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Scoot Show 6-4 10pm, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Jun 4, 2014|

Bob Mitchell’s in for Scoot again tonight…he’ll continue the discussion about trading 5 terrorism detainees for Sgt Bow Bergdahl. Have you seen the video of the official handover? What’s your immediate reaction? Plus, call in with your questions and theories about Bergdahl, the exchange, Obama’s thinking, etc… Do you think something’s at play that’s not obvious to the masses? ALSO: there’s an online petition on the White House’s official website that demands the Obama administration punish Bowe Bergdahl. He could be charged with desertion or more since soldiers from his own unit died trying to track him down. Have you made your decision yet or do you think everyone is rushing to judgment? ALSO: police arrested a dad on child cruelty charges after he punished his 16-year-old son by making him carry a 23-pound landscape stone for several miles for not doing chores and school work. Is this child cruelty or old fashion discipline? Did you ever receive or hand out an unusual punishment? Are parents too soft on kids today?

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And it has -- Bob Mitchell the real Robert neutral filling in for. -- tonight there's an online petition on the white house of social web site that demand the Obama administration. Publish. -- -- -- He could be charged with desertion. Or more cents soldiers from his own unit died trying to track him down now that's something that. His buddies the guys will be served with -- -- happened on. To be totally honest and -- the United States is Islamic knowledge but that happened but several of the people he servants that it did happen. So have you made your decision yet. Or do you think every one. Is rushing to judgment you can call me to secure -- late 78668890. It's suddenly let's go to Billy at home how are you ability. I am doing well grew old -- Eight -- before it -- Laporte don't want to let you know they are these says there. Would -- today. That you'll be careful -- replacements. -- Well I didn't I didn't take me off the year I've I've I've voluntarily say about and I was tired -- start working on and -- -- -- for. So many years and on -- just not hard to do -- and I needed some time to to recharge my battery in -- took took about a year off and I'm back and wool. Continued to fill in from time and time but. No we don't need to Olympic it to fort know we know right now. I don't Greek what this -- -- -- -- You try your best. The Buick Buick early spring that. Government -- Shiite. Purely motive behind their actions. -- an assault movie analyze this yes. You know. Where in the FBI should be mop you all's. Nobody cared and it can go back to the sale recently -- follow -- minutes and hiding and on the bill and then make your case. Leave the -- like radical at all they just not -- -- god ever appliance. Just the CIA is you know. He got to believe that the government more -- -- we'll do a lot. That's going on that we don't know about -- from -- Do you think though. The fact that this guy did dessert. But they were trying to keep that a secret and -- not the guys he served with violated the written. Agreement that they all signed they would not talk about it we would have not known anything like that. -- absolutely. Are absolutely. I don't think this guy I don't know you know should he should eat out because jail whatever -- -- Oh let's not you know my decision. Or go -- she's American you know I'll. You know I am not a soldier you know so. I don't even at one point he might have been aren't certain normal. But you'll witness came along he might already knows what he's you know he's a -- ball back home. Rather he got captured wherever chase would be he was captured. And he's back -- I do believe that they just don't give filed -- -- away just because we feel like you know. Well I don't -- believe me I want to believe that and when you take a step back and and look at things and and you go over the the first the shock of doing this. I believe that if they had sent a rescue team over and they have extracted him. I don't think people would be in in in any -- Talking in the way we're talking right now all we can see as the fact that. Oh we negotiated with terrorists were -- We -- these bad guys go a year ago. And that's that's all we -- -- but I thought I -- something last night on the air and and and I stand by it. That number one. If from. -- President Obama. -- point out. She -- five bad guys. For the -- and a -- as I described last night five thugs for shoplifters to that the balance -- not. Does not -- if if he did if he did that. Unknowingly. And knowing what was going to happen knowing what the repercussions of the American people war. Then he's really dumb but -- lucky if he did not know. If if the information did not get him of this -- deserted then he's even dumber and a lot of people need to get fired an -- -- believe either one. -- -- I don't I don't totally much government battle which let you. But expert at the moment that open a door. And I jacket or all of you that is open that door for for bad news or are -- Cuba. And I think I I think that's the thing. That more people -- frustrated about. -- American battled I'm frustrated about had they sent you know a team over a seal team over. Well like -- like when they took out Osama bin Laden if they had sent a team over and rescued this guy that's one thing. But no no matter. -- matter how you look at the matter no matter what the reason is we now publicly. Have said OK under the right circumstances. We will negotiate with terrorist unless. Unless there's something though and a