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6-5-14 11:10am Scoot: on "comedy" news and Slender Man

Jun 5, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and talks about whether comedy news is more informative than real news and about the story of two 12-year-old girls who stabbed a friend in homage to a fictional character called Slender Man.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning welcome back to the show I'm student for a girl and -- the vehicle be in the think tank cut tomorrow Friday accused every Friday. And then I'll be back for Garland again next Monday through Thursday and impact on this coach -- tomorrow night for me to denied I'm looking forward that. Think Bob Mitchell for during the show won all of this week. We've been talking about this report that comes from the University of Pennsylvania and that a lot of people discredit that because they say every everybody in the in the northeast is is liberal. Well it's really not true. But this report from the University of Pennsylvania researchers shows that the -- their report on Comedy Central did the best job of all the networks in mentioning and explaining. Campaign finance to people. I know this is shocking for a lot of people the Colbert Report did a better job according to this study by researchers. Of explaining campaign finance and Fox News MSNBC CNN and ABC CBS. And NBC. It may be time to take company news seriously that's the -- blog you can read it -- others it's on our website at WWL. Dot com and there are a lot of people and studies have shown this we're getting their news from Jon Stewart and Stephen colder. Is this a statement about how disenchanted people are becoming we have. The mainstream media distinction of people becoming with fox and MSNBC CN and the cable news networks. If you wanna join us with a comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven protects Amber's late 77. To get to a few of these text here is attacks that reads. I'm John Oliver cold there. -- bar and Stewart are quick to critique criticized politicians on either side. Yes they favor the left. With fox there either 100% behind Republican politicians unless something happens and then they abandon them altogether. Here's a text. Ivy League schools are extremely left wing what we to expect from them. Nobody comes to study samples. You you would be surprised now. How fair many studies and polls are and people tend to except. The conclusion of a polar study that they agree with and dismissed. The same source giving them a policy -- this is a perfect example. Vladimir -- Russian president. Has now said that Hillary Clinton is weak. Now there are so many conservatives in this country. Who. Will applaud that. But yet able totally dismiss anything else that potent sense. So if you if you have disagreed with -- if you haven't like -- Is it hypocritical to suddenly applaud for prudent if he says. Hillary Clinton is -- you might think Hillary is this week. But for prudent to say its efforts for some people to now suddenly go oh well I guess the guy is pretty Smart. But yet you reject everything else that he says. That's the hypocrisy that I might want to try to fight against. Here is a text. That reads I get my news from Comedy Central. But a lot of different YouTube the -- has -- new show on line also. Look at John I'll offer on HBO's last week tonight here's another text last week tonight with John Oliver on HBO every Sunday night. And at the show called vice is on HBO. It is really good also I don't have HBO so I'd I I missed I guess that shows I've gotten a several text. -- from. Of people who have mention John Oliver. On HBO here's a -- I'm 43 -- WWL. All day at work I do not watch news TV much at all. Here is. Attacks to as a major quality. In becoming. An adult is being able to. Take unvarnished faxed to a conclusion. I don't need the media. To tell me how to think. If you and enjoyed Russia with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And a text amber is a 77. From Algiers Martha here and -- WL. -- I did not read your box -- I don't know it here and back -- and I'm there. Where where even though they're going pack. Emily get it -- armed all. And you are running for president. And every night we -- where was going could be done. And it would wonderful hour period that he'd do it and all that I checked by the hour. And each day's action and how -- doing. And what to -- with the screen actually added you go into the pack. You know a lot -- people on managing economic. And eat it and there are underneath not -- -- -- You know in the area whatever and then they hit it in Italy and it. Outline it here. It was like they did is teaching an intricate as the works at a law notes -- -- -- Do you watch Stephen cold air on a regular basis. -- and now currently. I bought another shell but that we got there till like eight that we -- -- -- -- out due in 2012 election to reach. We watched them -- everyday as it was actually there is an outcome like today. But I appreciate you sharing it -- thanks for thanks for calling. