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6-6-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

Jun 6, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk about what's going on this weekend in and around New Orleans. They talk to Tommy Pettingill about Operas & Ferraris, Tia Maria Torres about the MASH clinic, and Jude Borque about what to see at the movies this weekend, then bring in Clancy Dubos of Gambit about Bobby Jindal's signing of a bill stopping the levee board lawsuit.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well once again I want to thank the four cold case detectives are from New Orleans and saint Tammany who. Shared a whole hour of the airlines about their lines and what they do in what they're doing. It really trying to help people. Help solve these crimes and we will have them back. Now do our mental shift because we have mr. wonderful year. Here's the raw. Or if the it was hard in -- he is here the happening mean. What is school in London. Weekend this is the whole hour I'm excited about that too. As we always we have to find aliens doing okay well what I'm doing is going to be really different this time usually I come on Friday and I say oh here's you know five really exciting thing to do in the metro. In the morning and getting on Omega plus and I am going to Atlanta. To see -- concert. And a bit and it broke up long time ago I was still lower case high and now they're back together. And their -- and they're making new album. And there's -- that are doing Houston and then Atlanta and they're skipping. New Orleans and Baton Rouge which isn't all that and you I'm quite -- of my favorite pants skipping or we don't give us the name to name his failure. Well no one I mean just it sounds absurd saying -- they -- bad year and I mean if people liked are familiar with tool. Or perfect circle or year of the rabbit the -- might find something to enjoy with failure a lot of those guys can run in the same circles. And they put out this incredible album in 1997 called fantastic planet. And it's this really sort of beautiful space rock concept album it wasn't a total failure. See there you go there's a name again here it was a it was a it was a commercial they're -- it was critical success but the label had no idea what's -- with the band of the CD. And the band had some drug abuse problems and they broke up right after the album came but this album is has kept on perpetuity people love it I'd love it. So now they're back together they cleanup their acting and there's still a lot of interest so. I'm making the pilgrimage. I decide in on the big budget on the big boss yeah I'm just gonna bring my laptop and a couple books and kick off for ten hours. I got a crummy little hotel room cracked up. Downtown Atlanta so it's going to be a kind of whirlwind trip I'll get back in on. -- -- -- -- Yeah this is -- -- -- that it's real so things are -- just so beautiful this is stuck on you this with their one like commercial. They had on and TV. Yeah. And it's -- yes. It's been jam at his concerts I mean you know you go you lived your entire adult life thinking you're never gonna hear anything new from the stand again and then suddenly. There come around your neck of the woods in their play and all the old material and. She's been so it's going to be once it would have been. Four it absolutely but it is -- -- -- not attempting. And today. -- now there's a lot of things are happening and if people are. Looking for me looking to me for instructional what to do I should I invite you go to our website at WWL column every week I write up. You know weekend events thing that's going on so there's of course a lot of great ID day. Activities happening this weekend crawfish cook often saint Charles. Dinner and is -- the festival tomato effects of course -- so go if you go to our website go to WWL dot com look for a weekend events. Calendar in the top stories -- this month. About something else that is happening it's actually happening one week from tonight we're gonna get -- It is a romantic. Evening under the stars right off the -- I love that one romantic to under the stars. And here to tell us all about it is Tommy patent -- Tommy. Rarely do I'm good -- Tommy tell us about this great night again this is going to be one week from tonight on June 13. That's right it's gonna happen at that he had to do it it downtown in the CVG. We are gonna. Some people -- old opera association and also some students. From the Loyola school of music in our. The chairman of the American it's dying cultural center -- -- Going to Italy on a trip about three years ago and sort -- the civil that this. At the -- there and it'll. And he thought it was so cool he's like you know what I'm trying to duplicate that here in the walls and that's how it came about as well. -- this offices studio where real. There's a window behind me and I conceive in -- yup