couple weeks it's gonna be -- the where you were gonna find out something different like. You know people keep talking about well maybe they put tracking devices and these guys in but let me -- it -- put tracking devices and these guys. You've got to believe that you know they -- dummies either. Of the day I'm sure would probably have the technology. To do detect that so I I think it would just like you said. What we have done here the thing that bothers me more than anything is what's going to stop someone from hijacking a plane. Saying RI and. I know more about what they were or something that pleased. Buick your case and what these guys and know where they're gonna do this -- Why not. -- an opponent all book called it's able to match at such an end and distort light it does not appear that away. The popular audio quality was relieved that you enjoy essentially what you nowhere do a great job and keep the ball well. I enjoyed. -- -- I'll -- up hobby filling in a lot this month I think. Other than a a couple of nights I'll I'll be because -- screwed will be of filling in these filling in for Garland and is gonna fill in for -- talker and -- army and with him so UB spoke with -- -- probably for at least a couple weeks. -- obligated caught the typical backed him up rodeo Britain. -- any time all right thank you so much let's go to a run run -- or you tonight. I'm doing pretty good approaches. I'm feeling good feel good tonight you know finally got over. -- issue losing in the regional that that that that really hit me it. I don't -- that. That really really hit me heartless and I'll never get over that and -- now. There there there's two great mysteries surrounding. Alicia did one -- You know what I'm gonna say -- -- I wonder if why didn't less miles but Jarrett Lee in the championship game. And now we do that now we don't want to know why did Paul and pulmonary. Hole. A pitcher who had pitched six innings and handle low pitch count and was -- -- majority of strikes and and it should we better go on why the people that guy out of the game when -- -- red hot that's. Our that's something else I didn't like him -- -- Monday night game the third pitcher he brought him. Can only pitched one inning an SEC competition. The let's -- and obviously. And and I'm not in any way trying to. The negative -- of of of the young man. Apart rock -- party apart right obviously was not ready to start that today. Well I think are probably -- lines are we seeing a part of that politics and only what but -- -- -- legally blind but. Four different -- walk and hit batters. And I have to believe that solutions strategy was to take the inside -- -- and these freshmen couldn't handle it. You I was at the game that's exactly what happened. Well OK but. Both are caught here about disrupt and I'm concerned about Percival. And -- -- switch. Prisoner exchange. And I'm not I'm Obama and believe me but I don't think he's a Smart man. And to me and I want your opinions on the audience. The only thing that makes sense with his prisoner exchange. Is that the president knows very shortly gonna turn a small arms. So what I did something. May be. Hillary and other so that the there's that they've got a terrible it was like you have a sense what difference. Well from that standpoint you know you're right. I don't think it's -- it's. It's such a shock to the American people because we have stood for no negotiating. -- Williams stood forward not to negotiate with terrorist. And my biggest fear over this. And it is the is the fact that. Sometime in the future someone's gonna say well if if you got the right person. If you capture the right person if you hold onto the right person long enough they will -- the -- tree. Are there. Aren't as saying anything the president as. I'm not his thing and some don't it's a topic -- it. -- and they asked if you don't mind our big 870 pretty jaguar pretty simple question when it comes to child discipline. How would you rate today's apparently too soft to hard or just right. Are part of -- listening they're too busy. Too busy. That's -- -- tell you one thing you're right about that. I think that in my own family to visit what do you think about this guy that they arrested him on trial cruelty charges because he punished. This sixteen year old son by making him carry a 23 pounds landscape stone for several miles and in the -- if you read the whole story. He had an ongoing problem what the kid not doing his chores not doing his school work now. Is this child cruelty or do you think this is good -- fashioned discipline. Well first of that's -- question how was she charges. I think Jesus sixty. Yeah sixteen. Carry that much weight probably not -- to the probably good does well when. I mean operates teenagers -- you know. Did did you ever dish out or ever receive any type of unusual punishment. It. I I got whipped my dad used to belt all the time I never did. The most punishment -- the detonation that was it -- Can't be over there and -- Bogor market were playing video games one time announced. -- kept song we currently -- -- believes. In so this is probably cruel but I -- out and drove around the block. -- Yeah -- -- they never did and you. Well I mention I mentioned early for me. The biggest thing for me was uncle multiply they love to play ball played ball in and -- street ball. Every day every day everyday and I am in mind of my mother one day punishment for something and I did. By allowing me. To go outside and sit on the front porch and watch my friends play ball and I couldn't get off the Porsche that was just. Cruel punishment it's one thing that keep me inside where I can't see it but to make me sit on the Portia -- to -- for two hours -- dissent