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6-5-14 1:10pm Angela: on Lake Vista/Lake Terrace development

Jun 5, 2014|

Angela talks about developments in the Lake Vista and Lake Terrace areas of New Orleans with Lynn Long and Michael Moffitt of the Lake Vista Property Owners Association and Charles Ciaccio and Scott Schneider of the Lake Terrace Neighborhood Association.

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Happy Thursday everybody. Three I think very interesting hours ahead I'm so pleased that we have one of our from the front porch episodes I've loved. This loved getting to know our neighborhoods. For -- 2 o'clock we're gonna split first thirty minutes is going to be the mayor so delighted he's gonna come and and our second thirty minutes is going to be Jeremy Alfred is going to give the sort of a review. Of what happened in the legislative session and frankly what didn't happen. And then our third hour this is something we have touched on periodically network and not to let go it is this incredible. Need for -- workforce and with what some are saying upwards of 40000. Jobs coming on line. Soon if not now. In the next definitely over the next 45 years. With all that the building with an oil and gas industry. We're gonna talk about. How to prepare for that opt for people who are not working this is this is a god send. And then because we do want our locals to get these good jobs and they are going to be good jobs and we're going to be talking about the training -- needed. So we have a full day to day. But we start our day from the front porch one of our periodic features highlighting neighborhoods and our great area. Getting to know who lives there what their victories have been post-Katrina. And what concerns they still have. Today we have two neighborhoods lake Vista and like terrorists both deeply affected by the storm but both enthusiastic about their progress. Joining us from lake -- Scott Schneider president of the lake -- property owners association. And Charles CE ST OR resident but also the attorney now planning the redevelopment. Of an important area and linked terrorists. And from -- -- little long president of the lake -- Like this neighborhood association. And board member Michael market I thank all of you for being here. Thank you let's start with with -- Vista. Tell me about Geneva. But where does it begin an -- Lake -- is basically in north and city park so we go from. Marconi on the west side to Bora guard on the east side and from -- -- -- -- short drive to right I'm planning on lake shore drive. Do you do you feel that most of the population Hispanic. We have a lot of new. And I neighbors and and like Pakistan I think -- before Katrina and there were -- elderly people who live in our neighborhood. Some of those -- that didn't come back we did not slide. Hartley some of that house has got lots of water that we did an entire neighborhood did not slide. But some of the people did not come back that. For example on my street. Probably after Katrina and we had maybe it doesn't empty lots and now we only have. Two. So we've got a lot of rebuilding a lot of new homes a lot of young people moving into like the stand in line Lotta -- a lot more children. And we have before Katrina and it's really -- probably back to what the neighborhood of the -- When it first started in in the forties and that is terrific it's. Let's go Italy. Terrorist. Lake terrace is basically on the other side of by Saint John from make -- up. If you think about the Greek orthodox church were towards the lake from the Greek orthodox church. Between by Yves Saint John and via London Anthony can now and -- definitely in public. You know it's a really wonderful areas you all were hard hit. Yes. In the areas obviously closed since or counter intuitively to the lake. Define homes there but as she got further away from delay came closer to property -- A lot of those homes flat and how're you doing population lives. Very similar to. Late -- We have I think prior to the storm an elderly population. Since the storm. A real influx of a young families with with tons of kids. Including mine and a week as I've mentioned to you we moved from we did their reverse drive from him we were living in man to -- Decided we wanted to be in New Orleans found a community in late terrorists that we felt more of where. And have been living there for five years and we have three kids. Two of whom go to public school in lake -- kinds elementary and one that McCormack. Again our real influx of young families with a lot of kids. And mr. CSU. You have lived. There awhile I have well actually pre Katrina lived in lake view we moved in nineteen night. In 1995 we openly if you find foods on Harrison avenue. And he did very well until the storm. Destroy that. And following the storm we moved to mid cities for approximately four years and then two years ago we moved to -- terrorists. And so we are. Walking distance from of that. Intersection where. I'm planning on. Improving. And we're gonna get to that because I think that's very important I mean again it's one of them. Thank capital you can hear the collective it's gonna happen even though it's nine years out it's still happening. And into this wonderful man who moved from the quarter. That's another reverse. For a. I islands in the quarters through Katrina and that. I was a -- shortly after that and and my prize. Grew up in. -- lakeshore and lives in Lagos and so we've we've