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6-5-14 10:10am Scoot: on "comedy" news shows

Jun 5, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and asks if Comedy Central's news shows do a better job of informing than serious news programs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning I'm screwed in fort Garland has done -- -- will be -- -- -- today tomorrow as he has every Friday morning -- back on the -- show tomorrow night in the meantime Bob Mitchell. Has been doing this to show from -- -- -- like major witness on this Thursday morning. Is going to be another very warm day I believe it's Saturday nights of Bruno Mars in concert here in New Orleans of people excited about. That -- Yesterday I was talking about obsessive compulsive disorder and I received a number of emails trying to answer all of them if I have not gotten to your email yet -- real. It's amazing how many people can probably too. What I experience with obsessive compulsive disorder now it's now it's under control. It's a lot better and I guess I stand as an example that you can get it under control but I was amazed at how many people specifically did. Exactly do the things that idea. And a mother just pleading for any kind of help -- can get hurt her young daughter. So we'll get to all of those -- if you want to communicate with me through email don't OCD you're about anything for that matter. My email addresses scoot aunt Debbie if you will not count thanks for Aaliyah. Thanks for all the response to give them the tools send emails later today. There's a new study out that shows that the cold -- report with Steven -- -- company central did a better job explaining a key political issue. And get the network's -- today here just a moment also later in the show. -- wanna talk about this really creepy story. 212 year old girls. Suspects in the stabbing of another trophy girl who was stamped nineteen times. Police say the girls were influenced by demonic fictional character. Name slender. Who they -- in a web site. And they wanted to be was like a man who they believed even always a fictional character. Lived in the mansion in the woods. In order to. Win his attention. To become proxies. Of slender man. They -- -- kills about. And so they planned to kill their twelve year old friend in order to get. The attention -- Now do you blame. The web site. Do you blame. Those who contribute to the website who created this this creature who told these girls essentially to -- Do you hold the website accountable talk about that a little bit later in the show if you do what -- -- and as for the comment about anything we talk about today. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Activity in a text number is 87870. Which of the following. Networks. Do you think did the best job explaining the issue of campaign finance. Was -- Fox News. Was MSNBC. CNN. ABC. CBS. Or NBC. Which one did the best job of explaining the issue of a campaign fires which is a very complicated issue. I mean it's it's it's one of those cerebral. Issues. Which which network did the best job. Actually it was none of the ones I just mentioned. It was Comedy Central. A new study from the University of Pennsylvania. Shows that the cold -- report on Comedy Central. Did the best job of all of the networks. In explaining. Campaign finance. To viewers. Now you might be appalled by that you might be shocked by that you might think that is a sign of the end of the world being very near. But the cold -- report did a better job that Fox News MSNBC CNN ABC CBS. Or NBC. News explaining campaign finance. Again notices this is shocking but an honest investment I'm an honest assessment. Of the major news -- the network to cable channels and network channels. I'd shoot job. Should actually put company central on the same level as the established news networks when it comes to. Delivering. Notes and I know this is appalling to a lot of people but this is another indication that. America's changing the study was conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. Shows like the Colbert Report we Stephen Colbert and the daily show with Jon Stewart both on Comedy Central have consistently been gaining ground with younger audiences. And research shows that a growing number of younger voters. Are getting their daily news from Stephen cold there. -- -- Kobe or -- Percent the top news stories of the day with qualified guest often politicians sometimes celebrities. We join in the discussion about the top issues in the news called Clarence Stewart you Schumer sarcasm they're very you referenced. When delivering legitimate news stories today. When you consider the narrow perspective. Of the news presented on fox and MSNBC in particular an exe and and is is less. Obviously terms of being right or left but fox is right in MSNBC. Is left. When you think about that bitter verbal battles that often erupt on the sets during a discussion about the top issues. Sure it really be surprised that younger generations aren't talking about basically under 45. Is it any surprise that younger generations. Are turning to the Colby a report in The Daily Show as they -- source of news. America is changing. And changes don't necessarily easily accepted by today's a -- was. Fox News and MSNBC. Have almost become satires of themselves. During heated verbal debate was especially at Fox News. Tried commuting to -- out just turn the sound off. And just watch. It's almost