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6-6-14 1:10pm Angela: on cold cases

Jun 6, 2014|

Angela talks about cold case investigation with NOPD detectives Winston Harbin and Decynda Barnes and St. Tammany detectives Rachel Smith and Keith Canizaro.

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Happy Friday everyone and you know it's always my favorite days I think it's probably viewers to. We have three great hours -- the first 11 we wanted to do for a while. To meet some extraordinary people who do extraordinary jobs and those are cold case detectives -- -- two from New Orleans in two from saint Tammany. We're already talking about their work and their lives. In our second hour it's what's happening as it is every Friday at that time with the great Ian -- talking about what you wanna do perhaps for the weekend. Also for with our movie reviewer and down talking to some people who have some events coming up. We're also going to be briefly talking with Clancy do votes in the second hour. About the governor signing. The bill which will in essence kill. The lawsuit. -- against oil companies. Very controversial and he has very strong thoughts on. Our third our very excited. Of the great Susan Spicer and very Sonya to tremendous shops talking again about the airlines and about something they're working on this weekend. Such a good cause for the chase foundation so we have a great three hours ahead but we begin with. They worked the cases that others may have had to give up. They are cold case detectives who look for the murders who took the lives of someone years ago. Never giving up on the hope that justice will be done. It's tough work that interest. And were fortunate enough to have four cold case detectives with us for the next hour. Two from New Orleans and two from mount saint Tammany from New Orleans detective Winston. And detective descendant. C Barnes. And from saint Tammany parish detective Rachel Smith. And detective -- Canas here. And I truly thank you all for being here because I just have this vision that you were probably 24/7. On these cases. So take a whole hour up means a lot I think all of us. All of our listeners agree what a fascinating world it is. But how tough it is to look at -- case whether it's a year old or twenty years old kind of weird you began. There was something that you said detect department. That you live to help the families of the victims. And that has been your inspiration. And yet it also has to be. Has to be sad -- certain levels well. Yes ma'am it can be very dip difficult. Because when you look into the guys. The family members senses. We do like we do. As we were taught in the academy that person you're dealing with whether it be good or bad. Could be a member of your family. And considered the sort of consider and its -- job we do we are cold case detectives but. We do have many occasions or many -- occasions on the street in uniform and just like any other police officer you take your life in your hands when you do this job. And I I've been involved in policed by shootings. I'm not involved in them in investigations of police shootings where he he attend a funeral and it's the saddest thing in the world. But to sit across and as I mentioned to the cases I have today the contacts for the families of actual children of the decedent. So yes it it pulls on your heart it's heavy but. You got to find a way to do it because you swore an oath and he decided to do this and you need to -- one on workers. Listen to light -- yes my. You know it's just we just think it would be so. Heartening to actually resolve -- case that you have helped that very -- punishment happening at the same time the frustration of anyway let's go to to saint Tammany parish it's interesting and you'll have. So -- fortunately not as many murders. As Orleans so many of your cases are people who have just disappeared. Yes -- no we were fortunate. In the sense that we have less violent crime one emotional. We're fortunate not only in having last week that gives us more time to dedicate to our older -- resolve cases. For instance last year we finished a year and -- incorporated saint Tammany with no -- rumors. So we were able to dedicate a lot of our efforts. Our guys who who would usually be handling current cases of that nature. To review and over overview all of far older unresolved cases and we shall we were able to get some fresh air back in some -- cases. That's an interesting way of putting my breathing new life into this case correct I think we've all seen that program called case and their boxes. And baucus is that literally the case when you decide. Look let's pick up this case this Raman is -- is how we're going to have a box -- -- a. I am just -- -- it's like you -- taken its full of their industry right. And vehicle -- and you review it to see you want and which you can -- you. Bring additional wife is an individual. And its own reward. When you can take. And you can put a face so it. And I don't put -- face to you can issue and it soon. The victims spam has been saying hey this is day and -- that. It's now a new. Life. I think cases in 1976. It was a jail it was a baby out with -- And she you let him get up to the new law had just received. I'll email. Basically stating issue. And we checked out and at the top. Producer. Just one of matching some details. I kept her photograph on console. Police caller. And she was walking and sued the story I looked at math and I just couldn't believe. And we would do well here. Oh my gosh -- 2000 -- and she -- it could be. Six. So even though it's cool. Thing that -- is not give up hope. Because you know I know it's 811. One thing and bring it close what what merits a close coal and -- -- case being. Closed for a while just. The