bought a lot built a new house after the storm and we're one of the people came in. Empathy and love that eleven also sort of different chapters of your life right exactly. For all of essentially. What have. What has what continues to be a stumbling block. For our youth movement back track are you suffering any blight issues. -- -- We have very much fly and I I do notice a few houses I just saw one not long ago we had quite an aggressive. Board after Katrina and we have one person who is assigned. And he pretty much -- around and make a list and worked with the city to find the people and houses and make him do something about it and we were very successful so I think. We had a handful of houses that's the last settlement so it's been pretty good. Yeah and in same in the lake terrace in fact we have one blighted property at this point. And we've been very aggressive in dealing with that we actually have a polite hearing set for next week with the city. But other than that. Not a lot of blight in our neighborhood. -- that's wonderful to hear that has been one of the the great things we've heard on this program from neighborhood. Organizations. Is that as organization she became very activist. And it was you know let's organize let's be the voice and let's do you did you feel like you have good communication with city home. I guess I have. Good communication with -- council we just got both of us has got. Move from district -- to -- I've used over the last few years mostly. If you were trying to work for the city agency and you're not really came to respond to feel like on again it. Tap into the City Council and get them to help which I don't think is he shouldn't have to do that that. You do sometimes and so. It's been. Not always positive but I have gotten we have gotten a lot of help a lot of assistance. -- -- -- And -- -- the same thing. Before -- percent -- we had Cynthia hedge Marino who is at least for me fantastic to deal with him. Her staff was wonderful Jared. Has been fantastic he's only been in office for two -- -- Can't -- -- to evaluate really on top by the very responsive and whenever I email or call. You know same with the mayor's office honestly. You know -- I guess talk at some point about our frustrations primarily with respect. Public works but I find this mayor in them merely injury in his office and his staff to be responsive thing -- -- phone calls responding. Okay this is music to ears of many I want everyone to stay with us we're gonna continue to talk to mark to neighborhood groups from the front porch. And we are gonna talk about some of their concerns right after this I'm Angela on WWL. Well we are back with our neighborhood groups like terrorists and lake Vista and and we are delighted to be talking about. All the headway that's been made. And and it's good to hear that you have new neighbors that people are filling those empty lots that you have very little blight that is great that is that the case and in a lot of neighborhoods so. They continue those battles but. What issues are you facing that you need to help. Well. One at one of them one of the hot buttons as is street lights. And we have. And trying effect. Over four years ago life and I walked around for ribbons around all of the street lights that were working and are currently Vista. And some -- still clear -- the people we talked to the city didn't do anything and I think everybody has their litany. The last conversation we had. The city is spending a lot of time and effort. Using funds went for granted to somewhat extent limited funds and using funds or replace. Street lights that are working with more energy efficient street lights and they're ignoring. The history lesson don't work. And and it's very frustrating. Because. The City Hall presents himself as either. Not knowing what's going on or not telling the truth about it. Because they say something's fixed and it's not. And they say this are going to be fixed next year and it's not -- and so street lighting is a safety issue. And that's a serious one hand and we're seeing in actually nothing happened except like to get burned out don't get replaced. The time. Did they put any of the new LED lights at all in your neighborhood now those let it go along gravity leaving. Well the other guys are going on -- archer rails and I. And I are going -- neighborhoods what new did you literally do canvassed the entire neighborhood was the ribbons. We cameras about -- say about a thorough expressed to him. With ribbons and and we told we told the people elected most of this with a roach told people you know. Don't ask me to map from because it's very difficult America finally -- because you can't see the addresses from where the through social tire river around or somebody come around and and do something about it then and nobody did nobody and -- opinion but he impression that care. And this was a year or two ago I was four years -- four years ago when you still don't know there's still of the were yellow the rivers that are left. Our -- lights that are still out. No lights were fixed. Now that I -- only cash. That's a problem what about you could well you know. Same thing and and I give disorientation. Which is if you look throughout this city of New Orleans we understand airline needs and you know our. Problems in comparison to other parts of the city -- As it's. Serious. With that said there important -- and and I agree you know we've had issues. We have lights not being