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Sports Talk 6-6 4:35pm, Marcus Spears

Jun 6, 2014|

Join Deke & as he talk to: Marc Spears (NBA writer for Yahoo! Sports) about the Spurs vs Heat game 1 and looking ahead

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back WW dot com as a ho reformation. Podcast. Host bio. Poll content part take care all sorts of deals contest everything is at WW dot com. In enough blooper that's the top stored on the pace did as a story about by Chris Miller about to -- stadium. And you know when you when you think about this time a year or -- markets. Paralysis in the limit the of magazines. It's at -- wonderful moment with them now it's college football fans -- they count. You just don't get prepped up and re yeah I mean it is based -- college football and they have -- there a video. Of the two point stadium. And it's exciting I mean you really started -- covered and it's a big time -- -- against an ACC team. That's a -- five conference and become an exit from the sixth and it's can be -- minuses. It's it's a lot of excitement about it and I look forward to navigate and there were the finals and a few things you know during the summer or pick a few weeks. We take to different topics that we'd like to talk about. -- don't -- one on his stadium and into playing football though. Will look forward to it I think it's an exciting time and it's -- Mike and slightly on -- one thought about last night's final Mike thank you for calling -- WTO. May be sanction taken Morocco is there. Yeah you know obviously she had to have some effect on the players Obama but anybody can say it didn't have an effect. You know I mean as you said you know. But the bottom line is if you get used to dump them a certain way and and it's different you going to be affected you know. But I think we need so is. Did they keep. Really have any. Impact is that what -- LeBron cramps because he has that history of happened cramps before. You're an air conditioned game. So it's I don't think we should. Assume it which it seemed like a lot of callers are assuming. That it was they -- that made LeBron cramp up. So we don't know that you know. Yeah we'd we don't know but I mean it's as far as the settlement that that would be Youkilis. Yeah well again that history and -- sport though it and it and nine degree -- ninety -- in the it is Cortland you know I mean it would be if a guy already has a history at an -- and he's exactly right I think the Pete would be. -- you know. Problem mean that it favored to listen man because you put to a two together at the gallery and ethnic problem there. They change the climate can't make a guy who art history that more unlikely that. Possibly deal with a prop -- the it was now -- with at the arena as I'm -- What time the book I know looked on you'll clock or you watch the scoreboard what time did you seek him out here. You know it. Midway through the first quarter my colleagues you know damn well so but same and it is happening here. And it was a silly that it kind of started noticing. But I think the assumption was it was a temporary. That at some point. And in that little thing it'd be he'd deserters anybody else went to a immediate OK it's just some fluids panic. Right today I think Theo -- is to be temporary. Cut back on and but as the game went on and on and on and there's got they got -- hotter and -- and they got so miserable it did -- business that way. -- talked to some buy -- that he knows compliment me a little bit about like. Some of the stuff you heard about was in the superdome after Katrina. You know and I'm not trying to belittle that right. That there was condensation. On. -- that analogy would be that did the mass of people that innate. -- no air condition and everybody's you know Hawkins moved the suits at happy that it should be steamy at the pot -- Yeah it is and so like the floors or way Michael by the baton by the concession stand this. It is a really really steamy plate and in effect -- -- big guy also that we went left thumb up. When -- and without the collars are brought up that I played in the place so. And I hit it and that total body for a part in New Orleans and the -- I don't know -- around here over -- ending. That's a lot of people don't it -- That's little mustard the. -- quick wit that -- Wingate. Was there one point time that you thought in the ballgame so you've used -- to -- in the in the in the first quarter as it one point time you looked in you maybe start to read or write that epic defeat that the heat have an effect on the players or all all LeBron with what. You know it at the end of the third quarter -- -- one book on it and its just natural for me to. I write about LeBron basically every game would go. In -- watch news and maybe use the former basketball player B. -- saw that down -- in the bench in pain. And the trainer -- from the sides spoke to play. And put I honestly. Thought that's not normal you know that's not normal ball and. That a lot of meat the meat when they were doing when they were doing -- because you think about it ego like oh he's gonna influence. Well absolutely got it through with. But that that has probably danced the last lap -- -- but yeah acorn got rebels are here they go what did they go to the most drastic as around the top that's out of it I guess cooled his body court. Yeah -- of -- on the back of his neck and try to put our way to try to late but the crap again started. And in when you or somebody like him. As strong and has been in the it is. At the left side of the body started cramping -- a -- there was no way to reverse the -- actually yes and to pay him like when you made that last layup that you made. How does it feel that that was huge stop. And demand my body is that now. They just sit down and relief though for a moment and it -- me is is ridiculous the amount of people. Better trying to think like he he quit. All -- somebody of his nature to quit the way you play in -- on the Spurs. That I think is absolutely ridiculous and of people that they need to be talking. It is Peppers and -- -- arena. For having such problem on that to Beijing Games. Can ankle back in time hectic and his minutes. Picked the -- in this and that's the law and now the Spurs have three wins away in the mind before. Walks BA's -- it would lose in BA writer for Yahoo! Sports take game one of the NBA finals last night says that he started to feel noticeably in the first quarter as he's gonna take out on the players that most of LeBron late in the third. In the third quarter of last night's contest that he goalless in the Pittsburgh 31 on close out. Miami last night once again. Deny that aren't -- now we move forward to more events in this arena before the concert tonight is starting tomorrow night in game two Sunday night -- -- -- they say nick these acts. But no where where does this series go from here at eighteen it's in the fourth finals and been through a lot of things mentally. I don't see the heat -- in this this affect them but what should take. Well certainly think they're gonna come out with a vengeance. And and try to win that would be it -- statement especially the bronze which is wonder. You know what on -- -- uniquely human basically spent a lot of time. To date tomorrow forty games Sunday Moses agree about time. -- Getting to who was that and giving his strength back he'd -- that he barely slept that night because it's about like 67 times. Alone and he was super sort of -- though. I do wonder there's going to be some after effect. That takes place. On Sunday in game two platoon with things that aren't probably looked there was. Did you play tomorrow I think you'd be more trouble but the fact did not play in the sun seventh -- and -- he should be far. And found a -- always we've seen this game one what what does this do for the series that it does -- -- what what was your prediction does this change anything. Well I mean I predicted the Spurs weren't so. But you know we'll watch that game -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Until fourth quarter. When LeBron -- that was problems. They're playing great defense. In the in the past and mine's. -- usually had a bigger lead with a lot of turnovers that they were causing. But I mean we've dealt with sterling with Lance Stephenson craziness. Now there's. Isn't that crazy play. -- it is an eye on going to be probably pretty deep throughout. Be memorable ones and certainly with this. -- -- -- Both the this in hold on a play about. One of the best in the business folks in the erratically -- bought one of our very own New Orleans mocks the -- Walked Cochran -- -- onto it. They can probably that Spears and be very. -- always -- as a -- and to your theory give me credit for the body frame of reference. Man a -- I don't know what you. In OT I guarantee you between between emailed -- we -- FaceBook whenever you get some response on that. Then I'm very very could be up book tour that because that is where it could be good but it's report. -- -- -- -- -- I'm all these years I'd be elevated -- a sports talk on WW.