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Sports Talk 6-6 6:35pm, Paul Bessir

Jun 6, 2014|

Join Deke & as he talks to: Join Deke & as he talks to: Paul Bessire (GM of PredictionMachine.com) about the Belmont & NBA Finals

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

June 7. 2014. How would -- be remembered. It could be a historic day in the history of racing. Thoroughbred racing as tomorrow. California -- goes off for the three to five. Favorite to win. The Belmont Stakes. And capture the Triple Crown -- preview today. Later in the program to 601878668890. Rates and the that is in the mix also in the mix with talking about the NBA finals their condition one out. The Spurs got hot knocked out that he says I want to and a knife out you think the AC outage. Affected -- Ron -- and -- called in Duluth. Cast your vote online at WWL. Dot com let's go to -- and slide helping to thank you for calling WW. High on the Atlantic and Connell and I it is -- -- -- issue is. Generally -- you know I'm not into sports. You know -- You know I don't know about football and it led the race. I mean this is on sixty out and I was born in 1940 gap and -- -- watched secretariat and and you know calmed. -- Arms you know the -- line. Started with -- that with my parents you know -- -- -- -- excited about the Triple Crown it was a little -- -- war college in that we be glued to the TV and and there would like we did you know fairgrounds it's not. And -- normally -- -- like I'll play more if I don't do a lot yeah. But I'm the Triple Crown and now my ten year old daughter and you know common no mom but my tenure that's all right. I'm getting excited to and it's kind of like that you -- kinda -- exploited more in later in the shadow. Yes -- got some people I've got the right from the New York Daily News also we have I got to make with gas and it was the odds on him and give us the win place and -- -- -- looked suspect that exacted a -- -- but yet. But you so Q will you get together what -- -- tomorrow watch this. -- now a lot of -- and they have a talent carried on the tradition with my ten year old bill I think it's an of course she get excited you know -- -- one of the fact I have -- you know closed the door to a room because -- -- McDonald. I'm. Excited counseling -- because like you a couple of big brown. Yeah and -- court you know it was a debacle that year for the Belmont and then all. Now camp and I was just yeah well I haven't. When he couldn't even. And then -- like that of course there was the heartbreak of Barbara. And one block out -- news broke you right to nail it had broken. Ronnie when he you know -- -- remember how he out of the game at the -- you know they had the putting. Usual. And it and you know that of course he went into the hospital -- -- that -- -- pilot that closely on line and then they got his. Ball six doubt that the Atlanta tonight on. So it's really tragic but. Thank Paula irony California crown he's got to do it -- he has never lost a great support you know this in the for that to happen. But he is. Think it. More. Now I think -- I think they would on a good. You it would be good for the sport and it would be good for the sport the world be really will. Well and you know and into the news that night I mean you know never hear anything nobody gets excited about the races are yet to -- you know. A lot that I got a couple of questions that you can they have experts Labor Day is. You know the jockey that -- -- -- not there for the Q when and Mario prosecuted Lance name. Anything about him did he leave the country does anybody know. You know none of the announcement that the -- any of that you know races after I just never heard anything more about him. I'll I'll I'll -- out found that -- alleviating it is out. If that question if my name is right now the preakness was mildly sixteen probably the Belmont in the mile and so that. Five sixteenths more that California -- have to angle and putt on sixteen more. Well I don't currently tied the game and -- now in the -- the -- it's -- California courtroom you know. I don't currently attack California -- has won the preakness he called -- even before California -- hit that wire because not. You know like -- and watched it over and over do the experts think. That rival -- is gonna be able to tack to California -- if lamp on sixteenth double mild that. You know the -- have to handle it. And what about the course is that in resting for three weeks like -- hand side I think there's a couple of others to do run in the preakness they've been resting up. Beat out -- got outgrown a boat down dark and you've got -- when -- -- -- -- -- from the New York they knew how will pose both of those questions to a man ask the public see jaundice. He's a GM a prediction machine dot com Paul looking at the odds. On the preakness. I'm the preakness and -- it every now the bill -- the action has it has it has it gotten more attention now from. People get involved and people -- it's a dismal because they cost. Does have an opportunity to Triple Crown. Certainly we've seen already twice as much wagered on the Belmont legally at all last year for the Belmont Stakes in an almost as much is expected to be wagered on its rate that's -- the conductor cigars and the country hundred million dollars please start. -- -- individual race. Add to that effect the TV green probably about triple as well. Whether you -- -- -- this is this is BP being Tuesday they record straight pennant need to -- and arms were. At least you know realize what's happening ribeiro -- -- -- aware GP here now the goal and it paid attention to win the race -- numbers -- look at it indeed going to win it for -- and he's more like it not to win and fortunately. We -- that. We're seeing 3 -- -- the morning line out start could quote that he -- all on the line wonders. We need to do you -- now is going to we have ordered the five day to -- people pick it up those two year two dollar we activated on hold on -- It felt portico -- wins the Triple Crown. Just being -- that cool making it but he ultimate valuable -- comes out there. -- necessary back in May want to have that third quarter -- piece of history. I'll tell anybody how this works the prediction machine it's just not -- want to make explain to you come back. Who winning these different games in -- -- Different sport now looking. Is portrayed in most recent one every single track every single race across the country every day. But what does Belmont Stakes race in our numbers goal apple Apple's are trying to compare based arm movement -- from the track and from the -- that -- Are there the conditions of the race and ultimately your beer beer portion of the court ran against in the -- What do the numbers and what that demands that are -- -- I'm sure eventually -- -- agreement -- agree that you create caller well well well -- is the clear favorite and they eluded to reward that you senator Tom -- -- -- -- on currently looks like he'd be true contender if you will. To -- point computers rate the best closers in the country three year old step towards our numbers that at the rate preakness union leader of people law is Elmer gave up forty links. -- first turn those two we went by Adam Kurland and that extra stretch when you have the Belmont incredible value for by -- It really give -- to get more column topic that -- -- to record Triple Crown. Let me avoid that -- from a numbers game total number -- -- There's basically preparing screen and the industry. Leader to you know portico he looks almost identical common terms -- his numbers -- only four races. Ultimately could take it back at court and get another top ten crown to win and it too vital and try to think about what that value I would bet I have -- and to win based there now it's neat he would still be. -- -- At bat where all the interest is going to be here. I'll see you all let them know what league it is it amazing -- -- value to it. He in the prediction machine dot com hall Lucille won't be long we'll be looking belt in the Paula. Get an early look on out of college and I'll win total amount that I'll get us through the dog days of them. All -- right now we ain't. But you look like between brilliant -- enemy arguable third team overall anymore -- -- -- Yes indeed policy -- -- in the prediction machine back out I'll thank you so much -- -- it. You are all right Mary Kobe coming back to you this is sports -- on the.