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Sports Talk 6-5 7:30pm, Ari Temkin

Jun 5, 2014|

Join Deke & Bobby as they talk to: Ari Temkin (host on ESPN radio San Antonio) about the game between the Spurs & The Miami Heat

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome -- he's a KG camp Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia well in dire need. To make some happen the traps found some stability. Had a disappointing season out. Ricky Rubio. In who have the city was going to be in the the smoke crack. With days of the and that will be in the in -- and one is more like the you know who's the kid from -- play with the canes. He thought that was what you -- The Yankees shoes of Michael Alou he let you know people are not talking about way yet decently yeah it more like that more like some -- from like a -- Young boy band complete basketball he he he completely because it was too good and media can still it's a size which kind of makes them by that -- the name the next LeBron -- enjoyed -- -- -- -- -- it work out for. Ricky -- like just -- me and all of ours -- IRB that -- they called -- 33 Johnson the next LeBron already well on -- forget that moment that you -- I mean. Renault UK -- somebody has accomplished. Exactly to be competitive somebody's one of the greatest -- -- -- Ricky Rubio can't pass pass at all it's always aren't. But the he you don't shoot -- too well anyway. Slips on those who was part owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves will now coach. And what they're trying to do is time to their main goal analysis somehow being in keep Kevin Love -- -- don't spoke. They don't mean they can't load this year that he can basically opt out and ship away to the rule as RG he might go to Celtics there. I don't know that Allison holiday -- -- any games that he can be he's he's he's a franchise say yeah I mean he had he came say Minnesota. -- seemingly they just keep. -- -- in the -- move at the band movement -- move -- when you look at Flip Saunders most of that ever have a hand yeah it was a -- so they went 88 times that of well something away with the Western Conference yeah and -- had never worried you know got there and it did -- trying to get -- now they're trying to get them now are attempting -- ESPN San Antonio. He has been what does this entire season and now. Game one of the NBA finals are rated team it's golf fought creepy finds himself a slight underdog as the oddsmakers say the Spurs -- the team to beat -- saving game what could be a seven game series. Yeah surprising and the Spurs not familiar spot will be the underdog but -- What you think the Spurs are clearly a better team -- last year we -- dramatic art and that the -- -- -- yards while so accurate portrait series that but obviously pretty big quote last year. You know are -- commuter. Duplicated but. -- first usually they did it give it to other shall -- that -- -- could be like the underdog so that they situation this year. Are you -- how does this play in too cozy and -- team yet and none of these players know anything about it. All they will all they know basically born into was 232. Now -- gone back to what they are are used to playing 822111. But these franchises have been to a lot of finals. Like the Spurs like the heat how to play and don't think game six would have been in San Antonio last year. Yeah no kidding me it worked out pretty well completely out -- on court but I have a it would be an advantage in in getting incidents at all. You know it is whether it's not like -- BA could afford you know what their situation like -- -- Serbia. Certainly. It is bad -- Miami by church and imagination but it certainly it used to -- -- that they expect that last year. Bad this year -- department -- Now sorry there's -- -- in -- the play when you look at the season series each team won easily. On its home floor and hitting just reading this is so unbelievable is used we when you. You think you shoot 50%. That you normally -- alas you were San Antonio shot 50%. In -- gains in the heat in their victory shot 58%. With -- lack of our defense over the team's that hot but -- we did take when you look back on the plated head. You know about our -- -- -- away from what regular -- I think. Well we'll be understood that there were to check that the year. Last year. -- in good. Reality is birthday when they -- scored a lot for our guys or double figure in this series and Wednesday. You know one but he did their victory or what they're not excite at a weight shake out. Now -- Oh what is the truth -- million top of things Tony Parker you think you be ready year old both series are. Is that -- left ankle is -- ten there I mean now. What I mean is it is it just try to pull the wool over and you know you think he's really hurt one. I mean look you last year when they got the body you know. But it hammy and -- I inspected the product of when he played under that. Is gonna be very well be different you know -- going to be all you you know. Our idol -- the end up playing in the second half in such a lot while any indication wary that -- They noted for -- there are slowly being initiated while without him but he hit -- -- Him not being. You know not -- lineup and he'll call back -- Got a copy of note what are Jack you know other than Parker. I think it's about who will give it to change you -- but. They are every tactic they opt out and so I think we'll see a -- really gonna take over the next. You know the next game -- tackle like that -- case echoed by scores are -- trouble. Now -- Household names Ray Allen and managed only look at the reserves who's coming off the bench but it. It's days like. Haven't we Boris -- all of us and he's the difference maker. And put the Spurs over top posting very average against the heat fifteen have points this season well know that. Within 26 -- point performance. And then at five of the Western Conference finals that you look at. Rashard Lewis all of -- He hits -- 93 pointers over the final two games in the east finals. So I mean you will we see those bombs because -- -- the -- did Jack you know but. Tonight with a lights -- Ray Lewis. I mean Ray Lewis of if you look at. -- a Ray Allen and then now Rashard Lewis. That in and we all know the Spurs to do that you could see a lot of like long bombs. What you did -- worked -- In order -- out there early Kirk Barton. You know. Or Battier. Over until the person that -- Battier they'll know they boo. -- at all and there -- otherwise it will. Carter. Or group picture roster -- are what they're -- are -- report shooting and our guys. Typically. Now are -- what is your take on. And you look at the challenge of a pop is always asking him to do that be quiet -- And you look LeBron James. A quietly and how I'll company ideas right now -- vary game to game because he's another one to me. That the sky's the limit -- him as far as going forward. -- about it out and what that is the way I think that very position there but. In the end Juqua. Last year -- that record -- -- the place where they did. Pack the paint can't -- up wade really closed out the car and they would basically. Can become jump shooter and then an entry pass to LeBron post. They would double double -- -- They did -- job last year I I think they'll switch it up. We into the playoff birth to an unbelievable job and the opponent that. Offensive weapon Dirk related. Against the Spurs in this matter theory around you Aldridge in -- guys currently. You didn't do much against dispersed and that of course -- there direct why are accurate but it. Their big defense and I mean that is splitter -- green and green especially as dominant record job. I mean RC six Belichick are a terrific job in making their work at 31. He got the war. But it was a very -- very well. Durant averaged thirty point it would be immediately he scored 32 or two games that -- Our AT&T our regular should take who's going to see. I'm picking and Byrd and -- -- -- topic because -- last year accurate. I think that they Spurs are significantly better than they were last year. While wait to be out here I just think they're up a group to be too much. Arnie how can folks -- you all play. Our sport in New York. -- -- -- all right thank you so much again if all you've done look forward to talk to throughout the finals. Accurate. All right all right -- editorial sports follow him on Twitter at 26018786688. Man do you eights and come back -- -- -- in them and also here. From goody dug in -- one back with the black and go to dress in the media today at the the OT eight this is -- -- the latest on the black and gold Angela heels. Sit down with man -- and Andrew. All that's at WWL dot com.