WWL>Topics>>6-6-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on northshore fracking

6-6-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on northshore fracking

Jun 6, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks about fracking on the northshore with St. Tammany councilmen Marty Gould and Jake Groby and Rick Franzo of Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany.

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Good Friday Friday edition of the think tag is Don Dubuque and for Garland Robinette a golf will be back with you actually a week. From Monday school will be filling in -- Monday through Thursday and I'll be back in with you next Friday. Big. If we have time I don't know that we will because the first two issues I think -- generate a lot of phone calls and text messages in discussion. But if we have time you have heard about the story but the Egyptian Cashman is charged with animal cruelty. The shooting his neighbor's dog after he caught the dogs mating with his purebred dog. Well questions arise who was he within his rights to protect his dog by using deadly force on his own property. And the others should then also be charged for allowing his dog to roam free. If time allows we'll get to that. Second hour we gonna talk about the bowl bird doll case -- whole nation is talking about this basically asking you this question. Do you believe the White House administration says that bird -- served with honor and distinction. Or do you believe his platoon members who say unanimously. He is a -- Got to tell you -- long time since been riled up about a an issue as this one being the forma. A US army specialist myself and serving overseas in and dealing with the reports and had to be filed on. High eighty wall and dessert is a little bit of this different inside on this whole thing wanna discuss that with you. But before that another burning issue the big one in saint Tammany parish. Fracking the story keeps advancing a week by week and now we have pledged to stay on top of it and covered until it reaches its it's and whichever that may be. Last night packed house at the saint Tammany parish council meeting. People are packing their house two mainly oppose the ranking and also to support the council. On some law resolutions that were introduced which would authorize attorneys do. Begin the legal -- go to court to try to prevent the State's department of natural resources from issuing -- drilling permit. To -- us oil and gas. Also some other issues discussed with the two -- -- there's a lot of different angles in front that this is being addressed on. Again we have extended yet another invitation to the officials and -- oil to appear on this program. If not being able to appear on the program. To complete -- a questionnaire a brief one that I have sent them which I think would take them -- less -- twenty minutes to complete they have not complied with that the -- that we got from them as forms appearing would be we don't have anybody. Give us some more notice and maybe by next week we can have someone come it however they have been communicating. With some folks there was a letter that was sent sent to every member of the saint Tammany parish council will get into the contents of that letter. And a whole lot more joining us up for this discussion Rick -- so president of concerned citizens of saint Tammany parish. Rick thanks for joining us and so you were at the meeting last night. Erica and also to the saint Tammany parish council members join -- Jake Roby who basically this project would go in his district and also Marty Gould who. Not only is his district very close in proximity but he also lives very -- Marty thank you for joining us and you too. But before always start the discussion on what went on wanna say something to you -- council people. I was a little bit. Put out by the way that the meeting was conducted in that this issue was not moved up on -- I always side started off outside that would people with their children who may -- in them babysit him so passionate. About this issue they turned out the lobby was full the fire Marshal in the saint Tammany sheriff's department and to keep the head count how many people coming in and out. Why was this not moved up to win those people could. Hear what was here to be says the action can be taken. And they could go about their business before discussions of libraries and other housekeeping. Items were taken place. Was this some other reason I was missing that now on just an -- The world market. With all honesty that that was the way. That the chairman of decided he was gonna run the meetings. As you know the chairman and vice -- gently set the agenda and set it up in the manner that they see fit. I denied that question you have to -- read read about. Well I intend to because I just think that you know and some of these instant -- I heard was well. If we take Andy's housekeeping items and give people lot of it will be more room for people actually come in to the immediate area but that was not the case because. The people want their for the housekeeping and we're gonna leave when those were covered they -- there for the fracking issue which ended up going in late but that aside. Let's talk about what went on there first of all Marty you introduced a resolution that was past. Basically. Authorizing attorneys to go to court on behalf of the parish to prevent the department of natural resources from issuing that permit analysts oil and gas. What was the basis all of Europe resolution what was the reason behind it. Well we've we've been looking at it various. Angles to attack the state laws in in two. Try to throw up some roadblocks on this this situation. One of the things that help that alone was the scathing report by the legislative all of them basically it is