replaced we don't have a big police presence. In our areas and that's probably for good reason because we don't have a lot of crime. But one of the big you know ways to prevent crime missing a well lit streets and there hasn't been down that theory. -- response to fixing -- it's an addition one of the constitutive things and nobody really talks about this. Or one of the unintended consequences perhaps a -- board reform was. Prior to Levy board reform our area was really patrolled by elected board police. One of the outcomes or results of the web -- reform was. Basically a passer rating. That police outline and did an excellent -- So we don't see a lot of police in our community our biggest issue and it's not even close cited a survey when I became president of the neighborhood association to seat. What does that most pressing issue. Unanimously it's the state -- -- streets okay let's talk about the status. So. You know we had a meeting about two months ago with the department of public works in the search in the -- board. And Genesis for the meeting was that there was a plan to basically rebuild the streets and rebuild the the underlying sewerage and water lines. And in a matter of about six months ago the timeline wise it was supposed to start this summer. And then it constantly. Gradually. Gets moved back further and further and further and now it's it's going to start next summer. And there is a fairly deep cynicism at this point that it won't get started in our lifetime in the meantime. We have streets in our area and Charlie and correct me you know if if you think I'm wrong that aren't in a number of areas not passable. That are you know charitably Third World I mean they are horrible and they need to be fixed. And is out to people who live on the streets function. Carefully very carefully. -- Again but you know I mean I've had people say look I'd buy a really bad car rental car from quite be driving down this way. But you certainly don't drive fast. You know in some places like it's it's almost impossible to pass the streets. -- who -- it's it's not a good thing at all. Have you spoken with your new council person. Yeah I mean we've we've talked to the Jared and in the thing that's frustrating about it at least on our brand is it doesn't seem to be an issue of funding the finding is they're out of there. A lot of the damage. That was caught the -- -- streets was caused by Katrina. And there's FEMA funding mayor I don't remember all the exact numbers but their own department public works website. It's just a matter of basically department of public works making it a priority in getting it down. But it's the one issue I think in all lake area communities that. People are really fed up and tired of an impatient about. Well because it's been nine years and it's not getting any better are you all any of -- part of being fixed my street's campaign. I'm not technically I mean I've seen the signs instantly if you haven't released -- seen -- like this. I mean that we we are certainly in spirit let you know what we've done is we've called meetings with the department of public works come talk to our neighbors in the sewerage and water board and in their defense say they have come and you know borne the brunt of a lot of anger from -- Our neighbors that we wanted them to hear directly from them that this needs to to be fed -- You know I get the sense that. You know they pay her debt and it's going to become a priority. But it does say it is a big big quality life issue for. It's a huge quality of life issue for for every neighborhood and I'm just curious to. I'm sure they're they're trying to be sensitive but is -- if you they've got the money isn't a matter of manpower. I -- what the. The answers because originally I think Susan agreed last year it was or in 2012 is gonna start in the spring of 2013. And obviously that it has not happened and so now you're giving me another update. I was in share percent office last week they show me the map all the Lakefront area and it's you know lots and lots and lots of stories to be redone that nobody has a date. And nobody's been able to say why the date can't be. Firm well and what -- -- we're told is in this makes all the sense in the world is we want to coordinate. With sewerage and water projects in street projects that we don't do a street project and how do we have all obviously and then do the search for and then do it all over again I get that bit. This is enough time to well and it lets. In four and you know can they also have the same table one -- and block it out together. Let's rock and roll in and yeah everything has some. Some storm drain work going on my -- right now that you -- to terrorist entity their their their. Cleaning up the store chains and and fixing making sure that's all that and hopefully any repairs they need to do to now before the streets Daytona so again that and other issues of coming back again. So hopefully that will keep going on. Okay well everyone stay with this we're gonna continue talking to our neighborhoods. The good the bad and the ugly but hopefully some more good definitely -- talking about a development and we'll do that right after we go to the newsroom. Well we are talking lake Vista and lake -- today and with this from -- terraces Scott Schneider who's president of the property owners association. And Charles CS CO. And from like Vista we have little long who was president of their neighborhood association. And