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06-06 11pm Scoot Gay Conversion/ D Day

Jun 7, 2014|

SCoot continues to discuss: the 70th anniversary of the D day invasion plus; Gay conversion through therapy; is it possilble?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a Friday night -- we are heading into the weekend together this weekend is now among other things says there's that big care crawfish cook off the saint Charles parish crawfish cook off. There is the creole tomato festival at the French market this week and it's going to be more today was really warm and very very muggy but hey it's. It's a time of year it's June the sixth. Today I'm sure you've seen this on the news is the seventieth anniversary of the rotation of American forces and a -- in the Normandy beaches and it's just. It's just impossible. To try to understand what that was like. And I was really interested in in in hearing some of the vets who where there who have now gone back to Normandy to. I don't wanna -- celebrate but to commemorate. This -- seventieth anniversary. It was so interesting to just hear him talk and try to think. What it. Try to think what they weren't what they were thinking. Being there and having gone through that. If you went through something like that. To go back and visit that that same spot -- that just has to via a very surreal moment. -- so we've been talking about a World War II ended the -- on the show -- also we're talking about a draft for the Texas Republican party's new platform. It includes support of gay conversion therapy some believe that homosexuals can be turned into heterosexuals. And I say that's possible then why could you turn a straight person -- And how would you do that what would the well with the straits conversion therapy. Be like. There are -- a health organizations. That believe that two gay conversion therapies ship is is very dangerous and is separated and damages individuals who are. Who're -- going through this this this therapy infect New Jersey California have actually passed laws that day and gay conversion therapy. Also we're talking about. The man who organized. Who's been organized the the French Quarter minutemen. That's a group of our citizens who we're gonna volunteer escort French Quarter workers to their cars and their destinations downtown. He's been arrested on a -- -- for stalking. I'm not here to bash him about that but this does support a concern that are brought up when I was -- Garland show. I believe it was Wednesday. Talked about this at -- in the show. And I said I'm just I'm concerned about. Some of the people who might want to do tennis a concerned about the type of person that might want to volunteer to do that because everybody who owns a gun is not a good person. Everybody who owns a gun and wants to. What's to have a recent everybody who wants to have a reason to carry that that you need to have a -- But they're people who want to have a reason to carry -- to use their guard. And I'm concerned about. The mentality of some of those people because it is true. That not every gun owners responsible the overwhelming majority of gun owners are. But there are gun owners who. Don't know guns -- the right reason. And they want to show off their guns like the gun activist who walked into family restaurants and with their guns out on the table at a at a family restaurant. Mean that's not necessary. So why not be concerned about those people who might migrate. To this job of walking people. Late at night early in the morning. We get beat the other thing that has come upon a showed ideas would these same people be willing to do it if they didn't have a gun. And I guess the the argument be well. It's made of a gun that they would feel safe bowl sometimes there's there's safety in in numbers. I wonder if these very same people. I wonder if they would be. Willing to go help if they. Couldn't carry -- -- Or if the gun makes it fun but I guess that's the point that I'm I'm trying to make. They're people who would find it fun. Because they get to camp they're gone without. I'm going to be for protection. And as I said countless times I support the Second Amendment. But that doesn't mean I support every gun -- because there are some gun owners that are responsible. And anybody should be able to make that observation. Without fear that your -- bashing the Second Amendment if you wanna join a show with your -- tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text or receive 77 a -- but tonight and a website is titled it may be tied to take comedy news seriously. And dismissive. Inspired by this new study that comes out from the University of Pennsylvania. But the cold their report on Comedy Central did the best job of all of the networks. In explaining campaign finance. The Kobe reported a better job at Fox News MSNBC CNN CBS. NBC and ABC. And a lot of people get their news every day from the -- report and from the daily show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central. So is it time to take comedy news. More seriously. That's the scoop blog you can every pitcher -- -- others it's on our website at WW real dot com here is a text. That reads. And guide. Can change wrong to right to according to his word gay to straight boldly. Oh so okay so -- you can turn. You can turn gay -- straight but you can't turn straight to gay. Well technically. -- understand why that would not be possible. Tug toward your text here in just a