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6-5-14 4:35pm Hokie Gajan on Saints OTA's

Jun 5, 2014|

Saints color analyst Hokie Gajan joins Bobby and Deke about the Saints OTA's

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- it can't get just favorite WWO show -- taco school Antonio -- Robinette. Listen the podcast anytime there's like a DVR go to WW dot com but the the big podcasts button on the top right hand Caldwell -- page. Found the show the host of the schedules. Click on it in the it's right there you began to. Listen to your favorite should welcome back sports talk operated jaguar that you -- he had gone -- creepy the Spurs -- team to beat. Go to the odds -- who do you pick in the NBA finals Miami or San Antonio. Can't -- online at WW dot com it was the second organized team activities in the media couldn't -- it today OT eight. By the black and gold and our team was out there including -- Rose Bobby -- there. And -- guys -- jumped Hokies with us now you jump right in in some of the things that would cut talked about last week -- game from the year. You you broke down to meet today was very interesting about how the old tees that had to have a different meeting like for the veteran in N 980s -- -- -- Now they are different meanings in one of the big things easier for the the new team players. And the draft picks in the free agents. Is trying to get a grant spoke out of the playbook and in installments in and it's a small portion being installed right now. Absolutely and you know first probably I wanted to include human group pro now. I mean you using it in practices and let -- a beer at me about. -- I I consume media when they say a product of a good about it yeah. But. I mean it back so it is right now and you know it's beating that guy from me with the playbook. The Marques Colston and Pierre Thomas and Backstreet pretty I mean note that not playbook but -- a lot of new faces every year and I mean look at it if you don't start it's square -- -- able. To it last week and it's great next week you're -- In mini camp then we get that -- that final PA and it's at all out of it. The prerequisite course CP will be training camp because wants training here. They're not going to be tactical back what you need yet. So that you make it may be -- right now and we'll make sure we get. And don't -- want those -- should know what they're doing because next week what is going to be. You weather permitting in front of the public and also get a lot we could play. In you'll make it look good. For the fans and everything you know and figure out their -- -- what both runners were -- on both the it as a rookie back. You -- think in and not play in Egypt and and it can look back. Colgate I gonna practice today and obviously changes you know last -- they would do a lot of teams that first down and third down I thought. The defense obviously didn't make as many plays think at the turn it was like it did in the first OT when we witnessed that and OP -- -- -- drop the easy. In yet -- Kenny stills you know fell down and minerals that are kind of place yet to make him. The question I have when you look you know bringing Jerry's bird on board Maceda has had more interceptions -- economic reports fumbles. 22 interceptions. You look at the Saints defense and Rob Ryan addressed this in his four total defense and fourth in scoring defense how important that is even going back. A Gregg Williams and the size and scoring defense. And they were second against the pass this puzzles me. And and and I don't think I've ever seen is completely kind of goes hand in hand. We can get pressure on the quarterback uses that Cristiano was when you look last season. We created pressure with -- -- -- -- have in the low forties we ended up with 49 sacks. But the turnover and never really came in and we got after quarterback. -- did Bobby the opportunities were there I mean I mean he dropped balls right at the secondary so that. That got a lot to do it and couldn't -- bird on walking around out there. If you didn't know that he had back surgery a week ago you'd -- saying well -- -- just keep him out practice because you know. It they would -- that -- be late in the bits of wire at the podium indeed need to do anything yet. Out there and maybe he can what was going on that baseball cap on what -- watching walker he certainly didn't like he language curtain on her. -- to what standard. But I think he is going to be. A big factor in net in the one thing that I like really knows he'd been back from being a great -- here was the -- but it. That's what they address if you and. You know build -- one can't -- Patrick Robinson you know Bob did a little note that you know eat all malls set back and I underline it because almost been. We start it now it and and I think it you know the eighty when -- pretty. Ultra and the way that he input that is it's a lot like when Greg he's been here. You can't put it every day in almost certainty you expected nature -- you. And the linemen linebacker deep -- back you're going script the follow the ball in my. And you'll really like that that attitude but. I still don't mean. You hope that a lot