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Jun 5, 2014|

Bob Mitchell’s in for Scoot again tonight…here’s what’s coming up: remember that bakery in Colorado that didn’t want to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple…then the Colorado Civil Rights commission ruled against him. Well, he will NO LONGER SELL wedding cakes to anyone. Do you commend him for standing up for his personal beliefs, or do you think he is cutting off his nose to spite his face?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well welcome to show it is me -- -- the real Robert Mitchell sitting in for us do it again -- Tonight now I don't know about you but I'm burned out on talking about this prisoner swap and I'm burned all about whether he is he is paid. That -- murder. Or a traitor and has burned out on the whole thing so. I thought I would start the show tonight. With with a feel good story. And I'm gonna give me the feel good story in the I'm gonna ask you if you have and leave any feel good stories something positive that happening you to give me a call this. This is a great story a California man in rehab for drug addiction. With no cash to his name discovered a 125000. Dollars cash. In an orange bed only to return that shortly after joke Cornell 52 years old from -- -- -- California your. Was watering trees that his job at a parking lot across from the Salvation Army rehab Sutter when he overheard a vehicle halting. At an armored Brinks truck at the corner the card pulled up next to the truck like -- a drop something. I looked and I see this big orange band like us and a close by. He said inside I saw some of them at least a keynote. Wrapped stacks of hundred dollar bills to look like deposits from businesses. He took the bag back toward nearby trailer and discovered the crash the cash inside amounted to a 125000. Dollars. He's a -- was conflicting. There was a good double and the Angel age old saying -- the money paid and given back given active about it. Well he said. He. He felt he could not live with himself sort turned it in to the shelter. He took the bag of money to supervisor. At the shelter and then they'd notify the police and they return the -- -- there's been no word. Whether he got any type of award for -- but that is real real good -- -- fought. The start the show was morally and how about a couple of really good feel good stories may be got some. Good news from Oprah and today a doctor a family member. Maybe have a great day at work maybe someone did something good for you this past week -- this past week my good friend doctor Gregory rich. Who is a exotic pet that he doesn't deal -- dogs and cats and the it will weird deal of exotic pets he called me. -- that he. Win Sunday -- Sunday and said I have an extra ticket to go to the L a shoot Houston game. In retrospect maybe it wasn't easy but. I'd I got a chance to go through the tigers -- And then another good thing happened to -- I was going to have tickets to go the following night. But -- I got a call from the radio station WW Ellison and just what we need to work. On the year after the Alicia game. So that's good news because it. If that would not happen I would have been at the game suffering. All right maybe it's something you wanna just give thanks for you have a maybe have a great launched an initial court you're a great meal. Maybe got a great gift from someone. Maybe you're just happy to be alive maybe you have a great kid. But you want to give a shout out to -- let's get started tonight. With some positive stuff some positive good news to six year old -- 7866889087. You can -- -- addicts -- 87 in the Scola to the polls are already have a caller it's gonna paddy paddy power you. You know that story. Right -- -- Here local animal rescue within your wallet Bulldog which. And a lot of heartbreaking that we Illini are more then -- and Angela. Couple months. My daughter a year -- ground and cheat on each and she Euro boxer. Can't -- and it was really hard for her -- he was our company you know. -- -- -- -- -- He -- away and she got out of the country under -- -- -- Really -- the next couple -- and mention winner in the country currently election and act Sheen was telling the whole you know issue Israel won't. Come home empty house. It would really sort she didn't she where. Or another you know you're gonna try to get another EU. Currently rescue boat -- Well in the year. -- we are not one time. Got a copy -- You know actually infantry Euro. -- in turn to shelter. And and the -- We. My soul. -- -- out how to. The week coming here and she was ambient stray. And our partner Brad and you know wrong. -- knee surgery she some problems that are. I and my daughter if she were posture. Like. And in. Procter and -- moment that we can get him well. And she's like well you know I'm ready -- not at any. She chose. Germany agree that we care and she kept their vote -- -- Take our top spot or are we. I. -- a sneaky sneaky. Yeah let you know end or she. -- -- she really. And she trigger good. And left her she should get the treatment that you -- are up 1 morning. And it looked in kicker out there. And -- today -- cult and that. One that you adopt. The copy. And she called me. A -- And think it would be good news is that now that -- -- wonderful golf and you know you've ever seen a rap sheet and it was that were here for you know. Oh and oh and eat dark Sheen you know everybody says that the dog won the lottery and daughter told me she says mom I think I want the law you know. That that is such a great story that's kind of like a double good story because. I -- -- of the dog was just wondering on the street if I've known shall. I admire so you would probably. -- probably. -- and you know. In my dog