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6-6-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on Bowe Bergdahl, pt. 1

Jun 6, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks about the controversy surrounding rescued P.O.W. Bowe Bergdahl.

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And actually it's Don Don with you on Friday's us go to be in Monday morning on his time slot following Monday through Thursday I'll be back Friday. And Garland will return now week from Monday from his normal addition of the think tank thanks for joining us. This Friday as we honor our veterans and of course that greatest generation and they've been called those who. Participated in the Normandy invasion -- a lot of the day celebrations -- bench on on including here in New Orleans at the World War II museum. Chronic closing out on discussion last hour on the fracking we gonna be changing up ready opinion poll question. To get to the topic will be discussed in this hour orbit a discount wrapping it up. I'm asking this question should fracking be banned in saint Tammany parish because a 25% -- it just doesn't. Fit the parish culture. That's 25%. Another 50% -- shows a lot would say both of these that we won't know which one you felt was strongest reason. 50% says its environmental hazard. And and yet another point 5% thanks to permits should be granite unscientific but always in trusting its operandi opinion poll questions. I this so we we can't turn my thoughts of the military and on line of all the VA scandal going on and now of course this. Shocking to a lot of people including me actually insulting and causing some outrage across the country was his decision. By the White House in the president to exchange a US soldier. Named -- -- he was a sergeant. Only made Sargent because -- been in for five years. In exchange for five notorious. Column bond officials who were prisoners at gitmo. A lot of questions to be answered with this was this really truly a humanitarian decision where are we living up to. Pledged to leave no one behind. -- was this a political move to take some heat off of the federal government for its shortcomings with the VA. Is this was done legally it was some questions about whether the president was allowed to do this on his own. Or did he have to consult with congress does some evidence showing that discussion had come up. Several times before. It wasn't only and no but it was a hell no we knocked him do it. He finally decided to do it on his own quoting the the health of the prisoners the reason time was running short the Taliban was making. Putting pressure on us to do it so he made the decision to do it. Then in the Rose Garden held this football spiking event where. He brought the parents there and everybody was happy and celebrating the return of this soldier -- him a lot more questions on rising. About the nature of this individual. As far as whether he was. Soldier who served with. As Susan Rice put it on national television. Someone who served with honor and distinction. Well that's not what the platoon members unanimously says they said he was a -- no questions asked about about it. They also unanimously feel that he should be. I tried under a court martial. And hearing and go from there and determine what should happen from there. They basically said Monday ages walked off his. One often the media reports. Eyewitness accounts that two children. Told them that that was a soldier by himself on on. Looking for is someone in the Taliban who spoke English now is also allegations that he actually was collaborated. That he was a trade that he was seen. Consorting with a -- he was given a five hour on La -- questions to be in its goals. You don't know we you know everyone says we got to get the facts we need to true. Well that's not easily said. -- easily done as it is set anymore I mean there was a time when you can pretty much trust giving the fact that now we're not sure. These soldiers these 2 soldiers who I am putting my number one if I got to pick somebody I'm gonna trust with telling the truth. I'm going those guys they have said that they would some of whom were told to sign disclosure statements. That they wouldn't talk about that is. Why would the government not want the public to know especially now that it's all oval with these back in -- fans. The deal is done winked at most five -- is back. Why would now they allow the public to know the truth why would they want to them to put a gag order on these these soldiers. Other questions wasn't an equitable swap is one soldier. Worth turning loose these five characters who could be responsible for the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of people now that they're going to be. Back in action again. And as far as his situation. OK let's say he decided in -- stated this in emails that they have records. That you know he was disgruntled with the his country. With the military with the whole effort in Afghanistan. If he decided that that oath he took was not something that he could live up to in good conscience. There are other ways to deal with that. One you go see it Chaplin and you explain to him you'd dilemma. And he will direct view in if you if it takes to going before boarding Uganda a general discharge as opposed to a desirable. So be they send you home you go about your business and you forget whoever in the -- But that's not with the sold to chose to do what was his mental state. That's to be determined. I served in the military. I'd dealt with some of these people because it was my job to time in the reports. About soldiers who they won't. Those who were they long for extended periods of time we classified as deserters. Then finally