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06-06 10pm Scoot Gay Conversion Therapy

Jun 7, 2014|

Scoot continues to discuss: Texas Republican plan to convert gays through therapy...

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Welcome back -- show on this Friday night is great to be back with you -- think Bob Mitchell for filling in of the -- showed this week when I was filling in for Garland I will be back filling in for girl next Monday through Thursday. And then got back on the -- showed next Friday night it is could be back on the show at night. On this weekend is the world naked bike ride it's a huge huge event to Portland Oregon. Eyes and this year they're expecting about 8000 naked bike riders not all of number totally naked but many of Amar they're wearing helmets in and she -- -- did its Portland or sell. You know of course they're gonna follow the rules -- and where there helmets but they're going to be naked. And it's really kind of funny I I didn't see that in Portland but I saw when I lived in in Denver there was there a group of maybe 203040. People. And they would just randomly I'd just the bride down the street in in areas of Denver. And I -- occasionally run into them and it's it's kind of funny Edison the F -- -- seal these naked people going by it's not it's not sexy it's not sexual bullets. It's really kind of funny but here's -- WWL project opinion poll it was something little like. So should the police allow this to happen should the city of Portland allow the world naked bike ride to take place again this year. Even if residents don't like it. 57%. Say yes and 43% say no. Give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot -- -- are talking about a draft of the Republican. Texas Republican Party. They're new platform is embracing the gay conversion therapy. Believing that you couldn't take a homosexual and through therapy turn homosexual male or female into heterosexual. Well if that's possible. Than you would have to say that it's possible to turn. -- heterosexual. And homosexual. And I'm not exactly sure what the straight conversion therapy would be. Got a -- a few minutes ago from somebody said Louisiana needs a conservative. Conversion therapy. About not being able to turn a straight person into a gay person with the right kind of therapy could you could you convince somebody to be -- If you wanted to and Russia with a comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 86688907. In a text a -- 78 semi today is the seventieth anniversary of what stands out in your mind about about. Or World War II in general and maybe some of the comes from the World War II museum here in or wants a talk to mr. Kirby in 92 year old sent. Who listens to the show he was in world war two and he still feels very badly about the people but he he had to kill. And good morning to think about ugly things product that -- into. The -- of the Sharon writes awed by did talk to a earlier because he's the only World War II vet did that -- -- And you know like I tried to do the best I could through telling that he did what he had to do. And the recent he's here is because he did his job that he did what he had to do. And he had his his fellow soldiers they. They protect our country. They are the reason we -- here in this free nation today. So. Our thanks to all of the Vietnam vets but now all of the World War II vets and and Vietnam vets agreement all the -- But when I -- somebody like mr. Kirby and I've just gotten so much response from people who. Have been bothered by the idea that this man doesn't seem to to get help and assistance that he needs for some of the simplest things. I'm gonna find out a little bit more about it over the weekend and -- see if there's if there is more we can perhaps do if you wanna join us tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Semi -- a receipt seventy -- every. At a toward your text here in just a moment from diamond head -- -- and to be WL. Hello -- I'm pretty on hold in Tennessee he says still there when we come back. I'm from New Orleans Mary -- WL. Like to -- to comment lament about the minutemen in the French colonial being promised is going to be. I -- you know -- nailed it though. But -- professionals told. Social -- and now the bundled -- elderly people and -- I don't know -- atom -- but and they can't take PP don't know. For help but Britney professional social -- They could -- active in the right direction and -- when we get that name he doesn't know the call Brantley you know. Our united way I don't know Ito that they -- this statement these folks who work with that there are all over the place. And and that people on -- can't give -- their name -- number -- anything it means the -- but don't you know they had that. Yeah. And -- -- two OK yeah definitely don't want to talk about the minutemen yeah. -- the possible but. You know like a lot of areas you know in that patrol that it wasn't my idea. That the men and men have to have Clement. Maybe a bag on them