there entries are right. You know beauty and beauty and behave next time yes ma'am yes ma'am anything but this year. And then it's a different story and you -- sure my mother had a would handle oak wood panel airbrushed. She used to spike as -- -- actually wasn't strong enough to hurt us. So what are about fourteen I got enough so that my baggage department to do that weekend. So one day when he put all of which are -- it outside when put to -- brushed it -- And a couple of years before my mother died actually told what a difference. A so she never thought to the -- Oh no oh -- he's the winner eighties when. You planet's -- oh yes thank you run precinct I have a good night. All right 260 -- 786688908. Somebody to take part. Of the show you wanna talk about the five for one swap to a talk about -- as some kind of unusual punishment that that -- either dished out objective Oregon as a kid. Love to hear your stories with. Ball was not a great story run run -- fox does old mother burning. Burning their hair brushed a -- 260178668890. It's heavily on Bob Mitchell and listen WWL. And our phone numbers 2601 late 78668890. At seventy I'm Bob Mitchell and it's cute you can. -- calls look at the calls green we we have a couple blinds open -- you call right now on Joseph if you're going to securely it's 7866889. OH seventy there's an online petition at the White House. The official White -- web web page that demands. The Obama administration to file some type of charge against those Russian -- He could be charged with desertion. And now there are reports from some of his. -- Buddies there of people these are worth that said that that they think that some of the air. Fellow soldiers were killed trying to track him down. And it may be he should be charged with more at have you made a decision yet or do you think that every one is just rushing to judgment. I I have a text message here and but this would be a good subject to expand upon. This person said that we wouldn't have blinked if we had extracted him. And I agree with that would you feel differently in other words this prisoner swap has gotten so much publicity. And it is it is so I'll clear and we are so apparently. Other terrorist that. We -- the United States now under the right circumstance will negotiate would you feel the same way even knowing. That there's a good chance that this as is going to be put on trial for desertion. If -- even knowing that would you feel any different. If we had just extracted him innocent as a seals team in and broke him out of jail well what what do you think to stick your -- seventy. 866890. It's seventy but go to Wayne in the labeled or you Wayne. -- -- -- The only thing called story out -- in Miami. People are more blog like yesterday. I'm sorry but I did do is -- elected. -- It and and and and you know I was I was just thinking about but -- last caller. And he had. Obama should go anyway Hillary would be under the well let me. Make that Obama. Obama did not confront congress. Get it -- -- different. He's correcting the law. And then is that these people and -- what the American people. Saying leadership. People -- under way. In Holland. And what -- jet engine department into. Just -- that he should know. Because. I've earned it instructor and Bob you know I'm right because. And everybody. -- anybody. He had been. Heading -- -- -- being it's a problem. In an. What what I've found interesting is the fact that you know you're right he he did break the law and all we did is tell congress world. I'm sorry and -- we had a caller on earlier tonight who said that more than likely and I've I've I agree with the reason. That he did not notify members of congress because he knew that he was gonna get a lot of -- over those. Call it the law right to me -- the -- to cover up all that double. And Bob you know. It really believe that. The intelligence of the American people in the in the pageant he and you're more but you're Smart man. You know you -- couple couple maybe we. -- it right why I don't know these people in the country why don't Indo. Well it -- -- that they would have to know that the -- -- I I guess I guess maybe one when we'd only talk about the things. And and we speculate I do my absolute best to try to be as fair and honest and always give people the benefit of the doubt but I can't believe. That they did not know everything about this. I think may be where they miscalculated. Is they probably should've gotten to all these. All these guys that serve with him and sign these non disclosure documents and probably should of grabbed them and say you better not opening -- But I guess they didn't think about that and we we we probably. I'm saying probably would not have known anything. -- if that unless these brave young men stood up and said wait a minute he did not serve the country with honor the he'll abandon his post. You're exactly right -- and inspiration -- over. You know it it. Will need to think that it. You know an -- and we're not -- aren't a column in the and up you know the president and and it will open that would put. It that is. -- being able. Yeah how or why. That bid clean up. Market Mikey -- I think. That everybody and I think and you're out. We're going to be a lot worse it won't we now they're more. Well like I think it's time for him to have a a press conference over this and an answer and give us some answers I mean. -- that to simply. There's there's one quote. It's the -- if -- funded. A little bit -- -- -- -- unload -- here this is from a guy by the name of Matt. I think his last Imus were can't. He was eighteen leader of another squad in the platoon. And he said soldiers from his unit. And other units were wounded or killed on