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6-6-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on Bowe Bergdahl, pt. 2

Jun 6, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks about the controversy surrounding rescued P.O.W. Bowe Bergdahl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon welcome back Friday edition of the thank thank god be with you in for Garland Robinette -- was in all this week QB back in. Mondays through Thursdays next week from ten to one for the think tank in in the following Monday Golan will return. An existing -- show been going on fact will stick with this topic is there is a lot of interest in a lot of you all over the country really talking about the the prisoner swap a lot of different issues angles -- lot more questions and answers at this point. A one answer from looking for from the audiences the subject of the the -- ready opinion poll question of -- you believe in the case of -- now. Now was seen as they say the and they being the White House in the administration. Then he served with honor and distinction. Or do you believe. All of his platoon members believe -- about at least six of them who stand together saying the guy was definitely deserve it and they also stand together saying. He needs to be hand held -- hearing. And a court martial which would determine whether he was in the desert in case you're wondering desertion. Is actually -- Tom war. And I don't know whether you would consider this war I mean they called a war against terrorism. We don't have an official country on designated uniform that we in the identified as the enemy other -- that their enemy. Combatants and members of different terrorist organizations. If it would be construed as being. Doing time of war. The penalty maximum penalty would be death. Also life imprisonment could be there are several other. Degrees of punishment. The least of -- the least of which. Would be a dishonorable discharge. Forfeiture of all pay and allowances and reduced to lowest enlisted grade. And confinement. For two years. That is under article 85 of the UC NG GA the uniform code of military justice who you believe in this right now 79%. Cities that deserve a 21% saying they agree with a winehouse he did serve with honor in distinctions. 2601878866889087. Telephone line let's go to Tomas Tomas saw you on saint Charles avenue going saint Charles parish. I am essential Arabs -- ability and good. It -- was he got out in. The and that it. When you saw on Google. This way it would be what these people call war. Now day how many people did it take to get bit -- You know maybe two and 430. Why would make this guy an example would peacemakers in this -- we don't we -- from. How would go -- and the debate PX. 7000 people that bill that people drop but now -- like jump -- -- arms so we had to go down there again. Weak demand took -- eleven years. And -- that that that deserted maybe. If you happen in -- stated you -- that's gonna get blown out. As call that crop in the admissible peacemakers. And -- people every day there's a catastrophe. We need to do to keep on -- -- with the massacre Crist gets what were scrawled it would gonna make. It is Thomas let's assume the best -- well let's say that. He had a justified reason people walked and often would they said why -- one. What is at that point do you still feel good move to swap him for those five even if it was he was a models sold -- Would -- be removed and on behalf for the whole country in the whole world but around about -- family and friends -- understand that. We would do anything deceive which in Canada but I also understand if they -- decision that. We would knock in and negotiate form in that mansion because of what that the outcome would be. Well that's no matter what we -- -- -- and he did it. Which do you -- -- -- art degree temperatures and flies. Everything's cool and what would do this and this is. -- quarter in which he -- peacemakers. Our outlook -- to be peacemakers. The best we can't do it there's no way we can. Our programs 101000 people include and which. We went on the. -- Thomas thank you recall appreciated. I let's go now to see you lose them next looks like it was Joseph and Biloxi Mississippi Joseph thanks -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And good good I like the safe for the record there I don't think you're raised the. While alone you don't know Joseph you don't know me and I might have the white sheet back in the zone. You make that statement you don't know me these people listen to him and tell me banner. And we're just people just can't believe that that demand could be criticized. For what he does and not two years. You know you know look the thing reform. Our court and play -- -- president elect every Democrat vote for under that much he doesn't like the box got bigger ago. Well in this in this one in particular. I don't know I think that dude in the murder more accurately my banking be held accountable and you know out. They come and go wait and -- botnets and other but -- call an epic great saint. What I wanna know is that Albania for five years. But he knows -- speaker with peace singles by year's end up their mind though. And all that talk with the Obama care with you know like our step -- in people's stuff like