and what they have to have -- criteria that they have a background check number one number two they have to take the would -- the -- the certificate of current course that they have the cemetery. Terry well of course that you have to take it. There's this thing core -- in no way. It gives you that you can get certificates that can. You know of course we want to everybody knew who became part of Africa are not going to be trained. And I don't know I don't know I don't know if the is do we eat there any we just amazing to me that there. There are people who were so quick to criticize. The -- like myself just expressing concern for. Some of the people who might wanna be part of the French Quarter minutemen and we've already learned that the guy was organizing has been arrested on -- -- for for stalking. And I'm not happy about that that in this thing we're not function that they would stand deployment of my project is a planet but I don't know a lot of weight -- -- come out with our tip. And now people know that and then and so people watching. I mean I -- I have lived in neighborhoods whether it's a lot of students around here a lot of undue weight to eat you know waited job to make extra money. And they tell me that they come out and that's been -- Maybe in the war on getting out front -- people know they they they have all. Have been kept silent I think it's a good idea but I think it'd be done right way I'm content. -- I would agree with that -- -- -- on the show yeah I don't have a problem with the concept of of honest citizens wanting to help people get from work to their car safely. My question is do we know who these people are going to be. And again. I've I've got a couple of -- and and I'm I'm criticized sometimes by a price of people. Who think that if you criticize anybody with a gun. Anybody's intent with a gun in your anti gun. Year. Anti Second Amendment. Which isn't true. You should be able to criticize members of any group. With doubts. Being labeled somebody that doesn't accept. Certain rights or the function of of a certain group. I mean the truth there's there's some some you're responsible gun owners. And recently we've we've been talking on the show about the the beat the gun owners that have though wanted to show off their guns of the going to family restaurants and put their guns on a table. And you wonder what is the need for that and a lot of gun rights groups have denounced those groups. And restaurants at sonic in -- the most recent to do it have told their their customers. You're not allowed to bring your guns it. Last year it was Starbucks they want what would you feel the need to going -- going on -- tape. If if you -- honest gun caring America. You don't act that way. But yet some people do. And I'm concerned that some of the people who act that way might be one of -- -- one might wanna become part of the French Quarter minute. And those are not the kind of people who you need to do that. And I also wouldn't wonder if they would still be interested in doing it if they couldn't have their gun with them. If they knew they can help somebody get safely to their car would they still would they still wanna help or is having the -- with them part of the fun. Is that is that is that what attracts people to wanna do that if they wanna do it out of the goodness of their heart or -- the wanna do it because it's a chance to. To have the feeling that their gun is meaningful. And again you have the -- to walk around with -- gun -- your legal. Gun owner and we do have open carry here in Louisiana. So it's not about -- year public hearing your gun it's about responsible gun owners and they're our gun owners who have a vigilante mentality. They -- gun owners who who. Enjoy having their guns because it gives them confidence. It feeds there. Their macho mentality. And that's not the right reason to own a gun so since the French Quarter is part of my neighborhood. I'm concerned about. French Quarter and adamant and the other question is. Would they know how to deal with the situation. Once it erupted. Let's say. Somebody. -- starts to do what would they know how to handle a situation if somebody started to do something like -- -- a purse or. Grant Celtic and would they know how to handle that and he just pulling after gonna -- to shoot people that's not necessarily the way to always handled that. If you wanna join us tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. Tech's number is 8787. From Metairie Trish your on to -- show good evening. Skated -- -- -- suggestions that -- with the council on aging is okay. That indirect she's going to get -- -- -- and delivered on Monday to Friday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At what it can also check up on him and then I'll on the order form factor for home health care. About the achieve its return to week. And it compression stocking Lilly actually should be changed. Content and not at all our day at -- Yet he said that his own first for three weeks now. The other