amount of work you have on other things. And it just it's good to refocus. Because if you. Day in and they pound you pound in yourself and you're gonna get. Upset because it's not going that we that you wanted to go because sometimes you take it and you put it to the side and things thought soon happen for. And how I have another case that I can talk about. It was a prominent actress here in new artist missed -- -- him out to -- was bludgeoned to death -- his home. An hour that case and where that case they they it was so many people I interviewed all of a hundred people. And it's -- one. One day as an -- through the evidence that hey. And I -- every single piece of evidence there could because here with the state police at that time we can only bring. Us. At one time and I hit. And smoked it. And on that small -- that it was not only missed them all those. Well below but it was the perpetrated in it was a mixture. Can't get out of that and it resulted in light conviction on my college ankles it goals for got. Maybe asking them -- In the mild -- in and his and if they. We have in this audience everybody's walking up and -- looking around. And she's very she's very grateful. And every time she's seen its seniors. -- tells me he's Dolores she's fit. Our problem was taken blood and it brought tears to my eyes she say -- battery it happened that appeared out of nowhere on -- porch and he would come every moment. And she's been instead of -- is sucked into rapid she looked at that Robin is it oh my god thank you for detectable. Oh my god I'm known as you wonderful one have you in saint Tammany him that a similar experience of a victory. Yeah I just want to get back to 21 thing it said that there will close cases -- these cases are -- close. They may do to. Us running out every bit evidence. And and lead to information that we had at that particular time. Be. Not quite look that. Every minute of every day. But they never go away and have a close that's one thing we tried to impress upon families. Because you're not getting a phone call from us every day doesn't mean that we're not working mutations. Unfortunately I think all of us sitting here and every any any detective work and homicide. We close our eyes and rattle off the names of -- victim's. Home. And some of the suspects and some of the knots but they never close and -- there are always open they're always there. -- they they always get the attention they need at that particular time. And now but yes we've had we've had some success in closing some cases. You know we do we're gonna have to take a quick break when we come back we're gonna. Picked up that we're talking to cold case detectives and we'll pick it up with saint Tammany right after this I'm -- on WWL. Will we are talking with four cold case detectives doctor Winston hard and doctor doctor was that detective. Where is my brain that. Descend Barnes. On detective Rachel Smith and detective keep -- and a detective -- canister of saint Tammany was just about talk about some cases that you've been working. We we had a case. Lose two elderly people in the abuse springs area there will violent murder and now home on. Who stabbed me death at the time motor motive was robbery some money that they've come into was missing. And the detectives. At that time did an excellent job documentation. And working -- that was suspect early on. Just not enough to get a -- court. DNA came around. Good guys want another detective who is reviewing the case about ten years later. Noticed something in the -- pictures that may be. Not was overlooked -- without DNA thoughts in mind her maybe just over viewed. And a particular. Blood droplet in the direction of the blood droplet. Let us to wanna test that particular area thank goodness the evidence was still available on the closing of the dictum that the particular victim. And we were able to. To find. In. Chart we were able to do to analyze that. From the suspect. Luckily was in custody and -- crime they committed in 1997. We were able to. Who was. To get a DNA sample from him have -- -- of course it was it was a match Indian nation also given the other -- work that was done by the initial detectives. -- to build all probable cause at the beginning. They just didn't have that one thing to get them over the hump and technology called out with us -- and protect. The DNA is now used all the time. DNA alone is not gonna -- and I can get today. It is a tool it's a big tool now are now and I told just -- It's we don't totally realignment -- you still need to Google fashion. Looking at a case detective work talking to people communication that would solve cases that if you if you can't talk to people -- work. You might look for -- our yes Lionel its communications. Detective Hartman. Sure he would echo that as well but it takes something special to want to do this kind of work. Yes round I believe in this my own personal experience. Our members and adolescent going to -- school. On our port street which is where we live where our lives as a kid. And being influenced by -- the walls police department head at that time was the officer friendly program. From that point on I knew as a kid in second grade that I wanted to be a police officer from that point it -- -- to. To the job. And from the job itself being in the police officer is a natural. In addition to improve or find more challenging avenues of the job which led me homicide. And I handled -- cases for a -- approximately two years in the second district. And then it was invited. By our mutual friend mr. John -- -- and his crew -- Markel demo. Very. Excellent excellent detectives. I learned more from them and first month of working with them and a major case squad. That I did in the first two years that I did it myself from