it is just sit there and doing his job. There weren't collective bonds. They weren't issuing the -- requiring bonds. -- -- want to update you collect on bond money for. Was insufficient. They've worked there inspections. And you know the amazing thing about it to me is that the commission concentration. Agreed. With legislative callers report which is an admission of -- That in itself to me is that enough to stop the issue would -- -- and it permits anywhere at this point. In -- week. Depend on these people because they had been viewed in the power. By the legislature. Two. Oversee the industry. And to protect the public. They're not. So that was -- reed the president elect has said we've been looking different angles. Two to attack this thing. Because it quite rightly. You know fracking in the oil drilling in the -- -- there accuses the -- Well that that's the other side of it -- issued this would have been it would have been much simpler if you would have been able to discuss this with the department natural resources mr. Welsh and says look. The legislative waters come down without what is very critical report about your failure to live up to the inspections. Can't to deny the -- yourself on that without him and -- -- and go to court five it was at a did you attempt to do that. That is not the history of commissioner conservation. If you look at the various court that panels. That in this state. You know Louisiana in the oil and gas state. The history. Just doesn't doesn't go. I don't know any any permits that the night. What we will have a conversation. Of this litigation expert. All in discussion and but. Will it get it that's what we. The specialist attorneys. At this point to help us through this process and I gotta tell you the issues. This is something that. I never dreamed up. It's it's it's an attempted to change the entire footprint in the in the face of saint Tammany parishes his heritage and culture and everything no doubt about it the bigger issue. That the Paris has taken on in quite some time. I'm gonna ask -- the same question -- morning while talking to -- the letter that was sent from -- the one that was basically title reassurance. Saying. We are we going to be you know treatises gas in your parish wouldn't be respectful and it. -- you satisfied at all with the tone of that lateral the -- at that lettuce and -- and open up more questions sciences. It. Probably -- question advances. You know if this debt crisis. This is not about hill. Is not about one particular company. Visit them. -- -- Multiple companies. That come into this past. And change we can act through -- through this fracking process. It is. It's not about one company is not about to companies is about the whole thing all kinds. And you know that where my focus is going to be going forward. Last night. We get some suggestions from the public. I directed. It turns to what researchers lets go after it fact that Reagan did it with you after. To talk about the environmental assessment. But. They're there was suggestions and I earnestly wants doctors. Did not think it -- -- and there. All right very good let me move on to Jake Jake with regard to the letter are referenced that came from -- assault to each and every. Individual council person what did you get from the content of it and did it change your opinion at all either way. No like Marty it gave me more beverage is to be concerned it's not so much what they've had in the sixth page letter what -- -- thing. And in my response and which is actually five pages in itself. -- I've pointed out each and critique that whether or not to pick them apart so -- but to ask them you know -- about how about just one example have they talked. About you know about the -- usage. I took great issue with that is because they're saying that they would declared that the -- for the project what we came off site have probably bet well theoretically lost -- remains. Leave the rest of saint Tammany. Open to have water taken from that letter was nowhere -- specific get situated at. The other issue is about the -- natural gas drilling should have happened they're going to be firing -- they didn't address what happened to the player goes out. How to capture and guess what happens if that failed to night I mean nobody was hopeful they'll let you know -- didn't answer in effect. So that was my replied I think I -- -- I don't know if you've got a. I have not I know you attempt to something must've hung up in the email -- I would appreciate if you would send it so basically have you heard from them since you fired off your response letter. No worse than double registered mail Thursday they probably at beginning of this morning. I'm very good general gonna take a break do we come back got some -- on -- wanna discuss it also Rick don't wanna talk to you about the effort for the petition. Has that now become a moot issue since the resolution was adopt little he's still -- to attack it from. That's -- to would talk with -- friends open president of concerned citizens of saint Tammany. And Paris councilman Jake ruby and -- we'll be right back after this time out this is the Friday edition of the think tank. On the big 870 WW well. And today in a think tank with thinking about fracking biggest issue on being discussed in saint Tammany parish -- are a couple of the saint Tammany parish council members on the council has taken a much more aggressive approach to attempting to ban fracking that just for this particular apartment -- oil and gas. But all over the passion for any of the land known as the company's Marty Golden -- -- also -- friends though who was the president of concerned citizens of saint Tammany. Who have been involved in this issue since the very beginning Rick was at the meeting last night. Rick if you would explain the petition that