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6-5-14 12:10pm Scoot: on the media's effect on behavior

Jun 5, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and asks if outside entertainment can truly influence our lives.

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Good afternoon and welcome back to the show are skewed it for Garland today and on the vehicle be here tomorrow as he is every Friday and think tank. And I'll be back for Garland next on Monday through Thursday back on the -- show tomorrow night. And be funny if I -- what do they show British Open it'll be fun to be back on -- strip joint night tomorrow night and of WL. We've been talking about a study that came from the University of Pennsylvania and indicating that the cold -- report on Comedy Central did the best job of all the networks. But he came to explaining campaign finance. Did a better job and MSNBC fox CNN ABC CBS and NBC. And that led to a question about where where we get our news. Where do you get your news the -- are our surveys that show that a growing number of young people when I say younger people and Turkey under 45. A growing number of people under 45 or getting their news especially at eighteen to 34 year old category. To get their daily news from from Jon Stewart and even colder. Have you watched the shows and -- it's time to take comedy news seriously. That's the title to -- blog you can read it -- it's on our website it. The VW well dot com weird that you get your party -- tribute -- are talking about this really is sort creepy story about these 212 year old girls. Who got an idea to stabbed her twelve year old friend. In response to a demonic creature. On a website demonic creature is slander me. They wanted to win his favor they want to live with him and his. They they were killing somebody tried -- tried to kill discreetly -- different nineteen times. And -- She -- she's at the hospital recovering she actually crawled out of the woods in a bicycle was passing by. I called 911. Since she -- she immediately identified the two girls who standard for there was a slumber party. Like I think the night before. And I I just think about how vicious. This act is and we're talking about 212. Year old girls. They did this because they wanted to become part of this fictional world. A slender man. Does the web site. Bear any responsibility. For this crime. And since there's so much talk in America today. About the influence of of movies and music. And television shows blame for everything from violent acts to two sexual acts. Is it really fair to blame any form of entertainment. -- website or. Music or movies or T nations. If you wanna join Russia with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. At a text number is 87870. Here's a text on -- eight years old and I grew up playing video games and listen to rap music my whole life. And in spite of that I Wear my pants around my waist. Don't do drugs pay taxes. And I'm a productive member of society so people shouldn't -- entertainment. Blamed they're bringing their upbringing. I agree with that. It is such to me it's it's such a convenient cop out. To -- entertainment. The truth is you would die regardless of of what your Regis. You and I even a long time ago. Were exposed to things that were violent. And thinks that were very sexual. In the context of the times those James Bond movies when it was a really young guys. -- James Bond movies were very sexual. And there was a lot of violence in a clockwork orange and in in in another state and I like talking about this because. From from politicians to religious leaders to every -- citizens people who called talk chose. So many people are willing to blame. Entertainment for negative behavior. And while the negative behavior in entertainment -- in some ways nearer. The negative behavior in in the real world. Is that really ever fear to blame entertain. As to join our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. At tech's number is 87870. For plaque and and so Marvin your under the WL. -- -- -- -- -- The elite eight -- -- -- Which which on the and the -- -- I agree with you know and I'm going to call the show that is bad is the main thing that has changed in America. In a bad way. It's a lack of respect for responsibility and a lack of her respect for personal accountability. If if somebody gets an accident if somebody. Falls and hurts themselves. They're they're immediately looking for somebody to -- When in reality it might really be their fault. We have become such a litigious sue happy society that is part of is that the diminishing respect we have for personal accountability in America. From Slidell Mario you're -- BWL. Oh hey -- I go and that's not wanna get right to I agree with you that you know the behavior should not be. -- what is fair and yet the personal accountability issue with its export crazy nobody wants to. Stand up and take Felix it's always somebody else the bulk however are just -- and that -- -- think about that. You don't get the media -- the a lot of -- -- on the video game on the movies on rap music. Only -- -- on the Internet. Now and I can vote not for everybody -- that and now we can't blame each of those different outlets however. Could it be possible that. The exposure. To that. -- -- Might have been plagued with the because when