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06-06 8pm Scoot/ Gay Conversion

Jun 6, 2014|

Scoot talks about: texas republicans are drafting a platform for a prgram of therapy that will make gay people straight...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening of welcome to -- show on this Friday night as we head into the weekend together -- I think Bob Mitchell for filling in this week congress filling in for Garland and I will be back in for Garland next Monday through Thursday. And Bob that you will be peck on the -- -- -- and next on Monday through Thursday and Rebecca frightening but it is great to be back with you. It was a recently hot muggy muggy -- effective muggy ninety -- to sweating just walking to the station just a little while ago but it is it is that time of year here's I -- -- give you a pretty gentle opinion polls have -- will be talking about tonight in the topic to date. Should the city of Portland the Portland Oregon to the city of Portland. Allow the world's naked bike ride to happen again this year. -- many residents don't want to take place. There's a gigantic. Naked bike right Portland every year it is happening tomorrow. As a people are opposed to it and police let it -- it was a there was a group in Denver. And they were just randomly show up on maybe 2030 people they were naked bike writers. And it would just randomly show up via V you'd had no idea where they -- well what time it was a boulder named bishop in boulder. And they just dip a dip lights on naked you know occasionally people fall off of likes. It was a -- episode about good naked in bed naked and falling off of like it's just they spent make it costs. There's nothing very sexy about that also discuss blog which is a turning out our web site tonight is titled. It may be time to take comedy new seriously. And it's just helping -- talked him out there on the show yesterday and four for Garland there's a new study that shows the cold -- report on Comedy Central did the best job of all the networks. In explaining campaign finance. -- a better job and Fox News MSNBC. CNN ABC CBS. And NBC. And a lot of the people who were younger under under forty. Are getting their news daily from. Jon Stewart The Daily Show for the Kobe report with Stephen Colbert Comedy Central. So this challenges us to ask ourselves where do we get our news and who do you trust the most nondescript -- you can read and share with others to some web site. At WW don't -- It's time for tonight's top eight at eight here's the top eight things we like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. A seven year old boy it was suspended from school -- may be expelled because he accidentally brought a toy gun to school. Now he did break the rule by bringing the toy gun to school and he knew that. His mother packed a book -- he left his his regular book bag at a friend's house. And so his mother packed a new book bag for all didn't realize that way gone which it. When the young boy realized that he would accidentally. -- this toy gun to school he immediately went to his teacher stimulus name it's a daring. Spy on him back. And this was at the at the -- School in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. So -- regular book book bag was at a friend's house and his mother packed in -- didn't realize that the that the congress and there that kid took it right to the teacher he knew that he broke will rule in fact the school rule says that. On any replicas of weapons. Could lead to a one year expulsion from school a replica of a weapon. Now we know how -- that's gone. That's actually included some some kids. She shaping their hands like and you know you you put your thumb up index finger straight out pull together three fingers back and it resembles. A government. Sort of wonder if that would be considered in this case -- -- The school policy states that the board prohibit students from possessing or bringing weapons and replicas of weapons. To any school district building on school property to any school sponsored activity. And -- any public vehicles providing transportation to the school or to school sponsored activity. Okay he broke the rule -- He went right to the teacher. And it was a mistake. And while I understand the rules must be followed I don't think they handled this in the right way number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A nineteen year old from -- you know has been charged with negligent homicide in the death of a fifteen year old from willbros. -- Gartner. Said that he was -- -- gun when it actually went off and shot Braxton. Import job in the face. He said it was an accident. And maybe once he did turn himself into police but. Why -- people handling guns. I don't know if I understand that and I guess the worst part of this story is that him. When I guess went fifteen -- shot. -- -- -- nineteen year old to neatly Gartner and some of his friends that they dragged him off to the side of the road than -- they flat that's what witnesses said. And he ultimately turned himself in and charged with negligent homicide that. So many so many gun accidents. Result because people are playing with guns. Or or handling guns. And I'm not exactly sure. What part of is the safety or. Is so challenging for something. And you -- league with a safety on should still always assume. That a gun is loaded and has the ability. To fire but I guess a lot of people just don't. Just don't think that it's amazing today but fifteen year old is dead. Allegedly because gun accidentally went off. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I'm sure you've heard this story in the news a student monitor in in -- tennis Seattle Pacific University. It's being called a hero after he took a shooter. On campus down. -- the shooter killed one person and injured three others. John -- a 46 years old pepper sprayed the gunman putting -- -- clock while other students assisted in subduing the gunman. Amazing. And and police believe that this gunman was gonna hurt other people and other people's could've could've been victims because they felt an additional shotgun. -- a shotgun rounds and also a knife at the scene. So this was this was release of a brief kit and it you know it baby wonder how how many people actually stop the car. We will talk about this throughout the show have you ever stop the crime in progress. I think there's only one thing that came close to me actually stopping crime. I wish I was walking -- there it would get downtown Denver in congress are walking home. And the security guards. Were chasing a guy who would run by me who apparently had just stolen some some CDs. I ran after the guy and I actually -- the guy. Until the security guards caught up with him. All the while I had two bags in my hand because I would just getting some take out food. So important on the street with these two bags I guess -- was fast enough. I I got the guy and I -- I don't know why but I I told him to stay. To get a -- and he did and he waited for them you know the guys to get there that's about as close labour came to actually stopping crime. Never stop a crime if you manager Russia with a comic tonight about anything we talk about our numbers 2601. -- celebrity. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text number is 87870. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The political fallout continues over president Obama's trades of an American held in. -- in Afghanistan by the Taliban. I held for about five years the president traded at five will trains. The Taliban terror suspects being held that it gitmo bay. For the American that they were holding a prisoner. Republican Senator John McCain flip flopped on saying the US should do what -- it needs to do. To win the release of both -- doll a some Democrats -- even condemned the president's trade deal. I guess the real question is would Mickey Loomis have made this trade probably not. We'll talk about this and this next week they're they're still. So much to be learned about this and and some people have been so quick to a judge that situation it at first a that it was so great that this this guy was released. And an -- hearing many of the things that were. And controversy all about the trade and while some of the makes sense some of them might set a dangerous precedent. So again that was again this is all about politics for a for a lot of people will talk about that to the next week. -- for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A draft of the Texas Republican party's new platform includes support. Of gay conversion therapy. Some people believe. It through therapy. Homosexuals can be turned into heterosexuals. However there are a lot of people who think that this is a very dangerous thing. Here's part of what the new platform says in the year the Texas platform and the Texas a Republican Party kicked off their convention in Fort Worth. -- yesterday and Republicans. Actually denied to Republican gay rights groups. The right to have a Booth at the convention which I personally thought was a big mistake. On homosexuality. Must not be presented as an acceptable alternative lifestyle in public policy nor. Should family be redefined to include homosexual couples as part of what that the platform -- They believe that. Through therapy. You can -- homosexual into heterosexual. But most of the major health organizations. A seemed to say that this is not even possible and New Jersey and California have gone so far as to. Actually legally banned. The practice of trying to convert. Minor homosexuals. And heterosexuals. And you know I I I can't help but think about this possibility. If it is possible. To turn a gay person into a street course. Then would it be possible. To turn a straight person. Into a gay person. And in what would be part of that process. In listening Broadway Show tunes or. Rearranging the living room furniture. Don't talk about this Alicia right what do you think it would take what what do you think would be part of the straight conversion straits. Conversion therapy there's gay conversion therapy so if you could turn a gay person straight Mike could you turn a straight person -- There are a lot of people believe that it's it's a choice. And if it's a choice and I guess you just have to expose them to the person to the right the straight person just to the right things. Let him hang around the right people and then that person he or she -- cubs get a does he really is really that's diplomatic if you can turn a gay person straight they -- -- at the way around we'll talk about this on the show -- what would be part of the process of turning. Straight people indicate people. Our numbers 2601 in 72 all free 8668890. Point seven tech's number is 87870. Number three tonight's list of the top eight at eight. This weekend is the world naked bike riding Portland Oregon it is a huge event this year they're hoping to attract eight. Thousand naked bike -- But some Portland residents. Are not very happy with this annual event police allow it to happen should they allow this event to happen. Happens every year it's grown people from a different countries in fact I believe there's like seventeen different countries represented and 74 cities. Would be represented in this big world naked bike ride I Kathy Gertz was a resident of Portland. And she has been worse stock. Last year. On the downtown waterfront in Portland. They got stock as the naked. Bike ride went by. And this year -- naked bike -- is actually starting in her neighborhood I guess just by coincidence. She said quote it's bad enough to see it as adults. But kids. They could be scarred for life