WWL>Topics>>6-6-14 3:10pm Angela: with local chefs

6-6-14 3:10pm Angela: with local chefs

Jun 6, 2014|

Angela sits down with local chefs Susan Spicer and Mary Sonnier as well as restauranteur Edgar "Dooky" Chase Jr.

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Well they are two ships who have want different paths but are always joined by their love of food and love of cooking. Susan Spicer and -- selling -- our guest today here to talk about their lives. But also a wonderful event for a cause we all love. -- and -- chase foundation that does so much for settlement. And we have the great Edgar chase both third and family in studio along with. Mary's husband Greg this is like the family -- but I'm looking forward to -- -- to talk about everything we're gonna talk. About that the super event that's going to be held at the highest. By being -- foundation and about what it takes foundation does. But we're gonna start really with Susan merry because. You know what I was thinking today Leah chase had to have been among the very first female shifts. Yeah I think via and a New Orleans right and wasn't. You know in your time difficult. To to break into that world I think we look at it even though his her wonderful husbands and grant money -- -- it is sort of a male dominated. It still is and I think it always will be actually. I believe but I don't I say that just because. You know not because I don't think women can achieve. You know great thing a lot of my heroes are women -- I just think it's. Just one of those. Situations where Mormon and yes I'm I'm -- This is Mary speaking. I don't work in the kitchen anymore so I can speak to what is going on now. And I'm still cooking in kitchen. In 19830. Is one of -- you name -- and sometimes the kitchen and that's how I became the anchor but as. When the acre quick one day and -- she blocked out mixers and I think Allen blocked. I was the only other female Erickson there are a and they get it and -- I -- a female. And but you started with Paul -- Matchup popped an -- mostly it was that is it true that you begged him her. Did you beckon again yeah well I had -- him so much he had put out. A it's like casting call for practices he was looking for three apprentices -- an ad in the paper. And I answered back and there was a line around the block you know to just fill out an application. And I -- in line filled -- the application I expect him for five minutes he told me come back the next day for an interview. I came back the next day for an interview and he I didn't expect a man who didn't. And I had no experience. I think that was one that things. That he liked to me that. Six children and put my whole life for -- him you know explain -- love cooking and I think. That that sort of thing connect equipment. And he hired me on the spot and Hazmat that he might mean Tony I was gonna be a butcher and I didn't even I'm really understand that -- -- -- the and that and I didn't really care this is really cool and -- your picture chef's -- Dan. A bone. He said these are the two things you need and come to -- -- you know what this this and where there span. And I had no idea what I was and for -- and did you start mr. -- yeah let's start let's. -- and really ask what that yet it was wonderful experience and I basically women and butchered sides. Be ill and racquets. And chickens and turkeys and you know protect and ducks' lineup. And estimates hostages and pat changed and things like it was a lot of fun. Not for everybody. I'm really enjoying it. And then you met a very special man will grant went women with me on the line about a year later -- was hired to take. Oh my gosh yeah. And remained so. I guess now. Yeah Agassi. You know with the two units you know what a wonderful restaurant -- real I mean just -- -- still takes the day. Yes -- just terrific. You know just memorable I think that's. Now Susan Spicer is beginning with a little different. Louie the sixteenth right. Kind of an apprenticeship in with. An elbow and who can actually remember -- started in 1979 cooking with an -- and I remember Paul is Mary. The open on the CE OK politics in the -- -- about halls that he was always always. Involved in you know developing young Clarkson and you know. Giving them. In the kitchen and yeah he was involved with the god -- Leon and just. In the -- apprenticeship thing was very important to him and encouraging. Young cooks you know I I just remember that. And that was back when in was -- The French mafia in the ships in the French Quarter and all the hotel ships world European and yet. And time is an interesting -- only just starting hadn't been on the most elegant restaurants have a little restaurant and -- has started there. -- -- it almost everything was finished in the dining room. You know it was true French service that wrote in all the gear Adams and the waiters and exceed isn't. I almost never. Put anything on our plate we would -- things out in you know on platters and I remember tables he had cable service you know. Please nameless you know in char I mean he you know. Really nebulous and maitre. You know one of my very first jobs was doing the -- computers and vegetables for the beef Wellington and that in and doing the palm's chief -- side -- like about two cases of potatoes with the team pots. Of the hot oil shaking hot oil and making the pumps in flying in turning -- -- cases of artichokes every and you know but I was in I was. I got started in are at a 26 years