you give kids sit -- the video game -- -- outward at a time when it hit on the Internet. Outward at a time humbled that we and our -- to our top. -- you on both -- yet -- -- -- -- that I don't know think about that but I'm just trying to talk about parents who would stick on. Well Omare Lowe topic it's a legitimate point game and on the show the other day somebody. I brought up animal lancet the did the shooter and Newtown Connecticut at the city of elementary school. Said that there were reports that by his neighbors that he would spend up to seven hours in his basement playing -- video game. But I think the endless hours of playing video games. That does lead to some anti social behavior it it's it's the process of being involved in -- passive activity. It is more consequential than the contents of that did the video games themselves it is -- matter if you're that isolated that's a symptom of a problem. And it's it's it's more important to focus on. Why you're than anti social or why is this the only thing that you're doing as opposed to. What you play immediately try to give it up Mario Brothers for seven hours a day if you -- that it if you would that. And secluded. That would be a sign of anti social behavior. Yeah at the -- collectively not and you want to get back in the personal culpability if -- much out of in my basement for seven hours. Well in my. Exactly. You know we're at memorial on a bicycle showed specialists in ten years ago today. Ronald Reagan passed away and here's. Here's a great moment from Ronald Reagan. General secretary Gorbachev. If you seek peace. If you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. If you seek liberalization. Come here to this game. Mr. Gorbachev. Open this okay this. -- Gorbachev. To pare down this war. And as we remember Ronald Reagan who passed away ten years ago today let's oh let's talk about what we remember most about Ronald break in addition to everything else we're talking about it. What stands out in your mind most. About Ronald Reagan. Because he was definitely. Compelling charismatic. Historic figure. To join our show with a comment about the -- talking about our numbers to a 601878. Told free. 8668890. -- seventy. And a text of receipts and creativity. Is a -- reason absolutely sick but thank god she lived. I hope these girls gets in serious mental help. And know the web site should not be responsible the girls. Knew what they were doing. I'm -- For Garland more of your calls and text next at a VW well. I have got a lot of responses to yesterday show abound obsessive compulsive disorder OCD and I've -- shared much of my. -- my -- not much of it but some of my life by its -- the most I've talked about it now on the year. I if I did not sit respond to your email hi will respond to your email -- got a number of emails have very detailed. Of people wanting -- I'm not a doctor I can't really console -- can only share with you. What I went through. And can share with you maybe some observations about what you might think for yourself or for your kids have I didn't answer your your email and we'll if you do want to communicate with me by email. Mean illiteracy is scoot SEO OT at WWL. Dot com. A Ronald Reagan passed -- ten years ago today what do you remember most. About Ronald Reagan. Go to experiences have breaking the union a flight controllers -- when the first thing he did as president. It broke -- peer traffic controllers union and that was really. A statement about unions in general a unions have not been as powerful as they were. I'm back in the sixties not today as powerful as they were before that in that did a lot to. I change. I think the power of the power of unions in America. -- here's what we're talking about where do you get your news. A study from the University of Pennsylvania shows today it's the cold -- report did a better job than fox MSNBC CNN or any of the major networks. In explaining campaign finance. So where do you get your news. And we're also talking about justice and really creepy story of these twelve year old girls who got an idea to -- different in response to a demonic creature on a website -- me. There's the web site -- responsibility. As Adobe to -- a pretty general opinion poll we're gonna shift in our poll here's an update now 2.2 percent say yes the website is to blame or at least partially to blame. 70% say. No it was your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and from Guerrero Donald welcome to the show. You listen to. It is what influence. Joblessness. Study which -- itself. -- we're and it is not a UK. And cocktails laws. That we didn't word. In the Medicaid -- one word that we might outstanding -- If you really study God's word this is what who wanted to hear. If you want to pound if you want unity yet walking fallen. That's what you put the team's future. Talk to -- lose that we -- him. But -- YouTube equal role Bechtel did -- go wrong. -- all. Its name. Meticulous careful whatever it is now. You know saying apparently. Nobody's saying. Not to mention here let me do a few bodies loans you know. We have heard god. And the -- man -- put those -- to -- period. Equipment if you save -- mentally it is what document charts. Not what you choose to listen to it if you don't think -- and won't you. I'm. Totally just. But Donald if you have made the decision