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Scoot Show 6-4 9pm, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Jun 4, 2014|

Bob Mitchell’s in for Scoot again tonight…he’ll continue the discussion about trading 5 terrorism detainees for Sgt Bow Bergdahl. Have you seen the video of the official handover? What’s your immediate reaction? Plus, call in with your questions and theories about Bergdahl, the exchange, Obama’s thinking, etc… Do you think something’s at play that’s not obvious to the masses?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm Bob Mitchell on the east dutrow tonight on WWL the real Robert Mitchell with a -- to a midnight tonight. Here's what's on our WWL talk table we're gonna continue our discussion that we actually started last night. About pulled -- swap -- five terrorist detainees for -- Bloomberg all. And we're taking your calls at 26 year old -- 78668890870. Let me do this so I'm gonna take a -- or because dean has been or hold for a long time a wanted to deal on -- I'll come back and that and set everything up for you. Being. My my thanks for your holding for so long. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From mobile. From behind enemy lines but it. Right. It's a culture thing. Those people would -- where you are you know when they attacked. Not all of them. We wouldn't do and in the American culture will -- Domino's. And we're told we. We're talking about the prisoner swap -- do you feel about that. I -- pretty atrocious. And the reason these instructions is is because. He'd take -- American culture it was arrested. Five. Americans. In and put in five years and they -- put -- in they would have. Maybe. They'll the night when you. Gentlemen. I'm an old man. Currently the here they were arrested. And taken to another country. In not one to beat those guys and not. Going to be Khan -- and. Are you talking to them. I'm talking on the five all time as we are right OK -- has released. Both guys have got and a biopsy and they and they hatred well of course they do right you did in an. End and -- we have spurred this. So badly it's terrible. Mean anybody -- anybody thinks they have been reformed back our own president they know they're not really sure. There's no reform is always there you know you know top you know and there. It is hopeless situation. But let me ask you this I'm -- -- under read a text message first of all with of this is so true. Every single thing since the story has broken out is usually not one thing has been -- factual or true. And people -- quick to judge and that it -- go to judgment. That is true but I know I I've got some mom some quotes from some of the people who worked with him. This Wednesday. They were quick -- sure. Our guys -- -- -- and they're is not. In we will live trumpets. Are riding thank you so much bud -- 2601878668890878. If you want to talk about this. Let me go ahead and and read to you. Because that text messages true. At this point in -- we don't really know anything and we don't know what's going on both currency and well we don't really know why. This this deal was made to Whittle a wide the president did not go for congress. I I think it's because he probably thought it was going to be turned down what does so much of this. That we really don't know and and a lot of this is -- It's just that you know. But it committee of the old expression. About it though if that. Looks like a duck and quacks like a book it walks like a book it's probably. -- And the country is in shock that we would give up. Five of these really really bad guys guides to the whole purpose in life was to destroy Austin destroy our oil life. You know 401 prisoner. We don't do things like that we are not supposed to negotiate with terrorists yet yet we did. Now based on the fact that at all hearsay. Let me read to you just a couple of quotes. From some of the people served. With our sergeant. First of all Joshua ordinance. He was a medic of the platoon. He said that. He actually he believes that he needs to be held a 100%. Accountable. For all of his responsibility. And all of his actions. That the guys that work medic in the platoon he said he will -- deserted his post. And the needs to be held accountable for that. Now. I don't know I'll continue. There's -- still considered hearsay. Evan -- A sergeant in the open to. Said that bird doll have estimate number of questions short time -- to the parents. And that in retrospect it was apparent that'd been planning to leave. For example how much cash he could -- them how to go about male lead Holmes personal computer and other belongings. He also asked well what happened at a weapon and other sensitive items such as night vision goggles what this. He said he told them that well of course any soldiers should -- it would be a big deal. He said he feels very strongly that it should face trial for desertion. But he is less clear that he should be blamed for the deaths of the soldiers killed during the month trying to fund them. Got another die by the sword with. Net believe he pronounces a left bumper car. It was a team leader of another squad. In the platoon. So drew from his unit on the units were wounded or killed on missions to chased down -- Related to bird doll. Asked about the statement Sunday by national security advisor Susan -- that he served with honor and distinction. He's of that statement couldn't be further from the truth. I don't know if she was -- form or don't know about the