that's right over nobody comes in here who looks -- -- -- does not comment. How beautiful it is it's. And it is it is a clutch base and it should be used more. Well it's a great page for the we've actually you know we do walk through last week just to look at it and like. It is such a cool space of this continent. Ample reason and it kept the are there -- Ferrari association. They have been -- for robberies did you know at all -- take action some of the for hours and vessels open. Actual and yet. And now we have Italian wine beer and Fella has been called that apparently. You on the spot -- -- Oh Telesis and this marina is only at ten dollar donation. It's your right you know you're talking a beautiful setting hopefully beautiful evening. Great to music opera music. Beautiful cars. And you get Italian beard -- to -- Yeah it should be -- pretty cool I am I'm not an opera person it's not usually much dollar music but I'm looking forward to this event like. Well this should be -- little different you know. So when athletes at the new loans actually I think it's kind of a change renewal. I think this is a great idea and again that is not this Friday but next from seven to ten. Even though you know if -- work downtown and stay and we just go apps that left their especially if the weather's pretty what a great idea you'd kill frank miceli. I love that when somebody sees an idea and brings it home. We know some of them merchant and the aerial lose these. The charge there are more rests on paid you know FaceBook well. What are called blast. Where they you know com Dellucci before and after. The -- the -- and so like it was a good sign you know Lucy is it into it. And it's cattle that there -- no ruling either so it would be very interesting night. You know congratulations to you and -- we'll talk about it again will remind everybody tomorrow I mean next Friday when we're on the air. Not saying what a great great event congratulations to you though opera in the piazza. Friday June 13 seven to ten thank you shall -- -- Door or what did you. Pictures of -- before a couple of literally. Okay all of that even better you know that's even better. So that's a nice way to end the week. Or thank you all appreciate it okay Tony thanks a lot to care. -- know that sounds like a beautiful event and we -- we -- down on the appeal to every Haitian born. Yes I've always wanted to do something just all you know either by -- just remaining ignorant about her Orton is it in my crazy -- is there just never things happening there. That they don't and that's why this is -- want to bring a little like here great thinker and on and you have to love opera music but I can't imagine. -- towns of opera in met. Spot and we'll -- standing at night when it's all lit up in the towns are running it'll be I think it's the most under served under utilized under appreciated piece of architecture that we have done here and perhaps this will be the beginning of something I -- I could only -- right here we both announced it -- okay good. Everyone stay with us were gonna come back and you know what we've got we've got star moving man dude. Right after us. Well I think -- next Friday's beautiful event at piazza Italian will be special. And hopefully will. Inspire others to perhaps use that space I really don't -- so yeah absolutely. We have our I think we have a wonderful June on Conan looks like scum immigrants Alexia okay. All -- good. I dude mister wonderful. How are -- do it today. It's beautiful day it's gorgeous outside their a lot of things to do inside outside summary is here. Yeah and there's a lot of great movies happening. You know and the Iranian. Somebody was saying they're going to Disneyland and you know. At Disneyland or something for everybody. You know you go to magic kingdom and in a double flying Els and maybe too scary for small is too boring for adult. Without kids. Enough space mountain may be too wild to grandparents. But you know that's just like what movies are out right now -- something for everybody. There's a new Tom Cruise movie Dave in new. Teenage audience locker. Falling in love movies. And lot of -- and TV for Sunday night so let's start with Tom Cruise yeah I did two morrow it's a new scifi action movie. It's -- kind in the movies so you get a lot of actions site. Aliens invading the earth and Tom Cruise it's. Now locate that that that necessarily means that saying -- but back to life. It's public hitting the reset button on a video game. And you have to live the whole day the whole experience over again. And each time he comes back he learned how to do a little bit better. It's witty it's filled with action. Believe -- or not the -- the acting is. Really really good. It -- towards a lot of people may remember him from -- from the devil wears Prada. Is she's. Wait a wonderful actress who always takes great -- And it's going to be a fun movie. Kind