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06-06 9pm Scoot /Mr. Kirby and WW2/D DAY

Jun 6, 2014|

Scoot talks with Mr. Kirby; a 92 year old world war two vet.

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I it's a Friday night and we are heading into the weekend though maybe an update over talking about it today is the seventieth anniversary of misses today that. American forces landed on the beaches of Normandy. And this was the beginning really of America's war effort to stop the Germans -- and from what you've learned about that day through reading or watching films -- Our movies are hearing stories from your parents or grandparents is there anything that stands out in your mind about the state. And were were too if you enjoy pressure comment about -- -- if -- were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. In a text number receipts revenues have major shift in our -- appeal project of people doesn't quite often shift this much. But -- -- in a major shift here's the opinion polls. This is happening tomorrow and Portland should the city of Portland Oregon. Allow the world naked bike ride to happen again this year expecting 8000 naked bike riders. Even -- many residents don't think it should take place. Now before the news. Only 25% said yes -- should should take place anyway. That's at the now 88 a 50% 50% say it should take place. And 42% say no it shouldn't give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com also Disco blog is -- titled. It may be time to take comedy do seriously. And that's on our -- of -- to -- W dot -- talked about this yesterday necessary in fort -- and it's about. A new study that shows that the Colby a report did a better job -- Fox News MSNBC CNN ABC CBS. And NBC. Did the best job. Of explaining campaign finance people. And a lot of people. Younger people under forty get there and get their news daily and -- got a number of -- are talking about this from from older people. Who get their news from Jon Stewart and -- -- Even building Ling left. They like it so we'll talk about what your source of news is -- can redeploy a picture with others it's on our web -- interpreter -- On dot com where we're talking about that the French Quarter minutemen I expressed concerns this week when I heard about this group. About the type of people that might volunteer to do it's not not suspect if everybody that I was concerned about. Some people who might go out of there way to wanna do this to -- walk around with their guns not that you can't do that if you do it responsibly and if you do it legally. The he could certainly do that it. Who's gonna who's gonna volunteer to walk French Quarter workers. From their work when they get off the -- denied early in the morning. To their cars to the Boston streak or to their destination. In around -- quarter who's gonna volunteer to do it and should we know something about those people. -- Jordan who's the guy who's organizing this past has been arrested or -- -- for stalking. I got a -- a moment ago just because somebody is arrested doesn't mean they're guilty bistro. And I don't know if he's guilty and I'm not here to specifically focus on them but I thought it was interesting. -- idea -- criticism are talking about just having a concern. For. The type of people who might wanna do this. And then now we've obviously got some concern about the man who was who was organizing. If you enjoyed Russia with a comet tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a -- number is 87870. Also tonight we're talking about the the Texas Republican Party they started their convention yesterday Fort Worth, Texas. They have a new platform that includes supporting gay conversion therapy. Some believe. -- you can turn homosexuals and heterosexuals. Now if that's possible. And why could you not turn. A heterosexual. Into a homosexual. And I've yet to hear anybody explain. How. You you can't -- you could actually you can do with it. And if there's gay conversion therapy and would there be straight conversion there. To join our show with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- semi -- -- and 78 separate from sorrento in Europe to -- show good evening. We're going on the -- that real exceed. As for the minutemen are concerned. Men are completely support them I do agree. I would like more transparent -- sports he's been involved but oh world -- Chapman. -- -- it -- and -- people taken responsibility. And an obligation to protect their community. In the top more and we can count on the police to do that. And. Well -- know what you're saying about the police but you don't think about it and police. Can't always stop crimes -- They respond to crimes. But that the police can't escort people they they can't be armed escort for people and and if they are honest the citizens who were doing it for the right reason. Well there's nothing wrong with that I don't have a problem with the concept. But what I think about some people who own guns. And how some people who own guns act I have a little concern about some of the people who may wanna do that team -- They might have a -- attitude you can't have that if you do it. No I completely agree but report to question -- which hold you know. Police Stephen Moore are standard in the conference. Inception of the Iraq War. We have more on their innocent American citizens Q about police and have been cute and or at war in the past ten years in net for the lot. Especially Alec case toward purses are District of Columbia where the Supreme Court old. That. Police officer is not