the participants. Are mostly naked. And what they do. And what they do have -- very strange. Yes it is you might see some of this on on the news but if you know something is is sent -- I'm I'm not -- And -- that afraid of on nudity not -- -- I wanna be -- and outfielder need to be nude. -- attitude when it looked at Miami but occasionally go to that nude beach. And it's it's really not what people think idiots. If you've never done anything like that it's really not what you what you think it is and if there's this if this annual event the naked bike ride. Should it be allowed to to take place I mean if you if you don't wanna see it. You don't have to see it. I remember walking out around Denver a couple of times in what -- time in boulder. Just to the west of Denver. And it's just randomly on and on weekends there were sent a group of naked bike riders are African with a call themselves but they think they had a name. And it may be Tony thirty of them. And it would just be held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon they would just get their -- adjusted they can get on their bikes are just too bright to write to the city. Enemy act and chuckled at could be look if if kids see somebody in -- I mean second turn -- into XXX. It's actually pretty funny. Especially when you see naked people on a blankets up something else to talk about it ever -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Today is the seventieth anniversary. Of this was the beginning of America's effort to stop the Germans during World War II. From what you have learned. About that today. From what you've ran to films that you've watched. Stories that you've heard from your parents or grandparents. From what you know about. What stands out in your mind most. I think it's important we talk about this on this seventieth anniversary. We're gonna talk to what mr. Kirby mr. Kirby is the only of World War II vet I know. And this is the gentleman who called the show. A month or so ago and I've arranged for him with the help of others to get to the World War II museum. And it was an honor to be in his presence we'll talk to mr. -- on the show shortly after. 9 o'clock and he's the only world were to that -- that I know of my dad was delightful though I would I would know him. If your World War II -- you wanna caller shooter -- I would love to want to talk to you but what's what stands out most in your mind and I know it's a Friday night that we want to have fun. But I also think it's very important we honor this day the seventh anniversary is a significant milestone. And so you know -- in fact mr. Gergen talked him before going on the air mr. Kirby 92 years old. And he was he was telling me that some of the people that he's seen he's seen who were pro word celebrating about not celebrating by. But but honoring what happened on the state several years ago and in Norman. He -- some of these people are like younger than he has mean think about it if you were. Forty years old going in the in the military if you were twenty years old on the beaches of Normandy you'd be ninety today. And I think I heard in our newscasters now WW -- -- we're losing about five or 550. Every day by you know mr. Kirby is a sharp guy and he he still. He still bothered by. What he had to do. But it's what he had to do. So what stands out in your mind most of doubts. About. Seven your Saturday and and World War -- are numbers 2601872. -- 38668890. Which seventy. And a text number is 877 and finally tonight's number one. On tonight's list. Of the top eight at eight. The man who was organizing the French Quarter midget man and a group of armed citizens volunteering to escort French Quarter workers to their cars in their destination. Has been arrested on a felony warrant. -- Jordan was arrested for stalking. I talked about this I believe it was a Wednesday when I was in for growing. And I got a lot of criticism because I simply said I have concerns. About. Some of the people who might -- pollen tear to be part of the French Quarter -- I I have questions about some people who. Feel the need. And look I'm not I'm not criticizing volunteering. I'm not criticizing tried to make the world a better place. But when it comes to guns. Some people are fanatics. The great majority of gun owners in this country are very very responsible people. But as you have with every group summer not responsible. The people who were bringing there weapons into Stanley restaurants trying to make a statement about the Second Amendment putting their guns out on the on the table. They're fanatics. And if somebody is fanatical. About their gone. And and what what's at once an excuse. To use their -- maybe not to shoot somebody but but what's an excuse to be walking around with their gun -- that they can't do that anyway but they want an excuse to have. To have that -- serve a purpose. -- escorting. People from their their work to their cars to their their destination. I thought it was fair to question. The mentality of some people who might volunteer. And that it would be important to know which part of the French Quarter minute that it's a hit the guy who -- organizing this has been arrested for for stalking. And a lot of people were critical of -- forward to just expressing that I had concerns about this group so does this change your opinion. But the French Quarter net and it. If you wanna join -- -- with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. -- -- 866. 