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06-04 11pm Scoot, Deserter or Hero?

Jun 5, 2014|

Does trading out five terrorists for an alleged military deserter make any sense?

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And welcome back the show I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit again. Tonight here we are talking about that we're talking about those still the prisoner exchange of both the five for one deal that has a lot of people going crazy. Saying you know we we shouldn't have done -- we are negotiating with terrorists now. Are you part of of that group party think that. We are all jumping to conclusions that we need just to them. Wait until all the plaques to model love this text message here. We all need to say -- Howard Beale did. -- Peter Finch of the 1976. Movie network great movie I'm mad as hell about not going to take it anymore. Two of the government great movie and great thought. Also were going to be talking about kids and how do you raise kids what when it comes to trial discipline that are big its ebony pretty jaguar opinion poll question. When it comes to trial discipline how would you rate today's parents too soft to hard or just about right and we're talking about a guy. That actually got arrested a dead got arrested on child cruelty charges. After he punishes sixteen year old -- by making him carry a 43 of them landscapes though. For several of -- the kids didn't do chores and didn't do his -- what about you did your parents for the body you think that's old fashioned discipline. Where you think -- child abuse. And did you ever receive or hand out any type of unusual. Punishment. And on the on the fun side when you look at all the great rock general groups. If you could have bitten. Or today at the debut of the group right now view could be a member or could have been a member. Of any group or any singer for just 24 hours. Who would you Jews don't go to camp employed in missiles to -- how are you captain Floyd. Well this is in Mexico Mexico. To record in the bill. Must one of the wounded warriors. From Afghanistan and that was in the squad in this thing but. -- -- the bird and do you do. With it would go. In -- about -- -- that he was disgusted with the American. What they were doing and he would -- and if they can get a copy of it would saw. Whether he deserved it. Do they have a copy of the letter and well read. -- -- -- And Wednesday that they did and yet. And and it is bill of people that would. And the thing about it that it wouldn't you know the violence in. But it didn't happen consideration paid to be proud about so it was when it happened you know. What has your son come forth and said that he is actually seen this. He. Activities in the -- -- over in Afghanistan have to -- exploratory surgeries. And -- -- doubt and he's won the third. Not to be. What to do with yet. I'd love to be able talked to have been interviewing. You know rollout of Cuba and he's not here right now we live we live in port Mississippi. And that's -- -- -- to talk. And. Love it you called 866 number that stole three so wouldn't be long distance. Well -- studio art art -- called the numbers you gave you animated. Two known as a member yet to put one in front line you don't want to improve them in the -- held it back you know you just stated this is not -- -- -- don't put to one. David did you did you call 866889. OH seventy or 2601. Late seventy. It. You -- because we were all there -- mostly you'd have to call 8668890. It's heavily that chart. Long distance recall. I didn't know there is a big interview you've been. Well listen I'm I'm I'm going to be filling in the -- do the this weekend actually for the next couple weeks ago. I would absolutely. Love ought to talk to yourself. It did -- did he signed one of those non disclosure statements also very. They didn't have a -- he got her right after this and -- was sent home rocketed back to -- -- gophers certainly. And then. To be an active city is still trying to figure out what percentage to give -- -- -- could lead to a -- -- can do. But he absolutely says that note was written and he read it to the whole squad. That's right. They're and he told them out there's dust in the Americans are. In the and he also exhibited in gitmo to -- the other. We -- have a solution you know. Well I I appreciate the information and and I would I would actually love to talk to him on the program. Located in the and so -- on today I didn't -- if I can get in the -- you know Donald lately he's been in one of these guys who don't like to talk. You know. Right want to live it up if he can't talk about a may -- in just the send me a text message and explain to our right. Brokered OK -- and more programs that will be at 8787. He's serving the needs that aren't but loved to talk to and create -- work were -- and my name is Bob Mitchell. -- -- -- And -- and you know it if if if need be. I I don't have the number in front of -- addicted always. Called the the office desk. -- the number and we'll leave a message in that led to call him back to talk to him. -- -- -- Yeah I did -- and execute then went into the forty's myself. Well what what do you think about this one what do you think about supply and I'd bet dollars. And -- stupid look he did. That they're doing these -- is -- People like -- review -- -- lecture I didn't grow. From doing something. Stupid marketers. You have 5 or 5 o'clock five thugs were lucky to. Yeah but. He didn't walk away and in -- Pit crew must he wouldn't have any reason that you -- that it. And he went so we that this is going to happen he he told me before. He made in you know before when they were two -- in the conform you know yeah. But and -- -- the total -- -- when when he first got back room. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they told him the army couldn't afford it in the moment he won't have come home news his own. Well that's rotten that it that's thinks that absolutely stinks. We have to. 17100 dollars to do. That that that bet that released that personal. Captain thank you so -- for folding in tonight OK okay all right OK whatever let's go to Todd Tom how are you tonight. And -- bite him. -- -- Why don't quite a -- Absolutely wildly like the minute debate on. And that you want to be in its current day. Have you could be in one of the things that we've thrown out tonight of the kind of give a little bit. Light the lighter thing to talk about is that. If it view could be in any man. That either in existence right now or was that existence it in the past what group would you wanna be of a part of. That's easy. The -- Jimmy Buffett and the glory or not try and. Though you -- would you like to be Jimmy Buffett are displayed Garland. I'll come on and it any day on the is it. That the and that an expansive. Industry and it would be great means only about to the ages you know. The library is an epidemic and you know the sound -- way just make elderly and others. -- did you mean let's face it. Port for a guy that that did not have that many big big big national that's the main. He's a multi multi millionaire he's he's done incredible. A love watching him perform but. So I tell you you're a big Jimmy Buffett over The Rolling Stones were elbows and -- Believe you better believe it you better believe it and wanted to that it text based you on and bank Utah -- disciplinary. And you know I got into late -- here improper and you're you're younger you know stepped -- -- young man -- 34 years old. You know like I really firmly believe that. You know my generation was literally a legendary. Player you know -- street lights came on. You came in we. We rode our bikes. -- -- -- -- you outline you know like you're saying that out I mean I really believe that my generation and the last generation would that the battle. It in and now. Back on just like that I mean it may need. And it's funny you know kids. People -- change now and children and it. You know I mean -- look at U three guys try to correct. You know what you -- in -- out. -- the economy it's like geez you know it's a decent acting crazy. Stan I think it's part of the reason why. -- -- -- I agree I I think the reason that our kids are the way they are today. Where the where they don't have any respect. I mean just talked to any school teacher these kids have. No respect at all because there is no penalty where we grew up at a time where we were taught respect and I've said many times that. I think my parents for the spanking tonight gut because that's what corrected me that's what put me down the right road. And I truly I feared my parents I'm I feared it. Then -- I didn't do the right thing that I was going to have a price to pay. And and kids today they don't know that they lived they don't have that fear. The bill threatened to call the police on you. And parents Ayers can he do it to show up in our eyes and her computer. The computer parent. You know what it amounts whatever app and it just plain outside and it is a lot art that's gone. And it's a shame and in real real pretty real quick and birdsaw. And it shifted its trade situation I think it is nothing wrong on and I think that. -- our president to jump the gun and you know Egypt or whatever he wants do it. And this guy. It's really gonna come that you know -- -- saying you know -- -- and you just don't leave human you don't do. Thank you Todd. All right let's go to uptown ruler how are you -- RM RI AA. Kevin turner had been taught you a long time. Cannot speak to you all multiple things at the time being -- -- tell you who let down in this country we media. In amateur you're hoping that the around the country. We keep -- known but most. Expecting him who's doing the same thing or over and over and skating kick in tomorrow. Number two. The prayer in school. When he took prayer out of school different this country what to. Fill in the hand that. No but during the shootings in the school. Okay. Number of full. Congress. They keep fighting with the other -- invading the country now. And numbers that they can't make up their mind about them applause let them five they can't make up their mind. About marijuana but it it would be legal and and all the of this city's American morning. And building bridges and -- in the big city. A general let me let me get in -- -- -- -- and and make one point about what you said in the