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's a text at many people get all of their news from FaceBook that's true FaceBook and and and Twitter. Now I go to FaceBook and I go to Twitter. To see what people were talking about but if I see something that interests me it will then I. Tried to do research on -- and find out a little bit more about it. There are a couple of different web sites that I go to a regular basis I do watch the news but. I'm think I'm Smart enough to not be manipulated. By the news and there are so many people in this country who were afraid of the media because the -- is manipulating America. I think that if if the induced manipulate you you've allowed the news to manipulate you and it should not be the case. I here's a double to do a pretty general opinion polls this morning. If twelve year old girls get an idea to stay up dear friend in response to -- demonic creature. -- a web site. We newspapers so they're told it shall still supports of the -- different. Does the web -- bear any responsibility for the standing. 15% say yes 85%. Saying -- -- -- by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. This -- have really bizarre story it's a creepy horror story and it's like something that would would be fictional. But it really it really did happen. We're talking about these are 212 -- girls who stabbed her twelve year old friend in the woods in Wisconsin. Tell the story and get your reaction to it when we come back. Scoots into Garland on WWL. As Jose very popular song in the eighties and I still remember in the mid eighty's I don't know where there's 8485. Maybe before remember the epic prince concert in the superdome. Today we are thinking about the 1980s because it's ten years ago today. Ronald Reagan passed away in the song would have been very popular when Ronald Reagan was president when I was doing a morning show and music radio. Ronald Reagan just had -- him. A great demeanor. Such a comforting way of telling you anything to me if I ever had to have the bad news I would -- somebody like Ronald Reagan to Tenet to tell me that bad news. But Ronald Reagan also. -- had a sense of humor and here's a rare moment of Ronald Reagan actually telling a joke. Out driving and a back road on his way to look at some property and suddenly noticed down beside him was a chicken keeping pace with him when he was doing sixty miles an hour. Suddenly the chicken spurted out -- hit. And it looked to him as -- -- can have three legs. And then return went down -- rode into barnyard -- the driver. Turned down that lane drove into the Vanya was a farmer is there any nationally should did you see. Chicken go by here in the Brazilian beaches. Didn't have three legs of congress as yet. Terrorism that way freedom. He should you do. He -- -- the outcome when he should I just love the drumstick and more like the drumstick -- juniors come along and he likes it we just got tired of fighting over. So -- -- really chickens. Mr. Paterson will have a taste pieces I don't know I have been able to catch one. Ronald Reagan passed which it does not seem like ten years ago it is a Reagan passed away at ten years ago today. -- we've been talking about the news we get to this bizarre story about these to a -- girls in just a moment but I've gotten some interesting text about. About the news we've been talking about where you get your your daily news. And I'm getting some text about Al-Jazeera America. In a note the name freaks people out thinking that it's it's a terrorist propaganda network. But apparently it's not know I have Cox cable and Al-Jazeera is not on Cox cable so I don't have another working to get on caught -- -- and all of the all the major cable channels I believe it's on on dish but I'm getting Texan -- I do get called sometimes on -- -- chilly night. From people who watch Al-Jazeera America. And apparently Al-Jazeera American this was their goal was to be less biased. No screaming or shouting. -- they were going to present. The facts. And one of the reasons that Al-Jazeera I believe. Got the reputation that it is god is being a terrorist network. Was because they showed the news as it really wise. And in the area that they were serving. There was a lot of news about terrorist. And they showed their their site if it. But Al-Jazeera has hired two former network stars. Has hired former network producers. Has stolen some from some of the networks I don't remember the but the names but some of them from Fox News and other networks you would actually recognize their names and -- now on Al-Jazeera Americas and get a subject's about that. Here's a text wait you're telling me Fox News is not fair and balanced I'd been duped. Yes I know this comes as a shock to so. So many people. But. If Fox News is not fair and balanced and they say it. But as long as you know that they're not really fair Allison there's nothing wrong with what they do here's a Texan reads part of the brilliance of Stewart and co bear. Is it sometimes. To get the joke fully. You have to do some research into the issue. In that way they are encouraging. More a more knowledgeable society. One of the reasons that I have always defended. Comedy when it comes to even even sensitive issues -- some comedy is just inappropriate. But through comedy. Companies based on on tracks companies based on on a reality. A set of norms and it's it's it's something it's funny because it it it goes overboard -- it on it exaggerates a situation. By exaggerating the situation through comedy it really reinforces. What the real situation yes. Here is attacks that reads a fox and CNN hi what is really happening in the world. They distract us from the truth and what is important. Something that I admire quite often talk about -- -- night is -- entertain it. It doesn't mean it's always fine and happy and entertaining in that sense but in terms of of the the goal of the noose is to attract the largest being the largest possible audience. And their for the cable news networks and fox is brilliant it is their they understand the sex sells. And they'd go out of their