the second district. Beginning to the point is you have to decide. If you going to do this. Or not it's not a half way position because you have the do do lives and closure people use that word alive but the conclusion of the case the help of family get beyond the grieving part. But through the grieving part and if you're not committed. You're gonna embarrass yourself and you embarrasses department for which you work. Spectacular and and good for shout out to John Rockwell an absolute yes and I know very much as our refer him to Beirut trip up the front. -- but it's on I think that all of us are products of television as well and I think we ball. You know watch the shows the CS IETC and we think it. It can be concluded very quickly and in reality it it does nothing so when you walk into an open a folder. And you what is the first thing to. Our first thing -- -- is like just review the case file itself and see with the report says and they're the victim is in need to kind of like a victim politic type thing background and the victim and I had a family members are. The last person had contact with the person. The victim and and just go from there Nancy would evidences available. Where kill me. You know what can we did he get more information out there today to the public to. Maybe give us some tips you know hopefully some are you with scenes on the Mac man at the time. You -- I have a case that. We just recently received a tip from. From 801986. There was -- -- we still have no idea who she is. She's a part -- -- twenty years old. Found -- Just a few mouse. East that I can. So. They certainly that was the case with the the medical. On Wednesday with it is -- so dramatically. Changed in -- that kind of remember Markel talk and take some enhanced yes. Yes. You are simply. Because coach at the united. You know -- on the show up at. -- let America hard goods that it you know I love to -- bullish I thought I apologize to bring in an. And it. They do the. Most some of more extreme -- -- race and unfortunately these war. Zone. And we and basically start. I've never marry -- the case before app itself. -- guys and that and -- that the Brooklyn Pope me. She really is and my they'll put a face you know -- you in the face and and figure who she was and and that lead didn't pan out we EU reevaluated all the evidence we hand -- and hopefully. You know -- some further leads from that you know could be it. A woman from the area that ultimately. So -- where is dispersant or is -- somebody who has just dumped them -- to say it's that close to the I ten. What were. I'm in his own. And back then and even today even and now he meant more so now with social media. You wouldn't have I mean you've seen lately we have a missing somebody's -- for less than seven -- that Merrill over the social media site. They didn't have that. That was the old fashioned rotary telephone right. Hey have you seen this so and so. We had no other reports of any -- and not only am I jurisdiction in the -- all throughout south Louisiana that even was closely resemble the age. Or or height or anything with this victim so. The possibility. Of of being -- is is there. Or the possibility of just having families Errol focus on this New Orleans as a city. That people come to from all around and call home for five minutes to five years to fifties. And being in the -- on -- nor shall we only a body waterway so. All -- Relief from the war. So. Social media in this day and age helps us. That is that is that Erica almost instantly but that the tip on on national with a toothless but is it a phone call you've got to this is actually from completely different ticket. Actually I -- and then if you're from you marry me and I and -- there yes yes she did and she actually did -- reconstruction. Photographed. -- her body was actually. The victims I was actually examined Bakken and 2003. And -- married every facial reconstruction and put put the picture out there and of course. Then a lot of tips start coming in three news. Emailed her and her phone calls -- her office. Got a recent email actually to her are in reference you. It's female being identified out of Michigan. So of course we have we go back and we try to check and see if there's any missing people that they know of anything and then. We get in touch with -- local law enforcement up there and -- to find out that this person can actually. Sent in other tips on other homicide high and a bed and chided you know pinpoint the -- wasn't even involved settlement. But that false complaint. It was it was a godsend in one way even though we ran an out and found -- groundless. Atlanta area a look at something else in the case files and -- on what it's something else actually and realized that hey I have something changeable here. So it. So -- a way it was a blessing even though it produced nothing. We're going to take a break we need to go to the newsroom -- we come back we're gonna hear some of the cases they're working on right now and maybe we can help them. Stay with -- I'm Angela under the WL. For cold case detectives to from Orleans 21 saint Tammany and now we're gonna talk about some of those cases detect apartment. Yes ma'am I have them in the years recurrence first one was June 13 1981. Victim was mr. George and -- He's 31 year old husband and father of five young children at the time. He went to work on June 13 1981 and never return home. Whose lifeless body was discovered the following morning and -- a bonanza steakhouse at 9200 I ten west service attends service road and analyzing most. Yes ma'am there's a manager. He also accused attending at the Tom the Baptist seminary. It appears it is the case it was one -- more angry. Former employees at the -- on the surface at this point and as I mentioned earlier