missions to Trace down. Leads. In an in at. Related to try and two to rescue the guys. And -- that they asked him about the statement Sunday -- -- -- heard this but national security advisor and this is our. And to give the title again this is our national. Security. Advisor Susan Rice said that he served with honor and distinction and this. -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- it makes me ill. And if you're -- And this guy who serve with them said. That statement couldn't be further from the truth he said. I don't lol she was misinformed. Or just doesn't know about the investigation. And everything else or what so either. True. Statement why didn't she though you -- but don't let you go. But you know again this is that it -- Let's say this -- the means of this as one of those situations look at it it's okay if she'd gotten oh. How. God awful is that she didn't know and if she'd done though she lied. People and -- I mean what does does not get people and get them all but it doesn't want to. What does it under -- -- the national security advisor and either didn't Null or alive. And neither -- acceptable. The need a cup and be outraged at what item kind of W called the open -- -- -- -- end it it it is it that parable that. -- -- -- -- Anyway it -- Gil we asked yeah what we're talking about about old type of punishment as opposed new type of apartment. Growing up that that did you ever you average debt receive board dish out any type of unusual punishment like. Like this guy who made his kid walk holding up a 43 pound rock. -- at the -- and it. Output -- -- clearly. I would notebook -- -- one -- out there you know what it is a bit but. Talked about it on paper that -- -- And I can't aggravated. But that would enable and opted -- They don't need a -- of about him. Altman battle it out yet our mortgage market now. But tamale without getting in -- that actually do. All I could. Not put up about an hour ago I'll I'll -- block whatever they know everywhere how. -- -- -- double. Dip but you know. -- old ma ma ma am and what. When you know here here's what I find incredible. You have -- psychiatrist. Who make the statement that -- though that things like that is his child abuse of -- The generation of young people right now. I -- I really I really fear for the future of our country because you can't discipline them. You and I were disciplined the same exact way. And I I remember all -- go back a couple of years ago I was talking to a psychiatrist on the show were talking about. How to raise children. And I told the rest of the you know I got beat on a regular -- couple times one Amal my. Miles off the my mother. She made -- kneel on rice in the future hall aren't you are abused well and I had no you don't understand. I needed that had I not been disciplined like that. I wouldn't meanwhile AM today I'd I'd be in jail somewhere. And and and yet we we wonder well we we wonder why. Our our our young people do the things that we do and it's because it's the lack of discipline in the Holmes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- right to six electrical. Does that generally seventy. 86689. Point 70 I got I don't think about something that may be maybe we can turn into. A fun subject I was talking earlier about the about Guns 'N Roses and who's the best singer. Let's let's think about this if if if if you're listening. And they voted to you in in just the second and we can still take calls on your opinions of the of the prisoner swap do you look at that. As negotiating with terrorist or you looked at it just as a prisoner -- are you OK with it but what about if we -- -- -- Change the the music question tonight and if you could be or could have bitten. Any rocket roll artist are in any rock and roll band or any any musical group. Dead or alive. Who would you choose to VP pick if you could be in their -- would you have loved. In -- I'm -- of -- the bin Elvis for a day. Or or Frank Sinatra for a day I would've loved to have been Frank Sinatra and hang out with the rat. Four for just one day so what what musical group you know rock and roll or soft raw or or whatever. Would would you have loved to been part of just reporting four hours to secure -- late 78668. At 90870. I'm Bob Mitchell and in -- and I'll be right back with your phone calls but think about them what rock liberal group. What all time group that you can actually had been a member of and live that life for just 24 hours to sixer -- 7866889. -- of your number to join the show is to secure -- 78668890870. Text me at age 7870. Here's -- OK Bob what would we be talking about. If one -- more seals were killed -- to extract. -- -- -- Probably would know about it. Let's let's go back to the phones at the -- like they'll -- Dave. Page. Could you -- treatment used. We shouldn't. So there weren't there -- battled all. But in the traditional but he warned Monday. And you know should be prosecuted. In chores. About military. Order news you know when you walk orchard Barry's security charge since they -- -- you walls -- than when they discovered nude. -- desired. Or are urged. You're big and urged him that they have and you won't straight start trade but he hasn't been charged with an. They should've been ordered he walked out page is one say a lot of what are also in the it's legal in all. There and -- and waited for you know is a -- -- -- wall towards the situation a lot of guys you know. They get drawn in -- -- -- do Margaret Warner Warner. Though I think the charges were there. Well I think there -- out. And all that you know more on traded shell. -- Gerald is and we had a guy that could walk the way mayor herb page. If you want to detect these cell. All the United