of Groundhog Day the -- to video game. And so yeah I think he was Tom cruises on Jon Stewart I before I got Jon Stewart made this same comparison when he said you know it's. It's it's kind of may be going to be this sort of what's the word I'm looking forward sort of ended did Genesis of and a median new sort of sub genre of movies. That kind of take the manic storytelling elements from video game universe and apply them to feel -- -- -- interest in -- -- so it's. It's going to be a fun movie now some people may not want to go and do that and they're a totally different movie that's starting this week it's for key audiences are people who dislike. Look story about teenagers. And that's when the -- it is it's two teenagers who fall in love at a cancer support group. And so you're gonna -- you're gonna have romance it's based it's called default in our stores. And it's based on a number one bestselling novel by John Green. And it's come to the screen in ovals just two -- three years now. Which is a very short period of time from -- a movie and book hit number one and all the charts. So. People are excited about it I think it's going to get a lot of people didn't see it. And it's spoke to be funny and really and a really nice movie it's getting really good reviews. I think it's gonna do the book product. So that is a different -- a lot of people who at a wanted to see movies about you know two people falling in love. Well they they wanted to see what the action movies like Tom -- Last week was so we didn't have a chance to talk that now metal -- dissent. They're the kind of intact making for the people whether that that's about it to me annual license. That Angelina Jolie's. Disney's. Re visionary analyst bill -- Why is that evil woman evil. It got a little mixed reviews -- people -- load reviewers are saying you know what this is just the production movie. It doesn't have a lot of story to it. But audiences laughing. They -- or or. Grilled by at I have one of my nieces who's grown as a small child she went and saw it. And just absolutely raved about it couldn't wait defeating in -- second time. So -- and other movies something a little different. Raunchy. -- -- -- I'm like you know excellent last weekend. Did you he's a million ways to die. And I went and I said an endless list of we're going to be talking about this movie what were your thoughts he said I think it was a a raunchy. Yes economic. Yeah wow and it. That's what you wanna see -- that there. They're not ride out and -- definitely the place. To -- Little different for everybody while and that means that sort of the glory. This new age. Entertainment. People -- that you know deity or in video machines were going to beat to death of movies. It wasn't they thought that you know having ipads and these tablets and having Netflix is going to. Be the downfall of movies. They haven't they've just. Actually -- Loaded did the opportunity for each little movies find an audience and they're doing that. Still lot of good movies for everybody are listening audience distributed ago. Bowl on Sunday night I have to put deployed under to -- show's opening night in Maine -- -- movies. But here in bad news for the last two weeks we had 51 beauties. Who were going to be vying for the miss USA. And I lived in front -- center and. I have to tell you I went to the preliminary competition Wednesday night Angela. There at the -- center I have never seen it stays like this in person they have had they have. Over 400 huge screens you can't think televisions screens because they or these huge screens -- all connected. Each one cost over 40000. Dollars. That. If you can -- -- opiate of the is just phenomenal that these beauties are all going to be on. It is doing who believe in it in Baton -- proud. And it's going to be fun. And that that airs on Sunday or. Sunday night at the same time at the Tony Awards. So NB -- he has. Miss USA CBS has the Tony Awards the best that New York Broadway. Lots of fun new Broadway shows that say this is on the clothes this year so you have a lot of great story. It's partly to. Awards show forward just pure production number and find. Soul if you want what the Tony Awards. -- and for sending night. I know a lot of people are going to be watching to raging cajun from you well know in Lafayette. Who were in the college World Series ESP and so. Again. There's something for everywhere. -- -- I'm curious -- said there's 51 beauties. Yes we're ET. Can do it who wouldn't let it. My picks for the top -- really she's gorgeous she's beautiful. Into. They are. I was listening to somebody can't let that it was in 1956. The average contestant. It was 5430. Today the average is 57100. God. Well I have to Latino that I I did get he accuses him and in you don't -- pictures from record that we stay in someone responded back. You don't typical point you begin -- -- girls. Let me tell you they all