Stanley contacted one of children. The second case I would like. The appreciate any calls or information on is if march 3 1992. There's -- morning. Jennifer all to mar twenty year old visitor from Florida traveled to new walls with friends celebrate Mardi Gras. Tuesday -- Tuesday morning she was found in the 900 block of Lafayette street. It was later determined that she was sexually assaulted. -- friend who was interviewed at the time said the victim. Was last seen entering a compact pickup truck an evening of Monday march 2 1992. Surely before Katrina we received. DNA hit. Ought to -- we had DNA from two different individuals who at a appoint their identity will be classified as suspects. But then in 2000 that was and another sexual assault where the victims survive. And the DNA evidence obtained from that sexual assault links. To Alter my case. Eight years apart. So eight years later the same one of the same individuals who committed the murder murder rape the ms. -- -- Also was involved in a sexual assault of -- victim. So you know who that person is that you -- don't we have yet to identify these individuals. The information is in the system. Pending. And you know. Is sadly enough that they maybe someone out there with information who knows who these individuals on us just a matter of getting a name a -- and then having their DNA compared. The third case August 13 1992. Is Bianca Foreman. Seventeen year old female shot inside a home while taking care for than ten month old baby. In a ten month old baby is 22 years old today and she's my family contact. Victims sustained multiple gunshot wounds there's no clear motive at the Tom although was listed as possible domestic. See it's the scene dictates that the victim knew the perpetrators. In just recently as recently as yesterday information was developed. That there was a big green pickup truck allegedly seen leaving the area. And I'm seeking any help in identifying or speaking with if missed the lower who lives in the 3100 block of mark street. In 1992 I'd love to talk with her. 22 year old case yes ma'am. In January 4 2007. Sure everybody in the city knows -- Helen hill ends and her case. I'm still seeking information any information on it I know that somebody else that it -- has information on this case. She was Murdoch -- -- she was murdered in 2400 block of north France port street and set a home with -- far with her husband and her child. The very said Cason and it's a frustrating case as well. September 27 2008 miscues to Brian was a visitor from California. From what I self exploration. Through the country. And she was found in the most sought lost set plays some sort of 3000 block a loss -- place. The front of a house that was being renovated by one of the volunteer groups. She was shot multiple times again no clear motive or in the case. And any information on greatly appreciated. I do remember some of these cases I remember this last one in a just a young girl enjoying her life. And traveling through and it's like New Orleans on her bike and -- and the Helen hill cases just. Well Rick yes. -- and any -- in the Helen hill case was so. Incredible. Somebody talked. Can somebody knows something -- -- you trying to and they just they just call you they called in obedient. But how I would really like to reach through his microphone into the soul of the person that has information. And who has been sitting on for this long preventing this family from having closure but not the -- now think he's nine years old. I I want that person of those people who have this sitting down standing up talking on a cell phone whatever they're doing. I want them to look at themselves in the mirror and imagine if it was their family member. And if that does it motivate you to call and give me -- name I don't know what does. Beautifully said what do we take a break we'll come back and well. Go to saint Tammany parish and find out the cold cases there are working on stay with this I'm Angela under the W well. So pleased to have four cold case detectives on. Once again detective Winston hardened detective descend the Barnes from New Orleans. Detective Rachel Smith and detective Keith -- Sarah from saint Tammany. Sharing their life and and beyond life it's it's a commitment that you barely can put into words I wish you could feel the feeling I'm feeling just watching them as they talk about these cases. Let's go to saint Tammany and tell me which are working on we're working currently. Am trying to resolve this 1986. Case the I -- wiping out she's a Jane down. Her body was dumped in -- lake she was was ruled a homicide and she died did X sixty -- We have no additional leads at this time we just we do have DNA on file for her. And she has a facial reconstruction composite which is should be on our website as well. And di bella she face as planned as well. Anybody has any information. That could help us solve a case very at least identify who she has would be great. And then on we gonna talk about we have 3:3. I am missing people that where actively working on them. Distilled. To work and is anyone and is going to be split -- he's back to east he lived down in McComb. He was last seen April 10 2012. He resided with his mother and brother and the residents and and think the night before around 8 o'clock as a last time they seen him we haven't we haven't found him at all -- and any information. More any leads to where he might be you know iron in to locate him at all would be -- Their personnel and talk about is Alexander career he's got a full sun. He went missing. Two in July and tied to like 2012. -- last seen around at the scene leaving his relatives' home in full sound. And Don he also has a twin brother and he has not seen him since. So and then air and they just