has an on going through your organization. And is it time that -- calling the dogs offers have become a mood is -- Since the Paris is taken this approach or you actually approaching this from a different angle and you petition. But done. What you -- -- is is it's very -- thing we have never been involved with the petition. Nor have any it is in the petition. I also was told that we were involved with the recall them and then net to -- -- have been along with the recall. And I heard it was reporter went in newspapers and and it wasn't even did not come from months we have nothing to do with that out of you know what it's about now well. -- and this is really shocked him because of what I heard was that you have suggested that if that they were enough signatures on a petition. To getting the council to oppose it in -- either had an option to where they could decline or if they declined -- you have a certain amount of signatures then it would go to vote but before the and that the citizens of saint. Present an -- it's. I'll give us the right stuff started in the newspapers and what about turn these schools newspapers because they would one actually spoke to and that the patent. And and. The next it will also seen the tape this has been involved with a petition and I called upon but is this what's this about. And they said basically I don't so we -- -- and so well. This has got to be -- going to be corrected this with not we absolutely not vote in the petition or any equal. I'll answer it has been we've been building access to legal expertise and quite honestly did and that's been my focus. And we have an awesome team attorneys and -- with male mind and I think game certainly I think being pressed to the council. And we've also you know working with some attorneys both legal and and -- on the environmental side. It's that we actually. I'll -- have been working on the legal side you know that the first thing we did was to be filed to Susan and got this thing back to square one again. But the that he had so many deficiencies in the application. And and that's what we've been focusing on the legal side. OK so no petition we know the recalled yeah I know you've got to erroneously blamed for that but it. All right well then that being said what is your comment on the resolutions that were adopted at last night's council meeting very happy with -- -- satisfied is it enough is that not enough -- -- -- and I. Have mixed feelings about I I I feel at least it was a and that's -- and and I'm proud of accounts for doing something on it and then come I'm just very happy. That I so I really felt that the council wants to do something to and they wanna try to stop the however I really I believe and and now legal committee believes and and is not just our own group of legal counsel this is also come from. -- counsel that we work with on the attorney both oil and Tulane the title assistant thing. We need to get this ordinance in place we need to get an ordinance in place before. A permit is issues. Once the permit is issued it's going to be a much more difficult fight to. For the parish or concerned citizens. If we -- and tried to stop there's -- -- and charged. If the permit is issued it's going to be difficult. And that's what we need to put ordinance in place and I know the parish is concerned about litigation in the -- of litigation. But I think if they don't do it they can open and what about attorneys actually and told them last night. Then they concern about litigation and you know they gonna open themselves up to a greater. Risking litigation and Wyatt say that is because they are required by both the US constitution. The state constitution at all that you to protect. The health safety and welfare of the citizens. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they don't inactive ones that they don't try to defend what's in the constitution. They're opening themselves up for a larger liability issue particularly in the class action lawsuit. I'd examine his everybody got to stay -- some of the news. -- Very good Rick friends though Jacob groovy and Marty gold zone will be back to talk to them and also open up the phone lines JUB -- telephone number 2601878. Text messages please text responsibly 87870. -- of that right after the news. And -- Garland will be back in this time slot with few weeks from Monday -- next Monday through Thursday it'll be scooped you can talk dispute here and I think with -- -- on this think -- I'm -- -- welcome aboard I'll be back again would -- next Friday this Friday we're talking about fracking we have -- friends -- president of concerned citizens of saint Tammany. And a couple of parish councilman Marty Gould and also Jake -- before we open up the phone lines in the text board for comments gentlemen. Rick one last question for you the parish council person zone all receive letters from Ellis. -- you've been contacted by -- you had any discussions at all with them they talk and you did not talk in Austin and understand why the -- showing up. At the public hearings in the council meetings it's just not a good environment for them to appear. But certainly to sit down with you and maybe illegal people or some other representatives might be a good idea have you had any communication. No we haven't. We have not -- -- command. Not really no discussions with them at this point time. I don't think it's gonna change anything. Even if we do have to attack a discussion of that. If they want it we don't want it and I think it -- it is not is not to me is not a compromise and the concerns in the non compromise and am hoping that the -- those same ways not a compromise I don't wanna compromise. Saint Tammany parish. Force them wolf any any entity you know this is about -- quality life you know and I want that thing. Particular money school did