8890 a seventy or text a receipt 77. If you -- an update on the top eight at eight that's what we're talking about and showed right. You can go to our website WWL dot com up at the top there's a -- that says sideshows and schedules click on that got the -- page of the top later date. Is posted there -- get an update on. Everything we're talking about tonight all right here's and when asked him. Which you like two tickets to see Bruno Mars tomorrow night in New Orleans. Yes so and I I screw we'll be right back on their TWO. It's a Friday night I hope we have -- great plans this weekend I know the the -- -- -- a believer -- Southport tonight so that those guys are all putting on their make up. In a lot of local bands like to Wear a lot of make up. They're guys to. Makes you wonder that actually have very talented and you might be planning -- to concede tonight effect -- we're doing the show would probably be there as well. -- we're talking tonight about a draft in the Texas Republican party's new platform. That includes support. Of gay conversion therapy. This means that you could turn through therapy you could turn homosexual. Into heterosexual. Now if that's possible. Why wouldn't be possible to turn a straight person into a -- person. If this is all about choice then that theoretically you could you could turn a street person into a gay person. If you expose them to the right things. So what we're part of that their TV like I guess they were called that straight conversion therapy. We'll talk about that here's and here's a text that says. I believe that through therapy is possible to turn sexist homophobic closed minded bigots. Into intelligent open minded progressive human beings. I don't think he can. I really don't think you could turn sexist homophobic. Close minded bigots into intelligent open minded progressive human beings because I don't know if if being that -- it is a choice. Here is a -- here's a Texas says says -- are glad to hear your in your time -- yet and I'm I'm thrilled to be back -- guys at night. I've been filling in for Garland Albion -- -- and next week on Monday through Thursday backed a description and -- night of thank Bob mr. fulfilling and and as we can be filling in next week as well the -- undersea naked bike ride is that there are naked bike ride in New Orleans these people are hardly -- We now in Portland and in Denver. Not everybody's totally naked but but their naked detectors -- -- WL project opinion poll tonight. Should the city of Portland allow the world naked bike ride. It happens every year should they allow it if many residents don't want to take place. They give your opinion by going to reflect a BWL dot com here's a quick updates. 33% say yes and 67% say no they should not allowed to happen. So if if there was an organized. Gay bike -- for example. If you didn't want to participate. -- didn't have to. But if people wanted to do. Is their problem with people doing that. And again I realize that this is not an issue directly for New Orleans but to me this is an issue about about freedom. There is an issue of bouts. And not agreeing with everything that that other people do and you may have legitimate reasons why you think this should take place at. There are people who who don't like it happened but this year they're expecting up to 8000. Bike writers. Now not all of them will be totally naked but many will. And in in Denver there was an -- and -- group of Tony thirty people who were just. Randomly just right through the streets of Denver in nearby cities like boulder. And on an afternoon. Enemy our brain into a couple of times and I thought it was funny if you -- enjoyed Russia with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number is 877. Also tonight talking about the man who I was organizing the French Quarter midget man. That's a group of armed citizens who were gonna volunteer to escort French Quarter workers to their cars and destination. He's been arrested on felony warrant for stock. I don't know many details about that there hasn't been much that's being released in terms of the specific stalking incidents. But the other day when I was -- I guess it was Wednesday wrestling for growing I brought -- the French Quarter -- -- -- And it's been talked about another shows Tommy talked about it Angela talked about it. And I expressed a concern. Because I'm concerned about some of the people who might. Beat the volunteers. And I don't think there's anything wrong with expressing concern about that and yet they were people who criticize me for just for daring to express concern. Are you concerned because they have got -- a concern because they have guns. I did the idea of of honest citizens. Trying to make the world a better place. That's a good thing. But I would just be concerned about. Somebody who might volunteer to do that I think their -- should be on very strong reassurance. That if there is a group of of volunteers who are armed or helping people -- of their cars that we know enough about them. To know that they're not a problem and they're not doing it for the wrong reason. They're not that are trying to play wild west cowboy there're they're they're not vigilantes. They're not going out of their way to just be somewhere where they have an opportunity to say that they're gonna -- is valuable looking if you have a gun legally. You can carry that got. -- Who's -- volunteer to to go do that. And are these people who like the French Quarter to the hang -- the French Quarter anyway. But he is going down to do that shot again I I had my concerns if you -- and are sure to let our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text -- is State's 7870. Here's a -- Reid said the gay conversion therapy did a shortly reminds me of a criminal minds episode where did the AEU. Went into one of these places and they found god forsaken horrible things going on. Shock therapy being used on these kids strapping kids to cheers and forcing them to watch pornography. While locked in a padlock. -- locker room. Those are the sorts of things that go on all for the sake of believing that gay people can be made straight. And if you can. Convert a homosexual. Into a straight