way more than the other networks to show attractive females and I'm not saying they're not Smart. But to -- attractive females and to show their Lex. And they have forever -- I've done a brilliant job with that so they're they're very Smart in terms of market. But it's it's really it's entertainment I think we need to realize that and I think one of the greats on one of the great microcosm of of proving that news entertainment. Which would Andrea Mitchell. On MSNBC -- habitual. I would think would be one of the more serious respected journalist. On cable news -- -- -- or not she's got a lot of experience that she's one of the more serious journalist. Andrea Mitchell was talking about I think the the NSA SK I believe that's what atlas. And she broke into the NSA scandal to bring an update on the arrest of Justin Bieber. So to me that tells me a lot of -- the news. Being entertainment. Here's Adobe to do a project opinion poll this morning if -- twelve year old girls get an idea to -- their friend in response to a demonic creature. On a web site. As a web site bigger responsibility. 84% say no only 60% say yes. If your opinion by going to our web site WW dot compasses this is a bizarre creepy story but it really have. According to a police criminal complaint in Waukesha Wisconsin. 212 year old girls -- their twelve year old friend into the warts. And -- after nineteen times. They did it to please -- demonic mythical creature named slender. On a website. The website is it creepy -- Tickets. To its creepy passed on. -- but he gets it Wiki dot com. And the website is it's it's a horror. Horror web site with horror stories and and legends and some of the legends are really true. But these 212 year old girls were trying to. Become proxies. Of slender. And to become a proxy of slender man. You ridiculous and so they tried to kill their friend in hopes of being accepted. Into slender man's mansion in the woods. They wanted to become part of slender man's world this make believe world. -- was creator on his web site. So we tried to kill their friend I mean it's a miracle she didn't -- in fact I think. I think the medical report indicated that one of in nineteen stab wounds was. Just. Millimeters away from a major artery. It would certainly get killed here. These these two girls -- different nineteen times laughter did died -- hoping she would die. But she didn't bleeding she crawled out of the woods a passing bicycle -- Saw her and called 91 point she was taken at a hospital she's recovering with massive -- a stab wounds. But the twelve year old who was stabbed immediately identified. The 212 -- suspects and they were immediately arrested and charged with first degree attempted homicide. And they face up to sixty years in prison if convicted. Since the 212 year old girls are being charged as adults they're names have been released they are twelve year old Morgan geyser. And twelve year old. I -- so we're. And David twelve year old friend who is standing is in the hospital is not that name has not been released. But police say that Morgan -- Which ask why she stabbed her friend and according to the report she told police I may as well just say it killer. The the plea to reports shows that both girls were we're talking to the police about the stabbing and their goal of pleasing slender man. They wanted to go live with him at his mansion in the force they believed they knew exactly where the of the the forest mansion once a -- Internet. If there -- seven a mythical creature on a web site. That tells people to kill people. Do you hold the website accountable. Is. The author is the creator. Of of entertainment. That is designed. To. Entertain people but some people ticket the -- is the web site. Responsible at all. And what your reaction to this story these -- twelve year old girls. At least ten different nineteen -- it was premeditated. They planned this out. They were they were planning it says on on Friday that it happened over the weekend. So who's responsible for this. And do you treat these twelve year old girls. Like adults I mean their twelfth. If you wanna -- -- -- with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. And a text number is 877. Our -- for -- here's another WWL news updates with state -- Welcome back to the show I'm screwed in for a girl -- -- on the vehicle be here tomorrow as he is every Friday -- -- think tank and Ali -- the -- showed tomorrow night. From -- to benign looking forward to getting back on national although I love doing their show as well. Now we're talking about this really -- creepy horror stories that really happened to a twelve year old girls get an idea to -- dear friend and they stabbed her twelve year old friend nineteen times. Because they're trying to get the tension of demonic creature named slender man on the website creepy pasta. I believe it's a creepy past. Wiki dot com. Here's a text that reads. The little girls stabbing someone to a -- slender man is like killing two -- Freddy Krueger. Both of fictional and the only difference is what is on the net. Here's the texts. That reads. The parents are at fault. For not knowing what their twelve year old daughters. Are doing on the Internet. They were obviously. Obsessed with slender man. So this this this creature this demonic creatures slender man in order to to win his -- did it it's my understanding that this web site. -- -- -- Is a website that is is is made up of of stories and legends that come from. They come from people who are on line. And so this slender man character. In order to get his attention you need to Tilson. And these 212 year old girls did. Is it fair to blame the website is it fair to blame the content of the website is it is that ever fair to blame entertainment. For negative behavior. Violence. Or sex. Could you -- pornography. For negative behavior. Or does it really comes down to the individual. I can you think of anything that you've done. That you were not supposed to do something did you did that was wrong. And you did it because she sought on a TV show. Or in a movie -- that's equivalent of things happening on line. I -- -- pretty -- opinion poll this morning is. The told your girls get the idea to stand different in response to a demonic creature on a website does that mean the web site bears responsibility for the staffing. 