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Jun 5, 2014|

Bob Mitchell’s in for Scoot again tonight…here’s what’s coming up: remember that bakery in Colorado that didn’t want to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple…then the Colorado Civil Rights commission ruled against him. Well, he will NO LONGER SELL wedding cakes to anyone. Do you commend him for standing up for his personal beliefs, or do you think he is cutting off his nose to spite his face? ALSO: an Oregon school district plans to offer condoms to students starting in 6th grade…are 11 year olds too young? Does the thought of an 11 year old getting condoms freak you out?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That I'm Bob Mitchell in for Stewart tonight. -- filling in for Garland here's what's on our WWL. -- table remember that was in the news probably a couple weeks ago -- the over. All of a -- Korean Colorado. He refused to sell low wedding cake two days. And the Colorado civil rights commission ruled he did discriminate against the gay couple when he refused to sell them a -- Do you commend him for standing up for his personal beliefs. Or do you think he's in office those despite his place. I can understand. Then I would have and no problem if you were to say. I do not believe in gay marriage. Shall therefore I will not assist you. And in planning. Your marriage. But the cell to take. -- I don't I don't see that. But the fact that he is standing up for personal beliefs the fact that he truly believe business but the fact that he. I guess is as willing to get out of the wedding cake business because. He doesn't. Doesn't feel that this -- something he wants to do. I guess from that standpoint. I'd putt putt I do commend him odd odd you don't believe that that anyone should be. Required to go against their own religious beliefs. And if his religious beliefs hello. Make him feel that in other words of a gay couple comes in and says oh we help of pick out the take we helped you this real mr. this. And then he feels he has assisting in that than he has every right to take a stand and -- I do not want to do that. We're also while talking about if you could write. A one sentence note or two to your younger self. What would -- say in other words what advice would you give your younger self. Things that you know now that you did not know when you were much younger when you. Worn yourself to pursue a different position. And profession in the words in no one knew if if if you can go back and change things I guess that's come with missiles all about. If you could go back and change. Things that you that that you did -- when you were younger things that may be a direction that 21 in the profession that you won and would do what you do. To secure a -- -- 7866889087. To got a bunch Alonso but go to drew in Slidell power you drew. I do I'm just -- actually normal weight to up business that I right now I want elect just child -- and you're. All I aid. Basically small hobby shop appearance Nadal and every Thursday night we blockage so it's complete game and my kids don't need college -- it all -- You came to my attention by disgruntled customers. Few weeks back. That there are double gay couples that come -- -- pocket. And -- equities look now how -- -- figure -- -- a purposeful and I'll explore their child. And you'll leave that on the actuality that. However. It doesn't matter who they don't do it right -- you -- business -- you. All that money spent the saints a lot. It's eight as long as they don't do any thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here etc. I -- it's so important and accurately. Percent mark is that. Art -- you have never an issue that it. You know believing in charge but I don't see an issue it was out on them out. And articulate their while support is believed that it is as -- just stopped so. While we know what when I first heard the story and someone sent me a text message and so that was wrong with. When I first heard the story I was I was under the impression. That he would sell the wedding cake but did not want to assist in planning the wedding did not want to. Put the two men or two women on the complicate what -- first heard the story the version I heard was that. He would sell them to take and say. I'm not going to put the two little dudes on the top of the cake but you can go such and such a place. And at and buy them I -- I do all. -- I'd like you I do not believe in gay marriage. But I would have no problem doing that I will have no problem -- in the wedding -- now if I was asked to participate. And they helped plan the wedding. I would have to draw the line there and say that's not my spiritual belief I can't do that. Obviously. He has gone so far. Because -- a because he he's decided that rather than it in any way even sell the cakes. That he would go he would stop below