person. Then wouldn't it make sense that you could turn. A straight person into -- -- purse. If you wanna join our -- night's numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. It's early seventy and -- -- number is 87 -- having a from Covington Chris you're on the -- -- -- he. -- interest. -- had the benefit of working with the radio homosexual male heterosexuals. At a benefit at work for homosexual male eighteen. They actually -- Prejudiced against homosexual people. Previous store for. Him. I worked for about three years or so handed during the conversation I mean during the -- -- -- conversation about the fact that why he was gay why -- -- And the you know he kind of explained to me that you know -- The break we keep our economy differently he said. You know -- You know you. Like female. -- I ever tell you a unique like mails about that -- party candidate and yet there's no way and there's no way there's no possible that I'll be attractive to me. And that when he said that when he was born that he was always attracted to a male. And I don't care what. Error PO what kind of conversion. You try to put me into I'll never be attracted to a mail cart. And it's just the way that I always. I was born. A secret site I agree and when people. When people have have presented the idea that it's a choice. -- -- simply ask that did you choose to be strange is there anything to turn you gay. If anybody believes in gay conversion therapies and the reciprocal would have to be true which would be straight conversion therapy. Zach and I -- what -- call a what not gonna call until you said that if you can convert me to be homosexual. I would be very surprised. You know I would be so surprised that outward well you know I mean I don't think that spot we wouldn't -- -- How would we do that though Chris having personality you'd you'd have to have -- we have to make sure that you had really good tasting close. You were saying we were clean and neat. And I you'll love Barbara Streisand shared let me dry rot -- Broadway Show tunes I know I'm stereotyping here but we're just having fun with this. -- sometimes it can -- Africa you know we kind of you know joke about -- fact that I -- public -- watching Sex and the City was there. You know and I are kind of -- by congress might have been but some. Pretty national and think about him and I have tattoos -- from the general where -- domestic things you think right. But in the same time. I'm so attracted to her that it's just like it's it's completely you know -- I mean it's just like it's it's -- -- respect. I I I understand and you know like I do remember a moment in American to be specific about it but I remember very specific moment when I was in kindergarten. Debt two when I look back on that moment that I still very vividly remember today. I realized at that moment that I was restraint and that was that was that was kindergarten. When your -- you know we war it is not there yet which use one -- we have. Data were -- -- -- actual. Debate you know. It is you know -- It's going to be interesting if anybody calls tonight and and and -- say well yes it's true if you can turn. A gay person straight. Then you can turn. A straight person gay and I I stay and I wouldn't I don't know what I'd I'd I'd I'd love to hear with a straight conversion therapy would be about. Chris I enjoyed our conversation meant thanks for listening W -- night. If you're told you stay with a science coach and our numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Insanity. Attacks numbers -- seventy Saturday here's a Texan reads about the French Quarter minutemen. My concern is Wendy's vigilante start blazing away I don't wanna be collateral damage. We'll be right back on WL. Welcome back to a show on a safari night I'm stooge -- a -- tonight's the man who is organizing the French Quarter minutemen a group of armed citizens volunteering to escort French Quarter workers to their cars in their destination. Has been arrested on felony warrant for for stalking does this change your opinion of the French Quarter -- -- -- one of -- the concerns was. Who the people who wanted to do it is. Mean not now not every responsible gun owner of Portugal and Allen and volunteer and an Internet. If there are responsible gun owners who do wanna help make that the city in the world a safer place that's great. But let's not be naive there are some -- voters who are fanatics. And they're looking for excuses to use their guns. Not necessarily to shoot people but looking for reasons to be in a situation where their gun is meaningful. Not for protection they -- meaningful it. Some people a little too pro active in there their mental process when it comes to guns and I'm a supporter of the Second Amendment. Sort of things were talking about tonight also this weekend is the world naked bike ride in Portland Oregon. A huge advantage they're gonna attract about 8000 naked bikers -- we will all be naked but many of them will be. Here's a text that -- a very interesting question how is and the naked bike ride not a violation of decency laws. I don't know. Maybe it's the same sort of thing is what goes on in the French Quarter during McGraw well you you know what's gonna happen and they just they just let it happen. And like I said there mr. group in Denver and they were just naked bike riders in the -- randomly. Show up and start riding their bikes. Down the street. You know I tactically I guess it is. A violation of decency laws. But it is an organized thing that has slowly grown over the years in in Portland it's now -- huge event. And if if you know what's gonna happen. Then just don't be around it and if you happen to be around that just just don't look. We're also talking about the end of the Texas. A Republican Party started their convention in Fort Worth, Texas