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6-5 7:15am Tommy, arrests in Orleans Parish

Jun 5, 2014|

Tommy talks to Rafael Goyeneche, the President of the Metropolitan Crime Commission, about a new report on arrests

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And a report out by the metropolitan crime commission concerning and LTD and as I read it. And I didn't know whether they don't eating in a court system got a good grade. Hours specifically in LTD I guess a good grade or bad grade -- going to -- joins us right now president of the metropolitan crime commission. Marta ray played on our aren't very good thanks has taken -- time to only do what the report looked dead and what it found. Basically we tracked. All the corruption report all the arrest made by the you know he'd be. And we capture that information from the sheriff's office and the rest is booked into the sheriff's office. And we break the arrest categories. In -- different categories the most serious category are on rearrested subjects. Those -- the only differences or Sanders. That is the arrest is converted to a conviction and you move those individuals. And sentenced him to Syria aren't there. In our opinion is the best benchmark or metric. To apply to this extra rest of the police department and district attorney's office. So what we do as we follow every one of those colony rights through the process to determine what the outcome years. And nationally about the B 4% of all felt -- -- result in a felony conviction. In New Orleans. Four we started doing -- when the police are their own they're metric for success was just total number of words. Just turn result that's metric for success. What is the total convictions not talking about whether it's a felony or misdemeanor or there was a plea Bart and chase which were used to produce mixed. So we couldn't acted. The measure of success between police and prosecutors together forcing them to work. More cooperatively. To convert our ranch in two convictions and will be seen in years. For the storm rule now about 20% arrest or conviction rate. In 2012. If it risen 45%. So the national standard spirit before. So in about five years. We we more than double the arrest and conviction right. And there's still room for improvement but this is good news that the needle moving in the right direction -- And the everybody knows I think by now it's an undermanned understaffed however you wanna say don't be sexist here but. And OPD day at a recruiting class going right now through people authority dropped -- but I think. That's normal attrition and I guess the point I'm getting to -- feel going net changes. Are the police still wasting time with traffic attachment. Arrest in and I know I read in the -- what three hours off the street for every arrest if you bring some money in for a traffic attachment. Probably about two hours to an average. So yes sure right you know there's there's a lot of good news in the report as I spoke about the pro Europe's. With respect a local arrests were misdemeanor offenders. What the police department is doing is exercising their discretion and issuing summonses and little arresting a lot of these low level nonviolent offenders. But where the police department I think it's still. Dropping the ball and squandering some of their resources it is -- resting in an inordinate number of our parish. Our traffic violators that failed to pay their their fines and fees and and other jurisdictions. So what happens is that. Over 7000 try and see here. Individuals. Primarily the low level -- The vast majority of them people that had been issued tickets and didn't. They either hearing court for either and are being encountered during the war weapons and being rested dispute years. And a PD officers shall bring them to archer solved this were booking. -- although the market share in the jurisdiction that issued that attachment. And be foreign jurisdiction whether feature since anchor -- Saint Bernard. Or the river merchants welcome picked those people out there released one day. So that happens thousands of times a year as you pointed out where 36 year low for manpower right now. So you're looking at it and if it happens 5000 times a year which is conservative number that's 101000 man hours that are squandered. There and those individuals. Are not being serious about. For the jurisdiction that issued those post attachments to complete in my. Give a couple more minutes -- feel sure I won't come back just wanna ask why is it that NO PD won't let his skull and I don't know if it's. You know about some kind of reimbursements and a dollar thing where even if the other jurisdiction doesn't come pick them up somehow. OPP somebody gets paid for -- I don't know but it just seems to me. Completely and totally ridiculous that in a BD continues to do this when they know. I'd Fred you get in pay your traffic taken in Jefferson Parish Susan attachment. You gotta go downtown -- hands behind your back and then they called rivers in Paris and Jefferson paris' repeatedly. And cut him loose when -- time for that 722 time related traffic and if you've ever. Been arrested on traffic attachment and Orleans parish I'd love to hear from you your story about what happened after that Terrell Robbins announced traffic -- Tommy Tucker Tucker and Raphael going at. Arrest -- conviction ratio. For felonies -- Orleans parishes up markedly before Katrina was a 20% and and for 22 dollars and 45%. The national average 54 and Raphael I just don't understand why the NO PD continues to pick up people compliments stuff from on. The outstanding traffic attachments from. Different parishes when they take him to jail and another parish says every time cut -- loose unless there's more. Serious charge so is it hard headed misses there's some kind of financial incentive renal PD did do this. Others -- financial incentive to do it in fact if there's a financial center -- financial. Incentive to not do it. But historically. Police. Have been trying to enforce quarts or. So these attachments -- orders them jurisdictions. To arrest them so to address this particular issue. We went to the legislature. In 2011. The legislature created exceptions. To that longstanding law enforcement. Policy of enforcing court orders and the law which changed to give the police -- discretion. To issue summons in little rationing lol couple. Nonviolent. Offenders specifically traffic offenders. So there is now comparable law to change what you know peavy Buehrle is doing. I think is merely a matter of additional training to make the officers more aware of the change in law. So it's a matter. I think just. Updating the officers. On the law change. And hopefully they'll start to to back down from this policy. Barack staying anywhere from three or four or 5000. People a year on these offenses that. Or counterproductive. In any circumstance but. A few weeks ago when we're in the throws upper thirties -- sheer manpower well. In stepping -- police department. Will only have a minute or two left and speaking of awareness one thing that's always puzzled media I don't know if there's a legitimate reason sport I don't know if that happens in other states but. I don't think anything is terrifying for any elvis'. Being pulled over and and they take your license and they're running your name and you think you know lord I hope I don't have any kind outstanding. Attachment for traffic I think I paid every ticket. Tom is there any is needed practice another state where somebody can logon and check to see if they have any outstanding warrants work. Themselves and you know maybe could do it with -- with some kind of Social Security -- and inferred. They secured I guess amassed in Raphael it would seem like if somebody knew they had an outstanding Mardy go take care of it. -- yeah. I'm not aware of any local database that citizens can can walk on to. They could probably check bear -- -- they check traffic court Tutsis. You know ask that there may be run to see if there's any. Obligations that particular driver and every parish. I would suspect that. Whatever traffic court -- the appropriate court. Would be -- that they would be able to check strategy if there is. And the unresolved. Traffic map. As a public record is a non. Yeah. I Raphael appreciate your time I really do a -- -- a great -- good to talk -- again -- feel going into a prison in the metropolitan crime commission.

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