the -- winning -- completely. All that their between South Gate and -- indicate. Actually aren't a lot. If you get the the picture -- no issue at the gate set it up and they'll do whatever it it would have to prepare. Actually -- You know -- And blow it a bit they all -- double. I'll youth football and optical -- that or. How certain he like with the -- or whatever the LP it at all. Mostly my thought is the fact that you give them the same number of challenges and in the words you you you'd you'd get two challenges a game and if you win both challenges. You get you -- of the third that's -- that's the rule right now so these challenges would be in that I was. That during the break I I was talking Johnny wants to control board and answered the phone with a guy that the trip perfectly content with. And we both agree well what is the difference between. Many -- times. A touchdown was not called because the official feels that the ball did not. Hit the goal line in the new review it and -- all the ball the goal line it's a touchdown. So if if if -- At all the challenges made where a coach says wait a minute. There was tacit reference on that play and then they review the plate and see -- ads -- you're right that was passed in the parent I don't see the difference between two. Org where it's being the only. Warning it is. What that it is eulogy to the cents. Then that court then had burned up their challenges. -- make it illegal illegal or prop. Well -- I would have delayed the game if you keep does that same number of challenges. It -- keep the number. Yeah but I think. It could be something to trigger beat out. There for a current and. Right but then but but then somewhere down the road there will need to challenge to -- -- to think twice before they throw the flag. Agree. Records or where I'll sort that are now. My first ever to real -- and check that Michael. And Ireland to Roddy body basically -- rather. Decided idol or try to do you set out by. Literally -- pitcher and ill thought they just push it under. Like that like seven or couple. Well I have a Schwinn bike. I'm sure of the few from New Orleans your member of the -- -- Yet that built -- it went well look at all the sorts. And I had I had a little. Warren that are operative warned in the middle of course I was cowboy. Slow runner I had my guns on and and and I have a little. Why rifle posters strapped to a saddle bags on the back. I was an absolute -- until. Until -- took. Until I took the training wheels off. And then I am a craft or a threat it in where I -- the we had -- ditches in and in the street and and the fire plug in minn Iowa right into the ditch and -- -- we will -- raw pain and you know fell off the horse so to speak and my dad's adult -- would do it -- -- we'll -- A lot of times when when you first are run by politics at first crash and then you'd be you'd be privileged or how to do it after that. I thought that pretty much that Parker look -- -- yeah let people go on. An iPod that they love it in a broad. Street -- And I'd like slammed into. -- bit. But -- about. And thank -- and opera port and there. All right you too we have we have some lines open to secure a one late 7866889. 087 if you if you wanna talk what -- what drew was talking to Bob that there's a a neurosurgeon. Who now claims looks like those who Wear helmets or wasting their time in fact actually -- said that the whole story said. That and I don't know sometimes you view. Read these reports and you say how did they find this information out. This guy claims that. That you're actually in more danger if you Wear a helmet because cars come closer to cycle is to Wear helmets how they figure this -- I really really don't know but did did you Wear a helmet growing up a riding your bike and -- -- you remember your first two -- -- 26 year old -- 78668890. Incentives -- lighten things up a little bit tonight. And if you could write a one sentence note or 22 years younger shall. One. Wanted Sunday and you could overtures so the buy stocks most people. One really you know line will bubble once I said. -- get married that's that's that's what I would run a note to myself. All right we have some lines open I'd wanna hear from you -- to -- -- -- 7866889. OH seventy Bob neutral coming right back. When the big 870 WWL AM -- and dot com. -- zero. One late 7866889. -- it's somebody that's the numbers if you wanna join shall tonight -- brigades -- -- jaguar opinion poll question. Would you like to see the NFL coaches the challenge penalties now. To show you understand. The nature of this question. You would not increase. The number of challenges would still fall. With indeed to challenge per game rule OK at this point 78%. Say he 76% say yes 24. Percent say no let's go to Joan Joan how are you tonight. To you. About and -- And and couldn't. -- -- It -- -- and I didn't mean that you mention I eat eat to. Live there and then you know. -- -- -- -- OK while nicely YouTube educated me on a couple of things against has been so long since. Of course the guys they'll pick up the wedding -- that the women pick up the wedding cakes though. Now I. I agree with that. I believe that. It's. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm not I'm not in favor of gay marriage okay so therefore if I sold to take -- you wanted need to help you plan the wedding and I couldn't do it I'd I'd take UK I have no problem making you would take. But that's about as far as is likely to go. But it and it. Is and you can't do that and and it. I. I thought when an emblem of it. -- -- -- Yeah and and. Well I. Mean you know at the top. Blog pathologist well and and pick announced that won't that take. The exhibit that happened and it had an act. But yeah. But a baking a cake is one thing a putt -- against in -- maybe I'm splitting hairs here and I'm trying to be in as honest and rate as possible. As a businessman. I would be willing to sell public today. As Christian I would not want to say I can't help you plan your wedding. I'm I'm I'm I'm not going to take aim and tell you to design the Tuesday. And yeah. And yeah. -- -- -- That -- -- at. That -- and you haven't -- -- that that that you. That that. And -- -- But then. You and to the. Right so suppose that suppose a gay couple comes in and says make music -- and here's here's the cake that I want. I don't know as a baker. I don't think -- have a problem with that. It would but it would be. What does this with a real tough apparent split you know. And he bit. You. Know. He had. Met at the. -- yeah and yeah. And -- Well you you you talk recently newseum and I've never I've I'm I'm sitting back -- I've been married of course but. I don't remember even I don't remember -- to take. It. I'd only just all the taken to the wedding. And you get. It. Well. Being you have to separate -- I'd now and that it that it. Has been a long time since I got Mary -- -- let me ask him if you're at right. A one sentence -- to treat treat younger shop and other words if you can Connolly a look over your life and say boy. I wish someone would have given me advice to do this or did not do that. What what that notes. -- -- You wouldn't you wouldn't such yourself up -- -- any stock tips or anything. And then it. Wouldn't you wouldn't you like to be able to go back and endlessly. -- on one hand you know inflate. By Microsoft -- a putt even by McDonald's. Yeah and I demand an end of the they're magnet yeah. While -- here a couple of the sentences that I wrote. That that I might wanna write to myself for the ball. Think hard before you marry your first wife that would be heat. -- put them on there and here's another one that I write myself. Hi -- keys to the Porsche when you go on vacation. Because when I'd go on vacation. -- in my kids would take the car out. I actually one time went went in the garage and and wrote the mileage down so little like came home. I was able to make sure the mileage was the same. In the number one album deadly wanna save more money. And I would write myself a note while on vacation in Mexico do not try the super hot -- I think. -- Well I'm I was on vacation there and I I cannot remember what it was called it was some type of -- hot green peppers and I had a chip. And I had gotten their a little bit late and everybody else was having dinner. And I took the chip and stupid and it's -- put it my miles from Leo Bob Dole. Do it. By then it was too late and my mouth was on fire. Okay. Eat eat and now I have. And an eight and it could be. Well I knew one note of the I did a -- McConnell did so. We'll take -- Joseph appreciate you being part of the show tonight. All right 260 -- 7866. Today and I know it's seventy. Something else that I want to abandon to the show tonight. When we. Mentioned this when we've only for a month about it. And Oregon school district. Plans to offer condoms to students starting in the sixth grade. As part of an updated sex education policy aimed at decreasing teen pregnancy. Sparking debate. On whether eleven year old are too young for such a program. I mean relief freaks me all the fault of oh lead the new rules having sex means I've got grandchildren who were having sex if if if I go by that now does the thought. -- an eleven year old having such freak you wild. And would you allow a clip of a woman here. From -- you parents but if not parents and grandparents who would ever what you law -- You retain. Your eleven year old. To accept free condoms I mean is that okay. I mean that that just that just freaks me -- how would you react. Think about is how would you re. If your eleven or twelve year old. Came home from school. And say mom dad. Look at the game it's to me when I was eleven usual I don't think I've been with a condom