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6-5-14 2:35pm Angela: on the state legislature

Jun 5, 2014|

Angela talks with LaPolitics Weekly editor Jeremy Alford about the latest state legislature session.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Wanna thank -- mayor Mitch Landrieu again for taking thirty minutes out of his day means a lot. Not accountable for what we're all talking about and hits a pretty good explanations of things. We're gonna shift a little bit we won some and we lost some in the legislature this year as we discussed with the mayor. New Orleans officials and legislators fought to pass bills that would help the city raise much needed money. Now that we're strapped with those two consent decrees and the firefighters pension money is sort of taken off the top. As we said we'd lost some and ones. And we had some interesting battles to the very end on common core and on the levee district lawsuit does still remains in limbo. Joining us for a review of the legislative session to be remembered is Jeremy Belfort publisher editor of -- politics dot com. And I'm so appreciative of the joining us Jeremy and I write off the top I wanna say. I joined the chorus of people who really feel the loss of your partner in very dear friend John -- A tremendous loss to the state. It's sure is some missile I miss him dearly in I appreciate the artwork. -- He it was just a wonderful human being in and really made a mark for. For all of us who are interested in these things he he was the leader in thank -- have you and now you're going to carry on and and so again we are appreciative of your time especially during this time. The mayor did talk about the tax Milledge that John. That she will lose the state will will vote on and if it passes that there will come to New Orleans and will decide African past that. But I'm just curious why you think his other proposals the cigarette tax in the hotel tax didn't make it. Well as a hotel -- in particular. An uphill battle to start west. Think that -- -- really. Really came out and temple forced you to approach this initial completion -- -- -- -- -- from borrowers. That but from that -- each. Get heavily involved. In -- would also assault with could be maybe you know a preview of the next governor streets with chain Darden. And down. And and wondered chemistry now and and not think much under. A good line and during the first base chain that. I'll bet that she. Hasn't had an opportunity distant date orange shoes but. So so you probably get art. You know. It's simple that the that he needed money it's such. You know. Miss Flickr -- strap on the came out swinging the bat ordered. It and as -- discussed already landed he blows to submit. What about the cigarette tax to -- that was sort of a no brainer. Yeah you know it's. Eat even even if they would have been able to get that through the legislature and governor. Very clear stance in -- arteries tax. So even if the bill would have made after the process governor would be more than happy to veto it. To keep is that tax free pleasant experience. Is national. Campaign and and chrome but it that would have been that would have been talked anyhow and lawmakers. Really where prepare in statewide -- worker that the this is the session -- where taxes there are current or not not really discuss an attack to come up during. Number cheers. So it you know I think it. That there was. You know lawmakers did -- appreciate situations that -- -- what Andrew is is there -- especially in the as a former lawmaker so. And down in any it was you that was able to keep things past but he's gonna. Is justified it again over or statewide. Level with the with the constitutional amendment. You know he's got to convince voters statewide. That this is for the warlords there. -- a greater violence especially in the hotel such -- -- -- likely is that the local issue folks you know. We all report coming down there and instruments on -- a lot of people work. We're looking at this as a as a tax on them rather than text visitors. Were you surprised it's for the last minute. Bringing up of the but the revenue source on the development along the river. That that the taxing district. Now what is -- no matter what acres earlier on the session. Our own you know it actually eat he popped and also -- -- only how important Wallace but first don't to find a way to. Two two to generate -- that you know that this city it was smooth back the recorders and it doesn't this was not a confidence to just stop that the policy policy which -- Well you know -- like this prop up the -- in recession. In theory you run options it and that that they -- start -- and shorter that the clock certain pastor and you got to figure out -- -- do. So so so it wasn't much much response from promote respect. And yet they wouldn't forgive our debt to them. You know and it and then that that it that it panel and you know actually -- sources were telling me now that. The administration is actually pushing to get to convention center it's. It's. It's -- back to bill. Sooner than what was originally announced. Immunity in did you just like the city. -- the state needs money as well parliament and that was a. You know that's kind of a political football. But it was interesting to listen to the mayor in the last half hour talk about. How much of the money -- differences in the Super Bowl or any of these big events begin at how really little to Citi gets it really goes to the state. Yeah and that there is there are some efforts. As well that you try to get out of movement on that front and I know originally there in the -- of state what our Atlantic Orton. And encourage lawmakers like a while Asia that should really focus on. On the awards because you know there's going to be a bigger -- or you know they are going to city. -- -- a bit and again it's it's you know lawmakers stick take a very. Where you'll view credit on the -- kind of thing that goes back to that to the same at all politics is local. You know that there's a last minute. Lessening negotiations that is that directed not without cost Boca it won't center are there -- arch to. To get their -- street studios project have been. You know that and when I came -- on the house or operate a lawmaker gotta the you know why we aren't we on this search for new war. And it's it's you know easier though a lot more or. It's -- -- itself. And then lawmakers from the rural areas especially it would would -- to complain that they were getting that money. Arm so it you know that's that's a battle that that or just under a year. Well we're gonna take a break we're gonna come back and were gonna continue our talk with that Jeremy Alpert about. The laws that were passed on domestic violence about what happened with common core and some other bills stay with this I'm Angela we'll be right back. Jeremy Alfred publisher editor of -- politics dot com so appreciative. Have you not sort of updating us on this but we just went through with the legislature let's jump to the -- chase on common -- John White was right here. The day that he was speaking to all the thousands of teachers and he said regardless of what happens removing four -- common cork in the later that afternoon. The the governor vetoes the one bill that did go through your thoughts on what happened. But can you chemical war. Yeah it started with a -- and it with a whimper. This is is one of those bills that was just created stirred so much emotion hurts choked up and they took to the to the to the net table -- -- runner it is testimony in the -- object and you know we got into these screaming match as lawmakers. You know -- a lawmaker told me that that that's the most debated issue a session that lawmakers -- the least about. Think that there be one of the one of the many reasons that we we saw this issue. Kind of just -- after the session. Arm but you rightly noted that metres on the table to governors which stated that -- core left lawmakers with. What with what some questions themselves split but the issue is nowhere near over. Lawmakers as governor a lot of that the parks testing system which is essentially -- court announced. And and an -- is considering doing that. Businesses. And business groups. Cue from the world around him not to do that to that kind of -- only language. -- But it you know there's a lot of actions and on this issue that they're our future as well. That really creates. Great kind of the perfect mixture. For interactivity. But but -- or is gonna just move forward very quickly a German the other one that was incredible to me was. The optometrists. Being given the right to essentially do the work of MG's. Bright and it is an issue we've seen in the past and these issues make lawmakers really comparable because. In the technical issues that are specific to industries that most of them they're not about. -- boo -- what happened this year that is that. You know there's this attack that they came out from from ophthalmologist that would after. Senator David -- our senators that that so in your area this optometrists. So when an attack at now you know how are debating the bill over the past they they had rejected -- kind of -- but it. I think there is there is this sort of been in the body that being you know they need to protect that are there probably. So -- Bill ticket over to the senate the -- of troop thing like this in the past and then detonated the bill -- all. -- -- you know it's amazing. Little -- like that can actually. Impacts our and in and then called the bill to pass but it you know that. You know what to Louisiana legislature especially things works components could. Jeremy I cannot thank you enough for coming on and next time we'll have -- on longer was a little extraordinary today with the mayor but we are so appreciative of your insights and we will stay with you. Thank you very very much. Here and we'll be right back.