States what. Do you think they would rate of our generals low breaking -- personnel. Nolan did you see. You console and you say that it is once they don't regret or -- I don't know almost. -- -- -- -- Anyway so okay so a lot partner cartridge and liberal. Go. Work -- form real what your -- bit aren't I mean it's it's it's. We'll stay that that's that that's what everybody. Is saying and with the fact that you know you have and an operation at the last night. As -- look -- essence looks like what we did. Is that we gave up one shoplifter. In and return we give them five thugs that's about Oracle's dungeon. Or on the or. Model. Though you know it's -- You know -- there -- where a murderer patrol and they get a chance -- but it don't open what age should more terrorists more. Are hijacked and things like that. The -- You know the truth currently. It is such a moral double a batteries and -- -- Did he made statements. No it's old because in -- -- that would trigger so long and and these guys -- Contra. Now two years wants Obama -- that simple we are redouble -- group. Find out that these guys kill Americans. Would be -- You know what it would be doing on Borneo and again. So if there were old or the Republicans want -- -- -- -- back and give him all of these. These -- -- metric country. Yeah water comes you don't sound admitted that he didn't really bad guys there are contrary to -- It was Dave I've got to -- with the I don't care for in the area that they both always point the finger at each other. It. And they give the finger to us. They've been they absolutely do you know go up borrowed from the age of our it is well. And Belcher about the American people you know. I saw arms. You know. Bob we've all been but a trade war and so does ordered Republicans. You know in fact at all you know. Up I'm not sure what I anymore but I'm sort old Democrat betrayed little -- represent the American people know. -- call -- I call myself and a runner at. It's like what you know you've got to look at each person is judged it -- -- trip they don't. The black -- -- and Democrat -- arbor but there's more to be horrible people and stand up pretty contrary. They didn't go and fight for the country and that's why it is myrtle. Bird dog. It. Well you know it it's bad news for roads because you that you want every. OK you know rookies in the bag got involved and we wanna give them here prosecute -- didn't -- -- And we want him we don't want him to be -- and Arnold. No well you know that that the thing that that upsets me and -- -- for and you just said. You know they they don't care about us and now. We'll have a president who did not follow the law and go before congress I'm I'm I'm not. I'm not downing him I'm not speaking negative about him I'm only speaking in the fact he did not go before congress and follow and follow. The law because he knew congress was going to give him grief so I figured well I'll just do it and then. I say I'm sorry. Ago the Republican Party who only cares about the they don't care about the people only care about the feeding the Democratic Party the Democrats the Democrats don't care about us they only care about defeating the Republicans. And we the American people are -- it in in between. Almost -- the the these childish fights that go along. In I'd love my country but I don't know where we're going to be ten years from now. Really don't. -- you know it really that they want if you take the money out of the improvement and are. You guys will be fighting to execute their two. Number Thursday about I gotta go appreciate your call Linda camp deployed uptown rule and Todd you guys hang on I'll be right back with you. While this could show I'm Bob Mitchell and WWL AM at them and dot com let's go to Linda on the north surely and able to talk about how we discipline kids how are you Linda. I'm great -- it at that site keep it in Pakistan say bomb on number seven happened and he would. And and my dad died kinda maybe you so -- So I'm Bob and it banking grow 48. Year old girl Arturo -- a three year old girl. -- he felt sorry for her dad died and again back to twelve during the Iraq. Which in no way. Relationship. I have with my mother made me want -- in -- beating child her. Did she ever punish you in any kind of unusual way. -- bank is burning like that would you know what it's somebody else and travel I'd be crying and somebody else travel. That -- say is I think the main thing about children. It that -- -- nations like China and India you're training game in building character and at the -- friend and I had. -- -- -- And you know I'm not -- born and the story ever going to kindergarten we live close enough to at least I don't crime -- block in the wind execs or whatever. And he went and he went in to check are definitely looking at twelve. Well you know one people and he slipped something. Low and we are sent out of the -- right there meanwhile convenient at the ticket that time -- my right back. Content means that year my son I mean given that explained everything chilling. May give act like say the money -- -- and -- -- for taking. In my mother that my mother made me do the same exact thing when at the same situation you know where. There I mean not just cramped side -- say at this. -- what I did was wrong that's it cannot navigate began and then and it it's saddening and as we get more money like you we have less kids in jail. Thank you Linda appreciate you calling captain Floyd. Uptown ruler and Todd please hang on I'll get right to your calls after the top of the hour. 260178668. At nine only slowly if you want call -- newscast we'll get -- lined -- to go on the year. Right after. 11 o'clock a big it's seventy WWL. AMF lemon dot com.