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Sports Talk 6-5 635pm, Trent Tucker

Jun 5, 2014|

Join Deke & Bobby as they talk to: Trent Tucker (Guard for the '93 Bulls Championship team) about the game between the Spurs & the Heat tonight.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back along the Kasey Kahne and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia world champion -- took a -- just now it's game one of the NBA finals between the heat and the Spurs trip thank you so much of the time good to have you and it looks like -- NBA got to match up they were kind of hoping full. Yeah I think we have the best two teams you know -- and hit the head you know for the championship you know the Miami Dolphins along. No pace themselves that that you know at the right pace to get themselves prepared for the players out. And you can tell that you know that -- totally ridiculous because they were doing things differently compared to the past. And they were planned it started because they were trying to get the best record to have well and that's. If they get to this position. Now a trend being a long range shooter that you are a million appreciation. For great three point shooting. I mean it was unbelievable and happened -- on the back in but you look at Danny Green -- said the finals record 253 point has -- in his only. Went two for eleven behind oracle -- the final two games. But then you look at what every department lately that Rashard Lewis hit nine at three pointers or the final two games. Of the east finals who you think with the long ball could you the Spurs really -- the ball around we think is gonna come up big. As far as long range shooting whether it is the Miami Heat are the Spurs could be on the wood Ray Lewis could -- -- Ray Allen. You know I feel you know this year you know had used the long ball you know a great deal and off -- they have stressed defense to get. He noticed after the driver to penetrate that can also give them -- them that it space. To -- -- about it blog and in the post but it had to have a guy like Graham and your team you've got to treat him because last year. You know -- it to be rebounding game six -- out Larry Allen and if there's ever accomplished player in this moment. -- you want somebody that not -- three point guys rail in the Asia guy that you might give a slight edge based on experience. And where Ray Allen had been due to. Now -- when you look at right now top to bottom. It appears right now as far as the reserves. Who's coming off the bench. That disperse. They disappeared to be far stronger on the bench. Compared to last year's NBA finals what did you take on that. Even though you know I like it. -- and is finally said Ray Allen. Who's had a strong post season but would you give the edge to the Spurs and they bring off the bench. I'll tell you right now because in the kitchen nobody comes -- to the -- I think you and other key -- perform for the that would be bored -- and I felt like going into game six against Oklahoma City. If there's one player you know that -- hurt Oklahoma City with his versatility and -- its ability suitable. Eighteen to twenty feet could be -- beyond because he brings -- to block away from the basket. And that was an idea from target the big gap a bit more space now political work while -- But I also look at the ability suitable downtown he -- it serves to not become too far I was from the basket. You can't get them if you look for the big time game to close out that the first game of perfect. But he's going to be vital vital piece -- -- about again about remind me. Now trendy you bring up everyone talks about you know coaching match jobs Greg Popovich vs Erik Spoelstra. Now we all know pop one coach of the year award for leading the Spurs with an NBA's best record. And then I guess that a lot of opinion remained. That he's the league's best coach but I don't think it's like yes that much of a widespread. As far as a coach Spoelstra now what is experience. Look this year how he managed Wade's help. You know throughout the season where he's at now and and also going small Rashard Lewis against the Pacers so I mean I mean these days like. That widest -- coach coverage vs both driving Bulger is now puts him skins on the wall considering. That out -- move within one title. Being right there weren't a problem. Godly you do you have the idea that we talked about he noted that that the coaching matchup on India immediately -- -- and he's got -- -- -- lot -- Sure. Number exports has really grown as a hit -- well coached in the last year -- -- people on the that are currently. Committed -- success comes because you have guys like LeBron and Dwyane Wade Chris -- I -- -- But you have to be able to manage those type of egos but to -- -- to I think it's one. Here sports has done a very good job using his good credit at the right time. Keeping guys act opening -- making sure that interest standpoint it late to go what did numbers -- Like you mentioned you know -- child who hadn't played much throughout this season for the first part to play out. All the but now they need him for defense about you know against the Indians have faith that he was ready to step up to deliver and that's a credit their culture. Now Trent. I don't know what you thing but expect to whatever to meet Tony Parker's -- And now where is the end. I mean is that like smoke and mirrors I mean he's here how serious is his left ankle. In the soreness that because to me. No way in I think a big advantage over Mario Chalmers and why you feel about that that. Not going against the likes of Damian that million especially Russell Westbrook. -- what do you think is Tony Parker ready to roll our. Or is that ankle pretty ten. I wouldn't be -- -- little you know defense -- to have such a deep team and they have guys who have performed. And big moment sure they go in the point park it is to win this series like Gregg Popovich. -- not be afraid to go to pitcher Tony Parker Kirilenko. I think you know the inside game San Antonio and that matchup should be able to carry them. I guess that you've got there -- was helped conduct in fact this they prefer to stay out there controlled the lane defensively. Miami it weakens my defense -- is that is that entries defense and I think conduct is going to have a much easier time. Gone up against someone like Chris Bosh compared to quote insert your pocket. But that's that you have concept is on the edge because attempt in the tactic can deliver you know when that -- wouldn't like to drive. I -- -- -- shaken out the Spurs and heat. Well yeah. I believe that telling you you know the fault -- that law and you know to get to fit into position where they could have the home court advantage. And I think desperately become the seventh game victory over the mine he. -- Oakland Trey what's it like this -- -- we have found in the and you look down on your hand. You guys I can do -- week off because I think I can play again. World champ midnight three will open it up blood tricked you probably could win the game hearts and. -- if somebody can think about five I could maybe get over it had been taken it to about McNabb make -- that would that be like get it off. Always good to hear from the yeah they -- -- months it took game one of the NBA finals in San Antonio the Spurs in the heat we think we'll take the -- Both online at WW that I'm getting more Herschel was thinking about via some of the top news and -- who do you today Miranda Lambert. They're famous so Contra stock this should be re release -- -- -- just released them BC and -- awards were. -- the last time I've fullest -- had to make an emergency landing in the state of West Virginia. When you Google on top stories in the state it was doing it. Well you don't need to be here and that because I'm trying to get two and a plate and you've got Clark and Louisiana sexist is never a fall from our roots is another go and don't take this out. West Virginia ranks 49 and alcohol consumption well there but the move of the charts -- or 49 like I mean -- that means that they don't have backing in this at a fifty states and and -- only guy in the top five of them that you know we're now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I stated on loan in the WV. This is sports talk on WW.