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Jun 5, 2014|

Dave talks about sex or no sex before a big game, disabled hamster dance, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's June it's that it. It's 2014. Net through its June 5 2014. Almost a week of June already gone by it today. Is that day before Friday. Days tonight street celebrated twice -- Chris. Maybe they floors to wish -- nine tire of listening audience happy Friday happy Friday evening appreciate that it's that. Please -- by -- good thing but now the heat is back gone so we're getting ready to use sweat sweat and threats of more not quite nine -- days ago. We haven't hit nine yet this year and waiting for that crossing that line of demarcation and went to it and it's like okay it's officially now and is now going back. -- the idea and view all ready. That's for normal. Rain and we do you gas. Even though we've had years -- it might be in -- jazz as before. But not the last couple years it feels like it that's for. Should. Athletes. Have sex prior to major competitions. -- about the whole thing was you abstain for a major competent and add another that the the via. The superstition. Theory and -- yeah I've heard that in boxing from many many years but -- I have pain in my can't. An article. From Bogota Colombia. Read sex or no sacks that's the dilemma facing soccer team they head to Brazil. For the World Cup beginning next week. Mexico's coach Miguel Perez tells the reforma newspaper he wants his players to refrain. From any horizontal some. Many European teams including Germany and Spain. Heavy strict ban on in keeping key before matches. Wives and girlfriends are allowed to visit only on off days. But many athletes Wear a little fun in that helps to reduce stress the night before being. I've heard stories about what goes on in the Olympic village. With those athletes. You know we're talking and people have their late teens and -- in their physical prime I wonder how many of them when gold medals though. -- shortly after wait until after they finish an event as this goes in Hillary and horizontal -- some other fellow athletes. While horizontal not vertical. I think the writer of this article why -- diagonal so many different ways they could -- sect about things that acts now. I don't know I don't know that anyone's ever studied the issue and determined if there's an actual correlation between the time of having sex. -- this time of winning a championship winning game winning a medal I don't know that anyone's ever. Figured that out apparently boxing managers. Have determined that they think it's better for a boxer -- hold off. And I guess look forward to the reward of that after. A competition but it is win or lose you can go ahead and then. Have -- Championship opportunities don't come around too often when your world class athlete. Some of the athletes say the opportunities for sacks are a lot more often than me opportunities to play for championships and things like that what it. But it. The coach. Miguel Cabrera. Is telling his players to refrain. Some players are saying now and helps me. Reduce my stress -- before being. Done. -- -- its seventieth -- folks what do you think what's better. Refrain and go for it for a major competition. It's -- about fifteen minutes first news WWL AMF them and that -- I'm Dave Owen up next time your forecast. On the Eyewitness News forecasts and and we'll see what Steve Geller things. I don't know if he's researches are not -- -- is the sports guys will get his input on this -- WWL IMF and attack now. Happy Friday the 5:17 good morning I'm Dave Conte and it's early edition of WWL first news the big World Cup soccer competition getting ready to start at the biggest sporting event in the world did last for weeks and the teams from every country compete. And millions and millions of fans root for their teams and here in America we don't area at all. But it does give us the opportunity to talk about this debate this controversy in World Cup soccer. Between coaches and players at least some coaches and some players whether or not they should abstain from sex prior to competing in the World Cup. Soccer games does that help their performance or hurt their performance if they have sex the night before being game reads text messages coming up right now it's your forecast from the -- -- forecast center. For your Thursday it was looking hot again this afternoon with 810% chance for rain to the drier weather continues. -- your 89 later on today before dropping into the mid seventies tonight. But then right back up to ninety on Friday mostly sunny with a 10% rain chance and Saturday looking dry is well 10% chance for rain. As highs reached 91. Funny Eyewitness News forecasts and I'm meteorologist -- -- tell. Tom -- 93%. Relative humidity attic condensation on the windows of your vehicle is probably going to be an issue this morning because it is so -- Slidell the National Weather Service office cloudy and 73 degrees and gave -- thank you so much for starting your day before Friday on this. Friday with us here on the early edition of WWL first news one person text mediate 7870 says. The game is there but Sachs is on not always there. So I guess that's some support not having -- -- to a game another one says an absence of sex will lead to build up -- testosterone aggression. And that will help you and your form. That might OK another person says depending on exactly what you do he could pull something every spoke for -- competition. Somebody else's same thing the ban on sex is to avoid injury before the game cramps pulled muscles and -- ballparks. -- house. Between consenting adults doing whatever it is you want it. Again and again a major competition actually