was but how would you react. If your kids came home from school with condoms to secure -- 78668890870. And a leading neurosurgeon claims that. Cycle has to Wear helmets are just wasting their time so when you were growing up. Did did you Wear a helmet riding your bike I didn't. And now of course for street kids who ride bikes and they have helmets. -- shoulder pads they have they have knee pads. I mean. Like I crashed a couple times in and I'm I'm still. While some people become totally saying but I'm a little ticket anyway. It hurt me. 260178668890. -- seventy. And we have mark WWL protein -- opinion poll question would you like the seat. The NFL coaches the challenge. Penalties cast your vote at WWL. Dot com you know somebody danger watch. And somebody gains. You see a penalty. And then in abusive man that was holding an armed man that was not holding. And you know there's no way to review with well if you were able to. Challenge penalties and of course you couldn't end the number of challenged -- to have to be part of the coaches child's play and I think you would be good let's go to a Charleston in the world just in power you. But the real little -- get a -- And -- just enough. What do you think of give an eleven year old condoms. I think it's a bit ridiculous you know it. People is game so you know terrible point six irreverent eleven year old. Yeah and -- John shall that are. Does that being used to and aspire -- -- and things like that too cute you know and get an opportunity. So they're waiting so long as it's -- -- -- if you do. -- turn around it and back him out then you know. But doesn't doesn't that if you start handing out condoms doesn't that tell preteens it's OK to have sex. Oh of course of course. Disagree I don't want petition. How how would you re active your bar eleven year old -- does it it freaks me out to think that eleven year old Ruben sucks. Well it is listen to open don't call it. That -- -- that being that we talk about you know it's that ridiculous. -- grants. -- -- -- and -- I cringed when that didn't channel it through -- real cute kitten -- I mean. I've got grandkids that age and up and I've got grandkids even older and you know. I don't know I mean I don't know I would I think I would freak out about dollars. Vague guess what you'd use your grandkids came home today. And the school and the handed them free condoms to me. Giving kids that young condoms you orchid building you're saying it's. I'm gonna give me this it's okay to do this. It's okay it will install. Whatever that the tool sales and -- Did you -- it's a precursor to certain things and didn't stop below or you don't get that. They shouldn't be doing it anyway Anthony -- -- shouldn't be. And patient and think about it and play outside and Luke childlike yeah. -- that you don't all. Course and I know the problem now. Is unless parents put filters on computers. Vacant that they can get pornography and anything mostly -- on line. And it doesn't deputy shall do it'll continue to be. That it hired in here. But children. They can look on their computer. Chicken local. It but I do which you look at that. Or -- It's it's it's it's like it's like TV you you better take -- have a lock on some of the channels and -- I get home all like oh what you wanna work the nitro. My youth -- until about 1 o'clock in the morning. And I'm still kind of wired I'm not ready to go to sleep and some of -- stopped you confine. On some of these channels like showtime and HBO. Well late at night will just absolutely just knock you down and and and those of the kind of things. The young kids on unless you put filters them that you put -- code word on on your TV mostly kind of things that young kids and Ken Ken -- watched but. Four for the school to have a program. One in the past condoms up to eleven years -- the reason that they did this they said the a survey. By nursing students found that 7%. Of district high school girls had experienced pregnancy. And 42% of students reported never or sometimes. Using protection so. But what they're saying it's affected give it to the kids early to stop unwanted pregnancies but I mean I don't know eleven years old that. That's in your ridiculous that an eleven year old you're chipped it during war. Oh and not you didn't have entered into the middle school -- to -- courage. Lights that opposes. This. There -- technical play well let's figure. Out there had to. One surgery and fought and they didn't. Think it poker expert. I don't think I was even thinking of kissing a girl in such bright girl clue you know. -- In Portland. Continent. Utterly difficult not to -- victory there in a lot of ways that it had. -- follow the wanted to point out it is. Take your ball. Personal with some -- You can import the court when you. What do you you know like that goes into acute at -- The maker anymore internal organs