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WWL>Topics>>6-5 6:45am Tommy, trying juveniles as adults

6-5 6:45am Tommy, trying juveniles as adults

Jun 5, 2014|

Tommy talks to Stephen Govin, a criminal defense attorney in New Orleans, about trying juveniles as adults

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Steven Goldman joins us right now criminal defense attorney in Wisconsin and as a relates to these 312 year old girls two of whom set the third up. And in the order -- from a sleepover and that'll everywhere at designers -- handed to do everything they could be killer. And it was all about a fictional Internet character and get that background because now as I understand it. They've been charged as an adult her Wisconsin law but there are some that say they shouldn't be charged that way morning Stephen. Thanks for taking the time -- -- first off was I accurate in what I just said and how where politics figuring in all this. You were accurate in the state -- Wisconsin. When there's an Alec adhesion. Attempted first degree homicide or first degree homicide. And the offender -- ten years of age or older. The adult court has what's called -- regional jurisdictions so the proceedings will start in adult court. Com is the offenders ten years and feature war. Or older. It's -- rarely use statute thank you thankfully but that is the statute and and it has been on the books for some time. So that climate -- I would think it. It is first off I would think there's there's an -- any kind of grand jury for this because it's it's pretty clear that and I guess they already have been arrested and charged and secondly in terms of politics. Is there are strong sentiment because of the -- ridiculous and and heinous nature of this crime to charge of these kids is adults I know they have been. But as the public going along with -- -- they agreeing with the defense attorneys. No I think I think that. From what the public knows right now way people think that it's in the right place at least to start. In I was scared and we don't have injuries and actually -- that the charging document comes out of the criminal complaint out of the district attorney's office so. They've made that decision. A court has reviewed the actual complaint and found that there's probable cause. And and then next step in the process is really for the defense attorneys to. -- evaluate their clients. And determine if what we call here a reverse Weaver back to juvenile court. Is appropriate in its total I would anticipate them filing. For you for reverse sweeper. And then ultimately court's gonna have to determine if if -- they're birds prefer not but I think the community in general. Is rightfully horrified by the allegations. And and very concerned. We were talking there Raquel Rutledge yesterday with the Milwaukee journal sentinel and I had asked her about. Behavior of the the big girls that allegedly you know throw that into the standing because. In Louisiana I believe the standard for an insanity defenses had to know whether it was wrong at the time you did it and I was wondering if those same in Wisconsin. And is there any thing in the behavior of the girls it would either strengthen or weaken and insanity defense. It's similar here in the state Wisconsin yes I mean basically if you want to enter a plea of not guilty by reason of mental disease or defects. You'd have to -- bit later you'd didn't know right from wrong or you could and conform your conduct to two blocks. That could be difficult. Proposition in this -- from what we know right now. It seems as stole. The allegations are that. Did the young girls were were playing in this for some time. The number of months. And ultimately. It's sounds -- abilities -- will word. The victim of them out into a wooded area. And and then committed crimes so there is quite a few steps in that process. That would seem to strike against state. In these facts I think ultimately what the defense attorneys are going to be looking at least. A -- the key is whether. These young girls are confident you can help them in their defense. And then really focusing on. Trying to get this this matter back into the juvenile court. We're certainly the penalties rupees significantly reduced. And today and maybe in their opinion could get better treatment for -- -- I appreciate your time and how we had chance talked to you again. --

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