going to at least not go crazy to a point where you're going to be injuring yourself. Steve -- punishment is now. With sports here on this day before Friday Steve happy Friday eve yes indeed feeling good ready for the weekend old ready while we're new we're having a debate and after you do sports update your thoughts on the issue. Story come into us. World Cup soccer where the coach of Mexico's team as telling his players no sacks. Prior to their competition but some of the players are saying it helps reduce stress the night before big games to the question as I should athletes have Sachs. The night before a major competition does it help them or hurt them you think about that do you deliver a sports on this Friday the. All right good morning everyone will the saints unearthed another undrafted free agent Jim last year when they signed running back Tyree Robinson. In limited action he averaged four point one yards per carry in his rookie season and is looking to build off that and -- more snaps this year. I had to say moss says you can't you know. I'm I'm not continue that a lot of score any bad blood -- America and you can't crucial -- as you know if you were gonna charge you are supposed to do. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin cap for next receiving new six year contract extension. That keeps him with a franchise from 20/20. Videos reportedly worth a 126. Million dollars with a record setting 61 million guarantees. Capps says there's no added pressure with a huge deal. I'll feel like it's a precious thing I think. It's my own personal expectation regardless. Where anyone else thinks. My expectation is to try to -- oblivious. The NBA finals get under way tonight in the Alamo city the two time defending NBA champion Miami Heat are you being home court advantage for the spurs in a rematch of last year's NBA championship. San Antonio point guard Tony Parker admits. He has some concern I was injured ankle will hold up during the series stand over it. A little bit because you never realized going I was gonna feel. But I am trying to be very positive. Try to do everything I can't believe healthy give congress do all the treatment and I just trust my body. While the NBA might be done with -- Donald Sterling an attorney for the embattled longtime owner of the clippers says that sterling has agreed to sign off. I'm selling the team of former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. For what would be a record two billion dollars. California -- the three to five early favorite to win the Belmont Stakes and become the horse racing's twelfth Triple Crown champion if he can win I'd be the first time in 36 years that we would have a Triple Crown champion Kentucky Derby. And preakness -- won't break from the number two post under Victor Espinoza on Saturday at Belmont park. -- -- for a sports talk -- from saints head coach Sean Payton quarterback Drew Brees and more following organized team activities. Are there any weaknesses on this year's squad what are your biggest questions for the black and gold rosters this season. -- Steve -- which your early morning look at sports. And I -- a whole lot about California chromeless it's a live report from Michelle Miller former New Orleans Mayor Marc -- wife for CBS television. And she went out to Belmont is trying to hit the horse which at one another to do with -- animals bitter and use -- -- before they are apparently you look at notre horse racing if it. Anyway at the minister. But I didn't realize -- is a couple of paupers by horse racing standards just a couple of normal guys used to be involved in the sport. Who went and bought this -- Adam Brett for ten and grant that that's like. For five -- the UN may mean nothing to make to have this course Brad. And that they want networks and factory I mean these are normal guys who own this horse and have now gathered through. Two thirds of the Triple Crown. And the basic story though other than the fact it was pretty cool that this is not the traditional. You know multi millionaires who put these horses -- are these it's. -- that the sport needs. A hero right now because horse racing has lost. Massive percentages of its audience people are betting on horse racing nearly as much watching horse racing -- going to the tracks apparently it is. Animal weaning sport than they're hoping that if California chrome can win. That. Maybe of the kind of a new renewed interest in the sport the a lot of folks feel that like we don't have an American heavyweight boxing title champion right now. We really need a Triple Crown winner to help boost his sport and it's just funny that those are two sports that are really dropped off the kind of fallen out of mainstream and people don't really think about. You get to go to see the saints players today it yes OTA is. Used to be offseason training activities for the NFL so there is no offseason so now it is organized organized team activities. If you feel up to and ask them if they think having sex the night before game helps or hurts performance. What do you think and -- and you talked a lot of athletes in time we I don't boxing especially always heard this and now the debate is on World Cup soccer. Is that a good idea bad idea for an athlete -- sex before -- major competition or any count them well I do know the great Mohammed Ali did abstain before every you know before matches so I would. Venture to say he is. One and it right I guess it would really probably depend on the individual person but I would imagine imagine. Being pent up and having that extra aggression would help you in the long run for sports instead of being drained from the activity of you know having sex some soccer players say they swear a little fun on the -- helps to reduce stress but not before him and help them perform that could see that as well is it being a relaxer -- I don't know if you wanna be to lose for game. Who used to be back you know I mean Israel does that really make a difference. I mean it's it would that -- twelve hours before companies are sixteen hours of work up does that really make any difference. You think maybe I yeah I think -- I actually and I could make it different. It's it's better to be pent up. Then loose and relaxed for poor usually have that extra age that that eye of the tiger. Thank you see if and abstain until you exports to -- and 25 minutes here on WW. AM mountain and worded text messages and your forecast after this your forecast. On this Thursday works seemed partly cloudy skies again and they heat is the big story highs in the upper eighties this after being with only an isolated rain chance. We actually keep that trend going for the next couple of days although highs may even be a little warmer for Friday and Saturday. Go with a high of ninety on Friday 91 on Saturday both factored in say 10% chance for rain. From the I would nastiest forecast center meteorologist Clark backed out. -- 3% humidity at 74 at the airport 73 on the North Shore one person -- I don't know the answers they have the same concern for female athletes are just for males. Good question -- text messages after this. The big fire in the east DA under investigation on the North Shore those stories and more coming up 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this fifth of June 2014. The date that we like to call Friday EU here on the early editions of Chris. Happy days before pride -- From we -- put a bow on this conversation about a Mexican. Coach for the World Cup soccer team and the players disagreeing on whether -- not it's better to have sex before competition or not the coach's -- -- in the players that make -- -- -- Now one person tax rebates of mutiny lots of -- primal alpha dog mentality winning and with. And the what -- sex before a big game reduces your stamina leaving you unable to perform your best level. And -- Aki did not. And sex while trading while some attacked Rockies not a real ethnic. I will say those you should abstained during the competent yet that the data and and most instances I think that's absolutely good -- must dissects competition your school and I think that World Cup soccer that might even draw yellow cord. -- not -- And not that yeah. Aaron it. And it's in the commercials with the hamsters dancing sports Kia cars note. You haven't minded that you -- the big fat hamsters dancing in the and the latest -- there's any answers answers on the red carpet. We -- Amsterdam's. He's now they do it -- this -- party rocked by elements. Nazis. Well. -- -- Conduct would be that. But it's that these big hamsters in their dancing in their excited and they get in their driving around a little Kia cars and doing their thing. Well authorities in Los Angeles say one of those dancing hamsters. Was claiming disability that time that he was dancing. In the commercial and as a hamster when disability he's really ams they're humans and hamster out -- I haven't seen the commercials and look like -- look like big. Hamster. You know -- There's human size him. Anyway 27 year old Lee Roy Barnes of Los Angeles collective 51000 dollars and workers' compensation benefits. Claiming that a piece of ceiling had fallen on him and made him unable to work. I guess he thought that since he was in a big cost him in the thinking cancer known would know with him does he work as a cancer gets in fact he worked as a backup dancer from Don. And then several others. You know and he's got themes related to do yet he said he could not dance after the ceiling fell 1 -- But then now California thirty day. Now that work but it -- -- that dancing and not only can you danced and danced and hamsters. Plus dead. It's innocent until proven guilty yeah I'm just thinking if not I -- -- -- hipster customized they'll never catch me that won't know it may. How did they know. If -- check -- records wildcat check for -- -- -- -- guessing -- or whoever made the commercial paid him with a check and reported the earnings to the officials you know that you do you know pay taxes on people I guess they put two and two together and that that that's -- disabled argue. Acres were talking about twenty minutes tomorrow first news WWL AM FM and. Oh god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good morning -- there mr. meteorologist Laura. Four Friday all happy Friday he -- it anyway you ours. And it's getting out of there. Eats to make it feel steamy here a little warmer than the previous day as we get more sunshine -- -- right does that light your way and that rocky kind of short skirt today told us that cool why it's. -- at this time here early eighties it could be expressed its schools possible you know he sought professional. I ought not claiming you don't look for now I'm just hit it's it's it it's kind of not drums you know -- -- tournament -- Obama. Because really all you want awareness have years of sorts in the tank top -- -- -- -- -- -- all that I hire you and I doubt on this that wearing shorts and tank I don't know that it would go over that well. I'll bet -- it now with the boss anyway right. And that's really who. Matters that. The -- -- kind of a rocky shorts are needed the air ball on in the air circulating in local matter -- -- tempting me to try it one of these days. You let me down a -- that used to get picture if you that I think all that the -- wouldn't be professionally. And I don't think. I am just trust me on yeah I'll take your word for it and. Now ladies you may wanna go that route because in part near