beginning about we keep voting. The wrong people in the problem is that we have created a society. That the average person you were. We would probably make a -- better politician a better congress -- a better representative of the nanny or in. But we can't afford it costs so much money. They have they. They have been made getting elected where only. Only rich people are peopled have connections where they can get a lot of money to run for office and I'd like to see that change but I don't know how to do it. And number seven we can't correct the children know. -- -- direct the children know more because. Like I think it per out of school. Become in the schools -- -- -- -- go to school. Kind of had that -- -- stoke the worst thing they're it was Karen Karen and I and they put it in the pocket if you got -- you got suspended. -- when we were at the school if you got a flight after school was of this -- now tonight forgone by notable you up to on -- if that's all serious talk now. If you could have been a member or could be a member of any band past or present. Who would -- shoes. On that several -- I don't. Would like thing you know we Franklin Janis Joplin Jimi Hendrix orchestrating. Marvin -- -- of which -- name. The I don't know Paul McCartney yeah I don't know what. Here I would never have been fun beam of The Beatles for a day because you know all wild and crazy -- It's all year you know that's on. Sitting on a conflict. Sitting on the -- -- -- I'm great man armed or all the law forced Russell to run I think John and in doing that are available -- -- wouldn't do you. Maybe write I write up a ton Rula thank you so much OK you are Fred we're gonna get to you. Next that if you wanna join the show what. You can talk about -- every one -- we thought would have a little fun. Think about some of the great rock and roll groups of all time or some of the great rock and roll artists like -- was. If you could. Beat one or a member of that group or just 24 hours who would you pick. I'd love to have been Frank Sinatra. For just 24 hours and hang -- -- correct. 26017866889087. -- -- toll free number Bob that you would a simple lines all the won't come right back to. After this break from WW well. Bob Mitchell in for scoot on the big date seventy WWL how are you Fred in Pascagoula. I don't little bit. Or. In the correct order that would have been. And one problem. It's still on the go home today -- -- would that -- -- OK. And now. Al Gore. Indeed. Slightly -- Or is terrible I'm here. -- broke a solemn Al -- have much only QB would lie low and Poland that Obama all over. The World. Bank has been. And it would sure that one would go. On here. And I -- have been -- What do you think this should they have been negotiated. But then go right -- it if anybody was bigger. Picture yeah. And he would have been the at what happened here. And not -- eventually complete floated out there and he'd get it back -- A Barack Obama. Then then nine companies out there and they're there and there a lot. The -- there eventually and Dario got you know of recovery on the field. And you get in the side both films that are involved and they're tying it. -- -- tiller new order on you know whatever you think she can go you know. It's a fine player Moe -- you know -- Good news is it Syria Deere buying him out to in order. Or so ago. Hillary can keep. Well I guess we'll have to wait known -- the next a few weeks we'll find out what's really going well we're gonna go to David David how are you tonight. On -- football on. What it edited our producer. Who could do additional. Well in Asia and go to war and fighting between them Palmer and many. It -- do that their country that doesn't it Spokane goat can hear Trout he sought out the caliber. Well it'll narrow right you know the that we we don't know exactly. What to call -- and of course we will know until. They totally debrief him but it is it is buddies some of the guys in his own platoon. Said that they heard on the radio. -- chatter actually and there is an American. Out here -- looking for for the development so you know it it it it he obviously. I mean honestly obviously but the facts seem to point to exactly -- and. Or should I put bodies have been incredibly important it probably amount there and hurt and are you not. Title. You know it differently -- -- than I -- doctor. What David Cook when -- ask your question we had what we've had multiple military people. Who have folded and by the way thank you for serving our country most of the military people called and said. That naturally of day if they were captured in all they would want to be rescued they would not want this they would not want. Their government to give up. Five really. Bad guys opt for them that they would rather stay in jail the ability do you. Agree with the. Well as a group number I'm not it would take them do what they weren't totally into that situation. I would I would hope to. That that would be far. Enough ago that -- It's. I wouldn't do addition I would like to you can -- -- accumulation. Our -- we're being born in particular get. -- I was that you won't answer our heartland questions about those federal land to a run again. One. It