they would drop from the rolls of my unit and we requested replacements to keep the military -- up. -- normal standard operating procedure in the military. Some of these people. They just couldn't stand up to the stress and depression they just kind of checked out that may have been what happened the -- doll. Then they started using drugs port could have been the reverse a lot of them. Away from home for the first time these young people away from the family. In in my time it was much more prevalent because like a lot of those guys I was drafted. I have made up my mind that in volunteer to go do that I've got a letter said you've been repressive and selected by your friends and family in this country to defend this country and you need ago and now so a lot of others and they had no idea what they were giving in to once they got there. They were lost in got -- involve drugs and drugs led to problems with doing duty. And eventually ended up is. A wall deserters and dropped in dishonorably discharged. Really getting into the definitions of a wall and dessert is. Little while but a lot of other questions really wanna hear from the audience of phone lines are going to be openness and we may even go longer with that. At 2601 a 786. Weeks 8890878. Also we have a ready opinion poll question up and it's asking you won them as just a moment ago. Do you believe the administration. They have come out and said that -- -- dolls served with honor and distinction. Or do you believe his book to -- who unanimously say he is -- was a dessert. Who do you trust in his do you cross the federal government. You trust these soldiers who lived with him and actually went out in search for him -- willing to give their lives and some of them yet. And then after. 260187. -- 8668890878. You can text messages in immediately if you -- remain anonymous and state your opinion. You welcome to do that we ask that you please text responsibly not what you're driving at 87870. And of course to weigh in on opinion poll question go to our web page at WW all of that and you know how to do what you do and as well long time. And we certainly appreciate your input as the other questions now draw attitude and get your comments on. President bombing -- use them. It is possible. That he could be charged with dereliction of didn't. He is the highest military official in this country he is the commander in chief is the commander in chief. Above dereliction of duty and is turning lose five of the most -- most dangerous. Criminals enemy combatants and not prisoners of war because we have not officially at war. This is still only classified as enemy combatants but certainly a threat. To the people in this country and others. By turning them loose intentionally put that period election. And what about Q if you would -- while the release of these prisoners you know will be tried to kill more of your fellow Americans. To get -- freedom. Tough tough question which you do 26018786688908. Semi lots of calls lots of text. Will be right back this year I'm with you right here on the Friday edition of the thank tank honoring. The Normandy invasion day day. In my opinion this country's greatest generation will be right back. -- then this morning with thinking about the Prisoner of War swap one US soldier for five of the most notorious -- People in the attempt terrorists though with the Taliban. Who have now been returned to. Wreaked Havoc again staying results so far my opinion poll asking. Do you believe the administration says -- -- served with honor and distinction. Or his platoon members who unanimous police say he is a dessert. 5050. Right down the middle. Now. You can give the administration the benefit of the doubt -- well maybe they don't have all the facts may be -- looking at a wrong maybe then making a mistake. But if you disagree. With those two members. Then on not misinformed. They -- there. They have the information you're saying they'll line if you wanna call. Those brave individuals who put their life on the line to defend you freedom liars and that is -- -- you're doing if you if you don't trust them and you cross with the White House's. 260187866889087. VO you can. Texas if you get a do that in that fashion 8787. You get to ride -- let's go to those phone lines -- memories -- he's up for ST on line one day thanks -- patients. You know thoughts and you -- independent and I did vote for Obama and sport a lot of the independence some stuff -- That -- that well but this and the -- let me go back to the sport BA BA -- There have been entering into the VA for twenty years and the VA is been screwed out. -- has added it is now twenty years ago so it's not trumpet -- it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right so that I'm I'm I'm calm on you know that's my opinion on that I -- there for -- -- -- -- In all honesty. I am ready to. It. We lost six really good so as we gave -- Guys that we shouldn't. Never. Left anywhere they should have been put it gets -- -- -- shot. Well one guy. Even he was. Distinguish so. We teach in -- support -- and conditions. Well. Opted -- maybe they. I don't know. Do you think this is an impeachable offense or do you think he could be charged with dereliction of duty as the commander in chief but. Chart you were so bad because this news. I mean for independently. It's supported. You know in a lot -- hit a home. -- so -- -- do hiding really care for spend and that's the same thing with George Bush. But. Yeah I think they need to take some sort action it. Shock and I mean we lost in those six good soldiers look at one bad. Major swap out five guys that we know and come back and and -- some major problems. -- -- -- -- -- A -- here -- pain and know exactly you