a great job was really really acuity and Jake has been the on the council on on this it. And I appreciate his -- could. But we really need a real a team that you know from both sides of the -- you know and we're willing and we've extended themselves to the council to do we have to do but they also have to realize. It's gonna take more than this little resolution to stop this you know -- we know it. I think they know it I think -- is some concerns on on the litigation -- but I I think this is so important. And I think they have to take that risk and a state built I think it's going to hurt can present and -- -- -- on and I think it's gonna hurt and then themselves as individuals. It in and political. I let's get to some of our listeners and get their input and questions let's go to jail on a cellphone line one. Councilman goal girl -- and now Rick ransom from consensus. Thank you to our sport during I understand about a forty minute follow behind the big cardboard or -- -- was there -- report they're they're coming up it's Hugo. Main part of cities or anybody trying to do it in from art in east. It's it's difficult to get around but anyway our bank the council and work bomb for -- -- -- -- -- for acting. What I -- -- Is reforming the way our government works and it is on the process is just one example. All how our government is upside down -- all our framers awarded you know the -- how these you have most of the lights. Which -- were there. You all basically settle disputes between localities. And the federal government -- approach you know -- -- potential a year ago but it's old dispute between gates and this is just -- example. -- how we're upside down there and the people the local level should be able make most of their situation thank you guys for BO report -- a collector. All right thank you for your round today Marty I guess this text that's coming in would probably the best answered by you someone is texting wants to know why did the council only goal for resolution than an ordinance so we talking semantics -- you are is there a difference. Well. The first step was to -- that the resolution did did a number of things. It first all resolutions. Indicate -- -- the parish council. You to hire an attorney. All of these these the long -- that we did he passed some resolution. To all the rides losses it's it filing for an injunction -- -- that through resolution. That we didn't turn you know the attorneys don't -- -- I think -- -- -- -- -- lot. -- told last night still looking at at at at the possibility of the day. Which is -- -- It so that that process that is different it's just the lady. The government work. Is there a limit on the purse strings that can be spent with the sole legal foreign more are you. This button and go. So formally authorized 25000. But as far as I'm concerned it would ever take. -- very good -- getting back to you from you've been a very strong proponent on the zoning issue which is another avenue of of defense against. The fracking permit application. Where does that stand right now as far loses owning who will make an ultimate determination when the saint Tammany passes the right to. Allow prevent certain things from being done within certain zones. Well I think ultimately appeal court system our attorneys -- and turned him in my shabbat or an actual paper and a letter. -- commissioner and explaining why -- We feel and we are standing at that everywhere they wanted to put just absolutely positively -- not -- zoning. They're being quite a few carries is that almost commissioners have some parishes are homeowners I mean I'm not a model of landowners saying that. It's okay to put adrenaline distant controls the fighting brought. Deciding. Really doesn't control at all they they just can't they can take that -- not -- At the same time we're questioning that because our. Zoning laws go way back before the southern port state constitution nearly all -- the next quarter two of them. That leaves them no we were wrong they'd have to say yeah your neck and that at the very same day that more than a famous quote obviously. I'm very good dumbest they would that we got a break to take it would come back against more text messages remember a few text. Please do what while you are not driving have a designated driver are designated texts read to simply text -- to us at 87870. Comes in the studio live. If you protocol you can do that that 2601870. Or toll free 866889087. -- will be right back. -- operating opinion poll question looks like this do you think fracking should be banned in saint Tammany because. It doesn't fit the parish culture that right now is resting with 19%. Environmental hazard 62%. Giving a total of about 81% opposed. 19% say that permits should be grand and of course that's unscientific we don't know who those people are aware they resign or anything else about them. But it's always interesting if you like to cast that vote is simply go to our web page at WW dot com. And look right in the center of the home page you'll find it there John and I've got an interest in text here it's one that. The first something -- said it says if a permit. Issued before the council creates an ordinance Rick said that it's too late -- a lot of truth about the not a two bit -- its economy much more difficult to get right wild and the question is so again why did a goal for resolution. Then an ordinance against all drilling. It looks like the council's intentionally delaying a binding ordinance in just doing window dressing. Jake com audio both who'd like to take. -- you wanna respond. You know when they're standing -- doing all right problem we had legitimately trying eyes to other revolutions and forcing an issue. You know a lot of people saying out there that these safe drinking and Iraq and the claim that Iraq -- pretty much