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6-6 Tommy, dog talk

Jun 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jeff Dorson, the Executive Director of the Louisiana Humane Society, about dogs: big vs. small, purebred vs. mutts, and adopting

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Tommy -- talking about dogs and an incident that happened -- -- reported that a man -- -- because -- month was taking liberties with these corporate. Comes dogs would you prefer purebred or pound gators moment of -- female and the ninety -- as yet catered cats. And I I have purebred dogs and a Scottish Terrier and boxers that we yet recently in and sometimes feel guilty of but the fact that they were not. Hound dogs but these were the two breed them and wanted and as we got -- doors and joins us right now executive director of the Louisiana humane society morning Jeff. Thank you tell me when it comes to dogs should people feel guilty by a purebred. Straight away. I think we can. You please don't. By them that becomes the issue when you go to other creators or small enterprises. You know of these emails so when you -- -- the solar. Wind the compliment people really don't realize them. The environment they're born and raised in eventually -- -- -- for. Sanitary. And creates problems for everybody involved a whole system we'd much prefer keep using -- or the sources and then. That pet stores or backyard pretty. Her but there are responsible breeders I mean you can't say that everybody that. Breeds dogs is irresponsible can. There's that point but here's the problem does she sort of dog in the state over a hundred. -- night of the year. Simply because -- can't I'm not homes and and we try it means we can. So important that you know at -- the problem by buying from other sources. Like readers. So what we're saying is a great dog eat pure bred. I'm lying to. Other directory like finder com or at Harvard dot com and -- -- if you look court well -- don't you. Tell me who bomb dude you're not cool like as in and say who who's available over the SB CA aren't the Louisiana humane society what -- the dogs are up for adoption I presume you would know. Big ones small ones so what braids which should people look forward candidate. Decide if this. Pound puppy if you -- column that is best for them. Well and decently question you're you're looking. Teen years and that meant when you purchase when you adopt an animal so much will take time so you can go online. So you know there's about a hundred different shelters both private and public in that state alone. So go on line check it out and also remembers a larger organization called pat anger that will help you find the dog they'd probably -- Animals around the country. Available for option so just do little homework go visit the temperament is like the side. He actually sat read whatever. You -- good cried out. What to look for but we didn't discourage buying -- and also -- that is. A big difference actually agree shelter dog. Loving and -- -- -- is probably 35 dollars. -- charge. Hundreds if not out there you shall take a look at as well. So yet so we in favor shelter animal every time. While evidence seems like you you really don't have a and I'm just -- -- all due respect Jeff you don't have a lot love or. Like four purebred animals is seems as though you'd yeah I guess because of the -- the need in because of so many dogs that don't have a home. Saying they're actually great -- read it every -- -- -- not agree. Oh orbit background and saying -- used in the right thing in and help local efforts to reduce the pet over population. And the way to do that. To -- from hello shelter. And actually there's some great thing happening locally media there's been -- on the call in. -- Owed him an impact the outcome that would actually people don't know com you can't hammered out in New Orleans and haven't been much. -- -- -- all book about four years. And locally on it is an advocate aren't really. -- beating the -- import. Into our great law. Or if you because in real help reduce the number of letters. I appreciate your time Jeff -- a people find out about adopting dogs if they think that you know a dog is right for them and go and check it out makes -- -- size they want male female etc. Well Alexander -- I. Number 810 shelters locally at many Jefferson New Orleans. We all have web site alternately called optimal animals come check it out. A lot like shopping what you want to -- that matches what. You're looking for everybody. You are right on. Thank you Jeff I appreciate your time executive director of the Louisiana humane society every weekend.

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