that are put yourself into the so -- it does not being a personal level when it comes to engage. You know it's not just stated. Take -- -- -- -- just. Just -- -- that apple. A lot of the actual acres in and users. -- I have I have to I have to admit ignorance there I did not realize that I just thought you know like for. Like arrangements about wanna go by a birthday -- you dog overall citizens that are right I'll take that cake right there. Not that way ignorant and the bullets the actually -- at all that when I got mayor Luke. You know I post -- personal integration into the duplicate. Pitcher. So another words you don't have a host that it takes and on the gay couples who want to than say take that take right there. Is that the one bit that does that also homosexual people that's not. No no -- must not remain unmet -- you know if there were a whole bunch of wedding cakes and you -- -- the. It's a little bit a little bit pictures all of a couple of stop that they kingdom. Put -- -- my experience. The -- -- -- -- -- Which Jericho but you know stuff like you -- These are established that actually. It -- a girl. A professional. It is. Maybe. There -- -- little you know little bit because there. Ain't personal it's just a. Just and what what I like about the show -- -- about my listeners as I learned things from you guys -- that that helped me out so much so. Thank you so much but when I read this story just freaked out said a local Conlon for eleven year old true. And on a little -- and sir it's the middle school. -- yeah. That's spread out with who did it mean to be the -- and that that were contract and that's that's the good the that there. All right bud thank you for Carolina and I appreciate -- OK. All right the way up blinds open to six year old late 78668890. It's heavily. What do you think about that condoms passed out in middle school to six operators. Does that sound like a good idea how would you feel if your kid came home at that -- of -- -- 60. One point 78668. At 90870 Bob Mitchell and for food and WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell and -- dude and if you wanna call the show. Good news for you got a clear line -- you should be able to get right in shouldn't have much of a -- -- at all Colin. John gets you ready to go on with me to six year old -- 7866889. Point 78. Here's what we are talking about -- WW -- to drag where opinion poll question would you like to see the NFL coaches the challenge. Penalties doesn't mean that we're going to let the challenge of every penalty coaches get to challenge of the game. And if both those challenges are held a big in the third and show would have to be with in the realm. Of them and you can challenge just about anything else and how many times have have view. Been part of the game and watched the game and you seize the money get apple remote or not load the and the rough three calls penalty man and why not review it on odd I don't understand the difference. There are times when. Coaches. Challenged the spot of the ball that you know and that -- at the -- mistaken spot in the ball. So why not let them challenge penalties to a six year old late 786689. 0870. And what we're talking about a few minutes ago was to apple crises. And Oregon school district plans to offer condoms to students starting in the six raid. As part of a sex education policy. Aimed at decreasing teen pregnancy. Or eleven you -- holes to a young. For such a program. That does the thought of eleven it you or your eleven year old having sex just three Q while. And how would you feel. -- -- of your eleven year old comes home from school one day with. A couple of condoms and say mom dad look at the past out in school to let's go to David in mobile power to David. About it and I'm doing fine. Our talk about. In a book that you should be legal challenge. Certain probably like me these illegal or EU. You know they can affect the outcome of the game. You know especially. You know. I'm ultimately. You know every -- and bring -- The all the smoke or -- you typically a lot of back when and so probably like that they are roach who strongly like dollar all that not only challenger. Review it and then determine a little later. I will go to any. In the last minute of every. Terrible heat problem holding. All star in the last year but it should be re usable by a group. But it is at all the last two and -- the -- especially when -- striving to advocate mark the upper arm and directly. -- get -- absolutely. Obviously the patriot. Peppered in come to mind my low -- and. Well I think. I I believe the personal files how many times have you seen this that one player slaps a guy and they it and pushes him and that guy pushes back. And he gets called the first it doesn't -- if you if you work to rebuke that that'll be offsetting penalties so. Yeah -- extra bulk of -- I've been