night. Are so common contact counsel rankings they can direct you -- -- get assistance with an electric falcon I don't know. And he's letting you know without -- much -- state air conditioned. -- and I think he's got it financially at the keys I I get the impression that he's okay. Saw I just need to find out tonight if there's something bad and I can do more -- -- -- that we can do to. Help make things a little better form and this is amazing to me Trish his -- 72. Elizabeth or reasons it's hard to believe it's his daughters in their their living and and sharpen. The daughters 72. Apparently -- -- a wonder that -- man. Well again that's that's a fairly sure that Diana I'm not involved in that about a moratorium I don't -- assume that there are. Family issues there but it's well I still find it. Some -- strange in and say -- that he's in in need for such company win. There are people around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Comic effect trafficking the council on aging over the weekend. That you could get my com Monday and -- we direct you rate it you know Leo Italy and it might come out without. You know and then act state long term and not gonna trade worms and yeah definitely check on -- daily -- there. If -- -- really good advice that I wrote that down and it's a pale looked into. All right you have a great weekend. If you wanna join Russia with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. The text numbers -- 77. Here's a -- reads if the minutemen wanna be superheroes. They should become cops. Interesting. However come right back -- more of your calls a journal just hang on. And -- detection next it's Friday nights the -- show wife and newborn like the New Orleans and to be WL will be back. It is a tradition every Friday night and they show we played -- song and it's some point because it's Friday night and of the -- applying it to Southport all bands are playing all over the place. I hope -- having a good weekend have -- receive weekend. But this is the beginning of the weekend -- the -- it's -- work over the weekend and -- a plans to get out and just relax and enjoy it. So reach over and cried it out because this is what we've been working for. We have been talking about the French Quarter minutemen it was a big topic on every WL this week it would. Is -- proposal was a group of armed citizens volunteering to escort French Quarter workers to their cars. And to their destinations downtown. And immediately I had questions about the type of people that might wanna do this. As it -- doubts that and who was to organize it. Has been arrested on -- -- for stalking doesn't mean he's guilty. But this at least brings up the possibility that these are not the people who should be walking around with guns escorting people from one place to another. And I just I think this whole idea. He should be of a concern to all of us. Because. What -- somebody would publish two identified. What if somebody would walk up and say hey guys so you're getting off work I'm I'm the first quarter -- and let me help you want you to your car. But it's a bad guy. I mean that would be one way to get close to somebody claiming that your French Quarter and again I've I have legitimate concerns about. Who might wanna do that it doesn't mean everybody would be -- but I don't think there's anything wrong with. Asking the question and have the concerns about it. Were also what you're talking about this being the seventh anniversary of support of a gay conversion therapy got a text here that says and -- used to be that American psychiatrist as a whole. Used to treat homosexuals back to being straight. And they -- psychiatry. Were very successful. But he became politically incorrect. So. They stopped that kind of treatment. I would love for you to send me an email. With information about that because I haven't I haven't read about how successful is all I've read is that it it it fails and there are major health organizations that say. It can cause tremendous psychological damage in the individual which is why New Jersey California abandoned but my my email address is scoot. And -- of you well. If you have information about how that used to work I'd like to know is that just the result of political correctness. Or something just the just as the work and if you agree that it's possible. To turn. A gay person straight then you would have to agree that through the right therapy. You can turn -- straight person -- Do you think that's possible. I don't think it is. But it is possible to turn gay person straight than it would be possible to the right and with a thirty day. We started talking about this first of all you got to have a good taste in clothes. You have to be neat. You have to be clean. And and you know your music library would have to include share price restorative programming fund share. And Bette Midler. -- Dolly Parton. Maybe and some Broadway Show tunes. If you and join us for the comets and later numbers 260 wanted to be able with the what would