old when -- started. With an ill professional side that -- and it really did you know earlier on that you wanted this and we just testing them. Just got into it through a friend of mine. My girlfriend Pamela news -- started working. For Daniel and now at least sixteen that two years earlier. And she's the one who drew me into cooking professionally and I mean and it. Introduce reintroduced to -- because actually we had -- when I was cocktail waitress at the direct while I must have. I just have to punch the time like in the kitchen and that was -- -- had just come over from France. And really you know we had a little flirtation and. Like and needed it a couple of years later. I would be going to him you know into just how they're different is very interesting -- -- people go and where it takes action. Looking for something. Creative is wanted to do something in his since I started looking like mrs. -- in hungering for -- knows a medium that I was very comfortable with because my moms -- great and how many other girls were indicated when you start and held there were not many girl -- But in the pantry and believe me. -- McKnight. Mary brown they whipped me initiate -- you know but they taught me how to -- Family meal but taught me how to smothered or jobs or move. You know how to make all kinds Egan conceded because that was my job and they're like -- we're gonna -- we had to teach you how to -- and has. It was great they taught me a lot of things and that being the kind of restaurant Louie the sixteenth was does that exist today. I am not really sure. In early in France in your friends and lamps I'm sure and I think the players and places like. You know. Like -- newly in new York and you know few places like that maybe Syria much you know -- restaurants you know what he's doing now but. A wonderful experience but then in 1980 -- I went to France and spent a summer working over there and that was when it lowers the beginning of nouvelle cuisine so I learned about beautiful plate presentations and that was something completely different. And that was a wonderful. And a -- summer months after that summer and came back and opened up there simple affair. Lot of memory several air -- and there and yes and then to the great -- and we're gonna have to take a break we're gonna come back over gonna continue our talk with. The great chefs of today but I'm -- that stay with us I'm Angela under the WL. Well we are so lucky to have Susan Spicer Mary Sonya and her husband who showed up Greg was wonderful. I'm talking about their lives and where in go in shortly we're going to be talking about an incredible event that there are involved and -- chase foundation but I wanna go back to Susan and Marion it just interesting to me how. -- anybody goes into the world to go into in and and it to do that had such an interest in life. Susan you ultimately you had. Several restaurants and then they own they own about 24 years ago I can't get over that. Actually I was shot and a couple of different restaurants that as the first restaurant -- -- You know and partner. In -- really he's not bad. With my partner reaching -- same partner. For yours again -- that as well. And life. So it's. And then you open -- -- four years ago right and -- for anniversaries urging him. And and that was very meaningful because the neighborhoods. -- needed that we needed to see progress and it was a big deal to Susan Spicer would do that. In the neighborhood and weighs in is kind of -- interest in that particular little spot because that would burning them kept turning over in turning burns. I was encouraged you know. I had rebuilt my house as -- -- out there. Katrina. An and and what I -- bill writes. Three years. It really seemed to start happening -- They say it was at least three or four years before he can have a conversation that didn't involve your contract. Your insurance companies are showing up. For the amount of alcohol one must consider that. I was anchors -- you know I mean. People is thinking in. This -- really appreciate that I mean. It wasn't entirely altruistic and opened it as a business and it was good timing and and in and worked operate in and I think it's a good fit for the neighborhood because we have so many -- And it's definitely in 1990. Had different -- well the retirement. You know it was an older people. Would raise a family. And we said it that way so it was nice. To have the family's moving back. And does -- children -- in hot wheels on the street again in. That was agreed and and it's worked well. For both the view because you'll -- get real for how many years. Almost fourteen bullet and that the the to the difference with the addition of Hugh -- shaft. But all of us and your business person -- and that balance and how does one do that. Now with us. We made the decision that Gregg would be the -- would be as visitors. Well let me tell you how Smart but how very wise. And so Greg did you listen to her on the business and what. Oh absolutely. I think. You know from BP in a shaft I'd normally worked at night she worked during the day so that she would I would be coming and and she would be finishing up or war. And support -- and for the most part you -- in the day take care of the financials. So that we could find out how much money we lost the east. Now not out. And we just decided that we had to split things up so the big kitchen is Greg's territory and everything else was well. But independently of the pastry pride yeah