that. Believe that turnaround is real and it's not stated they should all our rebel Taliban people is that then back over there to keep track of them. Do they need to do and right now -- wants crumbled it killed when there you know the Angel. And I understand -- engaged in combat but sometimes that happens. You know American did not hold it to stop all of you not think lately people were taken some because people -- you know now. The government has got to start being honest with that we need you know all the stuff in the -- to stop the government does that in their red folders sitting on the president's desk. That will never go out. And when he released it -- -- stop the ball blacked out they've been doing it for years even -- documents in Vietnam so much that black net it would never go out. So I got to believe that. -- believe that our government not just the president that our government can't beat that stupid -- slight left five people go without without yeah. Anything in return that. While hope you ride TO on hold their all chipped. With the explosive devices that when they get in the right spot right time and somebody can push click button on miles on a computer. And send them to go with those 69 -- you know. But I still think -- there just don't think that's it I don't know I don't give them as much credit as you do for maybe be in that slide -- that show. Not to blow them out by you know no -- ago could. Go somewhere in -- -- some people. We killed a tremendous heat over last year like to operate in. Leaders in the Albanian -- Taliban people. Dual honor and -- -- debate questionable. So I mean how other what other way. That we do to -- soon. Don't tell their members like that I hear a lot of people but -- -- playing like congress are competent to -- cable would air -- And what our troops opened there in just -- in their -- or. They make a lot in the needle and stuff. But there's -- way that we could be a little sneaky about you know what we have sent in the forces group precision attacks like that. I mean you know -- probably our base and. They aren't they that you think in about an announcement this program doesn't it on come with you on them just not as confident in. In issue you'll Gil thanks for the call. -- nation tonight will be right back after this time out got a bunch of us to get to -- Walter. Christian man -- in a lot of text messages -- in and a 7870 cast that vote opinion poll below web -- -- it -- that will be right. And good afternoon once again welcome back to the Friday edition of the thanked them to view filling in for Garland Robinette as usual on Fridays on garlands not only off on this Friday will be awful next week -- will be and to take care of the think tank for you from Monday through there as in I'll be back again next Friday. -- -- this -- we're talking about the Barrick Gold trade off of five Taliban prisoners from gitmo. What do you think about it and electronic future institute is one question who do you trust and believe we've got totally opposite ends of the spectrum. The White House in the administration says. That our -- served with honor and distinction. The guys in his unit. Who lived with who fought -- who searched for him. Says he was a dessert. 82% of you are taking this side of the platoon members. 18% saying no White House knows -- -- honor and distinction what do you. A stock to Jake in mid city and we got to -- as the one in mid city -- what do you think who do you believe in his. Absolutely believe that the -- -- -- who remember that talent and true but everything is. You know. A lot of people just that -- every bit -- memories because. Little by. He's got a gun collector probably most people even. Think you'll get involved people on cost probably twenty. They keep one part. Of what we most people know that most people at. -- Because we are so much we knew which people by the people so how do we deal with it. You know it. It is like people are able to war. -- -- -- -- -- -- So you kill me if you don't -- by people. What actually admitted. He. And America I mean do people help. Well -- what what do you suggest that we did what do you suggest we do with them do turn him loose side do week. Bring them to a military court and trying to. -- -- -- report in America back. -- -- -- it could debate that I don't like the Obama did it useful to go to school to congress don't like you know. But getting back to these five Carrick is what would she should we have brought him into a military court to a tribunal and -- a minute and look at the not guilty. Tell -- let him go but -- -- car. -- -- -- what put them to go through military recorder some type of court system it would be like the world so -- Secret so many different things would be different I don't think big -- important because what the -- -- regard the people at. We didn't kill my it guy that we are people or comics and kill and most people and -- We went to law it can't iiroc ran into you know the president didn't even make a deal to. It's fair while there -- Stupidest thing in England are Obama that he -- school. It was 11 continent and don't. Well -- day day I agree you with -- I agree with Obama does not have the market cornered on stupidity when it constantly I would agree. And we just as we get -- -- In these people. All