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Jun 5, 2014|

Bob Mitchell’s in for Scoot again tonight…here’s what’s coming up: remember that bakery in Colorado that didn’t want to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple…then the Colorado Civil Rights commission ruled against him. Well, he will NO LONGER SELL wedding cakes to anyone. Do you commend him for standing up for his personal beliefs, or do you think he is cutting off his nose to spite his face?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm Bob Mitchell and pursuit tonight probably in July and doubled to we'd love to hear from me at 26 Euro 178668890870. Our big 870 pretty -- -- opinion poll question would you like to see the NFL coaches to challenge penalties that we're not talking about you know. As many times they want it would have to be. With in the current challenge. Law which if the current challenge rule for the elbow is. -- challenges -- game if you win both you get an extra child -- -- going to challenge penalty it would have to be. With in that realm OK also we talked about it if you can go back in time and and -- -- -- note. -- -- -- -- -- -- What would that notes. Here's one moreover text messages. Go to college and get yourself and get your money to W. So if you can retire. At 55. And also what we're talking about this was in the news awhile back from member of the baker and I'm in in Colorado. It was ruled the Colorado civil rights commission ruled against him because he refused to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple will now. He says that he has no longer going to -- wedding cakes that anyone is getting out of the wedding cake business. Now do you commend him. For standing up for his personal beliefs or do you believe he's cutting his nose off to spite his face such go to Michael in that city micro. Michael what do what about this tired do you commend him for. -- and I'm bowl I've got so believe in my own personal religious beliefs of a just like the Celtics anymore what do think he's just hurting himself. Problem -- actually so there's and probably 81 record and beat you could -- I'm in the company is looking at come from love. And if you don't love your your people a triggering and shouldn't be doing anything in the business are we actually. Have a Geithner you know. Bet calmer and -- it taught them and they can get out of that is because -- -- you know if you can about -- has taken the wrong thing. Now but really on on the other side of that that's what he believes -- I think. I don't know I I guess he felt that it would he would be a hypocrite with the continued the seldom do you somebody didn't believe it. I -- because that at at least he says will okay. I'm willing to pay the price now. The price me down on the line he -- fund the price may be too great you know he may wind up going -- of business if I would have to imagine. That wedding -- make a pretty good profit. Yeah I understand that the -- is if you look at things that sport and you look at marriage from any perspective. You know -- marriages and and gay marriage. There's at least not any evidence that -- is that working out there that gay marriage attachment to our society as cloning of married people -- you very. Terrible things to children and everything though. You know means that the evidence exactly stacked up there to support the war in Kirk. The one thing we do know both gay couples and straight couples got the forces who. Yeah I mean you know that it's so it's just it's just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right Soviet -- it right your younger self notebook but it's like. I would probably say that it is real you know. Work hard Whitney young and and invest smartly. Because you know the -- -- and you know YouTube. You you know you cut your life was when you're young and Smart parking lot or you don't look at. Missed opportunities. Ethnic and not in -- energy and India. Drive it to work hard can we get older children among the month in May when we don't work for you that we're actually. You know not my dad gave me some advice and if I had and the -- at all honest defiant to go back and write my so open my -- -- a note. I would write down and I would underline my dad told late he's -- son who said make. Worked as hard as you can. Make as much money Asian calf and because joke from a time when your life where you won't be able work and you won't be able to make any money and -- I think that's great advice. Yeah you know -- there -- will -- he would become instinct and immediately you get my partner and you know. -- yourself make itself -- still don't work or someone else rich and every person I don't know that has gone on business. They were very very poor throw on time you know anywhere from 25 years. And without exception almost every one of those people are very successful does you know nowadays. That Russia is something you stick with it -- have -- boring. You know you'll you'll eventually succeed quicker you know you'll academy money people join you know and -- make money for you kidding you know -- on this month ago. Can Michael stay on the screen