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WWL>Topics>>6-6 6:15am Tommy, Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap

6-6 6:15am Tommy, Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap

Jun 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to Bill Smullen, the Director of National Security Studies at Syracuse, about the prisoner swap

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- adult conversation continues about the trade for him with the Taliban on Wall Street Journal reporting that day that. From the beginning in November 2010 when the Obama administration began negotiating. Or at least. The demands that the Taliban head would be more accurate way to put it their priority was free and the Taliban leaders over at one time -- bank. So I don't know if they eventually beat the president down and it seems as though we're -- and a couple of different stories from the White House about why in fact mystery was consummated. They'll smile and joins us right now director of national security studies at the Maxwell school of public affairs. And citizenship at Syracuse university -- morning professor. It -- earlier -- is a doctor. No I'm just colonel retired or elect added I didn't understand that and if you're an academic and we'll colonel Tom the president says he absolutely will not apologize. Com. Did this legitimize the Taliban by negotiating with -- -- is -- gonna -- says. -- anymore terrorists kidnapping Americans because I guess others are making a case that. They're gonna do that anyway you'd tell me your take on all this and not not in terms of politics obviously not in terms of being awkward just if you analyze the situation. Well I think until we got ourselves into global -- here and quick frankly that's true we can predict clearly the outcome mobile. There's there is a code of conduct if you will that we believe also could be times so walking. For adult back. Williams totally understandable negotiating. His return will also understandable. Clearly the Taliban raise the the video level. Consideration. When he asked for the release. From Guantanamo so I'm not sure that we get a fair deal believed that a deal. Which we needed to because he he's Afghanistan. The in their 20s16 which is the prediction and the soldier still not the right thing. I'm not true we can. Predict. Problematic these five total and going to be they're gonna be sequestered in cutter or a year. -- don't have access to their cronies obviously will be able to plot. But long distance. Things that they perhaps want to have happen in Afghanistan. I think that the biggest problem is not so much besides little. Leaders of the Taliban and its. -- the administration. The military. Little explain. What they're gonna do with Brcko because we're now in the position world and had to deal with him. Rome accord applause war. Some kind of administrative district. Mom and even that is complicated to me because they have a couple of different stories that I read last night when -- was that he was. Actually relieving himself off the base when he was. Taken captive another one says he was on the base during a firefight but didn't have a weapon or for whatever reason was taken captive and and as a third theory among others that. The -- he willfully left because he wanted to join up with the Taliban nor a surrendered himself to the Taliban. And then we're here in a couple of different stories rather from the White House about why the trade was made now it was now or never of the notification of congress physical health. But then it looks like he's doing pretty well from appearances. Somebody when you look at the video of the trade that's the only footage we have of him as I understand. I think the administration. -- themselves into a corner because Tuesday initially described. -- -- hero is someone that. Has served honorably. I think the evidence that I written. Quite a bit indicates. He clearly wandered away and he had a history of wandering about on his own places that he perhaps should not have been so I don't think there's any. Real dispute as to whether or not he deserved it -- -- he deserted. And when you have enough people who have evidence of that -- who describe that I've read a lot of the detail because people are coming out now. I don't think that's really the question the question is not what we do with this sergeant. And I think the chairman of joint chiefs staff indicated that there was misconduct and desertion is misconduct that. Does the military would deal with in the proper way so the administration. Probably did not choose their words very carefully. Last week and -- several came out. Susan -- some sort of national security advisor is one. And now they're gonna have to. To -- that. Back in ways that they're gonna be able to I don't know the answer to -- from people but he answered to the US congress very notable today in. American military history. Hang on colonel because I'd like to ask you about the context of trading POWs for POWs if in fact this was a POW idea. Parse that with the fact that he wandered off of base and deserted -- was EA while I had a lot more questions and I appreciated he can hang out canyon. Colonel bills -- director of national security studies at the Maxwell. School of public affairs and citizenship. At Syracuse University six when he onetime -- Traficant that would go to -- problems. Tommy 200 evidently well -- -- sixth of June and -- have something else that happened in the military recently those negotiations for the release of Bober dull and and we're talking and two -- colonel Bill Small and director of national security studies the Maxwell school of public affairs and citizenship. At Syracuse University colonel do when it comes to say you know. And throughout military history has has there traditionally been in the same. -- those -- with deserters are soldiers Donnie wall when it comes to leave no man behind. Yes there is so important that we had losers in virtually every war we ought as a nation. Going back in time people who become disillusioned people who are here. I was Vietnam veteran and -- of people who deserted the wintry. Canada and other parts of the world because they didn't wanna put on the uniform or people who put on the uniform and took about consent. A body here and I'm leaving so this is not need a -- I think. Sergeant Puerto. Issue is so unique in that he is the shall user -- a soul soldier. That was. But part of -- unit and had to be. Created or won't that you will be determined to the force so. It's it's something unique I think it's a great -- to be product of years ago today in the world changed as a result of that. You gave me and we should be proud of what we have done in Afghanistan. And Iraq. However I do think that. We're exhausted as a nation and as a people and I think it's time or. Us to come home and I think it's time because to pay attention to. He -- It in -- way that allows students feel good again about ourselves. Colonel I'm gonna let the sergeant berg -- thing go loose for a second and ask you this because we were having a conversation about the the Higgins votes. Made hearing as the other landing craft that were used and and the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan which a lot of people say are accurate when it comes it. -- taking concrete you combat do you think they are. If I do -- it it was a horrific. Moment in time for the and who didn't come -- Or at that point in time and some oxygen and quite frankly lots of many of them. And they're termed him in the Europe and so many of the parts. This country where we pay tribute to them completely different thing -- take pride -- but it's also they've clicked on. And make sure that as we move forward as a nation that would make decisions that don't get. Into war. In quicker and faster than any. Sure that we. Perhaps over the past decade old war I just think it's. First course so along those lines in terms of a sergeant Virgo and a five Taliban members that were released. And he says it's too early to tell but I guess I was just wondering and in terms of Taliban kidnapping American soldiers are. Negotiating with them given them legitimacy. Does any of that factor in this at all. Paul does I think on that line is he wandered away. And he came upon the Taliban. Who probably more surprised than. And anyone. That -- Americans as a weapons and equipment. Just -- -- they obviously. But in the custody. So. I don't think if we're gonna have a situation where you lose captions person he was -- Take him. In two. That the custody of the Taliban because he simply. Wondered what appears quite frankly I think he was looking for them I think it was so romantic -- Beijing has become the solution. And he wanted -- experiences something else what he used to live with -- So in terms of romance and being disillusioned. Getting back to DJ for a moment of it when you're and that the landing craft you're seeing and -- happen in other people in front idea. You know what you're duty as you know it your odds are it would what is it that. It makes man's stick to his duty makes a soldier follow through on his commitment and and know that chances are he's not coming out of this alive. You -- put on the uniform -- the the united states military. It becomes. Ito's. Possible the league they do in ways that you're going to take care of the people feel left and right systems and security review. And so. When they were in those lines in Korea they were in the years as a group patriots. Who relied on one another -- after one another. And that's illegal. And the experience. Twice in my life. You take it very seriously I volunteered to go to Vietnam first. I did not intend staying in the people I felt the obligation I think that's the American way and I think if Franken is watching problem. Well you do with pride do commitment that you do with the dedication and taking ready yet to go do whatever. Is required Indian and sometimes that is. To be put into harm's way in two faces the potential. -- -- talked to you know become on again. Okay thank you -- much I appreciate very much.

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