if you've made that decision to listen to something then you party made the decision that that's what you wanna hear so I don't know that the music influences you. For example you have made the decision to two two to listen to the Bible to listen to certain music it's a relative to Europe your faith. You made the decision to select that music you didn't happen to hear that music and that -- converted you. Yep but I'll understand that you say are really understand what to say. But I'm saying. That if I must evolve and I think the most I've watched him. A lot of fresh do you feel a little while watching. You don't I probably won't he also. See we all responsible. What we choose god uses that along freedom. You know while I am I understand that Donald but -- and I notice that it's that it's that it's the freedom is at -- I'm focusing on the from the freedom to choose and what you choose in terms of entertainment is a reflection of that free choice that you have. Which you don't feel like if you watched that that doesn't. Eventually. -- No because -- you if you watch it if if you watch it and you continue to watch it that's a decision that you've made therefore it more reflects your. Your mood and reflects your disposition. Then it dictates your disposition. And as somewhere in the Bible I don't know where it is ominously marker man I'm not a biblical scholar Barack. I I always loved it depart weird Jesus says nothing from the outside. Can cause you do evil things evil comes from within and so ticking jesus' words he would say. Movies TV music. That doesn't include you because that's coming from the outside. No net tax you talking about -- who's -- what -- -- -- To whom does the law. Calamity to plot and whom -- in the comes out. -- -- -- You -- that description. Of the report. Activities which would in the potty. God wants in the what comes from the hole. Is not real good -- the -- them outnumbered personal lines. Right but Donna what do you would you think about the that the role that food played at that time compared to the rules in place today and mean it could be argued that that was. That was a form of entertainment that was a decision that that that people -- we don't look at food the same way. And now we look at entertainment the way they might if looked at food in term of of making you people. But I you know I understand at the point you're making and and but I. I think it's important for us to. If -- if a teenager is is focused on something that is it good. Rather than blame the source. I would think that you would look at that is the symptom of the problem there's something going on with this teenager that if -- teenagers listen to music that talks about suicide. That teenagers probably suicidal. Before he started listening to that music that's the music he selected. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm just saying it really got to be careful. What -- -- -- -- -- lot more often won't want to tell you. Now listen to all read the Bible and operate now starting to really help other people understand we're cops. Reseller you're you sound like a really good guy and I assure you are very good to your friends and I appreciate you calling our show. Tonight thanks. Here's a text reads there's a difference between parental control and personal responsibility. Here is attacks to I was introduced Edgar Allan -- my freshman year in high school extremely violent. But yet I never desire to -- -- -- body and hide it under the floorboards it's fiction nothing more -- and that's from PJ in New Orleans. If you rejoice with your comic and you can you think of a time. Win. Entertainment. Of some -- -- you do something that you didn't really wanna do. And I I like talking about this because there is this hysteria in this country that it's the music it's the entertainment it's the team looked at what these kids are consuming. You know the establishment at the time that today's establishment the baby boomers were young. They thought the same thing. Until the arguments Mabel it's a lot different than The Beatles it is different. But in the context of the world people forget how rebellious. And how controversial The Beatles war. And that's just one example. Yeah we were doing things that our parents thought were destroying us. But he can you really blame the -- However when we were young we might have been doing things are exposing ourselves to things that that the establishment of the time didn't approve of but we knew that we. Recoverable for behavior. That's what's changed today. I'm -- for garlic QA join us with your comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a -- receipt 77 also at ten years ago today Ronald Reagan passed away so we're also talking about her. Our favorite memories of robbery of what stands out in your mind about Ronald Reagan is detects it reads I loved his sense of humor. We'll be right back with more he -- to -- with a call over the text -- here's another WW elders updates with -- It's a Thursday afternoon we're getting ever so close to the weekend looks like it's going to be a great weekend for the Tennessee Charles parish craw fish cook off witches. I'm going to be -- says this coming Sunday you know that might be a fun thing to attend. I studio for -- here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar people hasn't