you'll talk a little bit about political correctness has the country gotten jumped overboard in this crazy with political correctness. To deal I disagree with that thought because I look at cropping or before. In Britain that everything almost all real change and progress in the country you know we -- compliment. That you could have allowed but can't -- people do and then. To that money. So when you win put -- -- the killer. Sports franchise -- -- racial lower it actually. Just know what he met the coach in where you catch a ship oh yeah. That afternoon. On the is the community and it is really like. It is doing what we are not where we have to what reviewers and look your short I'm sure you remember. They were promptly call a yes they cute or. -- -- a lot of probable. Poor all sorts of racial issues at all sorts of gender issue and program that appointment -- with our partners. They involvement in them in between them now. Hey what do you think as far as political correct footing there is gonna happen with Justin Bieber right now that they had him on on tape. I mean obviously he was very young saying some really really bad things now were they said in jest or not I don't know but. And now. -- that just totally ruin his career. Noah -- and it shouldn't I don't know language when the career perspective yet very little talent that you -- children that would begin with that we have yet now he's lucky to have that. W you know to me that there's been -- honest look at the halfway decent voice and great marketing so whatever you can't let you start. I've sparred back and purpose to meet a public figure not not a political figure a public figure then you know the public decide. They -- decide whether or not is that it perhaps are not political people that different. Did you EU that you -- you -- to higher standard but I think I'm you know here. Go to public. Anything New York State is out there personality and social media. Well you know no better -- the -- that he interrupted it wouldn't talk when the camera and argue that near the ownership of that we're just like that during a bit recently. He you know paparazzi ignored him meet regional amoeba are sexual slur against. Gay community -- paying the price that it back in -- career but it doesn't help the career -- it to do things like that you know what at -- at that while they're being. But yeah it seems like to me that we've gotten to a point where there is no tolerance. About anything and all of you can't laugh at anything you can you can't. I mean. Let's see some some of these comedians. Tell it though just. Awful all racial jokes and it it it depends it depends on who says -- and. Well you might keep -- you're still it's the comedian. -- -- the year was it was going to be part of one of them are marshals one of the parade here end. People will respect -- a hundred videos and comment about Katrina victims and next to him and electronic thing and that you know you hear it from there. Now -- it is that -- -- over orchard been reinstated I mean it is it what you say the oracle and. Can I. I have a feeling we may be saying the same things -- my thought is this. I should have the right the freedom of speech to say anything on wanna site however. How ever if I say the wrong thing and it comes with a severe penalty I have no one to blame but myself. At the look at look at the -- Can impact and got -- right right so everybody thought the guy's career is over but public opinion on him changed. And the and forget that took place. And that we can stay up action review how the public really is the public -- which you want. Ultimately even in the the. And that gave me that I can hear me equal partners it -- -- that you're watching that one you have to change. What do people acutely and neighbors you know eat your parent my parent my neighbors. We operate in their career ripping it -- like it's part of American life and it be hypocritical and and different racial world our post you know sexual liberation movement we're not the only thing. There he warned if this is that it -- our our awareness of the things are hyper awareness bear. Michael we are all wrong and we were -- let me go back in the Texaco was. There's a Texaco station in in -- though. Alex yeah -- I was. I don't particularly gauntlet -- a billion up from what some element that well under the carpet of the accountant who -- the parent company. We're really black actors for that is it systemic racial problem and actually -- some problem. And articulate normally quite well for a little while there. Popular. Let me ask you as you're not saying that we should be censored -- -- -- saying that you you have are up for instance if if if I wanted to take. If I wanted to use a racial slur on the air. One of course -- fired a main I have the freedom of speech I can do it but and that under such deployment it. I think you should be able to say whatever you wanna say no. -- the penalties come along with that then then then you have no one to blame but yourself. Yeah Hamlet in an issue on the you know our network radio to over the medium people that would about you know we do we live in a