the all. Where it was in the book they can't get one. The people -- it we can't call them. People can. Let people all know and a lot of people. Yeah. Couple got the. Okay -- guides and do and I'm gonna do -- -- go go get a shot at Walter and honest man. Understand thank you are appreciate -- call. I get -- and the call before the bombing our losses we had one Jake let's go to to Jake Jake squared -- -- and take Claude AJQ on the yeah. Now hey -- sentiment. I'd say at least evidently. It -- some come. And all -- trip tonight I got -- I got some fresh shrimp from a ball and -- some Vidalia onions. In total rebel alliance also on. And I felt good senate. -- that you -- what I like about Alberto. -- they -- I'm Donna what people by what I'm ranked even though. -- What do you credit agreement -- war to cheer. About. Oh. Do you data mean you can tell you know a whole lot. No he's odd couple -- -- in the closet in panic users. In Asia. And I didn't pick out jumped ahead in smoke well. -- animate him to pay out more weight impeded chipped it out there you know but the card album and open. And look you members of other admiring it took around are -- -- extremely a couple of. Yeah he's still the president still. And Sam Zell looked blues would send in the Marines ago did you know this don't leave anybody behind -- would say weak nominee getting you can Lenovo will take. But on you know take on the they contacted big builder a well a couple of months back shop. And -- they'll only come up to train. If they don't trade -- Well we're gonna happen and what their investigation and are -- So laws and Islamic come out the CIA even investigated. Has been -- -- documents some some classified documents that got into the wrong hands and it's come in the life. -- for that transparency is always -- good thing. OK buddy take captain take on and we are I would be back to take some more calls on this and also check on -- ready opinion poll question and after this -- listen to the think tank WTO. And welcome back into our final segment of the Friday edition of the think tank Angeles open Mike always -- -- program coming up -- the top of the hour news back to the phones in the second it gets so many text messages in -- accessed the real economies special on. Be on the air and I got one here that if if nothing else it's humorous wanna you know can we trade the marine in Mexico. We're giving Mexico Hillary Pelosi Reid in two more Democrats. That would be a 541 tried not I wouldn't even I wouldn't do that how would tell them look. Use the send it back we understand the certainty he made a mistake he's not a threat to the country is no reason for you know holding he's a marine. And we send them in special forces Marines to come -- if you don't and you lose and don't worry about being criticize a -- could argue with that. You do what's right you don't worry about reception across the world Tom we got back to doing some. Right 26018786688908. Setting at two calls from man to bill Walt is listening in Chris is listening. Chris has Walter edged out by about twenty seconds he was for -- go to Chris. Thank you on it Michael needed early bird gets the long. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know it's not like you know electrical torturing -- -- -- -- Yeah -- wanna -- or go with the soldiers in the field they have. The most accurate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah tackle and got into probably the same group that are gone and been forty or so more months. Not to have been done. I don't trust president a liar. And then -- have to go with the soldiers their -- -- -- -- and I think the way marking. Down Guantanamo Bay where Purdue. They're 201. That we should back. Bring them accountable reverend -- secured one spot. The one better not -- shipment to track and say hey look at this is what -- due to return back to develop the. Chris sorry you did live up to you promised and not sound like you comment from a but you've got some good points you make some excellent points. -- -- I'm listening part thank you Politico. I'm a stay in men develop bring Walter in now he's weighed down you know lines seventy -- for the. -- real. The only get pepper has to. But. If the law. And an easier to win at least -- military action in Afghanistan we let all the people that captured on the field. Let go why -- why these captured on the back. No this is not a law. This is not a traditional war -- rules of engagement apply this is an enemy combatants this is terrorist. What I had -- -- -- comments from but I think he's sidestep in the law. 20. Lead ms. rice again in July that would been -- mean she's got this guy that was captured on the battlefield. Wait a minute now the guy that called the reporter dude he said that you know -- -- that had nothing to do with and guys. I don't -- change in the current. And -- -- the latest thing that they were discarded bird dog cannot. -- -- I believe the seven guys because they would believe it is right saying instruction on the battlefield. We needed to bring them -- a -- Social. But I think you need to go to jail what he's convicted. And you know because we lose 66. Our personnel. By trying to look forms you know there's a lot of problems there I'm just glad I don't have to figure out the right it does for