starving and they all think I mean that show was off the year in five minutes and they're doing cheese. Well this year and yet this year miss USA. Who. The reigning miss USA. Can not be the -- most -- she is the main thing she is so real she is down to earth. Had a chance to -- indexing meter and -- and I do think that -- we the person who wins usually is because they are grounded with their family. And their friends. You'd you don't survive without without totally -- Can't just be a model out of the -- -- haven't done anything slipping back and forth between the Tonys and that and I'll be actually thinking of Eugene. On the front for a. Have a great. Great weekend always great to hear -- your voices. I think some used to have fun and nice mr. movie wonderful. -- stay with us everyone we're going to be talking about some of the things that are going to be happening right after we go to the news. Well what we have all learned is that the number one way we can stop the euthanasia of thousands and thousands of dogs and cats in our area. Is -- spaying and neutering. All of our wonderful animal organizations are on a mission to help and several have joined hands for very special match clinic. Oral one day spay neuter marathon. Maria Torres it's wonderful lady who's been on our show were so happy to have and today the founder of the Villa lobos rescue center. And star of animal planet's apples and rulings. -- to to tell us all about it and T is going to be next Thursday. You don't. You are. Popular act. Now or. -- there. And now you. Know because somebody. Clinic at the end street in your program. -- -- -- -- arms coming here. Hi we and they are allies. Or in order a -- Shell. You know we start to -- around and or in. You know. What Kabul in. It. May. Be in the later I mean littered what are -- Alarm. We have. But that not that you get it it's. There are inherent. They're. And -- up there with a particular. It's a wonderful idea it really is and it it can't be done enough in its interest in listening to you talk about. In fact how very progressive the West Coast is and in some ways the East Coast and -- were catching on an I think. Are incredible animal organizations of which are meant. Who just day in day out do the hard work and the and the painful work I mean it's it's it's a heartbreak deceit. So many animals that need homes and then somebody that you have to be euthanized as we started saying the answer is being neutered so. What you all are doing on Thursday. I love this is you gonna take the first twenty dogs and and in you are going to help you you pretty much focused on one area code because the need is so great there. It -- down. It is great -- how I'm. It though they're white -- one. You know. -- chance. At that point -- sure you. Staying here on in state. That much you it yeah and we're trying to -- -- DEA. Yelled at them their doors at 70. -- -- -- -- help combat. Yes -- the wonderful thing. And doctor -- Norris and doctor Zachary Carol ark animal hospital just to terrific people I mean in the early days of animal activism they were there in our -- legend and so there and they're gonna setup. Like eight dimension which yeah. And how -- you doing. Work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What we've always urged. Poll here -- without their little eleven. Atlanta. You know me. You know while a -- and well you know such a well worn by the people here lol oh yeah it it will. We get should be like and it's. And LA -- Or not we can both play. The amount parents saying. We're not cheered. For. Each year and it -- such. A multiple. That's a problem it firm it like that age and lack of re sort and -- lack of money. Firm. Should know. Weren't at. Our firm that helped me get this morning -- -- at a man. Right here -- kick ball and I get extra let a couple of straight out on him and date what are -- I. -- in the end iTunes apple still lacking any chipping and it is India where. I would need a little higher -- -- and -- -- I don't car. Model. I don't know what to do. And who. -- -- you which but it of that money. Here. Shall we think well on our match Aaron. She hit it in out I don't even a little dot -- -- It. Now it is. And and and it's interesting that was it before Katrina post-Katrina. Clearly all of the groups have joined hands on many different things which is the -- months but he. Working against the working with each other and yet. As a innocent it's so deeply deeply into an an an is lack of functions but he's out there listening and even if they don't have a dog. Know that anything you can contribute to any of these groups who were trying to get animals spayed neutered. That is the solution. Not just the solution for having to kill so many dogs and cats which we are but it's also for quality of life. And that's so real and so glad. -- Her -- and a return to send she's gonna be real powerhouse and him. And that she's