democracy we have all these. How wonderful document written you know 200 years ago given all the rights and freedoms however. Because that means you get to exercise and cart launch without any problem where there are put everything your limitations. Their level of tolerance all the things. And you know there's rules and regulations as to what -- say. -- he can put up a Christmas tree display of shooting a bird you know is that is that held -- -- -- amendment protection he went either in the neighborhood that it would Olympic no not. All article public discourse. I've I've I think it is it is is gone too far from the standpoint. That if if I want to let say bring my Bible of -- -- of Islam in school -- bring my Bible and put it on my desk. And I'm not standing up reading the Bible to everybody in the class and -- on my desk and I wanna read it in my own private time. And I think it's crazy for someone to say oh that Bible on your -- offends -- you'd need to put it up. I totally agree with you there that that -- -- -- claim that that happened that particular agreement that that actually agree with what you're saying that the you -- would you agree. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they're put the paper commitment mistake or make him on the bit perspective than you deal with -- that's the part about it. He did not want to be told he can't do -- about it. Open them but you know you're you're you're doing something -- thing that that that that's the thing and we all agree upon I'm pretty sure about that. I got a Michael. I appreciate according to. Court okay all right we'll come right back what the most of -- calls a few Olympic park the -- -- 2601786688970. I'm Bob Mitchell. Missed -- don't show. On the big 878 WWL. And I'm Bob Mitchell -- -- -- the poll numbers 2601 late 78668. At nine point seven let me. Set the table you know what we're going to be talking about tonight the owner of a bakery and Colorado should he will no longer shall wedding cakes after. The civil rights commission ruled he did discriminate against a gay couple when he refused to show them a -- Now do you commend him for standing up his personal beliefs party think he's cutting office note despite its place. General we have going here I quite frankly think -- I should be able opened up a business. -- -- -- Manila now that I should have a right to open up a business and sell to who ever I want to sell to now. If I wanna stay in business. And I wanna have a successful business then I better be ready to sell to everyone I cannot say in the works I'm a Christian. I can't say well if you're Jewish. Well I can of if I would say if you're Jewish I'm not going to sell UK -- that would be one less sale that I would make. But if that's what I wanna do then I should have the right to do that now that's that's my opinion for instance I'll shall believe. If I want to open up a smoke -- only bar on the non smoker but apply wanted to open up a rushed for. -- for smokers in -- Bob smoked house come -- eat your dinner and smoke all you want. If I wanna do that I should have the right to do that if I don't get any business for nonsmokers. That's only going to hurt me. So hot that if this guy truly believes. That he's doing the right thing than than I commend him for standing up. 26018786689. College seventy. We have our big -- pretty jaguar opinion poll question would you like to see the NFL allow coaches to challenge penalties. Not increase. The number of challenges they can make just add this Stewart and one more quick thing. If you could go back in time and give you were younger self. A note a younger -- a message. What -- its site a get to the fold please and just a sec about got to get caught up on accomplished like most of them album. Or are just -- the soup Nazi. Could -- who whomever he pleased. So -- other people and business. By by the -- -- I would not make of falcon -- because I hate the falcons OK let's go to Brett in -- how are you Brett thank you for calling. Good value out on -- So hurtful I got a statement that list goes very intelligent human beings -- a lot of say it absolutely toward what they can. But I completely agree with you on the -- -- situation. You know. That the businessman not so. I think he's committing financial suicide. Applaud him a standing. -- Our constitutional. Must sell you and I believe that you know I'm one problem vote you know stay in the now. But it's all the business you make a lot of business right but I mean. You can't let ego get in the way of good this -- you know but Monday abuse policy and take the good with the bay -- -- futile so Jews well the opera coach K. You don't want so again you know at the moment complicate. Then you say hey I'm gay but that'll put it will play at the figures don't. You know. A lot of them -- Right right. But you should have the if that's what he wants to do and and and I guess that's what. That was my thing in in the very beginning I don't believe that but I just don't -- -- believe that you have the right. To Porsche on one and in other words if let's let's say a soul I have a clothing store. And if someone walked in and