everybody. -- -- the soldiers are saying they definitely there are a 100% sure that he was a dessert and if in fact -- that is the case yet he should spend some time and in and suffer the consequences in the punishment that goes along. With being convicted as a -- But let's say he's he was a model -- -- even not a model sort of let's say he got confused and he was disoriented. And he was in such a mental state that he wasn't really thinking clearly. What it's still have been a good trade even if he was not you know a -- opted to give up these five guys for him. -- well I mean it's. I think we need to bring on the whatever it took to bring them on the apron and it even if it meant money out five guys that. -- -- gonna go save banter but and what about. What about the harm to people that will come from the release of these five people. You've got to weigh that against Saban won Paris. Well at the spotlight -- that says deal. And he and -- bill. Line that you understand drones and that's some openness Obama does understand that he's used a lot of them. I'd maybe you'll have some time protects me we won't but I will check on the opinion poll question we come back after this. I still got time with it like to get a call in I guess we ought to start lightening up because Angeles always go lighthearted Friday she'll it's really entices stuff a cold case files. Countless TV shows glamorize the jobs solving cold cases. Within an hour -- show but those gum shoes at work on cases that haven't been solved sometimes for years and not at all. Stay motivated what are some of that tough fiscal cases and why did they choose this profession. For cold case detectives discovered the people behind those badges then -- to it will be let's have fun Friday. Talking about what's hot what's not at the movies and on demand. In previews this weekend's big releases the edge of tomorrow it's going Tom Cruise and the fault announced stars with Jolene Woodley. Also a lot of talk last week's -- -- and Angelina Jolie. In a million ways to die in the west with Seth MacFarlane in national least. Favorite actress she's really really good and place some extremely diverse roles. Then as part of our food wine and spirits Friday's -- chef and owner of they own a Mundo in the wild flower breads and retired -- Mary's -- -- -- chat about the latest trends in cooking in eating. What are your -- his favorite -- also joining us advocate chase -- the all the details about the second annual chase family Foundation's gala. Featuring celebrity ships -- -- so don't miss it it's coming up right after the think tank on open mind that the legendary Angela hill. And here weekday afternoons between one and four speak. Of dining out of which I'm not an expert but I just got to -- was blown away last week and always -- on a mission over Ian Roberts dale Alabama. And Juan was there with a some relatives and we decided to god in him launch. And being it was a Sunday afternoon a whole lot of places open but those displaced called the magnolia blossom have been here that probably now. We went in there and we got. Two. Both phase which was really good and some gigantic. -- it was slice and oppression. Whole turkeys and had a nice little mix of like -- don't meet. Then they have of course all the vegetables in desserts and stuff like that. One other in the party got a chicken -- a fried chicken sandwich platter. And the other was a youngster and she got the little chicken nuggets. And drinks. Wanna know what the total bill. Twelve dollars and 62. Cents. One I've got the bill call it is over Aniston. I'm sorry but there's a mistake on keep on -- Insinuate it was a which marched. And she says now known and that's right that's which you have tested well now she says. Best bargain Golan magnolia blossom in Roberts dale Alabama right across today from mobile blood checked out pretty good food to about. Also some 99 and dined on and never experienced before. -- To me now when you first hear that you think in. You know apple cherry. Coconut now to -- yeah well you know it's all in the new perspective. -- it's more like the pizza it's a sweet oh. But in side they've got some -- amazes with alcoholic in ball ceramic on it and on top they got some cheese so it's more like pizza. Doggone -- that was from a place called Boris pro -- And that's on the highway going down to all Orange Beach when you get off the line and down across from mobile. And -- bought and what that place was costly in Boston when you talk about some activity there. You know pro -- in freshman -- -- and they precinct and I checking on our opinion poll a lot of you have cast did you vote already. We if not we ask that you do it's not scientific but I think it's always interesting question where are we asking this now. Do you believe the administration. They said Edberg -- served with honor and distinction. Ordered his platoon members who all of standing gamma. Actually in in in. Violation of orders. Orders they would request at least in some of it was stolen sign disclosure forms not to comment on this. They also. He was a deserted in May all say deserve to be court -- two very very differing opinions. Who do you believe who do you trust. We have 83% of you saying you go with the guys. And 17%. Says no wind tunnels in the government they know banner. They say he served with honor and distinction 17%. 