comical. The sarcasm. Stephen colder and Jon Stewart while delivering the news. I think is a statement that reflects the contempt. At a younger generation those under 45 half for the bitter tone political debate in America today. The sarcasm of the news oriented shows -- Comedy Central mocks the serious we are right mentality. Of the news networks obvious to publish. The Kobe a report in The Daily Show stand out. Because the harsh partisan bickering. On the other cable news channels. Has turned artist political debate. It's a comedy. And Lester one of those who so immersed in need that the writer at the left to do you you just see this all is the gospel. In spite of the referenced that defines Jon Stewart -- to colder. Both delivered the news and actually deal rather deeply into meaningful discussions about the top news stories of the day. The attitudes of cold -- -- Stuart company central. Are no more distracting to news content and a pompous self righteous attitudes of the host on Fox News and MSNBC. The -- reports The Daily Show or not responsible for dumbing down America. Both shows present an honest view. Of a growing disgust. With the political battlefields that we -- on Fox News and MSNBC. Colbert or Stewart but changing America's presentation at the news they're reflecting. Changing America. Now this doesn't mean that the news Willie fall into comedy shows but Kolb and Stewart -- reaction to what many Americans now think. A cable news channels that seem to be on a mission to set America straight at the fill their goal of telling Americans how to think and what to feel. The signs -- everywhere. The results of the election 2012 and the rapidly fading dominance of the far right on talk radio and cable news indicate changes. Fox News is losing its coveted 25 to 54 audience and the other networks MSNBC and CNN don't have much of an audience in -- category and voters under 45 are beginning to have an impact. On the political process. And the Democrats Republicans and the cable news networks need to recognize that America is changing. And I think for the better. If you graduate as for the comment our numbers 2601870. Where do you get your news what what's your biggest source of those who do you trust the most and who's commentary. Do you trust the most whether it's a network or maybe specifically. An individual. Where do you get most of your news. That -- things change in America. Our numbers 2601 a seventy tool free 866889. Is nearly seventy and a Texan -- Is he 7870. Is a Texan -- 57 and I get my news from cold air and Stewart yeah they are going to be those people who war. Who were into Stewart and and -- even though they're not under under 45. What are you get your news. I'm studio for Garland recovered right back with your comments on -- WL well connected to show I'm -- in four Garland. It was ten years ago today doesn't seem like it was ten years ago over ten years ago today. Ronald Reagan passed away. General secretary Gorbachev. If you seek peace. If you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. If you seek liberalization. Come here to this game. Mr. Gorbachev. Open this -- mr. Gorbachev. Pared down this war. What a classic moment from Ronald Reagan and we'll be remembering Ronald Reagan throughout the -- today. A passed away ten years ago today. Here's our DeVon it you'll pretty gigolo -- people also will be talking about this later in the show you foot twelve year old girls get an idea to stand their friend. In response to we demonic creature. A web site as the web site bear responsibility for the stamp. 6% say yes. 94% say no. Give your opinion regulatory web sites to -- W dot com we'll be tracking polls showed -- talk about it later this is a really creepy creepy story. He's -- to twelve years old. They're being tried as adults and Tommy was talking about this earlier this morning. They were trying to win favor. They were trying to become proxies. Of this demonic creature slender man on a website. Who gave them the idea to -- Now they didn't kill the girl. They wanted to kill or the -- -- their different -- nineteen times. But she lifted immediately identified him to be talking about it but later in the show where do you get your news. Who do you most trust when it comes to your source of news. If you just joined -- steers. There's a study out from the University of Pennsylvania. Indicating that. The cold -- report did a better job. Of of explaining campaign finance. That MSNBC fox CNN or any of the major networks. So where do you get your news script like today is titled it's it may be time to take the comedy -- Seriously. You can read and share with -- on our website at WQL dot com if you would join us with a -- -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. It's early seventy in a text numbers 87 negativity on the twin -- meg guinier under a BWL. -- Actually supposed to now -- are referring to that as the it to the frank B Davis memorial -- because middle and Frank Davis memorial bricks. I I don't I don't think they. A lot of people still refer to the hale Boggs bridge is the losing. -- No yeah. And calling out the -- and an older. She -- error. -- -- -- chill. And you brought it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Feel. Shell. And it. And you. Know. People. -- great. And mega I don't think there's any question that it called bear. And Jon Stewart comedy central's they lean to left and they're very very sarcastic to the right. But they still tell the story and they do a good job telling the story and are talking to somebody before the show and halls here at the station and he said meant a conservative. I don't always agree with Jon Stewart -- the guy is funny some always well I don't care what he's talking about it it's it's funny and would you think about how Fox News and MSNBC in particular. Have become such job and a mockery and satire of themselves. Then I know people are looking for another source. What are age I think box for somebody else out there needs to act. -- air. -- all currently presenting. An important. They're they're not know the company channels not presenting it right they're more left. They're they're -- exactly leaning left. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- people. Into our edge. There. Well grounded. On. And made an. And and comedy satire are very powerful ways to over the news. Then again I'm I'm glad you called the -- check amount done a lot of younger people and as a younger people -- -- under 45 hour. Going to call their report and the daily show with Jon Stewart is -- some business. A from the Gulf Coast Pete you're on -- VW on good morning. And it points to valued today. I think it one on my body text you quite often by -- time out on front -- -- you know satanic -- but on. I agree that electing the battle. Colder I think it's easier for people that it is because they think I'm watney -- I believe that. If you listen to someone who's not afraid to go a little bit of -- comedy. Opinion or view -- through it -- elected to get it. Approach or view of the troops because I think that the -- at -- -- and it ought to. That left to right at -- that the right at the country's becoming divided on that on that particularly. It's it's it's it's it's so serious. And I realized that the news is serious but you know -- I've always been really good at recognizing transient in pop culture with music and also with politics and in social issues. And I see younger generation -- for for years now. Have adopted the music of the eighties the younger people who were too young to even have been born when when eighties music was out -- is overly popular. Eighties night in the French Quarter today -- -- -- jacks every Thursday night and it's packed in in Denver and it was a a place Obama. There was a place the snake pit which had a big eighties night at -- people are in there and they're dancing to this music and they're singing to stop and and for the most part a lot of music in the eighties was happy it was uplifting this was a a good time for America whether you agree with Reagan or not. Reagan was president it was a it was a good -- and in America I'm seeing a lot of the new music that's coming out today that has that. Happy you're optimistic. Sound from from the eighties and this is reflective. For generations a couple of younger generations. That don't really wanna take things quite so so seriously doesn't mean they don't want the real news but they're tired of this you know this is the way you have to think this is the way idiots. Exactly and it's not like that you brought that up and yet the other day you used -- -- dot com I think it's time outrage. And then in union you're so right at C in my opinion and -- I'm I'm I'm -- -- that that the the point but not that bad but in my in my mind that one thing is that the track. -- in in my opinion with the -- but that it would able to elected to it in control what was. That the lightly -- -- out you -- the country because he was able to. Put aside the -- -- -- right -- and what I. Well you know Ronald Ronald Reagan and speaker now's the time tip O'Neal had their bitter public arguments but you know that they ultimately compromise. He got to get to a news -- ever likely to call. If your -- -- -- -- -- for Garland -- that your news but he trust the most for your news and numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers -- of the Acer and and budget -- to more calls to get to. When we come back here's a WWL news updates with -- another on new song from Justin Timberlake is is called not a bad thing and -- diaries from realty. You know for those of you who are asking the questionable what stars today are going to. And last overtime and and still be remembered Justin Timberlake will definitely be among them. I'm scope for -- here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion polling is something we'll talk about a little bit later in the show. If like if twelve year old girls get an idea to stamp -- friend in response to a demonic creature website does the creator of that creature. The website do they bear responsibility for the stamp. 