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WWL>Topics>>6-6 6:45am Tommy, Saints OTAS

6-6 6:45am Tommy, Saints OTAS

Jun 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL sports reporter Steve Geller about the Saints OTAs and position battles

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Steve -- -- -- right now talk about the saints OTA's. Steve I'm doing all right -- the second week of organized team activities in the books com we what did you see what impressed you would worried -- I'm still interested mostly in the quarterback battle going on right now last week. I was surprised to see Patrick Robinson was running with the ones this you just just that the portion that we got to watch. It was Champ Bailey now running with Keenan Lewis. And Corey white also joined though. The ones during practice -- Patrick Robinson moving through the second unit so he -- -- still early right now guys are getting shuffled around nothing. Really means that much yet also. I thought it was kind of interesting to see Ryan Griffin. Moving up in playing with the second team and Luke McCown now. Playing with a third team offense does that mean anything at all at this point I think the saints want him to be the backup quarterback Drew Brees and now that he's got. A year under his belt more experienced I could very well see him having that number two gig we'll see what happens more come training camp in that battle. But yeah rub right -- could end up being the future of the saints everyone's always talking about should the -- -- drafting another quarterback gripping could be the guy after breeze and it's. Yes -- played to win a couple of times and I think he's pretty good and again not to be disrespectful but -- doing plays in the dome. And you'd get pretty close price yet much -- every one. Well what do what is your impression of Brian Griffin himself for. He looks -- there can't be -- notice in a more confidence this year. Already -- -- -- like I said stark from training camp when live bullets as they say start line. Right now the guys adjusting T shirts and shorts with with helmets on so nothing -- extreme end. He's he's seems to remove him well guys and yeah a lot noticeably a lot to all of injury which is quoted as a omelet comes Champ Bailey. 35 years old and play corner and felt really. Right now it looks pretty smooth that there are no he battled the foot injury last year which is a big deal in Denver. A cause him to miss a bunch of games but he. He seems to be real real fluid right now. Speed seems to be the -- being able to cover guys any. In the hands and tumbles knocking balls out and able to get interceptions as well so I like the veteran presence obviously that he brings this ballclub also that. That ball hawking experienced that they need they were able to get turnovers last year. And bailing -- bird that would bring that presence in Byrd who just had back surgery last week. Was -- and obviously not suited up at all but was on the sidelines and watching practices while. Mom do you and I were talking on Twitter yesterday about singers and now however minor it may seem to know definitely it's not if you know if you do both -- both the offense and defense kill themselves he -- A position of five seconds left where they can. When a key game and you can't count on the -- data comes and kick the ball you're in deep trouble. Yeah right now Shayne Graham I would still say has the upper hand in camp. But there's a young guy Derek ninety. Also. It sink his second or third year right now on the leak. He had some time with the saints last season they brought him in but never was signed to the roster. Graham is pretty reliable veteran but he just doesn't have the big leg that you can rely on a dime key. Obviously a little bit younger has the stronger leg but I don't know if he's as accurate as Gramm the -- struggled toward in the last season. Right exactly that's -- that's obviously a concern for a lot of folks. If this guy's got a big -- this dying -- is that isn't yet. I would bring him man depending on how he looked in in training camp. Com and then season him along the way during the early part of the season so heavily in the seasoning count. Well and that they might have to end up keeping two guys on the roster which would be kinda weird having two -- just because. Of that issue you don't want to end up losing. Donkey to another team just in case -- do you find it very interesting though once the cyclical Garrett Hartley. You haven't -- names are presented anywhere. Basically you know he might be done and usually you bounce around. -- you think somebody might have called them by an at a -- shot and he just three he's received no phone calls he's he's not any camera as a you know incredible -- thank you Steve OT is open to public next week yeah mini camp this isn't the same thing just a little longer recession -- -- three days of practice on Tuesday Wednesday. And Thursday that the detonation necessary. At Steve Geller evidently he got I'd guess a follow on Twitter.

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