really -- very much from where it started. If like twelve year old girls get the idea to stand different in response to a demonic creature -- a website to the web -- bear responsibility for the -- Only 22% say yes 70%. Saying no. That's a great text to get to it will get to those in just a moment if you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And it -- Amber's late 77 or talking in general about that the median I think this is an important thing to talk about. Quite often. Because there there is this tendency in America to blame. The media -- outside forces for evil behavior. I think there -- so many other things that really are Tripoli for the negative behavior -- it's unfair to blame the media and and even though there's a correlation. Between entertainment and -- violence and sex and society. If you study media -- you can always make the argument that -- entertainment reflects the audience. It entertains. Fox News for example doesn't turn people -- conservatives. Fox News is the station for conservative people. Taping with -- bonded conservative talk show host they don't make people conservative. But that's were conservative people go so -- medium. Entertainment. Reflects the audience it entertains. For new world -- Billy you're under the WL. And all you do. -- a -- cutting them down did you -- it is almost a situation. Loved it doesn't much. You know can be achieved unfortunately you know the student -- -- logic to work. As quickly on the script that you mentioned about the eating that was. For possibly even on -- -- -- to blame Jesus in this model so that mom law. And that's not so much about -- orchard -- or. What we've gotten him right now. That man what we have some things. And the sports than double the -- it taken a dimension. To sit there. Influences like since the fall and we don't talk much about slate dot tote too much -- but it puts it. Which but he the world. We go -- and a decision in the world and also we have -- -- -- -- -- -- you know the course management on the Stan we as Christians. Deliberately -- -- the that the spiritual law. Slaton and Jesus it was. Absolutely Christmas. And special at least and so on faults in the united on the on the spiritually. You're gonna keep asking questions and communities -- -- -- To consider. Because my mother advocate and would it develops -- -- that you read about it. And though he has become important but he we welcome them and -- like well here and flag that these bad judgment and -- -- -- -- -- your -- and I understand I was focused -- I appreciate you calling -- I was more focusing on -- That the media and entertainment whether or not that -- influences or reflects weather dictates our reflects. The mood of of the audience from Algiers says John your and the VW well. I. Am keen comic con me girl and the media. Some one help achieve what act or something like the she got out. On charities and didn't -- whole context in me and children. Do -- Killed -- such -- -- You know. These terrible awful things don't you probably have now this caller and Eric yeah. Little you can do with it. But personality disorder and -- -- not. You. Are now are much are out our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Care facilities and Egypt where he. Now that he never. -- -- You know our. Health issue. -- Dramatic change fields aren't in -- sport and that's what you're dealing. When you. And because they. Did wrong. And children. And his parents. Say it's not that I am not. In any manner because there's some -- street. So how are you do with your son now how is -- right now. Now. Privately funded. How viable how -- want. He didn't air what -- Basically trained him make better Asian. -- -- Turnout could be. As as. Possible. Their chances. In the normal or not mean it should definitely. Not -- normal course. John iron and so sorry you're dealing with that in India and god bless you for dealing -- -- -- somebody has to deal with that person I've you know believe god gives us. What he thinks he can handle although sometimes when I think about that to record correctly and I think about I guess only can handle sometimes and ushered. Knows me very well. And again. But obviously you've got a really great attitude and he -- -- this person I appreciate you calling on bush. John thanks for a exposed -- I hear is attacks the Reid says screw with regards to choices in entertainment. You said it best by saying your choices reflect your disposition. But they don't define your disposition. Here's a perfect example. If you are not in love forty -- just broke up with some money. How are you gonna feel about the song. Do you wanna listen to this song if you just broke up with somebody. No Albany if you involve if you just let the perfect person human -- played this song and dance with them. The music the entertainment reflects. Who we are. This song is second and make somebody fall in love but if you're in love you might like the song and believe me if -- just broke up with somebody you know morning here this. I'm -- him for Garland and will be back -- -- bureau. Artist to a twelve year old girls get an idea to stab their twelve year old friend they standard nineteen times citizens thank god she lived. She was able to identify them they were immediately arrested at a sleepover they were planning to kill this girl. And they data