daughter was it was a rescue dog. And I have to be very careful hard to be the talk about him right now because he's now eight when we got him he was just in the you to -- his ribs. And now he's eighteen. And he's come -- got dementia he's got his good days and he's got his bad days and we know that some time and down the road. We're probably gonna have to make that decision I'm -- in the god that we don't have to make that decision and then one day you'll just go to sleep but. -- that was an apple. They really being in debate. And grandpa that they Gretzky you. Yes they do. Thank you thank you. WWL you'll feel good story. Thank you. Share. We -- -- And then on cheese -- Or. -- Yeah yeah. By art entertainment coverage and act in their batteries and or get surgery and were in a way -- -- -- procedure. But it. Com I had -- back backwards and not back. We're. Well about. -- -- -- got about 830. Art and it you know -- called from our sister. Some. 01. Level and at. We're not remembered -- Happening in my mom's blood pressure went two. Over 110. And so we get this call. Mama and that it -- better term I am not or. In recovery. And so -- -- -- -- and or out all night. Night. It was story -- There's the world at the people. From the -- pictures. And he took it orally here. Missiles or help -- exit. You know that could have been kinder -- -- age and I think it got orders or. -- But mr. -- Amman called out. Responsibility for eating I'll tell. You at all. -- We've got home completely on -- -- -- you know not share. And so that -- credibly well I I called or been ordered back to social worker. Or -- there. A couple hours there and tell ourselves spent -- hours. At a critical spare parts that. More patient at war -- They're not. Network -- out. -- on the part. Or your opt out of -- collapse. Thank you know. I have election message on the screen telling me to stop doing this stuff and get to the real story is so -- -- gonna ignore that completely. We've -- thought tonight that would all the negative stuff we've had a bill through that we would start the show and we're not gonna do the whole show display but. It if you have if you have a feel good stories -- something good you wanna talk about. But it looks -- -- you wanna take and say hey I got a great kid and such and such -- maybe got a raise that worked. And you wanna share that good news story with us you can call me to secure -- one late 7866. And finally it's seventy. And here's our -- drag our opinion poll -- football season right here. Would you like to see the NFL allow coaches to challenge. Penalties that you can go online at WWL dot com or you can simply follow me acoustic zero -- seventy. 8668908. So many text from the at age 7870. Mean how many times have you bill bin at a game or watching the game one TVs. Man. Everybody yells -- both parents and you see the replay is not really an apparent or vice Versa. In all holding and then you'd see the replay in the one confined holding so why not let coaches I'm not actually an increase. The number of child to put one not let coach's challenge penalties and you think that's a good idea. Or a bad but it would have ample lines opened at 26 year old -- 7866. And 90 it's evident. And if you have if you have good news story just. Just. Something you wanna share what this it was a call and then after that will will get in two of the regular subjects for the night too -- generally -- seventy. 866890870. Bob Mitchell Stewart show and WW well. And I'm Bob petrol imports do tonight here are full numbers. 260187866. And -- nine awaits revenue contracts in the late seventy. Eight Sammy and I wanted to start the show tonight with just some some feel good story original. Last couple likely we talk so much of a ball prisoner. Swap I thought would be a good idea of slumping economy for Russia -- bit and just something maybe that could happen commute today in the past couple days. Of the the past week or so maybe one of you have -- a kid that you wanna taken to gradually that kid that it's something that maybe somebody did something. But Korea and what natives talking about this as a -- In in California. He was and drug rehab. He had no money he found a bag -- 125000. Dollars in -- and rather than keep it. -- that would have been the appropriate thing for him. He turns it in. And at this point we don't even though he received a reward but he did the right thing so if you have a feel good -- something good that happened to you. -- -- too sure about that -- -- you are only seventy. 8668890. Extremity. Here is a text message that much fun to retire from the airports. And he my daughter in law and two grandchildren are bad in the world that that early on and and you feel about that because. Two years ago on my daughter. And so on and laws and three grandsons and moved back home we also have our big it's -- pretty jaguar opinion poll question would you like to see. The NFL. Coaches that challenge. Penalties now -- have one text on that at this point it says no there's too much slowdown in the game already challenging a call on penalty would just. Lose control in the game adrenalin no because you would still have the same. Number of challenges John. Would what are your thoughts on them about an -- follow up football a lot would that be a good idea or a bad idea to let a coach's challenge penalties. I think would be a real good idea. Because. My last season when we played the -- swing. As -- It was not obvious holding call obvious the withheld than he was and barring the replay I think that you should be able to throw flags and stuff like -- Because that would have changed how completely you know a lot of games and on bad refereed calls. And I that you should be able to challenge. I don't see