Michael Moffitt and I do appreciate jewel being here. And you are in our last segment echoing what on tragically we have heard far too long and that is that. It is more than quality of life it is it is about safety lighting is about safety and frankly streets -- about it. And and I think it's just it's kind of hitting a -- And it will be interest in deceive this summer with some activist groups moving forward. Of what can. Not propelled City Hall to re prioritize things I mean everybody in this room everybody's been in this room understand we're not a rich city. But they have to listen to what voters want my homeowners and that's what we're hearing. Isn't that right. Let's talk about a positive that is happening. Mr. CSU you. Are going to take an area that people have been staring -- for what almost nine years and saying what's gonna happen it. That's correct in fact as I mentioned earlier I now live. Three blocks from the -- action. So so tell us what where it is so it it is because of Paris and Robert -- and if you think of the new poll across campus. On Paris avenue. It would be visited the campus is probably in 45 blocks from that in section. And it has remained vacant since the storm. It has been really a I think an impediment to the an accelerated. Improvement of the neighborhoods. And you know when you look around we have the new street skate. At an intersection of Paris and probably. We have some other businesses in the area so this particular parcel. Has been any real. Difficult situation. In April this year I took title to the front portion of that parcel. And on my plans or two to put a two story commercial building on one corner. In fact according used to be the Chase Bank. And then on the other corner where the service station wants to do a bank branch. And the the concept is to use. -- to have local merchants. On the first floor of this. Two story building. Coffee shops sandwich shop. I'm in discussions with a couple of veterinarians. Dry cleaners. So those would be the types of amenities that we would often there. And the the back of the property currently has a vacant building on which. We evolve. CNET you dropped pass by every day. And I actually have a -- With the owner of that property of Italy's -- Almost four years -- But it was not for the entire building. And in doing my market's starting in terms of reopening a supermarket. I really need. The total square footage of that building and so. I'm in negotiations. With that party. Four in at least -- confident in our building. And the concept is. To make down hole. Block. A partial. One cohesive area. You know as a as our. Refer to -- to make like a village. The the activity will all be. Focused forced the center of the property instead of two out towards the streets. And the concept is to hail of neighbors. Visit. You know walk. Rod bikes. Again exactly I mean we had that was what we -- definitely few fun foods for ten years it was. It was a social event for the for the neighborhood to go shop and you know you would have shoppers in the in the aisles talking for twenty minutes. And that's the type of concept that I want to recreate. Off of that area and we are moving on quickly on the front portion of that portion is saying we're still in negotiations. But I am. Hopeful. An enthusiastic that that's gonna happen. So. At the end of the day I think that corner will really be. On the sort of the Jules. The -- terrorists area and you have you have Oak Park -- on the the Riverside promptly. That area is is really. Growing. And it. With holy cross there with the lake area school which is even close to Robin usually. On Paris avenue and things are really starting to now to heat up. And when I'm assuming is a lot of young married couples. Are now moving into that -- on the lake view has com. Pretty much saturated. And there's tremendous value. In Oak Park. The amenities are going to be there. Actually. Discreet about it. A couple of I have every reason to let you know they're not in the best of shape but there and in better shape -- some of the other areas. So are you know not I'm very very optimistic. About the area. And we had a civic association meeting. Among the -- yeah and it was actually a combination of some of the civic associations and must've been 150 residents there. And I was on the agenda and gave the the group what mine plans war and the response was you know. Tremendously enthusiastic and server support. And on you know even to the point of look you know if you need help dealing with the city with -- Zoning with law. All of those departments. Will be there as a group you know some -- run blossoms come with. So that. Is an indication of yeah how enthusiastic. About the neighborhood. You know why did -- are laid dormant so long. Good question I'd I don't have a a comprehensive financial. I can tell you that problem. As to the back partial. I think that the the owner. Hand on certain. Understandings. Or. Concepts that he thought would would fall into place. -- and they didn't and so things lingered. From. The fact of the matter is that. I probably -- One of the few people who have been able to. The deal with that situation. And and as -- -- out we're progressing I'm. I'm hopeful that would and hit the finish line pretty soon but I think. You know you had. You had a transition between two. Administrations. And Egypt. Nightmare. And I think that there was some. Confusion there. Some misunderstandings. But the bottom line is we need to