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06-06 7pm Sportstalk/ "California Chrome"

Jun 6, 2014|

Deke speaks with New York Daily horse racing writer, Jerry Bossert; they talk about the Belmont and the favored "California Chrome".

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jerry Garcia joins us now is he is covering the Belmont. And a lot of folks are paying attention tomorrow. The final race of the Triple Crown. But also a Hawks still an opportunity. To win the Triple Crown they've been Californian -- Gary thank you so much for -- -- what is the mood light what does that atmosphere like Jerry in the years you've been around it and keep it a way to. Only a year like the issue when as a horse. That has a chance threw it to win the Triple Crown vs a year that we don't have that horse that's -- and know going to the final day. Where -- -- at the optimistic. You know it's it's a great couple orchards -- now you know. You know we're hopeful that you know this would be the year the Triple Crown drought and so the well we'll open in California completed the jumper that took that a lot of people haven't seen certainly certainly. 36 years ago. You know a lot of people haven't Timonen a lot of people want to cheat Kirk. And Jay I'd be interested to see a foot in your quarter of the largest media market and in the country and in the -- to see if if the horse takes on Kyle liked you know the the -- you know public time magazine as every every -- on -- -- -- -- It in witnessed they had time in and social media that this could really. This could really be a big boost before racing. -- I know what sources that the they are covered it. I mean I'm mature over time magazine but it -- would be. A big boost and I'm sure you know that everybody covered trees the -- that sort of become the first. First Triple Crown winner in 1970. I get -- degree increase and so should be taken out I think social media has been blessed courage to. A lot of people take into it and it helps. Recently embraced it and it's that -- wait and see to that tomorrow. -- racing right handicap the New York Daily News Terry Foster is with us now covering the Belmont and the Triple Crown scary now. Our horses. That don't offense it's a California -- horses they've run the first two leagues. You know you mean we hear so much how the counting years. But horses in this race that have run the derby in run in the preakness vs Hawks is that. They ran the derby in the on the preakness all they just -- one of two races if there's Asia third race but especially Duke you know. Vs the horse to -- one the last one ought to Hossa that it won the first two are they a little bit. Adam Biddle big disadvantage because they take an extra race that extra pound. Well that's one of the reasons Bledsoe Parker you know sort ticket they accomplished because. There -- horses that run in the derby if they lose they -- the preakness. The extra reps panic -- the French -- just tell political. Right up -- and generally that critical -- admirable and derby and the preakness. So yeah I mean it's a grind three races in five weeks. And I think -- also you know testament to the course -- -- have tripled for him because they were able to Kumble should. That's what -- you know a special level courses here and only return the you know secretary should have a slew affirmed you know like actually that. These sources you know they didn't so they -- the special to expect the Triple Crown. The area rat on -- All the horses are in this one. Part of a bit about maybe who's the biggest threat coming down the not as big a -- although victory. From a distance standpoint for chrome. In the preakness as it was that there be a who what what Northcutt and close on this one make it gets the call on who who's a likely won a tutor to throw off people win the Triple Crown. Oh -- it with a true of wood memorial aqueduct some people should it I beat him in the derby for the cup host. It kind of -- trip. I think you know that this could the -- -- late this year I realize that he's. A lot of that so that -- another red ancient Chinese in the second there will Torre's. But I think he's got a very good chance upset -- on -- I like right now I'm currently in the you know ran second to the preakness that they had a chance to beat the Pistons helps him you know by -- And fresh horses almost you know he -- he -- the Peter Cain speaks. At Belmont on May tenth that the other preparation for this the local prep race so. I think there's you know I think -- streak to Canada it is you -- or program per. Here we talk a lot about obviously the horror so that we talk about the train -- always a comment to a take us through the jockey and and and known when you get a horse race I think is three things several things you hear attorney each race in the Triple Crown but. The derby comes to mind in Triple Crown but Victor Espinoza. Winning when you talk about no in the hearts and I'm here at the jockeys that you hear these analysts say what this jockey. No it's Arsenal that the little small things in the minor details you know to the outside looking in May be casual fan and not put myself maybe. A more sort of category and they know a lot more than people who follow our daily basis it's like what he's just the fast horse this pick is due to strategy did it take us through. Know on these horses the distances. From the derby to the preakness would more only different thinking he would get in the know on a perfect. That that plays a lot into it it's like everything really has become to get. Yeah you know. California -- and its first six races the only one place. Injured mainly by Alberto Delgado. But on some unexpected switch to Victor Espinoza. And of course -- -- in a row you know sometimes it you know them. That got another track that's open and and you're a little -- that then you probably know the horse. No different since ride this horse every time that you don't work out. A lot of Eagles right you know or so I'm working out I think that's another and -- it goes to California -- grow you know Victor flew out -- May 31. To ride out what equipment that final work -- -- He struggled there you know California so. You know I think Jack he -- -- that you courses you know it definitely -- communication. May be it this figured that was California pro. You know that there are those -- that -- there Erica that Jack he what our race is it. And I you know it just another piece of the puzzle that's you know worked out for California -- Here Boston as well this is New York Daily News and of course coming up it's the Belmont tomorrow. The Triple Crown and California -- as well the first two -- the Kentucky Derby and the preakness one tomorrow to be the first horse since affirmed 78. To capture the Triple Crown all right Jerry said in the fall of the U think we see history tomorrow. Yes it's a reality we do because. It's been such as you know that -- has started believable story modestly -- blue collar donors. -- stay in it they have their talent you know I think that -- distinct. California problems schoolwork at the trip I think that strong right crowd is going to be great there. You know I think return all in the 2000 people screamed and cheered at Belmont park for a California broke. And I think this time with on the job done I think we only see Triple Crown winner at least I hope so -- be good for the sport and I'd like to actually see when you put you know one person evident in -- I was too -- -- or -- The -- programs and these. Geared -- yeah I asked -- -- all all the games we have the palca folks volley onto it. Minors and it's at JP initialed today sponsored the OSS ERT. And -- the end you know what you're killing it is such an initial gate the you know that -- your feet and like the -- Jerry Boston New York Daily News covering the -- my Derrick thank you so much and -- it's busy busy time but there -- a lot of history on the line we appreciate you helping us out down here. I appreciate appreciate yes -- so will be you can relate to all of folks who sign up for a tweets the Adobe WTO. AP tweets or no modifications. Look down on your phone -- whatever account. CEO advice device you guys. They'll be some. You know California -- capture the Triple Crown or such and so between the Belmont no Triple Crown one. That will be in the news headlines tomorrow -- can -- --