do it what would straight if there's gate. Conversion therapy to some people -- to what which straight conversion therapy include. And he would you. Which you. I don't know. Enjoy gladiator movies I mean a thing of -- a great life here. Moreno on the men's locker room. I if you are Joyner show in the coming tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Dancer which have via text number is 878 Seve from Alabama David Euro this -- jail. He David -- the year. Award goes good science. And -- either program it is an oil column we're all. Them. Wooden award. And that. If they came up pop out -- -- I never heard in prayer prayer and eight were. Am not wrong on the black sheep where I am -- I -- -- -- -- -- wanted -- right. The -- on our actual. You know -- that I -- in that niche. Really respects a bit you know right age and my grandmother. Why are you the black sheep. Somebody race. So obviously I am in my family. Do you remember stories you remember stories of from you -- your year your uncle your -- your uncle. Well I'll. Do you know restore -- -- month. Did they did they tell these stories that stand out in your mind about World War II. They wanted to -- percent net about it. But I don't got -- picture. -- -- -- Palpable and Romo. A bit reluctant to any home. And I'm certain if you saw debris -- that are in you -- -- -- -- -- Nadal. Under the equity -- -- After my pocket and that match. -- and not a good visual David and I'm going to call -- -- appreciation in the story with this thanks for listing over an Alabama. Coming up in the next break I'm negative I'm gonna tweet -- a picture. Mr. Kirby on the ninety year old World War II vet who listens to the show -- helped get to the World War II museum with the help of with others -- to send it out to in a tweet. In the next break and if you if you are too -- Twitter is apt scoot SC OT WW and it scoots. WW. Out of -- that she calls we get to -- the text here obscure my uncle was a soldier. He was captured and imprisoned in Germany during World War II. He was a POW for eleven months. His prison camp was liberated and he was among those. Others that he and others among others returned to the United States. I once asked him when I was young. If he shot any enemy soldiers. He looked at me and said yes. He city did what he had to do. He never spoke of it again. A fairly dedicated to brick for him. When World War II museum was being built I wish. He could have lived to see it. There are a lot of great stories. There were two museum is always very touching to me in if you listing. Anyway if you if you live in this area and you haven't -- -- -- a chance to go and if you are listing anywhere across the country. And you come to New Orleans and they do make it a point to see the World War II museum because it is the top class first class event and the movie beyond all borders is. -- to say the least extraordinary. From Larry Brian you're on the -- show. Excuse that I want to make three point about the seven year old that got suspended for escalate beyond. Finally bring everybody up to date we talk about this say in the top rated tape. Seven year old boy was suspended from his school in Pennsylvania he may be expelled I believe the hearing was today but I didn't hear what the outcome -- He accidentally brought a toy gun to school now he knew that he broke the rule. He left his self and his book bag at a friend's house was on the respecting another book bag. And she'd realize -- that the gun was in the air and as soon as he got to school he realized the gun was there any really showed to the teacher I think he did the right thing. But they suspended him and they might expelling. I think it's always the victim of not a power domain we keep hearing need stories. No tolerant yeah. End quote saying. That that really expand out to me is I haven't seen already -- saying that says no coloreds ever prevail Anthony verdict. Well I think that's a good point -- don't hold zero tolerance mentality ethic is is totally out of control and and it and things shouldn't be so black and white you know here this this mistake was made. The kid didn't even make the mistake the mother inadvertently made a mistake and technically he broke rule because the rule says. But you cannot even bring a replica of a goal line. But to me a replica of a gun sounds more like a realistic looking gun and this was clearly a toy gun I mean I'm -- I saw a picture of -- it's it's clearly a toy gun. -- in the second point -- you know we keep -- more stories that pop pop I'm really surprised more parents are starting to pull their kids you know home school tutoring. I mean we're looking at the ranking of the United States education and the panel was -- look at we went anywhere between thirteenth and eighteenth in the war. And it's getting water. Bottle they not understand so shall issue but -- impala I'm looking at -- that the big thing. -- putting and so -- became apparent social programs you know Butler negate that you know that experience of