training camp broke these are just preached to reporters. Don't you get -- I saw you all you right now. But if you can challenge it. In -- and and coaches have to be careful how they uses because they they would not be getting any more challenges. Exactly and you know with that situation they'll pick up a challenge would be oh recruit. The general. Because people. The credibility at all. What a legitimate penalty and I mean you're challenging rival think the markets -- well at the current penalties should not should not know. You're challenging that the that the official miss the other penalties. Well estrogen but like at a certain -- -- like you know partial probably but I in the last two minutes. All normally should be or you'll all -- -- bit -- respect it or not don't eat whatever on a mission critical stop the game. To have -- reviewed. While I definitely agree with that because I mean coach's challenge sponsored how many times has. It it didn't ruled that it was not a touchdown that the ball did not crossed the plane of the end zone. And then they review what they say it it it did or or or vice Versa that it -- that has been overruled many times. Yeah and also another thing that that the Morocco. -- want to change the the extra point rule appreciative of the orbiter back like that bit what are measurement on your -- of one yard by. And Trojan like a pretty vocal group play caller will start ball far call only to income urgent more than they can. -- the -- -- although he the quick emergency. Or go to Oprah the one yard line while -- into the that. Legitimate shot topic the -- Right in the embargo -- you're this year with the saints. Yeah I'm looking and you know anywhere from twelve to thirteen and. You know and in the division again and make it -- or. I certainly hope so -- I don't know I haven't made my mind yet on on how I feel. This year and hope in the defense it's going to be good. But I guess may be you know so -- times you have a great year on defense one year and then. The next year the offences were a little bit more book should be pencils it's not always is effective so I'm hoping for a good year though David. Yeah we've bought and a lot of new players well -- really glad that. The. Well thank you for calling David. All right tonight Jim I'll be back with you when we have room for your calls it. 2601 late 7866890. It's heavily on Bob Mitchell it's -- show in the big -- WW LA in my apartment dot com. All right welcome back to the -- If you'd like to answer big -- heavily. Perugia where opinion poll -- can go to a WWL a dot com and cast a vote would be. Check it out pretty much been hang in right around 821 lead in favor. While allowing NFL coaches to challenge. Penalties and this would not mean the that they would get more challenge flag it just means that -- that they would have an opportunity. If a penalty was called and they wanted to review that they would be able to do so. You can call me to secure -- 7866. Avic -- and a late seventy. We're also talking about. -- of this this school district. In organ that it plans to offer condoms to students starting in the sixth grade. As part of a sex education policy. Aimed at decreasing -- But teen pregnancy. How would you feel -- lot. I would love to hear from a some parents heard from a couple of them earlier but I would love to hear from you. Well especially if you have an eleven year old or you have a teenager how would you feel if they you know brought homo. A handful of condoms mean. Is eleven year old is just much too much for that remained the thought look both thought of that the thought of eleven year old having sex. Just kind of totally totally freaks me out all a wanna remind you -- What are yet to moral. A ball to Angela hill shall for Devoe we are thrilled here at WW -- have Andrew liberals -- over radio friendly. And she's got some some great stuff coming up tomorrow. At 1 o'clock cold case a cold. Case -- eleven. Countless TV show that the glamorized feature of throwing cold case within an hour long show but these gumshoe work on cases that haven't. Been solved sometimes for years or not at all hardly keep motivated what are some of their toughest cold cases wide of the truth those profession. Don't -- for a cold case detectives and discover the people. Behind the badgers looked at 1 o'clock tomorrow -- -- it's going to be fun with what's hot and what's not on the movies and on demand. And it'll preview this weekend's big movies. All right if you wanna call -- you could call me right now and John I'll get ready to go and will. Will ditch on the air right after the top of the hour news to six year old -- seventy. 866889. -- suddenly. I'm Bob Mitchell in first dude lead but news is next and then we'll come back and -- will take your phone calls -- we. Take the children had died of the big day it's seventy WWL AM a famine dot com.