feel felt the same way it would distort. Thank you for the call. Appreciate it let's move on to army freaky he's on line to keep thank you beat. Yet thank you. What thing no one I'll clarify -- not. The war and eleven Leo -- -- we gave up top and we lost six sort eleventh studio right now would not stop the war. Set up into. All but also -- -- On all the TV station and wasn't fox to. That the reason they can't who. Deal already on the common cold but you know let's go to law and no boy you know. And you know what in the real word because incriminate himself. Further that -- -- -- two billion people all know what you thought that element like you know I like idiot you'll responses. Back. Okay thank you for the call Tom I would think that probably would apply to military because I think that's when this is all going to be. Settled is going to be hearing in people calling for a court martial and you know again we're we're expecting some facts but it -- I have little faith and getting the facts anymore. From the administration I mean you just see things that it is hard to believe -- when they come out and they and they wanted to keep these guys from speaking. And keep them from talking in the mean what what and why I mean let the American people know the truth. I'll -- total costs line three days thank you for you call. Eight -- popping in his. Content spotlight so there's lie and no reason to. Administration and they always. Every loose group through -- political that it looked like. -- -- -- -- -- Victor it -- and her ears you know election. In order to get everything he does it get elected and and -- there -- so you know whether god users. So this so there's you know. You know oh yeah -- the only. I think it was terrible and disgraceful swap. Let those criminals go Olympic kill me and him -- into. It's an insult -- -- -- and so they thought he wrote to -- You know it's -- and thoughtful and the only wherever they're at the Buick Open air Ali knows what -- -- -- -- Erica. And they and trying to so so yeah I think it's been a -- or parents. I think any single app we're no good. They all the other debate -- -- A dispute it could just get it sort of upward you know and lame duck president Alan. We're not yet so people worse now they have leopards and co workers or them. So -- -- Instincts and insist -- knuckle and I don't know which in the -- but that -- and. -- called -- your opinion appreciate that lets us stay on the West Bank in Gretna we have Betty online for Betty thank you for you call. I just want to say that how can not believe -- soldiers who would stare out and they -- not. Believe it. Well if you don't you'd have to say that it's a conspiracy in the they all got together and said look we just gonna portray this guy is -- there was no light through IT you know. That's Somalia Kenya. It odd days they used to shoot deserters the last one shot was that was a movie a very good movie that was called the think it was the the execution of of -- it's slow in it was march team that played the part that was the last. Military person that was actually shot before firing squad for desertion believe it or not it's still on the books. Is the loss says if the man remembered -- during time of -- death or other such punishment such is life imprisoned as a court martial may direct that is still on the books. But I don't think will see that again in the mean now there's this too many concerns and arguments about mental situation that -- Brought this about in the -- really wasn't acting mean deliberate fashion it's not worthy of the death penalty how. There -- many of the things that they can do the least of which would be. A dishonorable discharge -- your ball today. Reduced to lowest enlisted grave and actually confinement in jail for two years and could very well. Kennedy. Good. Right that's the that's the least someone convicted of ocean could yet. Right how about that. There and get. As a lot of people adult thank you very much Betty appreciate your call I'd Steve you'll be up Mexico lots of text messages coming in will be right back after the news. Now walking back into the think tank this morning is thinking about the prisoner swap five. Pain is solid on officials leaders commanders terrorists rule held at gitmo on now back in. The Middle East under some pretty strange circumstances there their term of confinement for one year although -- allowed to roam free. Even the president who made the swaps -- himself that does a good possibility they will go back to what they would doing before with that in mind why would you. Released them all for the sake of one soldier. Yes I know we make a commitment we now believe anyone but whether other efforts in other ways to maybe. Bring him back without resorting to this and hesitant dereliction of duty is it an impeachable offense and not. Properly notifying congress that he was going to do which is -- law he actually supported. And now maybe he didn't have the full thirty days but I mean to me have. All. Day two days they knew this this operation was common damage yet. He did it on is only kept to himself and refused to get the opinions I believe it's because of the reasons that they are all saying. Not only when it came up today saying no they said Helm now. I get an awful lot of text and McNamee would get to all of them but some and a -- need to be pointed out of course that the racism thing comes up. Not saying that you know would that this was wrong of people believe it was wrong as saying though is because everybody's racist. And today is get some help please. IT 60187866889087. And it systems that will make that they actually. Inserted chips in these guys -- and keep on track government was all across the area