being around -- it. -- I don't think there's so I don't think there's anything wrong with continuing to stand up against zero tolerance mentality. It's it's it's pretty terrible -- you know school to be a place where you -- -- -- -- -- him being a non it was a exploratory. Experience. Referee thought and idea exchange does welcome. And what does that say about kids when they can't do that anymore because you know we need like every night on and show you start in porn critical banking and the power of observation and he's got pointing I'll stop you -- pretty much we need security it's a political correct them. It's just terrible. You know went. When political correctness surged to make us more understanding. And more sensitive to. 22 different people that we weren't sensitive to before whether it's race or nationality or. And sexuality. Or weights or or whatever that's a good thing. But political correctness. Is is out of control when it comes down to. Nobody can say anything or. And I think you know zero tolerance is part of the whole political correctness movement write him a good color show have a good weekend. Here's a text scoot you should be in favor of the minutemen. Maybe you wouldn't of got your butt whipped by four black -- I'm hoping to feel better to have said that a tremendous -- merely tenure on WWL. Yes fact checking that it happened and -- -- not a member of map to business in the French Quarter. And he has a hard time -- gift card story have to park ever by the way okay every day when he needs to Stella he takes. -- And input on the cash in the brand bags can take home every night. -- who won today that -- and Utley and -- external. And eat at 6 o'clock in the morning to open pit stop and somebody with him and it would apply that kept the assembly ago. I attempt Gary military so what he didn't like his sister is an attorney. Thank you to permit him to carry a handgun. And a -- And and so now that that's what he's done but it shouldn't have to do but -- -- piece of -- that he did. And merry little I totally agree with that and that's the right reason to have a gun if what you do. Output she would a situation where you might be jeopardized that's the reason have a gun. I try to imagine carried out opinion in the open paper -- more involved with a gun and a bank. And hold back. But nobody should should should wanna carry a gun into a place bets. These gives -- confidence to be and if they would ordinarily be in that situation and there are people who. Who's who say well he thought I want it. America to this situation but I I and you demagogue with while which would go to a place we felt like he needed to gun. Oh and he's leaving intact and the money and that's different. Yeah upon depend upon -- and -- -- And again and as it's got. Like that sent him to cap gun. And opened. So now -- better. And -- and well and spell it out to stand. Out that people have to get them to get permits you can't. Mary -- and it does seem that it came to that but I appreciate you calling our show. I mean it's if somebody's carrying money if you're a situation where you feel -- jeopardized. Then by all means carry a gun. But this idea that I need to go on to go to the family restaurant. If you really need to go -- to go into the family restaurant. Why would you go to that restaurant. On the -- David George WWL. Good. -- or. Did and that record welcome bought that and out we've talked about it was an -- Body -- only allowed -- go -- you know you're gonna be a lot of things you don't want -- -- -- -- -- -- that you don't want to have to -- All right Edward Norton again and Barack elevated them. And yesterday about it that you didn't built it Gloria Terry bought bought -- what you get -- every -- street Paul. Buddy is general record magnificently. Topic argue you get similar. It's about an hour later here they are explosion that -- in eight minute got up an epic on the ball third holes later. They're legal patrols and you can -- it period underneath the weapon that music you know. You -- down and then do you at the same dark. That he had. It is the same thing it won't -- in terms of the older gentleman not involved it. Hey you know today it could -- the date back even and it -- I know war is sinners prayer group David applied to call the show and enjoy your -- of across a lake. Now what -- warn you about this a song we're playing as we go to break right now. This is and seasons of love. From the the play rent. Which I love. And I love this song. However. If it's possible to turn to straight people gay. Exposure to the song. I don't know it might make you gay. Here's a text. -- Google former gay. And take an objective look. OK I will. If it's possible to turn gay person straight that would be possible turn a straight person gay. I'm student we'll be right back on WL. Well we're gonna test this on the show tonight are gonna place in music like this song -- share that mania. May turn some straight people game I it's I guess it's always possible. -- there's a