investigation. And everything else Sherwin. Throw from from the information. That we have all covered and I think it's important to. Point out again if you don't know that. Everybody in the platoon had to sign nondisclosure. Agreements not in the military you know already you you don't say which point alone. So why is it's so important on this particular issue that particular god but they've had -- on these non disclosure agreement but all of this -- -- Oh as far as whether he has played deserter. Well of the guys that were put them or calling my -- -- in all the media that Brandon -- -- -- deserted the work. We're we're talking strictly because -- a button and the short of events of that. So what would you Brandon -- user do you think he's guilty of at least that. From the facts that you know. All what are you prepared. Tuesday. About this situation to -- that general -- 78668. At 90870. Complexity and 878 that they also. We're going to -- talking about a discipline. What happens to between parents and children are getting a handle on what you can and cannot do to discipline your own trial. Police arrested a dead on child cruelty charges after he published a sixteen year old -- and by making him carry a 23 com landscape stone for several models. For not doing his chores and school work. Is this child cruelty. Or just old fashioned discipline and did you ever received or hand out and -- Unusual punishment and also -- project European -- professional parents too soft and it is today. You can call me acoustics -- -- late 786. That Andy you know it's heavily let me go to a -- Joseph Lowery drove -- He's got really expect great article you do look. You know what makes me think about. I think about your own stuff. People talk about that in the 1980s. Iraq. -- -- -- And tennis and let let let let the government wouldn't change anything. Well. Charlie Wilson's war movie and real life yeah. We felt sorry for the power abroad. And -- of fighting at all. That's one Russian -- Soviet era. And Lisa and springer -- And it and of course who used. Most of them -- -- -- on. The Soviet. Time helicopter gunships. And I turned upon. And supposedly we did that the we wanted revenge for the Russians supporting. Vietcong and the north Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. Joseph let's -- leads to give back to two with I don't know I don't know -- can act like because that's what we're talking about because. What -- Russians have traded. Yeah their actions perpetrated aren't. Well -- well -- didn't know what that would that would director and get it up are just below. That apparently. You'll YouTube in emitted very good point and I think that's probably the thing that as most people upset if that would have been you know some. Just. -- -- thought that maybe someone else but these guys were considered. But some all the -- people in the tell them the Taliban. There they are celebrating this I don't know if you've got a chance to see the video of these guys going back to Qatar but I mean it was like welcome home -- he -- And they they are using as a propaganda. That taken and and show. I've in my opinion on that put on overall America. Well. And it's done to me is so I can work on the one thing. To hit. It's -- -- it's just make sure that the system doesn't Americans currently in Afghanistan. Well we were supposedly. Are out of there and puppet and have 101000 people training. Let me ask you ask a question. What what do you -- what do you think it's gonna happen the minute we quickly take more troops. We we we didn't have what's called a permanent war com. We have ever won at every once now familiar with that. They can lead off spot where on Orkut is also on the military stop. Joke about got a dog -- go to a break at thank you for it for your thoughts and I'll come out of Mike and Andy and Richard I've got some phone lines open now to secure one late seventy. 8668 at nine point seven you can talk about this or you can talk about the guy that got rested for a -- Child abuse because. He made his did carry a 22 almost a -- for a mile try to teach him a lesson. What do you think I'm Bob Mitchell was -- show on WWL. Are welcome back to the show I'm Bob that -- be real Robert Mitchell filling in for dispute tonight. Bunch of people hold now. You guys on hold on what should the listen what I'm about to lay out all of our WWL talked table though it's perfectly okay we're -- -- calls for open -- about this that the 51 prisoner swap. But. Lighten up pull that have a little fun today. And serious long enough. Guns 'N Roses lead man Axl Rose. Was recently voted. As one of the world's greatest singers and that. Axl Rose was voted number one. I don't know -- who. Can I can't answer that but yeah actual roles voted the top spot on the list of the world's greatest singers. So who makes your list. Of the all time great kickers now this would -- interest. They asked Axl Rose you know. Okay how do you feel about the number one on the list and I think they voted him number 1000. Allegedly he didn't. He -- his voice and eight different octaves and I'm not certain but here's. Here's similarly people actual role said that he thought some of the greatest thing -- a while time. Freddie Mercury don't think he was the lead singer queen can remember. Elbows. Paul McCartney. Janis Joplin Michael Jackson Elton John and Roger -- predominantly. Johnny Cash. Can you picture. Actual rules posting to the best of Johnny Cash Frank Sinatra. And a Jane