obligated to not constitutionally obligated. To protect its citizens and most specifically. Assigned to the -- scare him. Do you -- after the first -- Aaliyah I was down there that we convert concert he -- Yeah -- never. You know. I know things happen where I'm confident in my ability to take care muscle problem. Trained with our armed with weapons concealed carry so. Are so confident in my ability to keep not so straight when you locker -- the first quarter do you have your gun with you. Usually though don't usually drinking and it. If I'm not drink and how will I will carry. But -- and that do agree with where you comment from we do need transparency on who these people or dislike. You know police officers need to have transparency was -- they are what their -- is -- we need to know who they are we have available to. In the same order in which should know these people that are like that attitude and I liked the concept like you could borrow. Well I liked the concept. What concerns me though is is the attitude of of of who wants to do this because there are there are people who do have vigilante mentality. And that's not the right place for somebody with that with that mentality and I I still have questions about George zero. He may not have and have and done anything wrong according to the court needed -- wrong. But I just have a question about somebody who wants to do that who wants to volunteer to -- to walk around a patrol in neighborhood in an -- maybe I'm being unfairly suspicious. -- What you -- I join our conversation and you have a great weekend. -- here's a text that read so I have a lifelong friend who is gay she dated guys in high school. College. But he didn't work she's a wonderful Christian woman she was born that way and and we knew she was a little different. But it never mattered to -- in our sixties. And dignity and her many friends. We all love her and we're all old rural North Shore. Opt for life that's great. If you and enjoyed our -- nights are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seven -- a text -- -- 77. A from the garden district judge Joshua -- WL. Face -- I just wanted to say thank you think Michael -- I'll make it brief so I want to say I'm bored by that. Texans for a Republican platform that says that you can change some when. Sexuality. That it's disgusting to think they use their governments involved and -- and anyway I also want to say that. I would like people to be proactive in helping others not. You don't have to be armed by helping others in the French Quarter a couple of my friends that worked out out. There hostesses there -- And when they -- and they come home they know. Other workers but crop the night before -- Make the people. There are going to take their money from India they had someone who's maybe more physically. Larger. Or order stronger. Those people might not look at this thing where if they don't necessarily carry guns but I think the question -- in and of itself that says. You should it -- course. Well that's better that's etc. into -- I wonder if people would volunteer to do that. If they didn't have -- -- with the sick with the same people volunteer to just make somebody safe without the gun or is begun something that inspires them to wanna go down and do. I would be happy if fact that they know their opener and a human being going out there and and protecting that other person that they may or may not know. Is is. Why they're going out there I have no no qualms with him carrying guns that they are good ones they're not drinking it bargained for not blocking them and waiting around. -- But I am and I am glad that somebody is out there trying to helps are our -- America. I'm going to -- Have a good weekend if you wanna join us tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. A text number is 87870 -- -- -- WL pretty general opinion poll tonight should the city of Portland Oregon and allow the world naked bike ride to happen again this year. Even -- many residents don't want to take place. They're naked and on everybody's totally naked but. Many people just have helmets and shoots that's it. It's. Is I've been expecting like 8000 naked bike riders. In every once in awhile somebody falls. -- just got pretty. I mean you know you gravesite filled episode good naked bed naked. And make it. But if you saw approaching naked bike -- -- I experienced -- in in in Denver. ABC Abacha naked bike riders and leaned. All right but that doesn't really hurt you doesn't. And if you if you can't see it means will to laugh with you -- naked bike rider I mean just on anything it's sexually enticing. Numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy -- 7870 this is the -- Schilling will be right back on WL. So the man who was organizing the French Quarter minutemen. If he's not guilty but he has been arrested on felony warrant for for stalking and I think this confirms the concern that I had force over the people who might wanna do this again I just had a question that was not against the concept. But I was concerned about some of the people who might volunteer to do. And with the with the same people volunteer to do it if they couldn't have their guns with them. Or is. Basically to say this right. Is having a gun with -- does that. Does that somehow make it fun. Does that make it worthwhile doing. With the same people do if they couldn't have begun with the also we're talking about the Texas Republican Party. They're meeting in in for worse -- their convention yesterday there working on the platform. And they have now embraced in their