of balls thrown in the Oakland care bird. Back here you know just being the sneaky cat again you'd know that congress can bring another guy -- What it would indeed it. Is it difficult because the guys that we have lately they only they don't really catch the ball. Poking give -- is counting cap on when you look at and you know it is a copycat league in and how you have these trends. The one thing that I Nolan noticed about Stanley as John back tees. The cornerback. -- got a rookie from Nebraska. I don't know August's high entry casement rolling the -- and look it really still learning the game -- was rotating. With the ones and the twos but when I notice and it seems like as a scalp -- -- -- where you look at his formula pals want to -- Like standing by all the other DB's how long his arms war. Yet being cute you know and when it really only he looked more like say the band Ito a corner if the European team in Pakistan that. You know usually itself well number 33 is say -- is keen to corner. They're built similar but I mean it's I think it is a lot thicker thinking Lewis but. Kind of got the same. Body structure he's got -- long -- long way and you know aid but he doesn't look like the state even move more like Nicole position so. That is. You know that -- real bone right it would you could put it. Out there against big receivers because. BI we need it which you -- here on the problem that -- in we all backed out scout all your corner where patina. -- -- you know every year. In their community say I need it or eight big -- they air the problem I mean everybody was you know error count and air and land in the world again I mean they were they were terrific player can't -- it. B. Yeah you know but it got it back have a corner work. And now our issues he would. Kind of get into the college ranks right now and of course you lose in the NFL that. Because of all the I think. Keen that they aren't -- it usually. Have -- -- in college to cover the big so. They get bigger out there -- you know I get it probably in years. Maybe -- an economic. Wouldn't be in the from wide receiver to corner he would -- that wide receivers art -- you know that. The people believe you know -- enough to see him you know what. It will be spent talking cover yet and it beat yet the skill set in the Utley. Oh before and I actually his lap last question along those lines when you're looking at the big corner in Richard Sherman obviously. And now you look at -- on that tees and Keenan Lewis. -- what I noticed threatening teams are doing. And there banking on the -- for -- and get to the quarterbacks who can play bump and run and because of their farmland jam the receiver. And and also when you're running alongside the receiver. Is that a height mismatch sort of back shoulder throw a how many times -- Drew Brees Jimmy Graham is not open he just throws the ball. And -- -- -- and everybody are mismatch I think that's where. The whole big corner concept I got a built to run UK BS this mean united ill educated. Like a stiff in the hands having you know to be the best that habit. You know I think that's why it's almost turning down that with a quarterback told the ball in the Russia get them because we disrupting the Ralph. But holed that last question -- party. And looks like he's gonna have a great opportunity it's all a matter of taking advantage of that. A -- bars cadet will no luck and a Reggie Bush. Darren Sproles and now -- just watch him practice today as daylight if he wasn't involved it as an every other play it was like every third play. What the Eagles 34 situation. Seemed -- him a couple of times as swing routes all of a sudden he's getting. A 78 yards a catch a anabolic receiver and and also. And a tailback position boy at a nice cut where he looked like a running back where -- been like eight yard gain where he ran between the tackles. There -- I think it's all part of the maturation process. He's been in this system for years you know what to -- he's been in the weight room get any bigger faster. And certainly keep it low grip in practice rounds normally that beard grow and we got to be here your starter in your for. Unit so acute that if you will. Our ability yet the line here called. The plate and practiced well now to Bart could get it to -- until Internet. In that position. Yeah you know that your number three back let's say. That they would want him on third -- he's going to be needed here on green they draw and try and run option routes. Against linebacker -- boxing -- be in -- all that so. You know atrial Mitchell on Peyton is seen. How he's grown to be upbeat look -- is -- doubt about it. Indians update what it was you know we all -- it and -- it is no doubt about. But we don't get it in practice it kinda hard to make that -- we got it but he was never going to be out there to begin so you know I think now we're. You know combination of everything. In more -- more time than he is the better player overall. Besides Diana's okay guys hope that you so much similar to -- see out there are two different mini camp. All right all right Saints currently okay guys recap of the day's OTA much more announces on line WW dot com.