why not they have been occasions and it's public of football's saying that all -- The second -- gets caught how many times have you -- one -- -- -- a player and then when that player retaliates the officials. Do not see the first. A move Alexy the second was always a second right and if you were able to review that and you'd be able to see the first movement it would just be offset penalties for -- So -- -- a form of -- after years that the -- be able to review penalty calls yeah. All right 260. Well late 78668. At 90 it's somebody you can respond to that if you have a good news story. -- can let us go about that 26 year old late 78668. -- nine. Point seven and a lot of remind you. That if you can't catch your favorite WW -- -- -- You can listen to the podcast any time it's just like -- DVR you go to WW well dot com look for the big podcast button. On the top right hand corner of our front page. Or -- your labor most notably more shows and schedules and click on their name real simple and shall convenient podcast. On WWL dot com. All right here's what's on our WW LR talked table tonight the story of course was in in the news for quite some time the owner of a bakery. In Lakewood city will no longer -- wedding cakes after the -- Ronald civil rights commission ruled. He did discriminate against a gay couple when he refused to sell them mechanic. So now he's decided. That rather than half to a follow that law he's just going to stop selling wedding cakes completely. Not do you commend him. For standing up for his personal belief. Or do you think he's just coming off his nose despite his place. I commend them for standing up to his personal belief but they missed this whole situation is just absolutely insane. I think he should have the right to do that now if I go back to the original story. I went online -- -- I tried to fund the original story and likely would not -- from what I remember about the -- story when this story first broke. It wasn't -- -- that he did not want to. Bake a cake for the gay couple he just didn't want to put the two guys on top publications like I think -- a -- if memory serves me correct that even. Told them where they can go to get the little ornament to go on complicate. But I commend him Bora. Sticking to his guns. For saying this is what I believe this is my road religious belief. And rather than rather than bow down and and due to tell Leo I have to do. -- just -- Celtics so I'd like to know your opinion on that do you commend him for standing up forge personal beliefs. Party thinking of just wanted office knows despite displays 26 year old late seventy. 86689. OH seventy. And if you could write. One sentence of one sentence note of one or two so this to your younger self. What would -- say. In other words what advice. Would you give your younger self that you know now. That you didn't know when you were much younger. Would you -- yourself to pursue a different profession. Would you warned his -- about eight future relationship. Something that would change one or were you or in life today you know you put a work yourself to buy a certain stock. I thought a lot of -- Islam have different ones and one little things and on that I might do as I might write myself a little note that says. Go to Vegas and 2010 and bet the farm actually the or when the Super Bowl -- though if you could write. A one or two sentence note to your younger self in the words go back in time and -- -- a little note what would -- -- to six year old -- seventy. 866890. It's seventy. And here's one that should. Pitcher trying to open thinking. And Oregon school district plans to offer condoms. To students starting in the sixth grade. As part of a sex education policy. Aimed at decreasing teen crisis. Our eleven year old too young. For such a program. Mean -- the thought of an eleven year old having 63 Q out. I mean I have grandkids. Who would have inflict that just freaks me out completely to -- at 0170. 866 and 90870. And we have -- seventy project -- opinion poll question would you like to see the and a -- coaches. To a challenge penalties -- both John and definitely agreed that they should Johnson for in the fold is -- master control if you call right now -- -- -- Open going to go on the air simply calling that to six year old -- 7866890870. Let's go to a plot to -- a warrior tonight plotting. -- on the triangular track. It's on. Our -- don't get that. Won't do it didn't. Keep. Treated Tuesday that it too gay couples. To. The Chinese religion in the country who are into our religion. And you know some. However it -- -- Oregon. People -- What. -- do a subject to great. -- fuel race and raise. Something and principled and articulate what may be that. It. Is -- So. Yeah. And you believe that. Principal. -- Jean. Paul. Beaten chained their -- and you can go to -- Well be that this is going do that is going to cost him money. Because now he's not going to make what -- cakes for. Any couple well he's not making wedding cakes from gay couples is not making what -- cakes were straight couples is not wanting. Not making when he takes for two dog -- -- not making wedding cakes at all. Oh I thought because of his personal beliefs and and that's why I commend -- that he he doesn't mind losing the money. Brett sometimes and sometimes you actually get. -- got to -- shot and tumbled. An injured and commitment toward. Our group football fan. So would you like to see the NFL coaches to challenge penalties. Our. Now remember you wouldn't get let me clarify that you would not get anymore challenges -- still have the same number of challenges that you have right now. That cultures used that your challenge plays so. This would not be an additional trial. Well because it's. It doubled to