at all. Because they wanted to satisfy a demonic creature. -- web sites whose name is slender man. There's a website bear responsibility that's our -- -- pretty general opinion poll. -- your opinion by going to WW dot com Angeles coming up at 1 o'clock and she's going to be out on the front porch this time take you inside lake terrace and lake Vista. Two areas that were just devastated by Katrina a some parts driving some parts still struggling -- at 2 o'clock. May initially drew with Angela talking about the state of the city it would great he gets himself. And then de Louisiana jobs. They're coming on a white collar or blue collar jobs all that coming up -- Angela an open mind with military Angela hill. I went for here into the WL -- -- in fort Garland and from slight hill James welcome to the show. But if you don't -- -- James. I don't believe the industry as a responsibility building due to experience probably the parents have a responsibility. Com in what these girls are playing are absolutely war but in truth I have dealt with that countless rounds I have no individuals had the demonic. Type things like this these children. Are playing demonic being on TV. -- on the computer they're playing demonic. England school like bloody Mary. In school so. Satan doesn't place higher fuel to infiltrate our kids. Because he deviates from that he would seek and destroy -- There -- -- your last call or. I -- -- what are greatly but there is -- hill. Per child greatly unfortunately it is not in the mental -- side it is not the medication is not in -- hospital. I have traveled all over the style dealing with a particular exactly issues. And it is strictly -- that demonic. The end wants -- up here recognizes that. It wants a child recognizes that they can be street from this and literally live or will normal life without any other -- Isn't -- like your email -- Not talking about some kind of exorcism or the exact -- an exorcism. Yes. Because Satan Satan -- that -- deep do do do you do you do this yeah I'd do you perform -- decisions. It's not and this is that it's not like as a citizen like you see on TV you know it's nothing like that. Once an individual realizes that they are are under haven't oppression. Does the difference between those sessions and oppression. And that demonic world. Once it's somebody is no progress. I can't -- the thing out. They have to be willing. To get it -- themselves. To do it I think guys didn't do that and direct. -- James that's my point with all of this it's it's our our predisposition it's our. It's our open minds it's it's making a decision to be open to something as opposed to something actually. Taking you over. You're absolutely correct but what happens is. Hollywood in the movies at court side sitting beside -- the -- -- and the movies -- always use -- -- Where we think it's no big deal. But it's just like Eric Holder infection if I have a very small -- -- animal body that talent station in her robotic. Satan is looking for a very small opening no matter how small it is to attack. Some -- it in do you. Do you charge for -- -- and criticisms absolutely. You don't see differing sides with the sideline for. That's a sideline thing. Yes I mean at. I'm Bob in the exit Arkansas Mississippi Alabama portrait Louisiana. And I enjoyed doing because I enjoy. Health and those is that Arnold. I gotta get to a breaking hang around for -- second. Well in any more than a second hold on to the break because I would ask James what's the most severe case that he scene because around performing its assistance. I'm security for Garland were coming back on WWL. Is a -- update on our WW a party jaguar opinion poll this afternoon -- two to the twelve year old girls sick at the idea standard twelve year old friend in response to a demonic creature on a web site. Does the web -- their responsibility. 21%. Say yes and 79%. Saying no. I just have another a moment here with the change since like you know -- said travels around performing -- assistants James what's the worst case she'd seen. I had a young lady come to me via some other people and she was actually -- forty years old. Jews or westerners -- partner. Home. She's got the -- always our -- she's also committed to not only over the past several months and they could the doctors could not and what liberal there. Tom they wanna do to put her into a psychiatric facility so some -- -- Britain and are speaking with me. And full story short I've got about thirty -- and ball that her the first time we met the com oppression showed itself. I'm gonna I'm gonna have to get through the end of the show here so to finish of the story. More -- quake she was they cutesy little mission trip she's taken into Honduran. Satanic terrorists who was molested and raped. -- she had five demonic oppression quicker. You basically all the -- believe that -- left. Did you need -- you know. -- you don't discount. Real mental health issues I mean no -- not god and and to citizen is is not the answer to all mental health issue so. Absolutely -- James. -- -- A -- what today is titled it may be time to take comedy news seriously it's about Steven called bear. And Jon Stewart's Comedy Central and you can read it to be to be real dot com Angeles coming up next one I think Italian Newman Helen Santana should you producer mark -- art. -- -- --