and I said well I'm sorry your Jewish I'm not going to sell you close. Well I mean -- the fool. Oh I'm a little -- absolute -- there I'm I'm I'm gonna I'm gonna go -- the business like you know I'm I'm the absolute stupid person. And it's it's kind of like the guy. With the with what the basketball team -- I had a whole different approach thrown -- approached with a -- and I would have done nothing at all. And then slowly. The value of that team went down and damn old and down because people wouldn't play foreign coaches wouldn't coach form. And rather than walked a -- way right now with two billion dollars. Who's the fool his walk away it would -- billion dollars if they'd just would've done nothing. And ignored him and let the value of the team go down down down down down. That's the committee that would have been the way to handle it. All the support what was -- on the -- -- Obama do when I get written by a bit about being -- a couple of quick racist statement you know don't FaceBook and whether. Like forced onto the court. And so we're told though came out ahead here he he he makes these horrible horrible statements and what happens they give him too. Billion dollars for his team how to get a look at our record -- -- an echo that and -- you know and I kept saying all along I have a couple of friends said. It's that would mean Bob do not enough to because if you do nothing. What's gonna happen -- while the the NBA commissioner would have ruled that everybody on that team as a three agent. And -- and you know he's not gonna get and the African American players you know actually get anybody to play for. Out there though very. African American dominated sport that that politically correct that even white people wouldn't play form he would have to go to have to go to a foreign country. Just to field the team and the value of the team and what went on the troops are you kidding absolutely. Is unbelievable with this country is just. Come into existence -- -- mandated that you -- to -- Atlanta I'm 49 years old. A public radio would -- I only listen to talk radio and have you get enough of an -- almost totals -- hysterical. But -- scary in the same breath there. Additional countries Gary I I had to -- but if I don't it will -- well unaware of the futures to a neutral all right if you can right yourself when you're only 29 and so if you're. If you could write yourself a note to you of your younger years reporting on Sunday boy it's so yield that -- I hear I'm an old solely there. Well I gotta say you know yeah I've made a lot of mistakes in my past I'm a businessman myself than the very last business I've gotten into. Get me into a little bit of trouble kind of a gray area business you you know which I would have done that but I -- to protect my little brother -- -- -- -- story however. You can't live with regrets man you gotta just learned your lesson and move full. You know dust itself off and keep drop out you know -- regretful kind of like is that you know. Did the only thing I might do is that. Go back in time and yeah of course it's it's what you know now. Jermaine if you know our border toward right and if if you were to invest like the multi touch me. Now I remember when it first Simonyi said I wish I would have invested in Burger King stock I remember when Burger King first came -- I got thinking about. The same thing and if if you if you could go back in time and do that. Well that would be a different situation you know. The -- back for the future although certainly you know to go back there mutual sports book. Clubs and -- and next thing you know bits wrong and everything you know but I mean who would do that mean that that pretty obvious statement that -- but it. You know shall I mean when I don't even -- a lot of Burger King first game all of you know probably in the critical Microsoft cut. You know started but it sure that the very obvious statement that may mean that the need money -- the more money. Don't believe. Money is -- evil honestly. Believe wanted to -- actually the Bible says the love of money. That money from our money is not the brutal blow the love of money. You know what -- it got me once -- -- you know but. Like that lesson learned dust is so ball moved -- So would you like to see the NFL allow coach of the challenge penalties. Tool on CNN election. You know turn that part of a gain in the negative fashion -- that should work in the did it -- their opportunity to progress further -- -- season absolutely I mean it you know there is there's two sides that -- of course you can always on YouTube dot every argument. But -- anything that. That is called by the -- something that they're there human. They can only see so much. So cam Gordon don't let that thing right. Shall or that you're given no brainer in my opinion I mean look. They had used their set. Challenges that we get a couple of games but whatever it is right you know surely they got to -- enough that he. That they rule you know world and they lose it if they go figure tobacco whatever the case and put a call -- thing. Determine the outcome of the gay potentially determine the outcome of