260187. RE 8668890870. I here's another one only has some qualities Sabato a tea I don't think I've ever spent a day behind this microphone. With as many. Attacking comments as I've gotten today. Here's one that's been refused to listen to me because my views on not objective. If you would send that same text if you agreed with much. And I'm not illnesses in news reported misses the -- tank it's an opinion -- show in. That's what I'm doing you've got the opinion for yours isn't he sent an attack put -- if you call which on the unit to. 260187. ER 8668890. -- them any and -- other races and stuff and give up on racism. You know I think everybody in this country is tired of that card users excuse for everything. When you can argue facts when you can -- argue logic going race. I will be back in the put a wrap on we got some called is on -- 260. 187 ER 866889087. Elicited the -- tank on WW. I'd 260187866889087. If you wanna keep the accusations -- -- on the tax digital wanna call and talk to me directly to candidates 78 says let's go to line one I have Jack in magnolia Mississippi. Jack thank you for. He can't get him. It is how should I watched. Several of the different views -- to make sure that I -- in the and everybody is going to try to find some numbers now know that the military is basically and so it is. But Belcher -- I don't know if there was at least one soldier. But it would play. Bit. -- did not do our bit. Who live TV station would have -- over the error. And you actually know -- and so it. Mob -- -- you watch what people do not what you saw. And you know that they would have I don't want him. It would've said no -- not the lower end and they're not out -- -- well you know I have yet defined here one that's not to say one won't won't turn up but you write if they do we will certainly be a problem is not let's talk about. Out of the I elm or inclined to believe that soldier. Then have bullied the stories that are trying to defend the action on the decisions that would late. Well you'd also have to try to figure out what would the reason the they would to try to make up in it together and conspire to say that he was that is why would they do that what would start or what they aren't tonight. But so here don't know they're both -- he's going all of them tell the truth. Well put. Jack thank you for the call 30 yeah okay. Let's go to Max on line two on self Lomax thank you the call on the think that. Yeah Max got it -- yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The economy to grow and -- bet because it should. Have that Cha it would. What is mentioned entries and you. And you. Joseph Klein. You know we're at that that. And my uncle and yeah. -- -- -- -- that would be the -- you. Well who is suggesting the penalty already who was saying honesty. You mention that -- -- The that's a logic and -- anything wrong with -- asking that question. It. And did you -- it. I shall. You still MX. Now Max now he decided to become a -- See when they get down to where they cannot argue with the logic in the facts they resort to that -- the stuff like -- the -- I'm talking about 2601870. 866889087. Let me check on max's thing you -- people agree with -- -- asking the question now. Now who do you agree with we got to differing opinions -- somebody's right somebody's wrong. Either the administration is wrong all the troops on the ground coral who isn't as they say he was deserted and every one of them 82%. The White House says he served with honor and distinction at 8218%. Say just like they accuse people of saying no matter what you're gonna criticize Obama no matter what -- done this people who will defend him. No matter what he'd done this and I think may be wrong but I think Max is one of those people. No I'm not gonna repeat those text in response to Max -- call it's just not -- -- -- if -- -- -- and you wonder calling -- would be one. It did. Well lines of blowing up unfortunately we're running down time and time again LB back again. Tomorrow morning -- free -- days this weekend chill out relax. -- get yourself some adult beverages and enjoy. The moment. If you want official Maria trial before you buy you can do that tomorrow and Sunday is the only two days red snapper season this is the only week and it's going to be opened that award as the talk more about that tomorrow on outdoor shield between five and seven. We do it each and every Saturday morning my view on the big -- seventy WWL actually its network into statewide network system. And then from seven to nine if you haven't had enough. We call it war -- tool we have -- outdoors. Sister station three W helmets thirteen fifty. And if you wanna listen to an on line you can do -- away about three WL application. Are you can visit my web page and we also have repeats of the program there -- treatment TV features. That is head down and the outdoors guy dot com. Annals CU darkened early tomorrow morning 5 AM -- committed here in gorgeous. Gorgeous out. It is called open -- denying you'll enjoy trust me they would Albania back here again next week Nolan and the gone. From ten to 1 PM it's called the think tank and you hear it here on the big -- seventy WWL. That's FM 105 in worldwide on WWL about it now.