longer and -- it will it will shall we did it. -- -- It is missed -- You know with debt but we can. And shot the ball. -- we think we are. Getting worse and worse. -- the chart openly and to -- No it -- doesn't know you're gonna have disclaimer model challenges tell tell me what's different. But -- Pay an official saying. Let's say on a touchdown pass. That the dog was inbounds. Or tell me that it was between challenging. His well his point on that -- challenging. All in an apparent call it's the same thing. -- different things right right right. It's the same thing so -- basically that we it is. All right speculative appreciate you call it and -- OK let's go to Peggy Peggy thank you calling WW well tonight Powell warrior. Under an. Ambulance. Let you do that you know that story that the story on. CNET. The video in a pot that is one this year Eric tell somebody about it -- love. It's a video. -- person -- young man who came back from Afghanistan. And he lived through -- server there. And that'd -- that was to bomb sniffing dog he had sent the dog into a building. And the -- had a bomb and the dog from the bomb and the dot injured. And it saved his little group of five man who had gotten killed. So he made it uses to adopt this -- adopt a lot lot to light -- Blake and that statement. They can't do it on the video. The in and pitched it electorate patent -- So we need made an Internet and -- -- -- -- -- and through hoops to get the dog. And buy dot com and I told you can't bring it stopped all your family that does aid professional. Like he you know. And he said no complete line the -- that's me on the -- can be fine. Well he said that when he brought the -- home he opened the door in the -- came in secret that he was trying to but the duck down. And it truly world walked over to adopt. Adopt immediately. On his -- with -- Aaliyah which means submission to. And the trial sat down and rabid dog and put it -- -- and -- common ear and optically there. And let the ball boy examined a dog and play with the dog and kept him. And then after that it was all right and the video showed him need to at least still the -- out every week it might find a pop -- to yeah. And then look at that footage shot there makes a good long way back to the states is excellent they go to date is that the fake bomb on the -- trying to make put it. -- any other dog it's. The goals are okay and so calm he opposite of the dog bit him an attitude with. Being -- how to explain it it's like a giant attitude at all orange yeah delegate training out at that one of their National Guard Canton and the dog when that man. And what they -- minutes after the Telecom. Within eight. So. It's not it's still functional. That is now he's -- and hope to get. And the and the basic. In the art and it you know -- -- part while there might. -- -- if you go right to due to write a one sentence note or two to your younger self and Libby go back in time and write a note to yourself. That no actually. Well I am I am older I -- wanted to be met Mary and desperately -- -- school. Louisiana technical meet women don't -- at all and I believed him. And I would like help would be in that -- hadn't been told. No don't went -- -- -- -- -- -- in the woods and Cuba. It's amazing and so I wouldn't negate that app and I didn't follow an action of spotlight Celtic. And yet I'm going to be that -- -- and that. There. All right appreciate your calling John you're going to be next we have some lines open 260. What I it's 78668890. It's -- if you could write. A one sentence short note -- all couples that does to your younger self nowhere to go back in time. And advise yourself on something that you know now that you did know then. What would -- say to six year old -- 7866. And nine point seven I'm -- -- -- dote on the big it's seventy WW and the poll number to join the show was 26017866889. Point seven I'm Bob Mitchell and forced to tonight -- things we. Our talk him out of you could write. A one sentence note or two to your younger self. -- wouldn't say here's one I would write a note to believe in computers. And he would work to invest in Microsoft. Bob my notably younger self. Don't take time for granted save save save save your mother -- go to John all the North Shore drive what would build what would your notes. Thank you particular compound like you show pushing ahead -- permit it thank you. -- Miller had a note the most I would say to definitely take Medicare must -- In which life and health flatly. As then about it I've been -- to have them live this to Medicare and. Would you have any any habits that. You have got bad problem with the joint and loan in everything. And there's been there is anything you do nicely correct. -- applicant could have you know that's taking Medicare. John youthful football fan -- -- -- our big 870 pretty drive -- opinion poll question is. Would you like deceit and the fellow coaches to challenge penalties let me clarify that'll that. They what we would not be adding. The number of challenges they get I think that that they get what three. Perhaps as a writer director OK so you would not change the number of challenges. But it would be that that if if if they want to challenge a penalty and some double play. I say let them do it would do use I would -- Many -- favors. Challenge in the penalty because that is about it and debate so yeah that's -- is about -- beginning. Well John not this story wasn't news for awhile back the the owner of a bakery. Says he -- mold or so wedding cakes at all. After the column Ronald civil rights commission ruled he didn't discriminate. Against a gay couple when he refused to show them -- He said it was against of religious beliefs shall now. He is not going to sell winning