draft at the Republican party convention in Texas the Texas Republican Party convention. The new platform includes support of a gay conversion therapy. So if it's technically possible to turn a gay person straight then wouldn't it technically be possible third straight person gay. With just the right therapy and part of that might mean. You know a lot of shared music. I hear is attacks Tesco and don't go to the naked bike ride in Portland this weekend. You'll never. Be turned straight if you do here it's a -- Louisiana is open carry. Only need a license to carry concealed but I guarantee you if you open carry it will be asked about especially. In saint Tammany. And that's from jail. If you enjoyed a show the comment about an -- we're talking about tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text number is 87870. Here's AW WL pretty jag opinion poll. I should the city of Portland allow the world naked bike ride to happen again this year. If many residents don't like it. Yeah it's it's a naked bike ride happens every year and people from different countries and from all over the country come to participate in the naked bike ride. And they are expecting perhaps up to 8000 naked bike riders tomorrow. So should the city of Portland allow this 58% say yes. And 42% say no give us your opinion -- -- to our web -- to -- -- -- -- I can year on the -- show good evening. -- -- -- -- Accorded the make it by credit could care less than should be awful uncomfortable -- like help. I would think that -- you know I've I I've seen people do it it's like there's no part of that especially for guys that. -- makes it seem very comfortable. Yeah -- support where go to work -- east support what I work but it. Well and it's it's a funny is a very funny -- and I saw a couple of times in Denver -- just CDs naked people going by and like there's nothing sexual about it it's it's pretty funny. Yet but he wrote that -- now it's not. You'll look out -- about the young lady that ball -- caller earlier is better relative. On the carrier and done. Openly they're you don't need a permit to carry on -- in Louisiana distant remote you really don't and the Second Amendment -- defect and a member of the top vision. I've never seen -- the constitution. In current down somewhat by the government it's legal to grab a weapon. But the way it is that way it should be you know they're watching and got up there's going to be constitutional. Convention to change -- it's not something. People can no longer do whatever this is a fundamental right and people need to -- there and let it because. In -- -- by Iran via mobile tablet America thank you. I can and alleged call but I've I still stand by the ideas that did not every gun owners are responsible -- And that's not just my opinion that's that's a fact that doesn't mean I'm opposed to the Second Amendment. I'm not opposed to gun rights. But it's fair to say that not everybody who owns a gun as a responsible gun owner and we we talk about responsible gun owners all the time on the show. However. The overwhelming majority of gun owners here and around the country are very responsible gun owners. A from Delhi and I'll read your on this crucial and heavy WL. It -- every -- -- -- -- ticket demand in life you. It's who he knows that figure it. Yeah I don't know about the Second Amendment banning plastic it this was clearly. Now. -- In the you know it all off. Well no longer creation want -- they -- -- -- thanks Hillary. I know you'll. Where you let me if -- common that you're gonna value you can't. Read. Your soul -- -- Quality use tool we -- black -- and so -- But you know eight big shot and a lot of people. -- you eight blackbirds. It's like so. What does it taste like. What's it taste like cutting gaming you're very cute really were many Jumbo blah blah urgently need. Blackbird -- Cassie -- jambalaya. All you mobile music Google instantly hit it you don't agree you did you did you ever have a Benjamin pumped. -- -- -- -- Act -- -- that was that was a pellet gun rights era remember hearing that if you thought it can be a bit and note that BP. I heard that if you pump it up like count 120 times it was -- always tell it. -- Yeah. Yeah well you know it wanted to make it wanted to. Sure you know that. No no we -- We we. What's the weirdest thing you've ever -- -- It is. Really I -- squirrel. They. Have you you lights -- sure. Where. Well now -- the united oysters I mean that's a pretty hideous looking creature. Yeah. Yeah people aren't used to a new fisherman. Yeah. And -- -- read it really like what it's. Like. You tempering. Ignorant school -- -- And it was it was an accident needed me to do and and as soon as high school activate this theory you turn it over to the future. He is. Doing -- I've been -- we -- we give me a favor. If if if the Obama administration comes to get any of your -- -- you call me and let me know. Or -- you want it all. Don't -- they want to. What you want if they come to get your guns I want you to call me and tell