of conspiracy. Plot to track -- that. Think that's stuff in the movies opening that really happens but anyway the -- ready opinion poll question is made a big ships were 5050 now. 7% of saying they believe the platoon members who stand. To -- In unanimously say he is -- was a -- the White House says otherwise they say he served with honor and distinction that you can't Bebo. You can't serve and honor and distinction. And also be a -- it's one of the give the White House in giving them the benefit of the doubt may be that -- on it stand now. But in the case of these soldiers. There either telling the truth on -- out right line there is no in between because they were there they know. 70% saying it dessert a 30% saying. Honor and distinction. Cast that vote be -- You go to WW -- 870 under the WO dot com and on the you know send the that the cast you -- to read opinion poll also text message. 878 says let's go to was up next week and Steve. On line five in old -- Steve thanks -- you call. Well that's -- I think what people forgetting is not only is that from the Americans. But he's somebody saw him. He's somebody's -- He somebody's spot and and the that we yours on that was captive for five years which you say let them -- their don't give back these press. Absolutely not I would say do I would say give them get now I give them -- anyone but. That's not the right decision for the commander in chief to. It is for a parent all right it is or parent or relative to make this emotion and now. But in -- the bigger picture for the greater good of the entire country. To turn these five characters -- who make coupon they may kill one of your children. One -- -- five may still want your children how would you feel about the -- then would you -- for the swap if they kill -- -- -- -- would you answer my question. What you -- for the swap if one of these five -- is killed Georgia. Would you be for the swap them. Thanks. To 601 late 786688908. -- go to markets and I'm one name Marcus what do you think there. Still are until morning mark -- -- Let me -- At. First ball I believe so. -- so. I believe so. I believe that there were rescued -- stop and pick -- or so. Source. So supported the market and our -- Supporters were well without suitable. Law -- as he. Should. That (%expletive) old -- so -- The trade. Would not -- -- -- -- -- president. There are well known him listen intently landmark. And so on how the that's a -- ticket they. I don't understand. How he couldn't. Something. Actually what the poor people understand this secrecy involved. Believe they didn't know we do it all worked up over this is the this at the but central. That would just that but it and so -- That was in the a giant impact. Although she did to captured or jail. But I believe that that what this. It's it's a size it has not that it that would pretty. So ultimately we -- well okay you. How can you -- 15 guys that this inside. Will be will reach. This is not quite. And and he does need to do so but that's. It church in the probably packets are too soon to talk about the. I'm Marcus thanks the economists we appreciate ride back with Fred Thomas Walters Sam Jake will take you know in order also. A text messages can't get column to manage to do -- send that to me at 87870. Will be right back this is a think tank on the big 870 WW. I welcome back into the think tank thanks all of you who are texting and calling in casting your vote on are ready opinion poll question were discussing the Prisoner of War. Swap and I -- -- jump out of order here because -- -- caller I think we need to hear from his name is Sammy is on my twelve and I think this is the -- mine no. Was stationed at gitmo Sam thank you for you call. And you fine and Sammy and I have had discussions about the place and I'm glad you called in please state your opinion on this thing. Yes -- I -- tell you first and foremost that that out commander at the board it hurt. Company. We're apart National Guard company activated the let -- and we got the Guantanamo Bay Cuba on June 6. 2002. Really it's it -- give it away bit -- there's a clock radio at all. You know that we spent six months down there. In the camp -- that trainees. And wanted to -- that I know. -- -- What kind of folks we can't and we have down there and -- what I hear that a president released. The guy to earmark. -- in -- to remain there for the rest though. Time. It really. Because. Debate in Guantanamo Bay we we we can see where we would go with the whip in the eighties we talked to actually. That -- their eyes you could feel. You know they were they were. You I don't wanna I'm not trying to say. In -- thing to 22. To make sugar coated they would like. That they air or. Government determined that they could be there a lot of a lot of permission. From the that there. Help that spot that Lott senator who fight the war on air but it can't get -- where the fact that we traded. The five worst. For the market and I am not about patent on the sort I don't know a couple of them at all about the court Marshall some more. It scared me a little bit that it'll spot in the world. Most dangerous. Al-Qaeda. Or Taliban operators fall back on the straight. Sam how do you think this makes the families. Of the soldiers who died trying to capture them or the ones who were involved in their captain at their back out there on the street highly. I'll make. They -- -- I think it really. Makes everybody stare I would. You know. Man will it in the second group and it gitmo and a change in the ballpark. The you know government MP company down there five or six companies working in the kid that been a change in our experts about. All that the people that were supposed to -- so at least crumbled I