14% say yes 86% say no give us your opinion by going to WW -- accounts really creepy story get into the sport. A little bit later right now we're talking about where where do you get your news. There's a study from the Hershey Pennsylvania showing that the cold air report on Comedy Central didn't do a better job than the other networks. Fox MSNBC CNN and ABC CBS and NBC. The -- they reported a better job in explaining campaign finance to people penalty of the networks. Appalling shocking to a lot of people but that is is a new reality. Scoop on today's titled it may be time to take comedy news seriously that's on our website at WW dot com. Got a bunch a text to get to get to those here in just a moment so would you get your news. From the world and so -- a year and a VW well. I'm well I'm feminine for and I am not conservative. And I want Jon Stewart and Stephen -- and I can understand why they won that poll. It was a Paul it was actually it was a of this study. That indicated that they did a better job -- the other networks -- were colder get a better job explaining something it's dry and complicated his campaign finance. Yeah well all right that they came out in the study I remember the crowd -- has started -- -- -- its -- and he explained how easily it can be corrupted them. And that news networks today not what they were years ago when he reported like it would on morals would take on top topics. Some of those news chose on Sunday talk shows -- now Reagan actually allow actual. Factually incorrect statements to go -- they don't catch things that some of these politicians that saying that I simply factually incorrect. Point -- sometimes that they look for those things that simply support a specific. View I don't really care about the truth. That's correct and they have this by the false equivalency. Where if one party has that view and they they blocked that some on the opposite view even if it. Not equivalent if it's if it's twisted. Or -- the spokesperson is not of the same caliber as the one who did the original bid. And I would hope that you know comedy is in defensive we should all be able to laugh at ourselves it is -- year. Like and I got a text it indicating this these two shows a comedy central's the Colbert Report in to The Daily Show. They make fun of the left to open I would say they probably go to too little greater lengths to make fun of the right. But if you're if you're right so -- I mean like effect. Well I agree with you about that it does -- out but of course that's my only interest so I I don't I think it's music. But there are no right leaning go to -- -- That all the time you know we do. Part -- serious let's say what are the things that I thought from my perspective of being in the industry. One of the things that led to the total collapse of air America which were supposed to be the liberal radio network yes. They took themselves too seriously yeah -- and it was an entertaining enough. You know that's true -- the matter was one of the best one that air America put out she -- heroic act like at least circuit that picture right it's not as. -- it's not a new thing and that's cents. -- I enjoyed our conversation and thanks for listening here's the texts I get by news from Drudge. Mainstream media is too biased I see America become a Third World country we are losing all of our values. Here's the -- called Barrett Stewart's skew the news left I watch no news. But it's read a lot of news online in the paper. -- ecology skew everything. To. Skew everything the left so their conclusions. Are suspect. Yeah but you know if you really go into the methodology of of doing studies. And taking surveys and this is in response to the fact that the University of Pennsylvania did this study. Studies have more accurate than you think it's interesting that the people tend to believe the studies that they agree with and discount the studies they don't agree with -- here is taxed that reads. You should never trust a single source for political news. Everybody has biases. However a subtle they might be and I totally agree with that here's a text I get my news from WWL. I don't to trust the mainstream media and but I'm not a fan of Stewart are cold they're either. I read various Internet sources I occasionally watch Russia today which I trust more than fox or MSNBC. Here's attacks 55 years old. I hate to watch the preachers. On any of the news channels -- their report is number one. Hate to watch the preachers. Dose of the president's. Those of the talk show hosts. On the news channels because of preachers. And accurately so. Here's attacks 65 years old love uncle -- Stewart. I'm studio for girl and if you wanna join us with your comment boarded issued notes are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- early seventy text HIV -- -- we're coming right back after this break on WL. If you haven't consciously thought about it think about where you get your news. Is it Fox News is at MSNBC music. The evening news on the major networks. Is -- BWL. Is it the newspaper is it to. Internet sites well what where do you get most of your news. How we're talking about this because Iverson reading about a study done at the University of Pennsylvania. And the researchers discovered that the cold -- report on Comedy Central did the best job of all of the networks Fox News MSNBC. CNN all the major networks. Did the best job of explaining campaign finance to people. And it may shock a lot of people. Also there are younger audiences and I mean under 45. And getting their news from Jon Stewart and Stephen colder. Is -- a sign of the times where do you get your -- our numbers 2601 accepting. Toll free 86688. -- hear what's happening at tech's number is a 7710. Years ago today Ronald Reagan passed away. It down without god there is no virtue because there's no prompting of the conscience. Without god we're mired in the material. That's flat world that tells us only what the census perceive. Without god there is of course and of the society. And without democracy will not and cannot wrongdoing. We ever forget it we're one nation under god. Then we will be a nation from going under. I know I wonder how that would be received today if a president or presidential candidates today