joined hands as well. Thank you Q thank you for everything that you do and it'll be mad -- on. On June 12. And we we will stay in touch. And -- wire -- FaceBook -- -- today and number out there should actually relate to adopt. This team yet to multiples for these parolees that's our FaceBook page -- -- -- -- mile it's okay Greyhound and it happened and the wire. Even here at eight information -- Number you know what -- indeed yes well sure okay thank you thank you said grant thanks Steve and I agree we can and -- I think you. Hope everyone stays with us when we come back we're going to be talking to Clancy do those about an event -- -- the governor talking he's signing. When you -- that. Well we are back and John Clancy do those are you on the line with us. Okay. -- is going to be joining us on a little different than our normal Friday what's happening. But something that did happen today I think a tremendous import to up the state. Is not the government yes the governor did sign the bill. Not that in essence will attempt to stop the lawsuit. Against oil and gas industry hello plan saying. Hello to our our view I'm doing fine. -- were you shocked. No definite shock to -- this is Bobby Jindal the data loss it was probably be the next day. Elegant system and the bad ideas under element under the action to stop and he has. Or at least so far. Culpability. For the bill. He's supported. The legislature that is usually aligned with them. Patrick and spent a little bit of time studying it because -- Politico well Syria to concerns. Attorney general expresses concern that will be -- insert thank you for your opinion site. -- -- -- -- and he can have a -- action but nobody should really be Christ. It wasn't just buddy Caldwell was what over twenty law professors from around the country. We're just showing deep concerns that this will affect. -- the various. Suits against BP. We're -- try to -- -- tornado at last count it will more than eighty. They lost legal -- around the country who -- who signed on to that same legal opinion. And so they are saying or they were saying to the governor. Be careful because by signing this you may be endangering. Various other lawsuits non related. And in its inhabitants are legitimate and what lawyers call tolerable -- Look. If you get it lowered and rom you can get ten different opinions. And this is America well -- -- hope -- opinion but over that at this point. Only the judges now devote. For now collect -- vote everybody opinion to -- -- -- Bobby Jindal two but our foreign. Roberto had chosen not to go to veto it but it's you exercise is rocker. Which is that an amber over to the -- -- governor. Decide the bill now. The political fight over this issue is over but the legal fight is just beginning because there's still going to be challenged. -- constitutionality. With regard to retroactivity. And that's going to be challenged or at least litigated in terms of witnesses language actually. Their this spill was left out of one committee in the senate. And logged on to another bill. Basically practice -- up the other bill became this little. More friendly committee to get into the senate floor listening to. This bill was actually written in about eighteen hour. So a lot of room of the governor's. Executive council mr. Enright it was very very thoroughly debated that really. The pay was cut off from the senate committee. It was -- on the floor house senate. You can independent here. Political persuasion in your opinion about this that he might think it was ineptly debated in my it was not debated but it was debated. And somebody's -- warnings were expressed. On the floor of the senate and all of order I'll get past. But there's been issues one that really result we've we've we've we've. We have to do we resolve the political discussion in favor of the bill. But now the real discussion. Of the legal discussion and analysis of -- language. And I'm a lawyer and try to be a law professor but it's pretty much constitutional law will grow warm. When the government grant someone -- right. The courts interpret the grant of that right liberally not liberal vs conservative -- broadly. When government takes away right. The courts. Interpret the kicking away -- -- right very narrow who that they don't take away more rights and aren't shouldn't be taken away but I have to look at the language of the law it. -- -- And Jack has that been part yet by a judge. And whatever judge worn -- -- -- -- it's going to be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court stepped gonna take time so. The legal battle that we're about to seed beat him on several well. Over the constitutionality. -- -- scope and application. And little verses. Much signature liberal vs intentional. In Chad based meaning. And then there's the BP. Is gonna. Sure try to. So you know tested to see it some he piece of markets up or the lawyers who BP are