84% say no only 16% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Coming up Angela hill one to forty -- thrilled to have her part of our family here and to be WL if she's got great stuff coming up today at 1 o'clock on the front porch. This time Angela takes you inside -- terrorists and lake Vista to neighborhoods devastated. After Katrina. We are they now you know in some ways it's thriving in other ways it's still struggle and at 2 o'clock. Mayor -- went through life with Angela hill. What's the state diversity of what grade is he gets himself. -- at 3 o'clock on -- -- show Louisiana has jobs but what are the need to four year degree. And what's what's coming white collar or blue collar jobs and could -- get on the job training medical technical mechanical construction. That talk against -- -- -- Angela hill an open mind with the legendary -- hill from went for today and we days here on every WL. I got a text a moment ago from somebody who said. It slender man is no more to blame. Four inspiring these girls killed and Ozzy Osborne or Judas Priest were to blame for. Their music inspiring somebody to commit suicide. And two parents. Two different parents. I went to court and sued Ozzy Osborne his record company -- Judas Priest and his record company. Because their kids were listen to their music and committed suicide. Is it ever figure to blame entertain it is never fair to blame music for negative behavior. On video. TV movies. Is it ever fair to blame entertain and there's been a trend in this in this country. Two to blame entertainment for the negative actions of individuals. It's just entertainment news. Does television radio to these things have so much influence over people. That they should be held responsible as a source. For the negative behavior that takes place whether it's it's violent. Or sexual. If you've enjoyed our short numbers 260187. Toll free 86688907. -- -- there was a 77. If you have if you have teenagers. Do you know what they're doing online. I mean there's always a possibility that they're doing something that you don't want that to do. Because they have their kids I mean UN I did stuff that we didn't when our parents to know about. Does that mean he shouldn't always try to figure out what's going on with your kids but I think about these two young twelve year old girls and snapping a twelve year old friend premeditated nineteen times in order to please a demonic creature. On a web site. Enabling the website or can you ever blame entertainment for negative behavior. Are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's Saturday Texas 87870. Are skewed -- for girl and answer coming back under the WL. If -- music oriented entertainment in general can influence people. Make anybody can blame Barry White for. Doing something they were supposed to do. With some audio listening and doesn't get any six -- doesn't mean listen this guy and this thing I just oozes -- Sexuality. In the studying that I've done about entertainment and the relationship between society and to and to mass media. I have I've never been able to argue that. That entertainment is responsible for negative behavior and yet that's something that has become so popular in America. It's the video games it's it's the movies it's the TV show it's it's it's the music. And we're talking about this because 212 year old -- to -- at twelve year old. To twelve year old girls took her twelve year old friend. Into the woods stay after nineteen times hoping to killer. In response to a demonic creature on a website call slender man. There's a website bear responsibility that's or -- to be well pretty general opinion poll. If your opinion -- into our website WWL dot com also if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a Texan receipts at least have to to abort your text here just a moment from Morgan City frank here on WW well. It's a good. Argument. I'm a minister. And in the church without -- And the -- The percentage of the old method in which we teach. We can't say enough good about it yes user -- -- And now what do we -- -- is that the Jesus can the president do which fortunately. Not the -- And I'd get caught illegally in -- -- -- the percentage of it by 20%. Of the teaching systems. And so without -- no disarmament. Some people that's exactly what big cajun the and so. Got to -- children and very impressionable. Developing and and so my speech. And equipment artillery. Is too strong. The -- at winning. And took. Us in. But much of the bit. I would group individual who can stay out to children. In and local people who have done. We have to do something and so it is -- responsibility. So it would be SA Canada and. But frank wouldn't you agree that that the words of the songs that you sing in church. Don't mean anything if your heart's not opened up to the message. You