would assume that these these for war if you if you will. -- -- That. There are a lot more at least touched it than people realize. That not only not only that secondly that the people. Who gave their lives in in the the you know Iraq Afghanistan. And operations abroad. Everybody even the guys to. Off. First six months in your serve -- -- -- out of how does that make. It I think it it it -- so a lot but it. In our commander in cheat. Well I'm at some around Boston there's no question. So. Absolutely it is Iran and do we -- well now. -- -- -- Which we knew the real story I think one -- make -- note that you don't know about people -- well. All the other stuff. -- -- -- got beat by the by. Well on this on this story I'm put more money animals to members. Absolutely no doubt about my mind. Sam thank you for you call different. You know there and I -- 88 victory thanks to all who -- still. Our beaches we owe our freedom -- And thank you for you -- in your job you did damage gitmo. There refuse. 9601878668890. Late seventy back takes VoIP calls also check on ready opinion poll question it's kind of been -- back there. Who do you trust who you believe the White House they said it was with honor and distinction. The guys in the -- says he's a dessert. Do you believe will be right back after the I'm gonna get to name is -- the second but so wanna thank all of you -- texting in these messages many view an agreement with me but I also want to thank those -- you were doing man on the -- -- valuation and I'll tell -- them giving too much in my opinion. What percentage of my opinion should I give and I feel like the job on doing well in Colombia put an application if you -- me. The Oprah replacement in a heartbeat also thanks all of you are identifying me as -- -- something I didn't know that now -- Thanks to all of -- -- hoping something terrible happens to me and also thanks to all of those who you casting those -- -- to. All right let's talk demeanor that's cult of Florida Meena thank you for -- -- -- -- Aren't on the active duty has been currently here. -- -- -- You you're an investigator for the US military. OK you can provide some some interest and -- go ahead. Arabic he's back there story. Ian and I can tell you one thing right now you know well that is going to be partial. I don't doubt that he there at all because why don't make that up. If you don't know act and act. You know user account that isn't it they carry not to eat and you did not talk about -- Let's anger. And a high profile right. Now. So but -- can -- what happened to rarely if ever there are warned. I don't treat it like it at all. Well you know -- there's a lot of things you say that need to be discovered in learned in come out but there's one thing this one focused questions and I am asking people. You -- believe one or the other we get to totally opposite ends of the spectrum anyway at the White House administration -- and Derek -- was serving with honor and distinction we got the guys in the two with a -- feels -- was desert either airline and all the White House is wrong is on the -- -- -- to even consider. Outline -- -- argue that the -- it's not just the military. You know how they can't play being tortured their income now. They act is pirates like it trouble. At -- I would go would be. The track and field. Apparently usually. They're right you know. -- -- thank you treat. You got it in need to thank you for your perspective and thank you -- -- country. I and we go all the way over in Pensacola Florida let's talk to Fred he's not quite so far away he's uptown a. -- -- I needed MRI and one thing it the -- mayor has not been talked about it is this is the best thing that. Ever happened to these Taliban leaders have been released. Is there -- -- -- I am pleased with. And based -- Ago to the field two run that war they can be good in their ignition apartment. They're getting that phones radios. And the best thing they have to worry about. I drones. A whole year they can -- there's. Blood legal war right there Cutler and there's nothing we can do. Yeah that's because when we play by the rules -- they don't play by the rules not try to tell people if you imagine an NFL football game with a New Orleans Saints had told. Every rule you got to play box which you tell the other team there are no rules you want eight downs. There's no such thing as pass interference you're gonna hold you can do anything you want we gonna win that game. Absolutely. No question this this this open. Irresponsible. -- ever done and by president in the states is absolutely. Incredulous. What do you think the final outcome will be for him -- is somebody gonna bring this up -- impeachable offense so I think in the you could consider this dereliction of duty by the highest officers in the military. Determine that five guys lose -- is suppose someone else took it upon themselves to do that. Sure I can't say on the radio what should happen to the -- and so on -- but let's let's leave -- dead and a half of a I thirteen years in Vietnam special forces and mrs. This is absolutely incredible which should mind -- Yeah well I'm sure a lot of the general public feels the same way I've been again today when this first game -- of -- of them like you it is. It really hit -- really. President and lifted -- thank you so -- -- all right Thomas and Joseph and also will check -- -- pretty painful question for you asking you this what do you do you trust and he believed. White House comes on national television set -- honor and distinction. Guys in the platoon that we in the field -- them watched him walk away and went the search forms saying dessert. Who's right who's wrong will be back listening to the think tank on the big 870 WW.