takes. At all so what it's gonna cost him some money do you commend him for standing up towards personal belief -- think he's just cut and -- those despite his place. I can impact and I'm very in a favorite in doing that. In fact. You can't have presidents do because it affects so few people. But yet. They had they can do this to that commandment of sameness. Enough baby -- Celtics again. Well no no no no no he's he's he voluntarily. And made a decision. Yeah so I mean -- what he's doing this is in this I believe. In my religious beliefs -- strong but I won't that the if I can't pick and choose polish solemnly -- I won't sell a little. -- there are all right John thank you for calling thank you go all right let's go to Charles Charles thanks for calling WWL tonight. I can and -- also. -- -- keep the pick and choose these these court the student and go on through all expense. Took it to themselves and I think it's a shame that. We -- -- country now where well you people dictate. The morals that are also of our society. Well what happened what happened here is that they took in the court and they ruled that he could not discriminate that if he was going to fell to. A straight couple that he had to do the same thing for a gay couple and he said the that was against his religious beliefs. And they ruled against them shall now he's saying that I believe in this so strong. I won't sell wedding cakes at all affect I think he said he would just a muffin buddies that he would not -- wedding cakes at all. Understand that but they're they're gay couple. Whoever the -- Animated issue with them dead cat -- ceremonial it is that it's just that. -- -- around -- knows what's politically correct everybody's afraid that the only thing because a political court there's now -- like. Well Orwell 1984. Everybody knows what's going on India -- afraid because of the situations just -- Well I believe that political correctness has just gotten way way way way out of control. -- Not get it right on Nokia's -- may be you know one or two sons go to -- you're younger self and the words. What advice would you give your younger self that you know now that you did not know when you were much younger. -- well mine why are obvious merit partners after a week. Usually. Well a matter -- weeks. Oh my -- -- they I would I would write myself a note that says. Think twice before you married first wife -- with a. Right I've heard that. Stewart also. This is the exact. Scenario. -- that Greg would be here thank you Charles. All right 260178668890. It's heavily got a a bunch of lines open solo we wanted to hear from you tonight. The owner of of that bakery. Who. Was. Ruled that he did discriminated against a gay couple when he refused to show -- mechanic has now fled but he's not just a wedding cakes all. Do you commend him for Standard and -- personal bullish. Or do you think he's just played office those despite his plays because I'm sure. -- -- a lot of profit they made instantly what he takes on Bob Mitchell and for screwed WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell in the first do it our poll numbers to figure -- 78668890870. Our big need somebody pretty -- -- painful question would like to see the NFL coaches to challenge though there's a got a text much correcting me on the number. Of challenges and a really appreciate this. This that says that. You'll only get cute challenges. The game. And if you win the challenge you get another. I'm not sure of that -- right but. -- I if if if that's at and I apple expand. Corrected but the question is would you like to see in the poll of coaches. The challenge penalties you can go to WWL dot com -- vote or just to be -- goal it's -- to Michael wouldn't mention the Mario Michael. Did very well you're right. What about you Mike would you like the CDO fellow coaches to challenge penalties. Yeah and I think it's terrible when you when you know you know. Legitimate game and healers are have been like that happen. Due to a bad call that respect as terrible and unacceptable. Well we've had we've had times where. -- they may challenge whether a player has crossed the goal line there have been times when when the official rule. That the guy did not crossed the goal line and an instant replay shows he did cross the goal and so. As long issued don't increase the number of challenges they get regain. I don't really have I don't really have a problem now I have to admit I thought I knew. How many challenges do you get the game is the only two and guitar game. And here units but -- about that. Much of sports and -- -- but you know there you've you've been on both sides of the -- have been when you're in the the benefit of good caller -- -- -- when your team you know it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- bad -- As good stick apparel way you know me and let -- Being eliminated the play my dad you know part. Michael like I see you apply a little bit about the the political correctness. Let me do this let me do this and I'm ready to go to news shall be put you on hold if you don't mind. And come back to you welcome back to Brett right after the -- when he is an okay with you. All right if you wanna join the show which to secure a late 78668890878. What do be a fun things were talking a -- and -- could write a one sentence note are tuned to your younger self. What would it say here's a guy that's. But that he thought that buys stock in Microsoft. We're talking about also the guy that was told that the will not -- wedding cakes to days that he's breaking the law and he said weather than do that I -- Celtics at all. As he discarding his nose off despite his play George expanded on his ground what do you think I'm coming back after the news WWL.