disappear pages gone. And -- advantage is taught to believe what -- cellphones and social networks and things like that that's why we have to prison while -- council works and in these cases of these missions. Well we're holding out hope but we also have to stop working them in a mindset of it it it's gonna and being signed me. You know we would rather be prepared for and. And we have we also have that elderly neon tally was seven years -- when he. He went missing in his name's Paul LeBlanc and I know the failing the club to have closure on that -- even locate him and that was since 2003. He was last seen on -- home he left on his residence on a bike and hasn't been found -- just went for by crime and yes mean. And so in all of these cases you've been talked to the immediate family and immediate friends they know all I saw him leave in the truck. I don't know who was driving the truck and we -- at him as something -- had to talk to people in an area to see if these. There was last time you seen him you know which waited again so was he wearing anything any information. You know somebody's. What is when the subjects Korea had a cellphone and we ran out Philly is on the cellphone itself and it just. The phone went dead center at that point he can't locate the phone and then we can put amid a general area of an -- that you know -- do as the search we do great searches and things like that for her hopefully come up with anything. Modern technology and it's so fall right off. When an incidence that's why where so grateful you have excellent today. To shed some light maybe somebody at -- -- and somebody somebody news I've listened and who could tell them well. There are certain people who know where these people. And I know what happened to me and him kind of echo where when it's in -- -- they know. They -- tails now for fear for this for that war for involvement on. They want -- and and as I said we can put -- hundred helicopters here to try to find anyone of these people stock and against. Individuals and units with drop in a phone call we don't even know them that's the whole thing you know we don't even on an excellent you know Winston have brought it up. Will do the work you just give us the -- We're not asking for anything more than a sentence you can hang out. And that it won't ever see -- hear from. Unknowns at detective Barnes has a few cases should you wanna go with a very quickly in the first and happiness to -- France's mr. frank as -- as well. September at the fifteenth 2002 well. He was discovered by his mother who exited the residence after she heard a gunshot. He was due to graduate high school. To next year. And I strongly believe that his peers. That out there know exactly why. And who committed. His Thomas. So I'm pleading with him. So colorful and you can call the homicide office which is fat 046585300. Are you can call -- staffers. On the second wanna be mission hill Christopher. Mr. Christopher was describe it 840112011. And a crawl space underneath the West Bank fortune. But the -- trying expressly. She was a homeless female and she suffered from -- so you. And for someone to take advantage. Of some line and that state of mind they have to be -- -- Party individual. And I know the individualistic she kinda keep it underneath that all the pain and I do strongly. Believe that they know. Who. Perpetrated this -- And the last one I'll be missed again and -- missed -- was discovered -- it's about 2008. Underneath the residents and point 900 -- will streak. He was discovered an epic compositions fate but after I pass by called again. Sustain his remains were. Again I believe that individuals in that area. Knew exactly what happened to. Missed Ares. And I am asking. Information McCain took -- And that. The messages throughout all of this is freer -- -- heart if you know something. Time has -- give relief to these people. Who loved these people and it's that the very least that you can do and there are ways to do work you don't wanna get involved as they say. There's no excuse. To sit there and have that information and hold it at all and it's really hard to talk to some of the parents on the phone -- family members and their crying and looking for answers and me and you don't have anything against them and an all you can do is just. Initiate condolences and and and pray and hope that somebody gave you some information and help you with the case let me tell me. -- -- Because that could be you'll upon his challenger Francis with eighteen. You know just to handle add -- -- -- this is the last. -- -- -- That she can't have you -- -- lines suffer from -- And I hate that we're out of time I have loved every moment of this I have nothing but admiration for what you do and believe me. We're cheering you lawn and I hope that we might have inspired somebody even one of these cases to pick up the phone and and call you wall. But we applaud what you do we know that it's difficult. And -- the right people to be doing it because I can. I can feel the heart that you -- hand thank you so very much everywhere in statements. Published. Really really loved those cold case detectives. The message is so clear. Please help them that they work hard. It's for all the right reasons put yourself in the shoes of a loved one who has lost someone and they cannot find the killer. Even if you don't wanna get involved there nine million ways you can do it anonymously. But but give them a -- -- crime stoppers at call helped them with that information. And and frankly put your mind cities as well. The next half hour we're going to be talking about. All the fun things that are happening in our community hope you'll join us for that we'll also be talking to Clinton do boasts about what the governor signed today. Stay with us.