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Jun 6, 2014|

Join Deke & as he talks to: Les East (covering ULL baseball for the Advocate) about the ULL vs Ole Miss Super Regional

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right operatives at whopping implode a bit hazy out each have an effect on the front scenes in the heat losing one -- in the ninth -- to the Spurs when it. Cast your vote online at WWL dot com and eight in the east Nate thank you for calling that you did you. Yeah I -- that the governor and I -- the bar and out there either went you ground are crazy in the low record them excellent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is here. The thing about him and they there are mostly the he had already done it because you know if not -- regulatory -- -- -- in. It's there but -- both the go out and made it heir apparent rate than that it fail if there is and a pair of wins -- -- wants our little. It that'd be a good it will look at somebody in the on the -- yet. I don't -- out I'll be interested to see because that I don't have any regulation. If if California -- wins. Is it like the media who would like is the you know you don't -- magazines Sports Illustrated you know busy. Does he hit that -- -- the big media blitz and I think that's film. What everybody talks about you know that that's what we'll see if you're on the color paper you know to be going to be a national. -- national international stores it has been so long since its its been gone. A year ago that I is that -- applaud his seventh. Who have not been watching -- remember it their bodies around out there but again around the field like. -- will gladly watch it because treatment they'll say it's it's it's pretty about the lack and -- have to wait so alone against the it happened not until that happens. Yeah I I'll be out biamby very interesting to mate and on Sunday morning no sports thank you so much how did you hear from Indy in New Orleans he's. That though we'll have a lot of sound that also keeping up this week in its super regional action and the -- -- in Louisiana Lafayette. They take on the Ole miss rebels game 1 is at 7 o'clock a a tomorrow in game two was on Sunday it would be a game three on Monday if necessary in OT more for you in Lafayette. The agents. Taking home one. Ole miss rebels -- east who's been covering. The regionals last week and it's -- -- -- and clawed their way back and -- at the losing one to zero a week ago to check in state. They got hot they -- what. They made in the number one team in the country outscored the rest of their opponents' thirty and a fourteen. Now it's soon to Omaha your thoughts on his -- case in our team and and the match up look at film and it's. And they do yeah it should be really good matchup I think one I've been able -- alarm about the -- it looks like -- somewhat similar in the cage and seen them fact that there. Very well pounded. -- bolting. -- you're talking about a much different format this week Edgar's. First team willing to move -- -- should be a really good matchup and I was just really impressed with the way -- responded. After that shocking loss last Friday Jack state. I think the way to handle then burst adversity. Was as impressive as anything upswing from them. And let's look at it this ballclub -- number one in in all the polls -- in the season on they are there's still one of a few. National seat them at the six national seed and a -- -- yet UAL and the TCU horned frogs that the three seats that are that are remaining then number six. And I was also a reading to date in the advocate something you put an -- all the team coverage. That this ballclub now and are. Hot Florida State or -- have a chance to maybe -- Florida State since the NC went to the 56 game regular season format and early nineties. That you Florida State hits sixty games they want what the rating -- so I have an opportunity if they keep winning to surpass that. He would truly been a several in there and played -- between them might be capable of doing it. If they get there you know I think there were probably some question marks about them is that the -- Koppen and in a league conference not a bad -- on -- on the weak conference. And when I went out law that Jackson State first game I think probably a lot of people country. Wondered if that record was indicative of how good they are after the Olympic -- pack. I think it it's probably as indicative of how good they are now and can't make even more. He is in Lafayette covering the Atlanta it's super regional rating -- and Ole miss this weekend for the advocate but Baghdad who. When you hear his name you know he's Dan. Around and I mean -- in a complimentary way covered in New Orleans Saints covering Tulane covering LSU. High school football this EC follicle a Toyota and they go to the advocate dot com note of it all in this you know. And a high school football -- deepen our route we always love that you still have a deep passion for you keep the pulse on it I tried to as well right now. I would be must have about it as you're Haskell question your thoughts on now that the LA to say basically they're gonna have -- championships in football. Although several weekends. Well you know I guess it's shift there another example of bigger. Hopefully being that. -- -- back in there has grown so much. Really from the time -- moved into the year superdome that I think that the it just continued to grow the interest the next step. -- probably it's not too much too soon after the pensions they've made all of last year with the multiple. Classifications. Flying over several days so. They're like he's it's so much passion for that match you know beyond -- -- but. Growing by leaps and Helms. And advance week we -- -- -- producer -- weak card days Conrad came -- with the in BP and and it's just the way the team close so. Talk about -- that it lets you know when you're facing elimination odds it's it's sometimes that gain to it to make other team even what you -- -- that that game that you pay. We know we got to beat them twice but this is this that the mind this is the middle game a week that we went out -- we got loose and I hit that ball. The season though and at that that's the fear out affable fault when may not not disrespect in Mississippi State once they took that first game it was like. -- -- out of town because of what they won't they wanted to deciding game this is why you have home field and that showed a lot about it now this is something ills on a lack any. Any pressure at all on any certain team and all this is the ballclub that. Last year with no one to zero super regionals. And then there rattle. Takes away the super regional title in their own home feel that it's at where we're rebel fans they're trying to get back to the college World Series -- it is -- pressure on anybody this week in that in dollars so this is just about. Who comes out plays the best win. What do you think you're in pretty much from them and play the best I think they'll they'll be some pressure nobody decide appeal. More than me out there I think whatever. Pressure -- -- might have helped. Probably showed itself. In the Jackson State game. And with the way they're responsible -- I think that's probably out of their system even though apparently realized just changing from home on it and they will be able handled that. Omit certain different kind of pressure they've been so close. World Series. On -- few occasions only yours and not gotten jobs gone of course slash -- especially. All of -- let them play. It made me feel a little bit more pressure just because. They're really test due for a trip to Omaha. I'm not -- -- -- -- and there are gonna. -- -- great deal of pressure I guess being at home certainly is gonna help them and coming through the way they did it last week -- that. I think they feel a lot of really good about them now and you know they should have that look pretty big look. Like it seemed that the long and alma. And he's got 88 seat at the table and you can follow him on Twitter list prior to two and handle a folk if Hollywood all the great information -- tweeting out this week it. -- -- -- At -- etiquette and of course you being haven't stuff on line at advocate back now as these this. Always a pleasant man thank you so much for the time enjoy they are the -- -- super regional this week. Okay this east -- of the advocate of going all sports about -- broken records were that the media on the New Orleans Saints that. It's does that them a bit of well of -- that can we appreciate your necessities that. Hottest ticket maybe in the case it -- probably key to baseball history this week and they get to go to Omaha. The 82 victories in the right there and go back he'll come back Phoenix I don't want to talk about the triple a new Stanley's 630 to go to Japan --