it. -- Ronald Reagan was just so brilliant and it's relating to people. He knew exactly what to say at the time and that's why he was elected and re elected Ronald Reagan did represents in the eighties which was. It was there was a positive time in America doesn't mean things were good for for everybody but in general it was a good time in America. Communism was coming to an end. A democracy was spreading. And then if there was a happy Tony music I think about the danceable eighties music that I was playing at Verizon earlier and station would be 97. And -- so many young people today who -- now. Craving that kind of attitude right here in so much of the new music. Also there's a very positive patriotic attitude in some of the music today and -- share part of the song from a management dragons. The song is called America. Now this is so this is a group that reminds me of the eighties. But this is that this a song that is speaking to a young generation today if you wanna join our show would come in our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. In a text numbers eights and needs to be more of your -- are coming up what's go to home John your WWL. -- could expect -- Well over eighty. And -- Stewart and now. And have a guy and it is doing it that dark comedy. But you know it is not that people enjoyed the way they explained. Look I bought via. -- -- contributions that I'll watch the -- just c'mon wouldn't believe it on the DePaul. And that's that that's uncalled for. I'll watch a lot of quite a bit. And what I'll rely -- is that he felt horrible about. When he asked a question he. If you insist on that answer and right away he's gonna give you one more chance -- -- -- -- you'll. But it you know it's. You know I caught up in the dark quality years. And I'm just tired of pay in taxes that benefits. Taxes that the stay intact festival got all of the local government. You know it and detailed articles. Well admired that the government apparently don't look at the corporate not -- to -- ordered off restore. And you -- have a heart attack when you go shopping. Bill he's not propping up an independent fortified here. Signaled our optics somebody that -- thing might do the best for me which in most cases all of that but are still available. Well I'm John you're an ideal citizen because nobody should vote just based on party people should vote based on the best candidate and it. No candidate is gunners in all probability reflect years specific views but you just have to vote for their. The one that's the best choice there were so many people in the 2012 presidential election. That they didn't like Mitt Romney because he wasn't conservative enough so they stayed away from the polls and that helped reelect Obama. You bet there and I -- -- -- -- -- I know some person. And you know lots of the world what good did you know if you didn't like Ottawa. So I'm not gonna go well and actually you know it was activated not in control. And by not voting you actually are voting for. The opposition. Boot camp. John I have -- have a new friend in home and I've been down there on twice since Sunday and I tell you I walked in that Rouse is on saint Charles. Say Charles my god that is a palace. And you guys have one of the best stores and in the country. It is confusing that you walk and serve well or -- -- this straight. As a hot topic yet play a guy. It's kind of like a casino you know they want you to walk around a circle so you'd see you never leave immediately you keep -- you keep the playing -- you keep buying stuff done I enjoyed recover station thanks for listing down at home. If you are join us for your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines are simply text I received 7870. Here's a -- I'm 37 think -- or -- or doing an excellent job. And explaining complex and controversy you'll subjects I watch these shows with like fifteen year old daughter. And I know she's learning things she otherwise wouldn't because let's face it teenagers aren't going to watch fox or CNN. I'm -- it for Garland will be right back on W well. Where do you get your daily news who do you trust the most. As we're talking about the -- -- in fort Garland from New Orleans -- like the WW well. If they stick -- tall like. It topped it -- Britain most people that wants. Eight during. National media. Has. Simply -- senator Barack. Their own Bible where it at people like Rupert Murdoch you'd think here and our products science story and bull story -- more. -- that we speak and -- deviant forms yourself -- More -- And get our Internet go to congress so there are two or any insights. That you think you can't use any type -- war. -- you know that's it that's definitely something to think about although I don't know if it's the news is really orchestrated the -- some people think it is by the global owners. We'll talk more about that in the next hour here's a really a quick clip that's on -- is talking about America by imagine dragons. Okay. Imagine dragged into song is called America. There's a lot of really good -- music out now that reminds me very much of. Eighties and I I'm sensing something very positive in younger generations today which -- they -- Is -- is a great thing and hopefully -- influence. There's some of those among the baby boomer establishments of which I am on a hostile witness. Hopefully able influence them and make them a little more positive all right I stood for Garland and we will be right back.