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Sports Talk 6-6 5:20pm, Bobby Hebert

Jun 6, 2014|

Join Deke & as he talk to: Bobby Hebert about all of hte latest sporting news with the Saints & the NBA Finals.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Had the ref -- -- at any time. Oh or had I felt that any time sitting in mid court I was sitting in the second road make court. That the conditions on the court were such that the game should not be continued. Then they would come over and says something to me. That is Rob Bowen hit -- in BA basketball operations saying it. Last night if the officials thought. There was some type of problem or had an effect on the players he would have been notified that and so -- and on base this thing that. And he was so it was what it laws that at least one out last night there were two teams on the court a lot of players. LeBron the greatest player in the game today vehicle out it'd -- it -- something -- in the wrong with the heat and not. Well that's up for debate getting you'll take 260 points and 866889. Yards and BK came by the Bears are just now Bobby your thoughts on the whole air conditioning game one. Well I'm gonna take that approach. Being from down by ear nose and junior high gained -- greeted at American literature and out them. Aka I got -- -- Tony Parker approach and then all of them Giambi in. Not go -- in the final twelve originate in don't matter condition so I mean it ever ever what was the Petit. Mean I think be able when he scrambles so -- out of Pittsburgh fourteen of sixteen shooting. In support in the fourth quarter the conduct it was 910. -- and obviously the Spurs out board them. I've been in Miami Heat but overall I don't know aka -- York if you cramp and you can you amount that you can't run. You UK play it out like you say our like you know the B wanna complain compare all Michael Jordan. Fighting the flu old glory here. -- in mind that aren't crap that went abroad you can play soccer and go uniquely -- constructed that we could not. Places and while LeBron Gary wasn't up though he would and I'd now. All. It would you say what you think about the people some puke on outs at LeBron -- don't. It would. It is somebody's. Plate nobody ever done anything physically in the park cracked it. It is you can eat drink Gatorade or whatever. I agree on the sidelines and instantly. Between -- and responsible. And not hydrate and and knowing property that problem in the past. Yeah you know the conditions and it didn't work it -- good. -- to the point to remember. In training camp and -- I mean I'm losing fifteen to cap outlook -- 216201. Corner -- you're 22 pound these big line. You know it is did these nuclear powers that what you -- you hope that they get to the point and you -- them at double -- them to. Yeah that. Feel all bloated what you -- you like it like I say would you aware now but once you start our running around. And dealing -- you'd think that -- -- again air conditioned pretty. There's not going to be a problem. -- the heat would actually I'd like. -- You know better than -- -- Is -- but you know you know you close in the fourth quarter and under fourteen of sixteen shots -- report water. You know they -- three pointers. In the fourth quarter. In order and they that they got. -- and that you continue to condition but I look at it every player was playing under the conditions knowing I've in the -- the past. Is that the way that part of crooked figured out more depth. Then he obviously apartment and then in that far -- ago. It's a college tournament of -- for Ronnie on line -- -- thank you for calling WW Rio. On a run on 98 -- thank Colin WW. I you don't run. All right. I'll let that. What are. Audited or -- around you you you exactly right -- adamant about school. That it I don't PK -- is there's no wait like I said it's it's all right to say you don't like somebody is 'cause Americans in their life is this thing we don't like. That's acceptable but to call somebody -- did not that that's not that that. Got not a quitter he's been at Butler. And where do. Oh yeah yeah and I and a -- it -- out on spur. DuBois -- -- -- -- You got more ago but I don't. Do it. -- What what. Look like you're at it like maybe he came down on an ankle -- And -- you know he got a bad sprained ankle big you could -- -- and you try and fight through that when you're cramping. You body you -- human body did not function. I mean it's impossible on the could be two -- show me any. We -- here that is still in the cramping in the game. -- all outside. You know dealing with it throughout the game and all that crap anymore no it's it's truly feel okay. Speed to get much of England and -- would teens being in and and and I think there's a lot of time. I'm I'm I'm doing it in football is that beginning I'd be Yugo you know not grow. And you -- hooked up an IT and the UK quickly respond. Like -- but apart on the pitch and trick in a Gatorade Ali wouldn't like the -- It the cramped and like oh wait that. Now know and that's it exactly what Kryptonite it assuming game grants. Has go to this go to. Let's go to Thomas on line three Thomas thank you calling -- did you go. ID are going to take all its fourth straight. When you factor last night in the arena. The straight -- It didn't -- the game -- -- everybody. Yeah now I'm not being there I think LeBron gained. Exert more energy and and didn't -- political order because of the depth this year at Miami and a lot of biking may have to do a little more and he may email him work hard and then the players and bump and I think. I think. The birds would've won that game. Or and it been not been and I'm not going to be more. But you know I think Pittsburgh. You know it would come shooting. Well and and idiot. The game poster opening day. You -- one. Well when you when you look at the complexity of game one -- thank you for the call it was. -- -- When the best player in any sport is not in the game yet it makes a difference it nomad it makes him. But it was I mean who level with well all night all. If I would've told you -- -- Ingram make a shot. Notice it all -- only made one or two shots what you know what the three sacks he may well the last four minutes at a ball game or two big threes in a third corner. -- and that's what blew the game over -- body that's who blew the game open he made three or four good shots and that's the way below where averages. But if he gets his shots -- would you if you. Get -- right now because I don't think he would ever have that big of a lead going to report quarter. But every game this virtue like sport it is sixteen it in the port quarter. Fourteen I think -- what was a 100% fit in the big you know it forestry gain. Yeah no I mean you shoot at the center is like Dan do you not miss them. I mean c'mon it's like he he's courtroom every possession in the fourth quarter. You know that you -- -- a little while but really that you look at. I mean that that bat right there to me the number equals not gains in you know that we wanted to challenge LeBron or even that he might the Spurs. I mean it's ever human that we need teammates or you know you don't have the courage and -- LeBron LeBron trying to win its first championship. He's -- in the matured Nazi era and won the championship that pressure. Now -- pressured the creepy. It's more pressure or pride -- -- trying to get that first championship get that mark peel it back. You not think it is all out and I couldn't go down in history. But -- LeBron. That article which post are told fitted but backed down a lot more games to play that -- and help the team well I York right now. Yeah it's a series they would do with just one game he came to camp Bobby guard Katie Campbell preview trump mini camp moment. Aren't they cute all right Theo -- Steven -- in -- am open I will guess the rest now come straight to you you've got to talk about LeBron that you will have the floor next time it's 530 to put him handle.