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6-6 7:45am Tommy, D-Day anniversary

Jun 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to Eric Rivet, a curator at the World War II Museum, about the 70th Anniversary of D-Day

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now talk about World War II in the arrogance are in our members agree veterans day it's for the -- dad who gave us two in the World War II museum me as a curator over there. And Eric before we talk about the World War II museum because I think this is worthy of a lot of time. Tell me about -- We talk about the how much playing had gone into it how many men were involved how many -- how many aircraft. Sure the future admitted this was the invasion that we had -- her report for over two years. Basically as soon as we get involved warned Europe we've started stockpiling supplies and planning the invasion. Waterboarding was basically. Our lead -- US British Canadian troops -- and for a few firms in the regions. But it was it would be landing in north Western Europe and it. It that it failed the war could have prolonged indefinitely really committed if it is fielded the thickness years it would do look supplies again. Senator welcome and well that's okay you'd asked about the numbers involved -- and about a 156000. And on needed and that we brought in hundreds of thousands in the weeks. Beyond into the -- 5000 ships. Ranging from big battle ships out of a little LTV he's been exposed to build here now. About 111000 aircraft mean it it was big there's never been anything like. In terms of -- 156000. News landed -- who came in later was there any kinda. Vetting process so our. Qualification and just wondered if the best the toughest 156000. Came -- if that was even possible at that time I'm just here. -- you W you know. You're talking about millions. Of men and equipment and the Serbs at the time -- -- have little bit everything I'm sure but you know these these were men that has been training for this in some cases for two years and you know some of the combat veterans some of these men that fought in North Africa. That at four and Sicily Italy. For some of them that you landing the first on that shot -- it covered the holes that. In terms of that the point of attack they -- three beaches is that ring. Other two American beaches to produce speeches and one Canadian beach so there were five -- just told that we landed at plus the airborne invasion. That happened the -- and -- kind of crafty tuchman. 111000 and that's that's fighters covering the invasion -- bombers who returned to soften up the beaches before we landed and then quote the C 47 that dropped her true. So when they looked up with -- where they look in an almost stifled planes. At times sure oh yeah. Then the guys that were up in the -- when they looked around they can barely to the war ships so this battle began at what Miami's he has Princeton. Person just after midnight that the first paratroopers sort of jumping in just after midnight and then that the seaport -- started about the court. Lasted until. The typical day media. In some cases like you talk beach which is what the American beaches they can walk short Danica. Because there's very very late resistance hold on the other hand. Could have been a disaster he's very very bad situation for several hours. Com in terms of casualties of the 156000. That they were involved in the landing. I guess cursing and talk about wounded NAND how many -- done. I'd -- initially and under about 101000 casualties total. Hand for the Americans it is at least somewhere in the neighborhood of about 15100 killed. Helped -- as opposed to what did and his Canadian British and not. Under personal -- at. -- Did -- was there some days and I'm trying to remember this ultimate butchering history there was some kind of deception involved in. Oh absolutely. Explain if you. Sure yet basically we were trying to convince the -- reportedly in January others in the anywhere from closer to. Northeastern France -- for the coast all whipped in Norway. And that involved. A lot of German agent that Atlanta and in -- despised they were all -- -- and they were terms so they were double agents they were basically eating the Germans false information. With a little bit of information XP and just keep up the deception. We've made. They tanks -- Robert thanks indeed. Fake landing craft -- ships and airplanes that we stage of these places. Throughout the United Kingdom board made it look like we were building up for invasion and some other part of your. And -- history -- that was successful. Oh absolutely I mean right up until the -- remanded the Germans were never quite sure where record. -- the initial findings that he assumed that it was a deceptive if you look at the whole point of landing in Europe was to get to Germany to get into Germany get to Berlin as quickly as possible. And norm is default landing in the wrong direction. At the Germans really expected to land closer to the German border than we did. And do I do remember. -- is something about. -- it surprises on the other side of it that the Americans over the landing forces of the Canadian British had some things that they did not anticipate. Well you know exit before I think for the soldiers -- -- -- you so they've really didn't expect few beauties of what part of that is because they actually landed on the wrong speech they landed about a mile south of where they're supposed to be. And just does look what have -- Palin -- in in a place that was very weak. The soldiers that -- along the surprise was. You knew there was a massive naval bombardment there were thousands of airplanes that drop bombs on the beaches. And the anticipation was they would be able to walk short all the Germans would be. If not killed outright in the it would at least be stoned in their bunkers and that was not case at all until they walked into. Just the death -- really. I tell me what's going on in the World War II museum because I would imagine a lot of tributes lot of commemoration. At exit its movie. Yes we had a ceremony at 6 o'clock this morning we have another ceremony at 11 o'clock. This morning it's going to see several men that participated in the Normandy campaign being -- but -- government. Now we also have reactors. On the campus for all weekend we have. Handled history cables reveal -- pick up artifacts from World War II. We have you'll be able -- -- expose girls CPP it will be open to the public for the first time ever this weekend. We have panels we repeated patterns to be here to talk about their experiences. We're gonna be showing -- so Tibetan Brothers tonight outside. There's there's all kinds of -- of -- it's beautiful we. By Italian as the people who were actually there Taylor's stories like I can't imagine anything more gripping -- -- about the -- or hold it absolutely in terms of hands on Eric Wood would. And stuff -- Other BUS German and British uniforms and equipment basically you'll be able to see in the trial of if you like it exactly what these soldiers wore when they landed and the Germans who tried supple and there will be up from 1 o'clock 4 o'clock. Today and two more. You know feel about the World War II museum and -- on the -- you'd -- aways so in terms of two hours. You you can go around yourself righty can also get a tour. Sort of. It's primarily self guided we do offer free dose of museum volunteer -- to -- with campus there's usually two of those today. We also we do offer appeared to work that includes giving your fault getting a chance climate or Sherman tank which still runs reduced to drive the so there there -- plenty of ways that you can toward. I tell me also before we let you go about the beyond no boundaries. That the work he movies that was produced by politics and it's it's basically. Everything you should know about to about 45 minutes since it's extremely well. The thing and astounded me about it not just the fact that it was well done but the the crown -- -- -- where I think you know India the school for awhile you forget that this preceded that -- proceeded that and this didn't happen until that was over and it's a much about. Absolutely and you know of the things I think -- taken for granted today is that you know we won the war and so hindsight just. Kind of makes it bolster of course we're gonna win and that there be anything but you can indeed there was tremendous amount of risk involved. And that was all the -- in the war -- critical need to wait many many times in Eisenhower. Remember that and he wrote letters and he's failed he did it yet. Title that are ready to go it's if the landing it failed it was useful and you know did disorders that are the soldiers and sailors that are written because it. Put -- basically that the buck stopped with him and the interesting thing about that letters just to demonstrate he stressed Eisenhower was under. He dictated by -- he dedicated to life sentence for the June. And is in him a -- -- -- -- we can get popular that are on display and easier for. It's an amazing place there really is thank -- and a busy today and I appreciate you taking time to talk to protect about.

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