yes and I was a thing as pension be there chopping or something. We'll take -- -- the door which she was a master. Of working in the door and that's and I really don't RL one of the hardest jobs in a restaurant business. Is actually. Standing at the front door and greet your guests and actually make in the reservations work for. It's where all the seats. Yeah and also filled in. You know it's really nice when you have somebody who can do it. In -- who understands the float. Well I you know because it became you know if you if it doesn't arise and you get things stand up in the kitchen and in. That's how that's one of the most difficult positions. Us. Small -- him in front of the house. Front of the house well here. The door well everyone stay with -- we're gonna take a break for the newsroom. But when we come back we're going to be talking with Edgar chase and his family member and we're going to be talking about a beautiful night ahead. Stay with this financial under the that he will. Well we've been talking with Susan Spicer and Marion Greg Sony about. Life -- restaurant tourism great chefs and now we're joined by Edgar chase the third. And Tracy Griffith who is -- One of the grandchildren. Of the greatly chase and -- -- and were were really here talking about a super event that is going to happen it's next week right. June 14. It hotel. At the end and in the it to each case Family Foundation gala that the one. And you're having one. Terrific women married -- Citizen's life. And we have two other women almost us terrific it's them that an accurate is that almost. The other two other women what we have. Honored to also have with us to have. On this year's top chef finalist. Surely count and mean Compton coming back. Come to share their talents with us as -- house it would really. The real. Yeah it's exciting and so you know. -- next week and the theme of the gala. Is the -- cultures through food and music. So excited to have this you know wonderful diverse panel. Women shaft in the menus that they have you know pulled together is some really exciting so that's the million and then we're gonna have this. Equally. Fun night. The the music on this is equally -- so we're excited. It we have Robin Barnes and Irma Thomas and rocking to see. Is going to be a fun night but that the scene is really about women. About the strength of women to our community and in Tracy left off the tag line and I honestly don't remember. The tagline that it's almost like a one to woman celebration. But that's great. You know the celebration is. Right right we thought that that was the best way to -- surprise. Boat. My grandmother and my grandfather mr. mrs. chase was to come announced that. Launching -- the foundation and they actually surprised and honored and couldn't believe it would do such thing but after witnessing a lifetime. Of work. On that they've done. With the community. And you know the passions in the values that they instilled in all of us. How can we just sit lately on the and I -- and get a McCartney yeah and saying you know we just truly as a family felt that the best way. To honor them was to shield them. -- how much we're appreciative of life blessing in the gifts that they've given to. And to show them through the example of that Family Foundation. It's beautifully -- -- I can hear your grandmother. In your in your voice that really can't and I think -- her values are so tremendous that the -- Trickle down to your generation and the next generation but also spread to the community. I remember interviewing her after Katrina and she had not opened yet and she -- I've got to open this neighborhood needs. Enemy that just said everything to. What a remarkable but I loved it can unite. A wonderful when I tell me about the foundation. Well the foundation started last year. And since we started you know first major that was at the -- in -- has been so responsive to a sort of thing. Management team missed Michael's Schmidt that it. Now this this event is the -- to co -- Henry Aaron and in this Billy Aaron Hank Aaron has everyone knows home run king and -- and Henry -- and and they just been delightful and helping us get we should have about 400 people there are so. The first event that we had a lot more because it was my grandmother -- grandmother my mother's. Ninetieth birthday so we had over 600 people and that's when should be equally fabulous. And so the the essence of the foundation you you you give grants you yes in what areas. Well the grants that we give him the pillars of the foundation truly reflect. The passions. -- about my grandparents and so we are supporting causes and cultural arts in culinary arts social justice and education so this past year we would. Blown out of the water by you know just that interest and so beautiful programs across our community that out there. That. Went to us requesting funding so. We were able to support the Silverbacks society. Until at university. Grown at youth form -- so many beautiful projects out there. Uptown says in the -- in musical arts society you know tube and older programs that reflected. Their passions programs that certainly spoke to us with this city on need -- I'm reading programs with the stay there. Project and you know today was a perfect example and know that. My grandparents that want us to see is not to just. I'll passively support organizations but to also physically give back and do things with them so we would truly -- today to. Shared experience