get the property back in commerce we need to get our super market up and running. Absolutely and it seems like the city would be. Nothing but wanting to help you because and make it you know expedite things so they can get more tax money coming. Let me put a -- pepper -- minor point on that shall try to be nice. Why it's not developed is somebody purchase the property and decided not to develop. Why that is I have no idea. I told Charlie. His portion of the property when it's developed we're gonna build -- statute. -- -- set out to all of that tell my wife dad -- and she might -- that we I think this is and then an enormous project. We think we have a great neighborhood this is going to make it that much better at the bottom line is. Someone purchased the property. And decided for her despite making representations. And various stages over the years that it was right on the cusp of being developed. That develop and nine years later it's that -- develop them you know for the first time long time. We're optimistic some things about this. Do you have sort of a timeline involvement by next year maven gets up -- front portion on -- working on a site plan I have an architect who is drawing the -- the plans for the the two story building. And actually I hope to to break ground on that before the end of the year that's great so so we should start seeing activity. Pretty soon. Well we'll take a break on that positive note and we'll come back talking to our neighbors right after this we're talking with our neighbors from -- Vista and lake terrace about. Life has been like post-Katrina both the on the successes and that the people coming back the growth on the development. And something is happening tonight concerning lake shore drive and that is you know earlier couple months ago that the whole thing came out about. Opening it up to pedestrians to what's happening tonight. But tonight did blue -- committee is there was developed to study the when they opened up -- short drive they said okay we got we have bicycle -- and rockers and strollers and runners and things out there and and now it's also going to be -- both -- seven days a week as opposed to close on the weekends. Closed westbound on the weekends. And so they've they've developed a blue ribbon committee to study. What can be we do to make sure we protect the recreational activities and police it. The further provision that vehicular traffic to tonight that we presenting that to the full board. And that -- at 530 at the -- mr. -- community center on Spanish sport and it's open to the public you can go and make comments. So -- released -- December to make sure it's safe. Right to police departments not as big as he used to be then -- board these -- safe and nobody gets -- -- everybody gets to enjoy. And the only thing I'd add to that is -- mean in my opinion it's an under utilized recreational. Tool. Home for the city and the decision that's before the board. And tonight eight. Is whether you know the approaches to basically treated as a four lane freeway and you know glorified parking lot. Or to have traffic running east to west and two planes. And having you know ample recreation space kind of similar to how cities like Chicago. Develop their like front area I mean we want this to be a top notch at least in in my opinion on top notch. Recreational area for the city of -- war on some prior to the change. On the weekends anyway you had to hold lines that were dedicated to recreation you go out there bicycle are. Not just bicycles roller skating and kids learning how to ride bikes and now. You know we've got four lanes of traffic to free way and there is a way to compromise here and any other city. At least in my opinion progressive cities like Portland or Seattle this would be a no brainer. We figure out a way to make some recreation space considerable recreation space along the lake front. And and I would just encourage folks to go to that meeting our. You won't notice and since they have opened them both ways that there is an increase in traffic so it's a -- that track and an increasing use. Netbook but both you spike Mars and not use that I don't see people -- their roller skating and it's not as much as guys that I a lot more. Picnic analog or gathering more people more -- to be -- to the -- years. You know -- had a gorgeous spring and -- just nice but I think what you all are saying is it's a very much a park. As well as an area -- Situation so how do you merry ride and then in the extra activity on the weekends. Right this city sending their anymore. Trash cans out ever right now if you go down there on Monday morning and a lot of trash that people leave behind so I'd like to. Ask people take their trash -- he addressed his fault economically it's him kind of you know. It DIY stuff that our neighbor who does what it ends up happening is the neighbors go out there including Atlanta. OK you -- a wonderful time and I'm thrilled with all your success -- I really am and we'll look forward in the next year for that development and to Mike who was holding on from. From lake -- of the the answer is can supermarket development be sped up he said if we all pray. Civil ended on that thank you very much for calling in my. Thank you again for all that you have done to bring back in neighborhoods. We appreciated everyone stay with this and get ready because we're going to be talking to the mayor -- activists. Stay with this mayor Mitch Landrieu is our next guest.