platform they have embraced. The gay conversion therapy. -- which has been outlawed in New Jersey and California. And there are a lot of mental a mental health officials. And organizations to say it's a very very dangerous. And it is not even possible but yet their people who believe that you can turn. A homosexual into heterosexual and if that's true then scientifically wouldn't be possible to turn a heterosexual. Into homosexual. And what with the straight conversion therapy deal about. Today is also the seventieth anniversary of mean nation enormity -- began America's war effort to stop Hitler itself the Germans and it was awarded to change the world. From what you have learned about that day which you've heard about that day what do you but he remember what stands out about it. I guess my only real knowledge of that is what I -- in the World War II museum of what is seen on. A television over the years. I realized it was just a movie but I think Saving Private Ryan did a very good job of showing us as much as a movie can show us. What that was like. People sick in a throwing up ball and then the boats heading into the short many of those many of those Higgins boats were made right here in in the New Orleans area. A World War II vet called mr. Kirby called the show. A month or so ago -- with the help of some other people arrange for him to go to the World War II museum. And he's the only were were two that I know and mr. Kirby choices on this crucial mr. Kirby good evening. I'm doing good how are you don't answer. And well that's all right you're doing you're doing great now when I talk Q earlier you said that a lot of notes that some of the people that you've seen. Who were part of the the anniversary of of the Normandy invasion and several years ago they were are on the news they are like younger than you. Or so that -- me. I was in replacement. That would -- and experiences certain services. And it is there anyway both -- Week trial -- -- -- to go camp workout session what was crossed it. Reverend -- you can vote. Rocha here and move when that process. Real pros ride no problem -- -- in the ten question -- both. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because people aren't going to go to vote. Comparable to it would. And kind of curled up on the ankle grow the raised to be kind of grown up the -- -- what role in the is. America. America -- -- on the -- you know and remembered. Help build -- naval base above looks suspicious that this is. And that is available it is the it would appear consistent or. Outward mention a saved by the fifty cents an hour and talk about how you shape but it. And look at timlin is their races and finished I think that the court to decide that it would have ten. So -- open. -- did the more work -- you know it is for about. And so here is to order though isn't going for. Didn't care and. And they have to have a cultural wars since did general Nabil actually. How I cope pavement. I'm told his political payments is at -- yeah and I can't do that in the. Well world we know nobody nobody like set sorry you're dealing with. About one day and shorter. What went shorter exit to put no no we'll have come through a national sure. More than operated on the there's no operate out of the -- they came to me just be. Mr. -- when we went to the World War II museum you you told me that your. You're still very bothered by that by some of the things that you have to do and in the war in -- bring up negative things but what you did was what you had to do. Well let's let's let's not think about it to me you do what you had to type. That is out there. The last two years that the bottom but it comes -- the notion that people. But mr. Kirby what you did and what's what your fellow soldiers did. Change the world and you say -- you've saved our country. But I want to toast to you to -- -- well we've drawn to Jeremy and so that is. Which -- has so accurately and yeah Austin notable addition justice since. Receptive group to stand open. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There hasn't been wouldn't stop. And we did talk German police consensus. And sad moment to new. You -- and you would hand movement but it and who it is that's expected. You were trying to help we did. They have. It was stated somebody we had to go -- would go to Germans shall there. Or would ultimately. It would once. Is I was wondering. When was -- -- did that whoever. -- real or Latin bishop -- is that the date you know -- wanna. And so. Open. It today. I have no talk. -- Vista currently far. I I don't like making -- you think about this again but I -- want you to know that it's it's okay. Mean if you'd did what you had to do and and you did it again your fellow soldiers. You save this country you save the world to support. I'm no but nobody ever realize -- -- do. You do what you get creative -- adult. -- that you're treated right now nobody recognize as being a program note it. Nobody. Else they. And they have been neighborhood would vote. Fifteen houses and so about sixty people in the sixteen -- here no -- altered. It'd. I -- six zip is so good but just in India do so. Because I have the local purchase. And what you local critique you polish -- who was -- historical vocal -- to noble. He got -- makeshift football and no Christians. Because of the panel report. Actually I don't. But it is or. Content and is -- being -- that was. -- Go do things without bail out all of these stand on their. They'll of them would quote. Mister -- do you have the things that you need right now. I could make run