Stevie Wonder James Brown. He said predominately seventies rock -- credentials that -- what -- he was really into all right so cool. Are some of your all time favorite singers. It doesn't have to be rocket -- say -- doesn't matter what format let's go to the Mike Mike are you. -- continue picture Axl Rose being the top of all singers. Lead -- of Guns 'N Roses. Like you that one guy out but it -- -- guy at the -- pretty. All. Right. Rapidly. The biggest threat -- -- withdraw our book and yet the rain. Here. -- Roy Overton had an incredible -- you're absolutely right and I've I've still from time and time will pop and we'll have received -- or. For more in my office go to YouTube and start pulling all his music. Robert Mitchell or go to train pretty and I couldn't. Core is thought about it that we act opera. Long time ago. And I like -- and Richard you'll you'll aero. Wolf thank you -- I've -- hope I didn't let him down too much. Great luck to you about that. Thought that the -- today of the ship that the Republicans. Are coming out -- with these. -- that or you do period. Note that you are getting back and -- -- -- like it. Command on that one I hope you beat or should we will be put -- shipping these general -- The -- on the ship but it turns -- and acting yet now. We -- in debt and no. One but you know just. Mike let's look let me interrupt if you don't -- OK but that's that's a rescue. And I I believe that you know from from what I've heard and from what from from what I feel. As as an American is that if they have had people there and if they had gone to rescue him -- they had gone into. The Taliban stronghold. And against the word that the use -- they would have extracted him out of it all in favor of that. But to taken negotiate with these bad guys and put five -- five bad guys -- -- -- -- -- with terrorists that we've never done before. That's the thing that I'm fine most of parents of today. That negotiate with terrorists put the ball you could you think okay what that -- It would benefit that Osama -- Al-Qaeda in court who didn't -- that the Taliban. One hand and an aunt who are -- him wildly. Out there. The Taliban. And we bought the -- And -- And it was a great honor can we do prisoner during that time that -- with al-Qaeda. We exchange with the hope that that that that. Mr. John McCain. Come on in two months ago. -- that we should try to get it back. And now that there -- a book. It. Came at the big hypocrite thing. So you have you you have no problem. With the with the prisoner swap. The and yeah. Well. But but even President Obama said that letting these guys building were probably. Immediately start working on trying to do bad things against America. He said. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These people 45 year old. That doubt. That I'll. Let. Out there pretty in. Particular. Computer. I don't. Gerard the notion that. It would be -- -- -- one work on. That they come to. That. Let that cup career. You have Greg I don't you think you've been bamboozled by. -- light -- Echo chamber. You know but what I do believe -- this I believe that our government isn't such a position that I don't care what the Democrats do. The Republicans will be against it and once the Republicans -- all I don't care what they do. The Democrats will be different we'd we live in a society where each party does nothing but fight for power. And I've said that many times they give a rat's about Austin and and the thing that worries me about this country more than anything it's I don't know where were headed because. I I saw something that I was all watching some old -- -- And they talked about. -- politicians used to do in the in the days of Harry Truman felt like -- is said that they would get on the floor they would fight like like like dogs overbilled. But then they would go out after. And share a couple Beers share a bottle through wine and that they they would work things out now. On both parties seem to hate each other so much. That they would rather destroy each other and if if they destroy us along what that that's just -- Perfect example of that obamacare -- better at these portable air. Actually the idea of making it mandatory for -- the -- sure what they couldn't let it. A richter an original thought from the heritage found -- -- because they're more on that. The paper or people. -- hero and an -- that would want them to pick up the but that. Don't they wanted to. And I'm sure it's and -- -- -- Well I think it is proved my point. All right -- I appreciate it's above just don't Eddie Eddie thank you for calling WW well tonight. Anything. A look in game one chime in on that topic did you -- I'm Obama and said that prices. Would make it one bit and then and Tunisia that the state is so. And that -- be -- -- Be very important or. Be sent to -- and most. Everybody -- the ones that rumble and the guys here he'll actually get back. An entry. Level that we. I mean I didn't think the minutemen. And it -- been more apparent. And they you know an -- until the open -- And -- on BP or did you realize. -- evening game. -- Well. In the middle of the -- But immediately with a really great regret it as a result portrait of the the multiple being. Multitude true that -- 101000 people troops. Although in the world hurt when I guarantee that they've -- it currently is. Are you referring to the 101000 they're gonna leave Afghanistan. I really fears over the -- so that really you know. Right -- let me ask a question