me about it. -- know -- outlined loaded it. I've been as they come and get your guns we let me know audit you know in any. Peppers -- OK I appreciate that -- I mean you better be prepared. You have a good weekend are -- yes. All right. Tells -- he has some interesting things -- when he was a -- -- if -- -- stay with -- -- right back with more vehicles also was a number of -- to get to -- here's another one of those sold out you know I don't know. You know if you start spelling this out where they you know get to the YMCA part. I don't know why it is if you're straights. And you listen to this enough. And you spell out the YMCA enough in if you really enjoyed dancing at. You might -- can. -- suits were coming right back -- WWL. Now you're you know what -- you know any of the words at this song you're gay. And I guess if you're straight and you learn the words of the song then. I guess you could become gay. The weather girls. Who writes a song it's raining men. -- It's a. And I Abbott I remember playing Minnesota year witness who has I hit the biggest beckon me in the eighties right. It Cisco show glad to be back with you had died be it for -- and again next step Monday through Thursday from ten to one and -- actual feeling -- Scotia next week but I'll be back with you again. -- next Friday night. Here's an update on our -- WL project opinion poll tonight should the city of Portland allow the world naked bike ride to happen again this year even -- many residents don't want to take place. The polls sorted out very lopsided. Only 25%. Said yes he should take place 75% said no it should not take place. I'm very proud that things have changed. Right now 58% say yes the world naked bike -- should take place at 42% say no we should give us your opinion regulatory reflect -- BW real dot com. And there's a lot of new stuff on our web site angelenos got a great one on one. With -- excellent true that's still turning our website also governor Jindal has signed this deal. They would for a while the lawsuit against big oil very controversial assists despite warnings. That he could have an impact against him on the claims against BP. So we've got all that also Ian now -- got a lot of interesting information about this weekend among other things of the creole tomato festivals going on yeah I love it when you can go to the store this time of year. And he -- crawfish. And -- tomatoes. Because I I don't I can beat any of the two greatest. Creativity is so good to me. That I just I I I passed the rest of the year I can't beat cream tomato I don't eat real and only tomatoes in all of this and mortars on our web -- right now to -- -- -- -- -- Last night. The spurs beat the heat in game one of the NBA championship series -- Neither team actually beat the heat in the AT&T arena because the air conditioning went out in San Antonio last night. And that was nuts that was not good. So the lights go out in the superdome. During Super Bowl game one the he wanted to ship's sensors in the NBA between the spurs and heat. The AC go to San Antonio is very very hot place so you can imagine how hot that game I mean I was watching the game last night and some of the players including LeBron James were over cramping up in the coach of the Miami Heat says that the the spurs should be fine because the air -- went out. Mad I disagree with that in and and both teams had to deal with the heat off from racial and Jane -- on WW -- good evening Jane. I'm good. About it and do it at about. I -- that August and then. Someone. Straight. Well there there are there are people who believe in gay conversion therapy which is going through therapy if you're gay to turn you into a straight person. I don't believe that's possible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is an area in the moon and get a outlet that you. Charlie did not choose to eat -- You know and are. A lot happening. The person. In that -- back in. Well and Joseph and Jane I would think that if it's possible this is why I'm I'm kind of I'm kind of mocking gay conversion therapy because I'm saying that if it's possible to turn a gay person straight. Then it would be possible to turn a straight person. Gay. I don't think that's possible and I don't think people would say that you could turn somebody who strayed into a gay person anymore than you could turn a gay person straight. That you would be just like using. That Harry acquaint you are at a pile into a normal adult what are it doesn't work either. So Jane you knew. You knew very early in your life that you were getting. Yeah exactly. It apart and really again. You know you're making -- -- and it would you. You know I love country area that that. Person. That. And I'm gonna change. Jane I agree with you know I'm I'm glad your happy and and that my body for fifty he has time. To. I'm happy to hear that you guys have a great weekend. All right thanks. I -- your -- stay with us this is -- -- we're coming right back with more of your comments in our -- text. Under the WL.