ninetieth. Had -- ever rain chance next couple days tees so that he just continues to build on and close to 98 again today tomorrow through the weekend. At that just to 10% rating -- state through Sunday -- retry whether all the way through the weekend. I took complete turnaround from what we had over the last week. For the coming leading money and -- these seven days of nothing but rain and now seven days of. Mary Lou can get out with him last week week before you know it's kind of like -- can't can't hit the pool can't do all the fun kind of summertime -- that maybe. Now this weekend at that time and it hit the that -- -- animal theory is that cool off cools down a beautiful what water park yeah banners and Gulfport go to the beach yeah it's. -- and I'm surprised is -- normal for us not to hit nine need to -- -- -- you know it's not as you know our our average high is 89 our average is actually still below 90% -- -- ninety earlier that sometimes -- later but -- that at the airport we've hit ninety just -- and close trouble convincing some people that president network outdoors. And ninety which side's been -- now -- funny -- that we. We have -- nineties different parts of the city may feel hotter than others but. Yeah I mean it's it's. As we know it's the humidity it works and that makes them of their bad it's heated the humidity. At that means like once the sun starts to set up outside kind of watering yesterday -- -- -- actually not that that. But now there's a summary Dresser shorts or help with humidity. And he. Having heat jacket the it help you with the data and -- you're when you're all sticky and his teammates and yeah it's not like you. You know I've told -- many times that I. Always -- -- up in the Guinness book of world or something or something and at times tried my whole -- -- small child -- how can I get you know now an official and kind of been there because that war -- and that things game outcry was we set the record for the most -- -- people on Halloween party ever hit the names you write it wouldn't single unit in single you outlet like Katmandu they just set a world record for three hug. 2000 people mostly students wearing school uniforms gathered in. Nepal's capital on Saturday in a bid to set a world record for the largest tree hug and apparently they dated about 2000 of them just literally went and hugged -- tree. Well I would I would and the 2000 fabric a lot of people but I think you could maybe -- that the previous record is 936 why it's important I think we'd be able to get more than 2000 people out -- -- -- -- -- their record and enough of that I can and can't he had thought out single W oak trees -- really -- an -- on -- enough. And it's true immediately it gives you something and you know where you by yourself do it still don't know what that's going to be. Pam Jones was surprised by an intruder in her backyard in Gulfport. Who's letting your dog out when she spotted an alligator in her swimming pool in the cool that's. Yeah I understand. Eight climbed out tickets if you raise that. Sunday even hit the high -- will -- the pool all the time Mississippi wildlife officers took five hours to catch Gator. Now here's the problem is murky water in the gulf -- ball so she -- -- -- wrong -- people violently keep that are is already in June 11 clean the pool -- after you deserve navigator in your pool you Kiki -- cool funky like that. You know as you might have at least felt that there weather and eager little brawls hey I'm right. Not to mosquitoes for sure. Enough pool what's wrong with you damn John. I'm a pool how can I have her all I want you keep it up I would go back on it and keep the chlorine levels of -- -- Violence it in this -- to make it a little money right now. Night. Particular trouble gators gas about to get an ugly people advocate Laura but now. -- right from the news sports yes 99540. Snakes. When -- Thursday morning the day before Friday sports with Steve goes after the 5 point 9 good morning I'm Dave -- one text message today that it doesn't always go for it. -- not promised tomorrow words of wisdom. So I guess you would tell athletes hadn't have sex the night before being competition instead of after the competition great debate and other than boxing it's always been an issue but now it's soccer where there having this debate. World Cup soccer some players say it helps them relax and get ready for a big game. The coach of the Mexican soccer team in the World Cup says no sex before competition. It will make you perform better. I don't know there's ever been any scientific studies done. Sports time now on WWL regardless of his activities last night and I was gonna do great job delivering a sports -- this morning he Steve Geller hasty. Good morning David good morning everyone happy Thursday -- Robinson's goal this season with the saints. Is to earn more snaps as the running back was handed the ball just 54 times last season in his rookie year but he did manage four point one yards per carry. He rob says he's definitely more comfortable in the offense now compared to this time last year. He lost a lot of few. She -- in our Hershey's very from grass is definitely a big difference classy knowledge bases you run you know overpowered the right way sort NASCAR allowed the constant plays -- way to -- -- -- -- it. Well you can tell everybody he's the man he's the man he's the man 49ers quarterback Colin Capra nick has inked a six year extension said to be worth a 126. Million dollars with a record setting 61. Million guaranteed. Cap cities by the deal got done before training camp. Very excited to have him down at this point and we don't have to worry about talks or anything like that movie close. We can get back to football and focus