of if -- home. What do you think. Who would make your list of some of the best singers around. -- I'm a medical history and my -- in the side. Oh OK we'll move on to a richer and Indiana retro -- you. All right I can't -- yesterday I gave you my opinion on -- lot like a questionnaire he looks like I'm Eric and so you would not trade these five guys. And the American people. No. That's just me. I wonder -- I just would never done that before would never would never negotiated like this in dot -- -- read -- -- -- report liked. And when instant reference to the last caller is that this Texas the Taliban and al-Qaeda or both the enemy. And that's who we're against and that's totally I feel you know. So why would anybody in the -- Tickle fight a war. Get stuck it will get on the battlefield captured by the enemy and bat that well you're neutral -- -- Well if you -- yesterday we had several military people -- in and -- said that if they had been captured by the enemy. That -- it be one thing to be rescued. By the by their battalion that was there. But to a person both men and women who pulled in last night said they would not want to pay and have our government. Prayed five really bad prisons for them so. I'm a Vietnam error there were regular army and I got -- tree and get on with GP years ago Cadbury you go -- -- school. And after all. Although -- there today it would beer cold -- and eighties before I would -- Well listen because if you land giant bowl here in the bar and you looked as though every man and woman in uniform. You don't. Talk about. No that's not true if if if if I were. -- if I were in the military. I want -- okay and and in the military now as far as. Would we had last night military people call and I'm not going to try to say. That I know would be in the military as to I was not in the military but to a person last night. They also that one when they went to when they signed up they have an argument that they knew that if if if they were captured. That they that they might just have to shopper through that and naturally they would want their own people there. Two baby launch a rescue mission like we have done before. But this was -- this was something different. This movement OW the terrorist. Up. It's out now they eat and eat their print and confidently. If anybody that I don't know. Military could be -- to talk about it because it will be guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Broken up by alleged alleged -- My life ally in our country and care you are. You are abandoned. -- All right rich thank you so much OK 260178668890870. Now I know him military people listening. If you think Richard is right and you give me a call and you'd you'd take his side of the if you think he's not right. Then you give me a call you sent me a -- -- company. Where he's not right. According to the calls we got last night I don't think there was one military individual who called in and said. That they were for this type of a prisoner swap but let me know what also. We wanted to lighten things up a little bit when it when it comes to music I've found this really interest. That Axl Rose. Was recently voted the top spot on the list of the world's. Greatest singers because of the ability of his voice really. So who makes who -- some of the singers that make your all time list. The great 626 or 170. 866 and -- nine OH seventy we have a -- -- enjoyable for you should be able to get ride him. I'm Bob Mitchell Stewart show on WWL I'm Bob mental and which dude got a text message on what was the criteria. On voting it was hitting notes and what we're talking about it. Axl Rose being go to the top spot below is the world's great -- doses of its notes. Then he is and back I was watching -- five all on Fox News and they were talking about it I have to be honest with you I'm -- should perform milieu with Guns 'N Roses music. But. To a person they said that the -- has just. And an incredible -- I'm I'm more with Sinatra and let's go to a Patrick in the world it's hard to Patrick. Who had to use their. You know. How long you will fuel -- Perishable or -- -- course it will hurt corporate straight and I'll bet that they'll actually apple compatible. Not play ball Barbara Streisand. Did she have a voice like a musical instrument treat it she was and an incredible force. Brian -- cowboy cheer for the worst that there have been hurt you being here -- -- action -- you people actually. I have a daughter Barbara Streisand's. I was I was reading the list of artists the actual rules of the he'd like. OK and don't. Know. About that prisoner swap that let me Brett interest with. Currently disabled Vietnam better. I can speak. From my experience in the military. Had to mark according to. There are any -- then why. They'll were captured. About two years ago the white witch project that. They are important captivity -- wouldn't that kill I don't know. The portable white label could -- currently. -- to my knowledge there no history. Of horrible. -- Get stronger. -- -- -- They were not big -- spiritual captivity. And to my acknowledge. They've got their. That situation it's not directorate separate my government. I'm under I'm not familiar with what you're talking about so I really can't comment. I'll. Usually researcher. -- And bad -- go. -- -- -- Patrick with -- I had a caller of the few minutes ago who said that. Anyone in the military. That were in the position. Would want the government to do whatever it took -- -- as many