yesterday. And they're working on their platform. And one of the things that they do is with the new platform as they support gay conversion therapy. Which means that you could turn a straight person -- -- the turning gay person into a straight person. If that's the case will then wouldn't it make sense that you could turn straight people game which I don't think you can do and I -- you are talking about. You know neat clean let me read this text from Todd Vanessa assistant -- he said to -- my phone. And I registered to -- or share this with you start -- our sister program director and also we set. On during the saints' season laden does a lot of sports and just feeling here as well. Since -- -- describing yourself. Clean neat nice Dresser like show tunes. You know I honestly. I'm not a big fan of the show to its. From Jefferson telling your on the schoolchildren every -- -- well. Call me. Isn't it -- -- news. Out today we did -- -- Bad. Saw something about China and our people and things do not only did she works we talked about at all. -- -- -- you know I don't agree. Let it be you know what happened at. The score at one time. It -- over and make sure people will say they make hot topic in any. Yeah I don't I haven't heard about them minorities you know they started I believe in new York and and they were in. Season and I know they were I know they were here for awhile. I don't know I'm I really admired them and they seem to have pretty strict rules about who became a member and they work aren't. And Italy is now I'm not opposed to people being -- but I'm just wondering. I just expressed concern for the type of person that might want to volunteer to walk around with their -- Agree with you and I have both back issued a two inch stub knows. Popular book it today and offering him an Alley or personal not quite sure right it's solid. Party night. All of which put a good shooter -- yeah I mean that was that get that -- know. The people that. Extremist. -- or be bought all gone. Age you know it someone's gonna come at me it's going to be elbow to -- uptight you know I mean I had it. There tourists sure unity dogs can. We don't want to have people way. No -- constable tried to do right used to work at -- at all. And he and Al Katrina when it reopened Oakland. And I'm sure that constable said that if -- happen on. It was still not been hit by the criminal. And B album. I don't know. News about why expand big eagle stalking. I don't I'm not you know I'm not here to criticize the guy for for that well I don't know when nobody should start but I don't know a lot of details about their but I think it does. It does support the original. Statement that I -- that I just I have concern. For that type of people. In some cases that that might wanna do with it. And and and we should be if we should be free to say hey you know what there's some wacky gun owners out there and still support the Second Amendment. Well -- join our conversation you have a great weekend. And meant -- -- that therapy podium. And then naked bike you don't like seeing people that make you know by staying out incompetent children die. Man -- to -- kids saw something like that wouldn't they laugh I mean it's funny it's not national. There. Well it's. Big -- in parliament approved. To get noticed Colin Powell but. I'm not being there and do what they. Do they -- and -- -- people. On that. Well it is today. -- and I realized that -- Probably section attic and I think any -- -- the -- -- jet -- and even a question. I'm not that there are like. Yeah because solely to judge. Just like operate at -- bet you know and I and I agree with you skunk in court and do. You can't borrow in -- not being the eyes of mailbox you know in. -- -- -- -- -- Trump and its environmental. -- -- of age could be done. To people like Dubai. I don't know of any show but it might Namibian desert between president shadow of a gun it's somewhat of a gun -- -- I don't know. Helen I enjoyed our conversation you have a great weekend if your whole stay -- his. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back with your comments. On him to -- Should the city of Portland allow the world naked bike -- happened again this year even if a lot of residents don't like it that's inevitably will pretty general opinion poll tonight. 25% say yes and 75% saying now. Here's attacks due to I'm late Tony something I love listening to you we don't agree 1100% of things that we agree on the majority. Especially when it comes to social topics. And I respect your view on things we disagree on. Great job and thanks for being an older guy. That helps me that gives me a little hope for the future and an older guy I'm hostile witness to my generation the baby boomer generation. From Mississippi earlier -- the VW -- good evening sir. School which -- Today. Our product that is optional pre. Orders correct. Yeah and union. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Argued job -- if you. You are. On the -- as a deterrent to. No almost. Like the -- Him I'll. Lawyers -- years ago -- you have listened to all of this music that gays like. And you probably even like YMCA. Anger still straight. When -- every week we're the -- bit -- you. I enjoyed the -- the -- While true. And -- like it. Well Earl you and I agree on that. Probably. Never have a great weekend going to call it usually -- a comment about. And UNICEF we're talking about tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text Amber's -- 77 it very interesting text year. About straight gay conversion therapy. What about people who go to prison and their heterosexual but they engage in homosexual activity Bolivar and president. Is that because of their surroundings or circumstances. I'll get to that after this news break also more of your calls -- -- you're Texan coming up next. Under the WL.