on trying to win -- Super -- The spurs and -- -- in the NBA finals for the second straight year as game one tips off tonight in San Antonio. Miami's LeBron James says he's excited to be gunning for a third straight title. Is is being in this position to do to win a third straight promise of blessed. Talk and ask for more and there's opportunity for me to do always wanted to do -- -- -- continue to win championships. Well the NBA looks like we'll get its wish and be don't with Donald Sterling an attorney for the LA clippers owner says. That the sterling has agreed to sign off on selling the team the former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. But what would be a record two billion dollars sterling bought the team for twelve million dollars in 1980 want. And the LA kings have taking game one of the Stanley Cup final with a 32 overtime win. Over the New York Rangers today -- four on sports talk here from saints head coach Sean Payton quarterback Drew Brees and more following organized team activities. Are there any weaknesses on this year's squad what are your biggest questions on the black and gold roster I'm Steve Geller with -- early morning look it's. Boards we have taken in the Stanley Cup finals. How we talk about battle on I'm rooting for the kings just because I am a Rangers hader as the New Jersey Devils -- growing up as a Jersey boy I just think it's funny that. Every sport which is -- in the sport that gets that is the one that has the least attention as New York vs Eliot championship. The two biggest media market these numbers is way. The NBA finals resume tonight. Heat and spurs you picked a very early on in the playoffs the spurs to win at all definitely -- for Tim Duncan in the spurs are like that their squad but. And east I still think Dave. That San Antonio will take it in six I'll say. I just think they have more debt and theirs they're. The way they move the ball is just incredible law I'm always in all of watching them play. I think this is the year they'll be able to overtake Miami Heat our rights to use stick in with your regional original prediction you did wobble little bit with the -- not all Donald Sterling thing came up yeah -- like that leopard you'll have an inspired bit. And now that the we -- broke back to the two teams that we know are in the championship in your stick in with your original prediction in six and cities will -- and I -- speaking of Donald Sterling. I am. All the stories we've had the last few days about these Major League -- deals Donald Sterling now on his -- selling the clippers for two. Billion dollars a record. Hi Colin cabinet. Getting a record 61 million dollars guaranteed in his six year deal with the San Francisco 49ers. -- -- -- with Nick Saban getting. A record almost seven million dollars a year to coach a college football team -- that in sports it just goes up nothing goes down. I mean that the values just keep growing and all the money's got to become -- from the stands ultimately. Absolutely has -- -- look at those ticket prices every single year getting increase more and more. You look at the prices. Even just the paraphernalia all the merchandise people by. And just a -- -- purity game geez yeah it's pretty brutal for fans right now I I know without my immediate past I couldn't afford to go to every game for sure. And that that is that is -- deal deal -- next deal compared to breezes. I mean. -- his job got a hundred million dollars for six years with the sixty -- guarantees so I'd rather have -- proven Super Bowl. And BP compared to a guy. Just entering his fourth season so he gets a million -- this -- got a guaranteed overs and a month's time right and 26 million dollars more. Tackle it shot on on the -- potentially. That we're gonna bargain and Drew Brees now compared to -- cabinet. Yes I don't wanna hear actually enjoys the USA a reason ever happening today. Absolutely your team hands down note it is only one quarterback I might might take over drew and that's on the Aaron Rodgers. Via. Just because of youth right there. And house and -- is considerably younger than there yapping about. For five years younger thank you Steve putted fifteen minutes more sports here on WWL I am not them back out pilots wrap it up of that discussion. If you could have -- tabernacle Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers quarterbacking your team. This year who would you want that to me it's an idiot that I 56 -- your forecast. Your Thursday outlook looks a lot like Wednesday very dry outside and other warm afternoon we should be the upper eighties later today. I may be some patchy fault with lows near 74. In for Friday at 10% rain chance with highs creeping up to near ninety and by Saturday. We may be up to 91 and moving on to that 10% chance first rainstorm. The Eyewitness News forecast thinner I'm meteorologist Clark. Tell 74 at the airport 73 and Slidell text messages at 87870. Breeze lots of exclamation points no question Russell Wilson says someone else that's -- they want as their quarterback right now. Says cabinet. -- -- -- -- get paid back with more after this. -- text and I think cabinet get a good quarterback to pay him like you would Peyton Manning Brees or Brady seems premature very premature right now relatives behave really. Drew Brees I wouldn't take QB 122 million dollars -- Wins a Super -- ill -- -- when he -- million more than -- over the same time but he didn't lose achievable -- one. Another person's actions birdies I'll capitals. And Jordan master control says you take Aaron Rodgers if he had to pick one quarterback to start this team right now. Thank you brought your text messages have a happy day before Friday.

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