all know that what that the Pentagon does that change -- do not believe people that the agency group and the thing that those who. You know. According to try to bank as it would -- a single. SO debate when they were -- work. Many people influence cabinet that solve. It could be just the opposite image. But that's the opposite of the individuals. That you know well -- -- in -- that this. Was something that. -- they can get it should be getting. But frank I appreciate you calling her show. I'd have -- after an important city. Are there are a lot of people who make that argument that it is that the music and thinks like video game service cost people go out and do things that I I don't I -- -- believe that an electric are saying. A people who go to church and hear these inspirational puzzle first of all -- -- resorting going into the church. There already there so they're already pre disposed to accept the message and I guess that's really the point when it comes to music influencing people. I don't know the music influence as people beyond with their pre disposed to do what they're already thinking about it in a -- it's gonna respond to rap music. It is gonna go out and act on what he or she hears in the rap music but there already pre disposed of that behavior before they heard the song. And I don't hike in my opinion I don't think it's fair to blame the songs. Here's a Texan Regis -- a letter sent a parenting issue here's another text a slender man is just a modern day legend. It's nobody's responsibility but the two girls. Here's a text looks cute. On media like you go out of their way to do mode god instead of promoting him. And say that god has nothing to do with good or evil but when you look at it. The evil doings. Done dropped massively. Among religious Stanley's raising children. I have never done anything. On the issue oh. Or in my personal life. To -- -- got. Thank god is a very important part of my life. Now if I say that I don't believe. That. Prayer in public school. Is going to change people. Because if it's not taught at home. That I don't think teaching it in school if with a a simple prayer at the beginning of -- I don't think that's gonna change anybody. Now if somebody wants to interpret that is promoting god I can't change that. But that is not promoting god. Here is taxed. The twelve year of the parents of the twelve year old girl need to be held responsible. If you -- to join -- show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a -- ever -- 7870 I can you think is there any reference point in your life. -- you can think back on. That that some form of entertainment music. TV show. Movie what are did anything make you do something that you didn't wanna do. I'm studio for Garland and we'll be right back on WL. We're talking about the sits at twelve year old girls that have lowered their twelve year old friend and -- woods in standard nineteen times hoping to killer because said they wanted to go live with this. Demonic mythical creature slender man on a website. And you have to kill somebody in order to. Win his favor they were trying to become proxies. Is at the web sites faults from Slidell George you're -- WWL. Yes thank you for taking my call I appreciate that and just. I'm just horrified at the fact that -- twelve year old girls commit such a. It's amazing I remember when I was twelfth and that was just not something that. Was even in my repertoire. While that was because you had to be responsible you as well. Capped the privilege incision reached major reason that sent. But what 177. Years Bill -- brought up he had the -- reached a consultant reaction. So what's happened today George you've seen a lot of changes I see it I think one of the main problems that we have in this country which is a source of many of our problems. Is the general lack of personal accountability it's always somebody else for something else is to blame and nobody's responsible anymore. That's right and that's struck parents sent dozens still -- into the college early age that they are responsible for the world such. And you'll today in the little girl that was today. I'll she's got to deal with this battle it out of whole life like you're about to our friends try to kill. Him. I -- yeah yeah well -- also say that he's two girls under the can be tried as adults. Should be excused it like that. But I think it should be put in battle institutions and took it can't get out to Victoria want. George I appreciate you calling I've got to get to it a news break here. I like to hear more follow up psychological studies. Are on on people like these these two girls I mean I think that's that's a good point you what what really. What really motivated them to do this mean they're people who will -- and say obvious the website it was this -- this. Demonic creature slender man. They wanted to be part of his were -- If a twelve year old is willing to kill somebody. In order to become part of a fictitious world. And they really don't understand the difference between. Fantasy and reality. Here's a text. Didn't Charles Manson blame helter skelter by The Beatles yes I think that even came up in Charles -- trial. They brought -- through the song helter skelter and Charles Manson blame The Beatles. And a lot of people believed it at the time. But I just don't think it's fair to blame. Music or any entertainment for your negatives behavior if you're -- stay with us we'll come right back with more of your calls and -- get to work -- Texas well. I've scoot it for growing ledger with a -- will be right back on VW well.