him. As a prisoner of Warsaw I don't know if if the the I don't know I'm a BO -- adult may be some. One from the military can call in and explain that -- I appreciate you calling. Thank. You thank you so much regard Jon and -- up next -- will take your phone calls. That 26018788668. At 90870 text -- an 87870. Missiles dutrow I'm Bob Mitchell in dispute. And if you'll take part of the show tonight I'm Bob Mitchell imports due to our poll numbers 260. Late seventy told 38668890. It's seventy text -- And 870. It's evident got a text message -- someone so they want to WWL the outcome of the Tibet fund the video where is okay who looked in the middle. Of the page right smack dead in the middle you'll see about five little screens and each one of those was a different story. And if it's not in the -- those little boxes just clicked. The arrow on either end of those then you'll eventually. See you and you can -- could pull up also have a text message. Somebody wants to know what was the Patrick Tillman scandal about that I I read earlier. Patrick Tillman oh was I flew Inco a former member of -- of the cardinals cardinals cardinals. And -- that he was army ranger well he he was shot and killed a firefight. And then it was about a year later maybe longer win the government flatly admitted. That he died because of friendly fire they that they covered up then on until the parents of the a lot of investigating. And -- out. I tell you what I'm looking at the calls green. I've got a couple of callers may be -- minute and a half left. -- today as both dean and John to do meal a huge favor and hang on during the -- take a bathroom workers from the book pulled down. And I get -- -- come back of a different country right now. But I just don't have time to vote to -- to give your opinion out tonight were also talking a mile. -- about what happened to this then. He got arrested by the cops. On child cruelty charges after he punished a sixteen year old son. But making him carry a 23 pollen landscape stone for several miles for not doing chores. And school working with my understanding and reading this story. That it was an ongoing thing that he is handled a lot of problems. With his son in the was is to try and a discipline them and as one caller -- earlier. My first thought -- while that's heavily. But -- try to pick up some of the backpacks but some of these kids have to have the total around. Problem orchard thoughtful that is a child abuse or just good old fashioned discipline to secure a -- 78668890. It's somebody could call during the news. -- -- -- also up to go on the air with me right after the top Leo I'm Bob Mitchell missiles dutrow won WW well.