around and active people but they don't order. Respond built by -- or organizational. Taiwan gonna give you call ready to call for the weekend and Joseph is an American before. Well appreciated just called today and got a ball was going. Only three weeks from -- it mildly. I can't I can't reach above all they -- starts and so I have to -- -- -- starts since. -- available now for about tree which I believe it's doable in -- have been war. Complicated by an effort to crush -- and I think by -- -- -- -- -- Sure appreciate you called it. Oh god bless you and I just wanna tell you that this is German people are good people and intelligent able. There was -- bit but he is an island -- of factors. It -- at all and that's what they need this follow me because I had to do that it. -- -- -- -- But she did what you you have to do and and and you're here today because it's because you'd you'd he -- -- you had to do it and -- -- is set. I mean I I think that the pain that year -- expressing here shows. And just exactly how. Ugly warriors. It's it's a horrible thing when people to kill each other. Thank you what you thank you thank you for what you did to operate. Hey I appreciate the -- Thank you very -- to occur to you have a good -- nobody. And talk to you want to do tomorrow. So mr. Kirby and I want to talk to him and twenty day but I. Almost feel bad debt to getting to talk about something that was it was so -- an unpleasant and that was not my intent. But when you. When you think about. What this man. Is dealing with now at the age of 92. He talks so passionately about. The German soldier whose. Intestines were hanging out. And -- -- could speak German but they're trying to given instructions on but what to do and how to how to take care of himself. And that's the reality of war. And you know we can vPro militaries -- what we need to go take -- in this particular that but that's the reality of war. And I I also still to this day touched by the stories of that Christmas Eve when there was a cease fire. And the Germans and the allied forces. Many of -- Americans. Wished. The jurors soldiers. Merry Christmas. And here mr. Kirby to this stage feels very badly about. The Germans he would kill. But I don't fault him for that I don't think you do -- Do but he had to do. If you enjoyed ushered I would come in our numbers 260. 1870. -- free 8668890. Point seven you know tech's number is 8787. From New Orleans Jeremy -- -- show. -- -- Under one appreciate everything that the Kirby did appreciate everything all parents do I'm. And -- you know how to get sucked in the Kirby off the gas I'll give you mop on what you need help put anything. Around the naval. At the beginning I was leading the effort is called Louisiana need help put -- -- -- -- -- umpire helped. Verify that you wanna put out on the let. Jerry -- I appreciate that but I hope you understand the position had been on its. It's difficult on the air and legally to put people in touch with with other people you know you could be the greatest guy in the world but you know. What is somebody. Said they wanted to help him and they went over and and you know took something or did or did something bad so you know we're kind of in a in a tough situation and it's it's a shame that he you can't trust everybody but. Just the fact that you that you care -- or do something is is very much appreciate. I'll go up trichet had to do it again appreciate all of that -- the -- thank you so much but what you did. You are appreciated. And so are many many more people -- enemy appreciate -- I hope that the one -- the URL RIQ. Jerry are going to call it nationalistic. So since this is the seventieth anniversary of DJ. That this was that did really the real true beginning of the American war in Europe. Shopping and Nazis in and we did I think eleven months perhaps. After we landed. What stands -- in your mind about world war two and about people like mr. -- I'm from New Orleans Charles -- to be WL. -- -- -- Then you need it. In our equity should do -- go couldn't be a very addictive PP that he'd take you here. He got me here. So you've been in World War -- we know -- ears popped. India and he knows -- when he came back there was even a name for that really. There near him. -- -- Bring the united it bothers me that he so haunted to this day and mean. 92 years old the guys really mentally sharp day in and they've been pretty good physically strongest as well for for 92 years old and -- need to a walker to get around -- it. He really is is bothered by this and I'm gonna I'm gonna recommend that -- Charles. Try to appreciate college and is there are any World War II vets who are listening. Thank you for you do it for people like mr. Kirby you'd you did what she had to do. If you wanna join us tonight with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- text or -- 7870. And from Slidell David -- into the WL. -- -- her statement calling thanks for having mr. -- on my Brothers and work were children and our listeners -- -- You know whatever he says he's got instructional spartans on his 100. Target unchanged. At that -- it hit me it is. -- -- grandfather died I would -- 2000 every day. And change its spot and he couldn't do it as a my grandmother shot there -- you know that you it was it was a small thing for me the first term. It meant the world. And anyway anything -- Yeah and we the most important thing. And yet I guess I would encourage everybody. Is listening. To. Think of somebody. -- the of battered elderly or -- beat anybody you know him. Each to thank you might now that