ethnically borrow to file. Emotional social circle -- a new low but see the potential tropical they don't do not doing their -- their -- So that Nicole and then there was a warning that possibly are there equal claims. As attorney general Caldwell says that is -- if you sit below quote overly broad. Which is a term of -- in the legal community meaning it's. Overly -- -- you know agreements. That if we don't know hollow. Many other possible claims for beyond. This flood protection authority lawsuit like PG upper. And so there are lots of claims -- that potentially. Are gonna go away or might never. Which -- because there. All of that it's going to be determined by the court struck at chase title battle. Typical super abstract and take a year more likely to penetrate. Two years maybe more so I think it's what regional and bigger we're carpal. Is -- -- going to be here. Yesterday -- tweeted if Jindal signs the bill killing the -- sued it and helps BP he'll go down. As the worst Louisiana governor ever. Yeah -- it figured you're recommending using quoted correctly. You'll be remembered as the -- just because -- signed the bill. But by signing the bill if the bill winds up letting BP to -- Having been warned about it. Do you think he'll be viewed. Even his supporters with a personal Micah we didn't tentative. Well it's not like nobody told them and you know what which it has been. Compatible option. He could still killed as this lawsuit deputy director. Our -- support the lawsuit market -- a big oil and gas so that people. But because this is an issue that ought to be answered in the court -- -- we have of course a lot to -- -- But let it fail on its own its it's gonna fail but politically to decide and otherwise. But it rewards of doing way more than it was intended inadvertently. And the governor was specifically told Europe about to unleash. Got all of which is what we're calling it demand that there -- -- controls Godzilla and slaughter is its global law. If it goes where it goes the took to the court now Bobby Jindal doesn't get a vote anymore. You had other options -- -- called legislature back to a special session are considered just one bill which has been done before. And that could have been done in July early on -- along the way. Now I'm wonder -- if you could help me clarify here and better understand something if he had done nothing with the bill not vetoed it nor signed it into law and just left it then what would have happened. It would become law after twenty days without his signature holy days is politics. Well it's. The target -- -- civic lesson and if it's a lot faster where. More than ten days ago in the legislative session the governor candidate to -- it. But it doesn't sign it within ten days we've become what other signature. It is a lot past -- western and eastern Goebel poured into the session Wednesday in the recent what matters is a good reason. Typically hold on July passing in the last ten -- what governor any governor needs wartime that it does. Rush a bill that comes in at the end cool that's exactly yeah but he had one other option. The governor get to a point the members to the architectural or people. He's already reported three or four since it's simple. It's only a matter of time forty to appoint more optic at least one other board members term expires. At the end of this month so. By the end of this year -- the latest. But sometime next year people have all the votes on that board to adjust to all the losses by abandoning and it no appeal from that. The Oakland this lawsuit to challenge about what the trial court it's going to be ripped a drag on for I think at least two year. And that is going to affect those or we don't know how it will affect -- and BP. Not going to be finally decided until either the state of the US -- court -- Our final straw a lot of but the final court. Yeah that's what any decision will become final. And we await -- started -- -- the Supreme Court -- of the trial court well there are going to be motions to going to be. And it just took those motions are going to be oral argument on the -- majority regular partner. -- to an initial ruling with an opinion and -- got a lot so to file an appeal. I'll appeal that there were -- the rich granite state distraught briefing congress in a briefing that argument on both sides. And it -- oral arguments and they retiring at the -- leadership that -- particular to sprinkle the process are network. Our application poor Rick. Briefed on both sides oral arguments that it takes a long time. It takes a long time I appreciate your time and clearly this will be something we'll be talking about in the earlier days and months ahead. I think Q Clancy devote so much thanks going to stay with -- everyone will be right back. Hope you'll stay with this we're going to be talking to two wonderful shafts. All about a great -- stay with -- now let's go to the news.