the game absolutely. All right thank you so much OK let's go to dot C -- matter how are you dots lead. Look ahead. -- -- -- -- Abdicate. Baker. Michael had brought up about being karma and ignorant. You do Christian principles are actually people that live by. It -- -- and it. And then later brought up about the guys that died while. The -- that as he racial with a separate issue but the original thing about day. And what for -- in this country. And there was the chances. Number of -- You'd do it and high and -- law market. That's -- change forgiveness there are people in the country in bank there are -- live by. And then. It's not karma and ignorant they're people who really I didn't make par. I'll -- well -- you know merely held. It -- of a problem the guy in. Colorado unlike some other Christian cases. -- -- The local. And say that issue state right. It's not directly at what what what I don't understand is. Well I'm a Christian. Man and I believe in the Bible. And yet if I'm old and a cake shop. I would I would -- today as a means and I mean I -- -- -- I think that. If if you wanna take the stand and say I'm I'm I'm not in the so too late. Particular segment of your audience all our unit was hurt her own business and I'd like Ritalin and my cell and. He'd -- -- today that's not the issue he can't condone. Gay marriage -- dark cell to get. He doesn't discriminate and -- wedding day. Right but what I'm saying is is is the fact that could he not. Had to be against gay marriage and still sell the wedding cake. It depends on what you're agreement would not. I you know -- -- doctor. I could not perform abortion I don't care illegal and that is -- usually held religious we could make up again. Would. You. -- -- -- debt that is so incredibly. And it that sincerely held religious. Abortion. I don't have -- friends who believe. That they do believe -- Now I'd rent to them and want it forget it let. It get for it may. True opinion. And make it hasn't been. Scared. Different set -- -- -- Christian. Into an abortion to. -- She is not. Will. Be. Active. At that can -- help. That the only. -- right not to be great. Separate human soul of the legal. OK let's get let's get back to the -- get back to the to the Cape -- I admire him. Four taking the stand because I'd I'd I'd believe as I said earlier. I believe that -- -- business you have a right to do what ever you want to do with it and I don't think anyone should force shoot to do something now. I disagree with you -- It sincerely held politically I think that you have to deal with the law. Except in the cases and fairly -- Like -- and the -- The only group that. Make it suit -- -- Well Ed we. Brought in here you can see. -- -- and -- And the -- OK I've I think I think maybe I'm I'm I'm giving every one of -- the wrong impression of what I'm trying to say. You have to follow the law I understand that an -- but I guess what I'm saying is on. I think we have got the point we make so and so many laws in all up for instance. I'm against smoking. -- a little like the smoke I'd putt I would not eat at a restaurant that allow smoking. But if I wanted to own a restaurant for smokers. I couldn't do that and our I don't understand why I don't know why would I guess I don't -- we have lost like that that's run for us. In some. Private club are smokers yeah what are the dark lot really you know I think again. Not an object it's not bad accident that important would be opening. Up about. I can't depend on. It is running into trouble is at it that. Issue right because the -- action. -- -- Sincerely held belief he's up against Colorado. Law. Gotcha thanks for straighten out -- -- thank you so much okay. All right 260178668. At 9087 we have a bunch of phone lines open we're talking about the of this baker. In a Colorado who that they ruled. That he was discriminating against gay couple when he refused to sell them takes. Because he said he did not believe in gay weddings and gay marriage of their -- What in his conscience he could not sell them a case now do you commend him. We're standing up Ford's personal beliefs or do you think he's cutting his nose off despite his place to secure -- seventy. 86689087. -- sports fan. Would you like to see in a poll of coaches to challenge penalties on Bob Mitchell -- come right back -- your phone calls from WWL. -- 6018. Disseminate. 86689. Point seven he text me at age 7870 got a few lines job interview -- pulled in and take part of the show here we're talking about. -- brigades ebony Prodi jaguar opinion poll question which at this point 70% say yes. And 30% saying no would you like to speed and a fellow coaches the challenge. Penalties -- go online at WWL dot com and cast your vote. Ours simply call me -- And the reason I came up with this idea this would not increase the child today you would still have to keep the same amount of challenges. Which is actually. Two per game and if you win both the blow then you get one more. Because how many times have. We've been in games where you can obviously see penalties that does not give Kolb this would be a chance to review it. I don't see any difference in this from. How many times does that it challenged of the ball relief crossed the goal line so alive -- I'd be very much and labored to secure -- late seventy. 