credit in 2005 but in reading that rule. -- -- Was. As the EPA's designation. Of racial solos are over the -- under saint Tammany parish Washington parents and quite a few -- in Mississippi. It may the tenth and -- line and. The BP is the one that is designated as possible source and they can't they lot of power in I don't think people who aren't in the water industry quite understand that. The -- of resignation. Is clear declaration by. Adding that the regions -- it probable -- for. That takes president under the seat in here. For saint Tammany -- an accident happened. Literally going to affect someone's drinking more. That the solution we pushed through last night. The number of things it will probably gonna ask you attorneys. You sit -- -- -- -- -- and ultimately when the dial in the face to face in region six. And and and I think that we know that no I just equipped before that has never been challenged in court on as well. So that exists in the immense amount of power because -- with -- right. Hand there's no it tries to get war. And is -- and they prevented and now we can not guarantee that an accident that happened and -- that affect the health safety well. We -- doing legitimately everything we can't legally get to shut down. I'd let's go to -- caller got JD on line one he wants to know what happened to drilled sheet I'm sorry JD. She wants to know what happened to drill baby drill is that correct leading. That's exactly correct. Ali yeah all the time and think -- -- parent or iPad at all you jail. Lot of it is not an IV. Panel and up and not really have a problem with that -- Outlawed Islamic. It -- that -- -- All right thank you for the call and has been a very common question has -- past who -- to address. Our. I do one at a time who stars in a game Marty. Well I've never been one of those drill baby drill people will be in. And I don't think he couldn't find anywhere aware -- anything like that. Drill this is a different type of drilling well yeah. When they go in and fracture. That the -- And in the horizontal manner. There can be many repercussions. Cause. The process itself can -- chemicals in the ground. That can eventually exceed well -- into law before. Methane gases. And create wealth through from the ground he eventually leading into our top. We -- sole source. Community it's for a war comes from that -- period we don't have access to the Mississippi River. Where we can pop Warner in -- -- -- -- the -- that. -- It's just not. Is that it in my opinion the risk. Vs the reward. Is completely killed there's too much risk. You know I think that of course there are some exceptions as a few people who want us to go back to putting on following clause of moving in the occasions long we've got fire water and a club and sometimes actually live like that but I think for the most part I don't think anyone is totally against oil and gas exploration in in in and production. But it's got to be done in the proper manner and -- form and I think that's the question him reading everybody right. Yeah Don let me -- you mentioned. That most people haven't seen apparently Babylon among FaceBook page if you look object will be keeping it. They're losing -- estimated the economic benefit to the parish has not yet been determined in the basement number project specific jobs. My response that. Cent think Germany has very little and guess that is support industry I'm sure that no sentencing him to an estimate as to if any economic. Venture impact as many that you may boring and analyze them. -- economic that -- -- understood they had no disappointment. And even an impact it is going to be on the monetary side of the and with due respect. I have never been like I -- scared of them messing up as a -- you can possibly -- I am there is no benefit to the saint Tammany parish at all. I Marty just to clear something up -- your resolution last night was based on. Primarily the negligence off from a legislative audit report that -- DNR has been now lacking in inspecting oil wells in keeping operators in compliance if for some reason Ellis would come -- and say look we agree to pay for inspections. From private companies on our own would that then satisfying and throw your resolution now. -- -- Like that like it said it very again this isn't about one company this is this is about. Multiple companies coming. And you can't expect them. That you can't. You can't trust them to to do this thing thing in the side there is no legal part requiring that -- that. That does the party now let me read -- action. Provide that statute 3028. -- issuance of the permit. By the commissioner conservation Shelby's position authorization. To the whole room apartment. To an -- form of property covered by the permanent. And to Israel insurgent minerals there wrong. No other agency for political subdivision. State -- -- the bar. And they -- here by Brett Lee. Albeit to prohibit or -- any way you know it would drilling of the well. I generally gonna have to leave it -- that this thank you so much for taking the time in explaining -- -- -- thank all of you for use extreme interest in an effort zionism will get to back on again as soon as -- on the council persons Marty gold Jake -- and also president of concerned citizens of saint -- -- friends though. Issue far from being settled far from being alone will continue to cover as long as it's on the table we'll be right active this time out to listen to the think tank on the big 878. WW. I read at the news will be back with the second now the think tank changing topics we're going to be talking about berg dog bowl -- doll and at least swap the prisoner swap for the five Taliban officials. Was it done legally impeachable offense doesn't open the door to kidnapping Americans a lot of questions to be discussed golf coming up right here on the thing.