would have been on an Oakland -- back in the Tijuana. -- close -- he he I don't see herb Albert in the Tijuana brass has been a fun group to be apart. Do it -- The type of music and her. Make sure that I do remember that that that album cover where the woman was covered in whipped cream so maybe it might have been might have been more than just for the album album cover shoot. But the need to me I'll say it over over it and it it would be. I would I'd have loved to have been so not true four days -- a. Read. An -- -- see at. -- and run -- on my terms. It's it's before my time I would of -- To have been able to play and an interest seat some of the great -- big day and I'd love some real old music and I think it would be nice front. The -- that. Turn out to -- an important. And then went and then of course -- -- -- them. It would make it -- well. The that the closest the closest I came to to actually meeting Frank Sinatra. Is he was promoting one of his new record to think it was I don't know which one it was. And the record company told we will look how would you like to talk to Frank Sinatra man -- apple we'd love that is okay. While on the try to giving the collier and if he calls you'll call between two and four. -- -- -- around the foam from 1 o'clock to 6 o'clock and never called the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right David thank you so much okay all right our phone lines are open to six year old -- 7866890. It's them and if all. All the great rock groups or or rock artist or just music artist. If you could have been in one of their bans. All hung out with them -- Blondie. Who would you -- here's the text message ban I would love to have been apart of is Led Zeppelin. That that that would that would have been some wild times is -- to jump on in Slidell laureate John. -- I've been in Gulfport. -- dean in Gulfport. Yet today well all right dean in Gulfport how -- you and do them -- Got a funny story -- right. Do your part about united this planet let the kids these days in -- All of -- or not long ago and that this is sure you I guess that area in which I grew up then. I was an editor restored and those there was little black lady should election grandma. And -- was the moon or kid that you could just tell what is larnaca. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On. You know what he didn't -- -- The cops pull you over. What did you -- to speed -- our gear rattled there all right look please call back and that is the holiday dollar. The fourth. Oh man that's too much let's. Let's go to Janice Janice or you. Doing fine. You know what in ninety. But -- -- I think he's talking on the -- and found that might be invited -- you know. I didn't think it was against a little talk soulful look at look at it and they -- opponents not. I don't think you can't do you can't text but I don't think we passed the law yet that's an -- That attack on them now. But anyway I -- wanna think is depending military people out there listening to me right now. I'd definitely want to thank you -- and in my position to put -- light on the line editor of the freedoms. That we still have. Now -- particularly. But I can't stability and I have had the wizard several times over the period three -- -- -- More -- not a match you know that's Q. I don't think the -- thing. Good my hand down and -- -- that side of the day quicktime. They didn't -- quietly probably step. Don't put the balance that is gonna get back to give it time that I pay. Now it should be made that thankfully I wish hut president -- day. -- -- definitely. If you -- to this country. We thank you. Yeah if you are a -- And you are -- -- and rescued you. We will not try the pupil we will YouTube if you -- -- country. That's pretty much what the military itself. -- And anti matter to me there these you'd say yeah because we are not going to put. People have died on 9% to one who had died I sympathize. We. Cock and then me and I we expect that the that. And I heard what he has bad feet. And what he between these guys everything. And he would definitely sympathize that he once every one can get enough into the. -- that would happen in the second indictment. Yeah yeah I am going to be many of these people and it could -- it definitely needs that he can't. Implemented that we that we that -- -- -- people. Excuse me. Come back to back then he won't -- me. -- all right I don't. You to thank you so much for calling. Let's go to Little John John -- you. Or. Perhaps. Lord must -- it at the well I hope he -- -- you know maybe -- -- Or I. That's been Arctic and sub out. Defector what are you mark -- I'll -- I'll be seeing the video. You know I'm getting -- be helicopter and yeah and clearly you know. We mentioned that we mention that in in in the beginning of the show. And the thing that I notice about the video is that we were told by our government. That the reason they had to do because as I was in bad health he's looking better health -- -- at all. No but what was. You know show you how the Taliban. Was trying to pit stop can make you look like that didn't she didn't belong with become. I photographed not graphic on the screen at Goodyear union saying. Both -- and gold compact light is at scout scoring shoot -- miniature Taliban. You have to -- -- -- -- out for your people display American Eagle hole or what corporate spirit -- I don't come back you know. When you know you know the Taliban is and is going to use that for propaganda that the Taliban and its issued a statement that they were that the that they were extremely happy and did do did you see the video. Of the five terrorist. A -- -- department it was like. A cold case is great. Yeah -- -- out OK let me apologize to that lot should be per are right. It stretched into the night. Absolutely. -- told to 24 hours via its. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. That you know greater cause I'm divorced but. Tom Jones. You know he just. I don't know. You don't Tom Jones the even at his. And his -- when he performs the women still thoroughly underwear on the stage. -- All right let's and I enjoy. Good. All right John thank you thank you for calling let me get caught up on a couple of text messages we have a simple lines open right now if you want opponent. 26018788668890878. A couple things were talking about you can. Do you still have time to give us your opinion on on the prisoner swap the the five for one you can answer our -- somebody pretty jaguar opinion poll question when it comes to child discipline. How would you rate today's parents too soft to hard or Josh Wright and what brought us to the question. Was police arrested a dad. On a child cruelty charges after he punished. It's sixteen year old son but make him and carry a 43 column landscape stone for several miles for not doing chores and school work though. Would you call this child cruelty. Are just old fashioned discipline problem to have your your thoughts on that. And on the on the fun side if if you could be anyone while a member of over rock band or -- a rock singer. Well past our president. For 24 hours who would you -- let's see years and one hey Bob it's Eric from Covington nice to hear you again I would loved to have been. A case C -- KC and the sunshine and yet they're still around that of that that would have been a -- group of another one. Previous person stole my -- public to be a member of of Led Zeppelin. Let's cities. Here's 11. She was talking on its Opel while driving. Against the law. Then this lady thinks military veterans. For all of thanks military bit of all of our freedom. Can't have it both ways. I don't get that at all. On hold -- that when at all per she was talking about Janice for should be. Once populace -- while driving against the law while and some states it is. Against flawed and and I think in Illinois and it is against the law. All right just picture of 17866889. Point seven they've got some phone lines open so while. Call in and we have a few minutes left the show got -- got to ditch on the year and I'd love to hear your opinions on Bob Mitchell the troops could show. And this is the -- 870 WWL IAM a -- dot com and you should. Still have time to give me a call and York. Input into what we're talking about tonight. 260 -- 7866890870. Now remember if you can't catch your favorite WW social law. Listen to the podcast any time. It's just like a DVR go to WWL dot com look for the big podcasts book on the top right hand corner of our front page. Or refine your favorite host totally march rose. And schedules and click on their name simple and so convenient podcasts. On a WWL dot com. Also Vermont who -- concedes it is here now. Plan to get ready for all the information you need WWL dot com and parish by parish instructions. Contra flow and evacuation multifamily plan and a pet planned but checklist -- a list of emergency contacts. Plus sign -- -- text alerts and more American central York companion before. During and after hurricane or major weather event sponsored by -- view aluminum. The American protection people and your official emergency management station. WWL now. You know through throughout the night we have the popular -- auction board Alan whether he was a deserved. Or not. When you rule and not Knoll everything until they need to -- him in. Wimbledon and -- other. He has going to be charged with anything. But I thought since I had a few minutes on a -- caught up on. What we know -- -- what what what the facts are because. With the government. At the same not. The government is not even admitting that that he left issues. Now one of the question was is -- a dessert. Well various media reports. Based on accounts of soldiers who served. With -- -- and emails. That he sent his parents and friends paint a picture where young soldier became disillusioned with the US role in Afghanistan the report says that. Peace and his laptop. And -- hole halfway through was twelve multiple -- and left behind a note saying he wanted to start over the left behind his delightful. So when he left. He left on his rifle. His body armor and took only accomplished in the white water camera and -- dollar -- that's according to sort through soldiers. In his platoon. Of the army is investigating why he left his post to determine if the deserted. Or merely wandered off in the -- was -- was the yen. A bad mental state and to wander