with a broad that you format the city park where they start their lunch theories and to -- the full. Jeff -- -- -- went out and worked with students there preparing a lovely healthy meal. I'm over there so it was. Not just one way to give back to them financially on behalf of foundation but I also say you know we wanna be a partner. Within the work in the community. -- -- -- Community garden -- close you Helmand you know close the early -- everything out and buys them for a moment. It's it's beautiful ones you know just that call to action to be held. Accountable. For year. Civic and community duties is is something that we want. To continue to exemplified through the foundation. Is spectacular and again this is next. Saturday June the fourteenth at 6 PM is the patron audience that the dinner served -- seven. And I love that there's ducking the fourth. Yeah -- is the one who's now trained and is yes yes. I mean what's in those of the block and what is in the sell well like like the two ladies chefs that you have to love the cooking and he loves to cook. And that amazes me can allied to his left to eat. Think that. It yeah the thing you know he's not hard to look at the other. Most of the -- am -- excited -- that runs in the family is well. We'll have to have them. Regulation are these -- if let -- know we'll take another break. We'll come back and talk is great families right after this. Well we're talking with great women chefs but we're also talking about honoring. Maybe the ultimate mentioned Leah chase and her husband had changed their foundation. Raising money for all kinds of terrific projects in the community and their fund raiser is next Saturday at the -- And you were going to tell us. How we can get tickets. We would love for everyone to simply visit our website. And it's the -- chase foundation says sticky -- foundation. Bottler. And you can see all the information about the event. And purchase tickets fame and the auction people how I'll we've got so many exciting things is going to be a part of that. Silent options we have. Com beautiful paintings from Stella Jones is gallery we have a fun and exciting. Essence package. That I think people who who are dying to see prince. I'm Linda Diaz will enjoy. Com packages far. Meals for ten by some premier chefs in the area and -- people would love to have happened and cherished. So we're into a weekend that we can something. With my life has been fabulous that -- Oh yeah the whole team at diet the leadership from this dismissed is outstanding applied to and they are too great. I'm packages. That the high it is extended you know for vacation yeah like date yet. Yet why would you vacation anyplace else would get it all here exactly well -- -- I'm just gonna reach agreement. Slow braised pork belly with double saying. Sugar -- Now from our own Susan Spicer second course -- Peruvian Sharon white fish and cramps at the sweet potatoes roasted corn -- In -- of course Louisiana -- short ribs. Is that Kobe -- summer vegetable practicing. And this is shut Nina Compton was another -- options. Dessert from our own chef Mary -- fresh peach shortcake with Vanilla -- and ginger sir. Can you tell -- I had -- lunch. -- -- -- -- It's going to be a fabulous dinners going to be effective occasion. 42 incredible people and just continue to get through their children and grandchildren. And to a community who hope I hope they know reveres them. Very very important and I think it's just fabulous with people do things as people living. Not just in memory but as they live and they say and they feel that line. Very very important thing -- so -- we have a couple of minutes and I would just like to again pick the brain of our two wonderful -- options. We're used it this food world going I mean it's. It's shelter like rock star stuff. It's incredible. It's them no matter. How she that are out there it's it's still does boil down to hard work -- I mean. I. Watch you every day and -- Yes that's a very glamorous life I live well I'm picking up the -- political yeah aren't up -- And but it's it's fun and it's really it's it's great that people are so interested in in food now I think yeah I think. You know -- started with Emeril started -- -- started you know a lot of started here. Wall -- is almost -- that. Number that's -- seeing. Paul -- on The Today Show or something like that all of a sudden I'm working well yes when asked where he. Stirred. Started -- You -- team that began in in. That's changed. And this year than in ordinary things can show us. And it is an exciting time. And I definitely think what we're doing here in in this country. The more culinary schools here and shipped on wheels in London and help us. And -- and making I would like to see. The potential. New cars the way. -- capital of the world without a lot of hard work. But I have a one with a -- then certainly yes that's gonna -- their exercise ends agree on Howard and injury has got. Stuck. Not just Stan but we are the center and let them come here learn here in America if they want to yes. You'll have the best I can't think this is -- I love my Friday after sitting and listening to it. Very talented people very loving people thank you all and Atlantic thinking that the -- thank -- summer we'll be right back. I appreciate you listening still loved having our cold case detectives we'll have a back. Also loved having our beautiful shafts and anything to do with Leah chase is special in my world have a great weekend.