8668890871. And a couple of other things to WWL -- cable tonight. A leading neurosurgeon claims that cycle -- who Wear helmets are wasting. Their time so if if you're bike rider do do you Wear a helmet on no one thing as a kid. I and I never wore a helmet. I never wore pants and do you remember. -- first. Two wheeled -- and you know would try to -- example but now and who tortured -- Your first like it did did you Wear a helmet I certainly didn't. Land I can I can remember my my first two wheeled -- of course I had the training wheels. And I and the like -- -- and forgot what you call the the fringe or something coming out of the they -- handles. I have like little. Rightful host and I think it was the Schwinn bike. And handle little porn on -- I still have growth rate members of that so -- do you have if you ride a bike do you Wear a helmet. And do you remember. What you'll think back do you remember your first two wheeled bike. And who taught you how to run Kissinger -- -- 7866. And 9087 of. Lamar colleague from Alabama along Lamar. -- what do you you you first to. Oh I remember. You know it would. Need to -- was. -- -- -- that there are. -- and I thought well. And I. By. Mail. Dump on. And what avenue what -- and crash that. It. Did did you hurt yourself. The OK I think you'll talk about this of this tape take banker he he's decided whether then sell tapes to gay couples. He's so against the date -- that he's now -- not sell wedding cakes. At all do you commend him -- standing supports personal -- even though it's literally cost of financially. Party that you're discovering his bills off by displays. Now I absolutely commend him and inadequate. And -- Victoria secret. You know or. You know all of them all. And everything and I. I think laureate secret -- on -- well. And my mom and I mean I'm not where crop there. The abort that -- -- -- air amber -- in the ball in the month. And and properly. You know all in an -- is not -- There I do not want to participate in a while acting that year and an -- talk about your your wedding. And what you look like when I don't elect. In -- not a current. Art. Would you feel that way if if that was. And the other group. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I I I I I commend him for standing up for his. Personal beliefs from the standpoint that he he he feels he feels that strong. I'd I'd I'd guess. I guess where where where are really get confused is that. Could you do the same thing let's say if you sold well welding or if you. If if you sold groceries could you say. I do not want a gay couple shopping and much work did you do that. Right well and the war that -- in that. That. One of oh and there. And and even more and like people from day one and -- -- -- There are. A lot. -- -- the I -- for it but. It on the. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. -- that you are there any. You know. Cool picture -- you know and -- government in any body. Now. And it. It's a tough call -- All right -- thank you so much all right. Trichet agent calling to secure a one late 7866. And -- 90 -- seventy I'm Bob Mitchell commitment to the phone calls. I -- how many of you remember your first. Two wheeled bicycles. Now they're saying don't worry about -- -- what's. I'm Bob Mitchell on the brigades -- WWL. Welcome back to the show I'm Bob Mitchell -- then pushed him tonight got to give you our our our Bozo criminal of today about this guy. He takes advantage of one weakness that we all head of rush hot pizzas. But those old time disruptive to member of the local volunteer rescue squad group that the citizens will water. And road rescue operations -- -- flow you're ready pizza delivery man completes. So he decided to combine that -- increases pizza delivery efficiency. By using the rescue squad emergency lights on its bark when he was delivering pizza. Not a good idea the -- spotted him while it was make that delivery using the lights and charged them with a look awfully news of an emergency signal. And reckless driving. He he got busted. I drew from Slidell do me a big favorite and please hang on I can't come to you right now because little bit we'll give you. May be about thirty seconds about I wanna hear drafts they won't come back after a via properly our what -- we're we're talking about the tonight is remember the bakery in Colorado. The guy that didn't want to sell wedding cake to a gay couple well the Colorado civil rights commission ruled against him. And he now will no longer shall wedding cakes to anyone you commend him Porsche and the and a Porsche personal beliefs. Or do you think he's thumbing his nose off despite his place. I'm -- I'm wrestling trying to explain how I feel about it. I'd I'd -- while I'm against gay marriage flawlessly at that I don't think I acted helped plan. And gay marriage and I don't think my conscience allow me to do that but. I would be able to sell UK. Coming back right after the news of the big -- seventy WW LA -- McClendon dot com.