at all and whether he put at -- troops who later searched for him. Was he captured. Or -- will that he will only go over to the enemy. And here's the explanation on that. Former army sergeant -- -- -- the team leader of the in the light of his appearance told CNN. But it intercepted radio and cell phone conversations. From a nearby village described an American soldier. Who want to talk to the Taliban. But he was walking around asking how -- he get in contact with the Taliban. Insurgents. On in leadership and talent and radio transmissions. Described and on armed. Berg dolls sitting in the make sure of train. When he was captured. -- -- -- Olsen who was a medic in the platoon. He said that. Bird doll was. And usually reluctant to talk to polls soldiers about his personal life -- background. He said so after he actually left the following morning we realized we had his weapon. His body armor and sensitive equipment in the thick of things like night goggles but we did have him. At this point he said that it occurred to him but he was the one guy that one of the disappear. And now he's gotten as -- bush. As far as what does -- believe should happen. He believes he needs to be held 100%. Accountable for all of his responsibility. And all of those actions he will fully non clothing. His mandate he willfully deserted his post and needs to be held accountable for that. I mentioned. Evan brutal few minutes ago he was -- sergeant. In the platoon he said that he was asked such questions as how much of a cash advance -- get. And how could he go about mailing his personal computer and other belongings. They also want little what what happened. If his weapon and other sensitive items such as night vision goggles what -- He's -- -- response was. He said that in all of you have to know that that would be a big deal. He also said that he thinks he should face trial for desertion. And he said but it is less clear that he should be blamed for the deaths of all soldiers killed during the months of trying to find him. Those soldiers who died on those missions. Would have not been where they work. Had a bird doll. Never walked away. One more from a -- covered canopy. Wasn't team leader of another squad. He said. That he said some strange things like I can get lost in the mountains which at the time. Didn't really strike you as someone was going to leave their weapons and -- His -- Response is he believes it's Paramount. That investigation determine whether he deserted or even collaborated with the enemy. He said it shouldn't even be a question of whether it should be a question. When. So that count -- kind of fill you in all in all -- what was going on. And what did his when it was his colleagues were were picking during this time. The white house of course. Public the other question that people been asking did the release of detainees. Forum on gitmo violate a requirement to notify congress thirty days in advance. Now the White House apology dollars for not notifying members of congress about the deal in advance. And here's where it gets. To me a little a little strange the Obama administration says however it warned congress that when the law was passed requiring congressional -- Of the detainee facility holding enemy combat combative and and gitmo. That it objected to the notification requirement because it might tie the president his hands in a prisoner exchange. Where time is of the essence. He says. That the president the deal to free bird doll developed quickly and had to happen first because his life. Was in danger and it's and his health wasn't that good however if you saw the video. Of his release. And if you haven't Judy you can go to WWL dot com -- on our our web page. He certainly looked healthy to me. Org and take a break and come back with one more thing I'm Bob Mitchell which boot on WWL. And before we say good night and and the show with one more thing always like to give you know one little crazy thing for weeks they -- thank John for. Running master control and answering the polls all night long. Believe me this story here when you hear it you're gonna have to go him. A British woman by the name of -- twenty. Is saying she spotted what she believes is the most missing Malaysian air flight -- 370 while she was failing. Now she sought an early march but is only now coming forward because she says she didn't believe her eyes at the time. She said that while she and her husband mark were sailing across -- Indian Ocean from India -- Thailand. She spotted what looked like a plane on fire. During the night of march the seventh. She said the that she thought she might be hallucinating twos and a one time -- thought maybe it was meteor and she might have been hallucinating because she said the the most interesting observation laws. The plane. Was not alone. They were two other planes well above that moving the other way at the time they had normal no obligation like you to remember thinking. But of a plane -- on flyer that I was seen the other aircraft would report. Well authorities still -- found the plane and she says she feels bad for not play in something soon. Good night god bless -- I'll see you tomorrow night on WWL.