prisoners as possible negotiate with anybody to get them three did you agree with that. I would want repeat please -- but I portable what ought to be pretty picture with soccer. He cannot go about believed that there but it's not pre order. That's a good point. -- good point all -- know that last night. It if it was an incredible night and we had so many military people Foley and and so that they that this drove pretty much what you said that but surely it won't be rescued surely want there. Another platoon to rescue them but they would not would not in anyway. Feel good a ball then getting out of jail. In exchange for five really bad terrorist people who hate our country being -- Debt debt debt situation national honor it my -- -- Can't get which taught -- order he would support more important that your life. Patrick I appreciate your call in let's go to mark calling from Austin, Texas power you marked. Doing great great. That thing that somebody can't understand is that. We got that they let loose there brought home. Was sympathetic to the chairs. And our policy -- dollar billion and no negotiation which year's period. So the whole matter was a debacle. And two. Let somebody out that certain they're -- What that he was captured. On the battlefield he walked away. And that's something and a I was in the military unit by abandon -- post. -- You don't change the whole scenario. But there was no read in the post or our our guys. Don't pack a cutter. -- and I'll go to the top generals who aren't -- organization. From -- While the government the government has -- has not officially admitted that he. Hello walked away then that a -- that that the that information coming from. The guys that he served with guys that actually signed. Non disclosure forms that they that they made them all -- not to disclose. What happened and and and where he -- he was never of from what I can read he would never officially listed as a POW. But now but now let -- go ahead. The Pentagon. Did not elaborate list you know and our -- as pow. Heard what the Prisoner of War. They want you -- on the -- -- on the -- -- he was. You know people -- certain you know public -- are certainly am sure that he -- his gun and he walked away. -- here over. Radio Barnes. This guy's looking for the Calabar. -- Right that -- today they had intercepted a radio that -- there was an American who was wandering around looking for the Taliban correct. Now of course none of this but this is who we're getting all this information. From people he served with the government has not confirmed any of but -- but you know it's it's why would these guys just make all this up. Exactly why would they make it out when she walked away you know whether. It was completely desolate where they are you just -- walked away knowing. He was going into the interview lie and so he had to have sympathy. Toward. The enemy in order to survive. Well one of things that they had said about him is that he was getting to the point. Where he would rather hang out with the Afghans then Benton and then his own buddies. Exactly. Exactly know what people call and change. You know -- any body part -- at least loop if you dot com. Appealed a -- actual spot. And -- for somebody you walk -- according to. It is. -- you know argument right. You know to walk away from opposed. And EP OW out the actual estimate we have got caught on about real yeah. So you don't get many. It's apparent that they knew him and he's basically you -- law that point. Mom. If a guy goes a wall. Is there ever a chance that his own unit is gonna go try to drag him back in -- risked their lives to go. Fight through -- live to fight through and drag him back in. Well according to. Speculation. They actually there was four -- -- actually didn't lose their lives late. You know trying to figure out where he was there. Right mark I appreciate your -- in a good answer Billy. Ron and Wayne no no hold on go to break and then I'll be right back our poll number is too secure one point 78. 866889087. AM Bob Mitchell. Interest built on the big 870 WWL AM at them and dot com. I'm Bob Mitchell in -- tonight we are throat here at WWL to have Angela hill and a radio family she has some great stuff coming up. At at 1 o'clock on the front porch this time. She will go in solidly terrorists would like -- most of them. Parts are thriving and others are still struggling in these neighborhoods that -- between the Katrina breaches of the seventeenth street canal on the London avenue canal. What are the positives. That the residents are still fighting for and what's the story on street lights police presence. Potholes grass cutting and vacant lots commercial and residential -- -- two. Mayor Mitch Landrieu but what is that speak equivalent of don't -- -- The commercials with vote merry -- and drew and move on main bed that day they do a great job on those. Anyway -- that's at 2 o'clock. She will be discussing the mayor what is the state of the city. I'm up against on news right now so if I can -- parson. Ability. Ron and Dwayne did do the really big favorite noted guys have been holed it on for quite some time out of -- the older hold on inaugural they'll take a little break. Over about five minutes so. And welcome back to you right after. The news and if you want call endured news -- pitcher ready to go which 26 year old -- seventy. I'm Bob Mitchell has the Stewart show newest into the big 870 WWL. AM FM and dot com coming right back after the news.