might need help that might situation check and he was doing and just you know of endurance. He does not mean much to use maybe -- about the economy in the world and -- very very. David I I agree and and I didn't want to other channel four came out and covered. May with mr. Kirby at the World War II museum I didn't want publicity but if if there was anything to come -- -- what I did board is that in two to show that there are people who. They need -- to reach out to them in there are people who you know we don't respect her elders. The way. Eastern cultures like they Japanese respect their elders if we should have more respect for for our elders and you know there're there're people who were close it mr. Kirby that I am who could do do a lot more foreign and I'm gonna have to go out of our way to trying to try and do more. -- it's a great thing if you can anybody in just taken right now because somebody's. Injury. That he used. A little -- appreciate it won't ever. Have and -- A political show. Internationalist and a from Algiers -- you're under BW road leading. Yeah he's done a little different bases so it in my it still mean. Fought World War II he he passed toll rose fourteen. On related to the war but. Somebody get a chance to really talk them about things there is but I -- remember. One danger to the civil rights era. He was on the self and -- and that the newspaper. Andy who has read the article in the legislature trying to pass the poll tax so that they can keep blacks from voting. And peaceful that they put on a -- Amnesia that. All in the South Pacific for four months. So that people could have the right to vote not the opportunity to prepare payroll tax. And that's like he would he would. Adamant that people's right to vote. Had been burned by everybody who have fought annual. And -- so united that that -- that transfer it -- You know even issues like whether or not people you know that in the civil rights here and everything -- That that that that so that's something basic that has been earned by people. And that we try to take away people's right -- respecting. The contributions of the so dismayed to prepare. Preserve those. On ten and let you share that witness in a specialist. Diet if there's a story that you remember hearing from your parents or in many cases here your your grandparents. Is there a story about World War II that stands out in your mind. -- or something in particular about. What you've learned -- what you know about the war. I learned a lot for the World War II museum which I -- Hannah and number of events today and it's just such a first class. And facility and they do just such and such a great job. If you are losing anywhere across the country if you come to New Orleans take time to go to the World War II museum downtown it's. It's. Compelling. And it's is its profound it will really a touch you would a lot of different ways. So there's a a story that you remember about World War II was something that you heard or something that you've learned our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early Saturday in a -- every State's 7870. Also we're talking about the the Texas Republican Party. Embracing. Big -- conversion therapy. But they're they're they're embracing this idea of converting. Homosexuals. And heterosexuals. This is the -- show we're coming right back with more of your comments on to -- WL. It. Today is the seventieth anniversary of you can only imagine how some of those says this veterans of Phil being there. -- They were revisiting the place where they were seventy years ago and we just had a conversation with the ninety year old World War II that mr. Kirby who will listen to the show. And to getting a lot of response to to his conversation. And here's yeah getting a couple of -- like this. It's good is it possible to sponsor a fund. To at least send an accredited home health nurse or provider to check in on mr. Kirby couple times a week. I'd be willing to contribute voluntarily. A to a fellow veteran in need. And then here's the very next text that came in as students someone sets up the fun for mr. Kirby I'd love to donate money to him with this needs. -- -- -- Check into that and see if that's something that is necessary. If if that's something that is a possible and I'll. I'll talk to mr. Kirby -- of course that's something that we would have to work out today as -- as a radio station but you I'll look into that. But you know a caller earlier just part of a really interesting point whether it's mr. Kirby or or or anybody. Think about somebody who might need your help. Because here's a guy who seems to be pretty much alone in the world at the age of 92. And that was one of the reasons by a -- to get into the World War II museum because he didn't you once had never seen the movie. And wanted to go back again but he didn't have anybody to anybody taking. And there are a lot of people like -- program. Upper Texas Kevin here on WWL. Send. It to him. Well the coroner -- the war. -- can. You. Did in the middle of them. The commander -- the house are brought out that I'll. They do that. The always to implement. Them as -- -- The well Monday. With Vietnam and vote on voters. One -- spoke of him. You. Are. -- later -- military also but there is we talk about it now. And knowing yourself do you remember. You know if you get adequately treaty start -- -- And -- equipment and we. Long. Ago. -- people would public but he. Only shortly ago -- -- -- -- their careers. -- nuclear by Euro -- So alum. No loans it was Oakland. I even went up volunteer work and I would put him. I want to work and a -- -- Operation Iraqi Freedom. Outside the wire. Com -- Robert. The I've never gotten blown up but I have people are blown up and they're -- -- -- ever been there for a comeback in. Wire you know it you're so that they're everybody at the ethnic groups so that all of come. Come back. McKenna thanks for thanks for sharing your story and thanks for what you do for our country. -- ridiculous and here's a -- read mr. mr. Kirby is officially the coolest person in the world god bless him for what he did for our country. Here's a -- -- my grandfather was part of the initial invasion of Iwo jima and also received the purple heart. It's shaped and defined him as a man. From that time on I appreciate his service and all those who served. With him during a terrible. But necessary war and it's covered -- -- -- -- that if you enjoy our show with your comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And attacks Amber's late 78 -- this is the -- short coming right back with more of your calls and more of your text. Like everybody else just hang on. My day we -- very young went more work to broke out tinian some of his friends immediately rushed down to -- lists in the navy. And my dad was too young to see action but he actually wanted to see action he was hoping that he would and he he would see action but he he didn't. We just a talk to mr. Kirby and getting a lot of response to a conversation that we had with him just through moments ago today's a seventh anniversary of where America really began its on its war to. To be Germany. And we did. From Los Angeles Alan -- and to be heavy on good evening. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He has and I united I said after a ticket to the World War II museum. I said after that that I hope he -- as much touted as I got out of being with him. You know I would lead the world union. There in the number and coordinate what -- -- -- what. Was the fact that. I. There and hear him -- and and build organization out there on the -- W and can. You know that that are that are willing to. Be -- -- You know he would be you know. Activism is. Yeah I'm gonna do a little more after this conversation with him tonight I'm gonna do a little mortified to know what to what what can be done to to help him -- find out exactly what his. What is daily Nizar. Dot -- and the -- we were here before the yeah it. It that Jack is. Turning people. -- -- -- -- -- I appreciate calling -- show now among other things I were talking about a draft. Of the Texas Republican party's new platform there. Sorting their convention asserted yesterday that meeting at Fort Worth, Texas. -- there including. Support of the gay conversion therapy theory. Actually. Trying to convert homosexuals into into heterosexuals and health organizations find this to be actually absurd in two states. New Jersey and in California have actually pass laws to ban gay conversion therapy now if it is possible to turn somebody who is gay. Into a straight person. Then it would theoretically be possible to turn a straight person into a gay person. If you just gave them the right therapy. Do you think that's possible. And if -- -- -- -- distribute to all of your calls are coming appeared just furiously to a couple aboard these text and here's a text. About the French Quarter minutemen. In my opinion the sort of people who -- want to volunteer for something like that. Are people with a super hero complex. Who -- feel big and bad. Because they can walk around with a gun George Zimmerman is a prime example. And I can bet if they were not allowed to carry a firearm they would not jump at the chance to do it you don't need a gun to protect someone. And if that security guards. On that Seattle campus. See a -- Seattle on college campus is in an example. And I don't know what is this guy I was here of a great example he would -- and that -- spoke with pepper spray pepper sprayed a gunman and apparently prevented a lot more deaths. Then would have would have occurred. This gunman killed one person I think injured three and this hall monitor at Seattle -- Pacific college. He jumped. The gunman and he's being called a hero and -- I think gets something that he deserves to be called. Again we're gonna get back to your calls here in just a moment also more -- Texaco and against Texas we're just a moment ago and this is just this is so typical. Of the -- of people think -- turning off the show not listening. Because. I question the mentality some gun owners. And it's really a shame that some people can't see. That within every group there are fanatics. With in every group. They are people who give the entire group a bad name. I don't have a problem with the concept of the French Quarter minutemen. I think it's really nice of people want to volunteer to help people get around safely. But the other day when I was doing Garland show. Some people criticized me for -- I have concerns about some of the people who would wanna do it. And now we learned that the guy who was trying to organize it has been arrested on a felony charge. A shocking. Now. If the same people who would go down there with their guns if they would be willing to go down there with out their guards. And help people get to their cars. If they would still be willing to do that without the guns but those are good people. But there are unfortunately there are. Gun owners who are fanatics. And they're more interested in walking around with their guns. And they are interested in May be protecting people I'm -- will be right back -- WL.