moment a for Bay Saint Louis grant you're on the -- show good evening. I move on Tokyo which you just. That quote from my quote. I actually put you know. It is still in net New Year's night and I like that I'd like to -- It for the paper. They are all there. -- -- you can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're all waiting here it's not been. Actually. This ball well I I believe that because I can't help being straight and brought gullible linguistics. In this sport news story at all. I don't mind -- -- long we shall not. All -- a grad school. Especially if there's an attractive woman bearing her rise to call. Yeah. -- Second on and then that -- the curriculum and him there. -- them and in Oakland which means it would change from Mayo which need to be changed and so that you would. And I sacred -- -- are out there are going to hear about it. -- -- -- -- -- I think you're using a different definition for the word to amendment granted and and in in this case and I really hadn't and thought about it in this in this way. But did the word amendment is -- this is something that is. Amending. -- -- in the country. Not mentally it's it's part it's an amendment in the constitution so it's not. It's not changing the constitution it's creating the constitution which is some mending on I guess you could say a -- at a haven't picturing funny but it would be amending. -- the -- the the way people live so I had secured this reading the the meaning of the awkward and -- Look at the -- of them and -- -- -- -- script is outraged and in addition to a motion video content to accept. Well it could it. I mean an amendment to could be change it's it's very difficult to change amendment I don't remember that -- and expect that change. It. Commitment -- Well that's that is just era it's such a ridiculous. And fear. They are caught in. Group in the -- at what tricks you -- No problem you know. -- think that -- -- them you won't be one you can do anything would -- their own people and they had. We're going to happen tomorrow -- street. I've I I totally -- -- -- and I want to show them how much are we. All right thanks -- going to -- are quite often describe myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. I hear is attacks to why did Jane Mary and man if she was -- fifteen years now seventeen years with a woman sounds confused. And converted to me. Don't want to admit it. Any children with a woman of the man I mean I I don't know which is what people this is one of the reasons why I think it's important to accept homosexuality. Because people have been forced to go against -- their wishes. I had producer in in Seattle who was less. And she talked about -- And just it was something that she was interest it. And she realized from a very early age that she was -- It's unfortunate that people submit to societal norms. That goes against their instincts. And I realize that there are people say well you know -- instincts are wrong. And end here's. Here is a text. About. People are not. We're not we're not animals animals. Animals to participate in homosexual behavior but we -- not. We're not animals. People happy brain that allows them to resist middle impulses animals do not. We are. Animals as well a for South Carolina Sheldon -- under the WL. And better like in order to better that way better that way. He did he -- that -- another. -- put. Former step toward the airport -- special operations. -- -- Book about Normandy and mortgage sustain -- so maybe it will work better in -- they would departing Angel and unfortunate. It will ultimately be used in August you know could be you know like in my fifties and everything and -- -- survive in India so maybe. World War II victory -- -- was that there years. Airport he's in on Virginia mama it it would because there in the operator we're here. I guess that Germany here and another cup anymore. Around the world war two and called toward the middle ground is so your bird is being cool and I'll be in in -- military might -- -- He spoke about what what was it like keynote speech you. A gentleman did you know good and mine many years ago. It was in the be eligible to. And you play. If you can imagine that and move quiet on the western front on habit and RT talking about it. I would remind everybody conceded that he would blow to really fight. -- young idealistic. And high school one step -- -- really close to the wrong. If you. Happen you know per AD -- -- movies which you can is that. -- -- -- -- -- Try to -- you can get in war and that was the thing dating -- -- who commands are like. Got that and so people like paper and it is -- You know before and in -- -- -- He would tell these stories about oh which in theory about the polls in all of I don't think you were in Normandy you know -- -- -- and -- only -- Vehicle would be wise and it because it's longer holiday you know and they would do so tickled by. It would do so if the worse and you can imagine. You know you've just come out of school and college and they -- the destruction tolerance. And I think about it that little war this war. And you know in India probably will be in intimately in Kuwait -- event is -- idea you know you crucible of. But it's it's -- money it is still it's zero it's still war. Well my. Talk about you know they said it down is that it's not been quick game. Still movie popcorn and what influence any group acting in the -- so kind of -- It is quick and did -- -- -- -- you're trained. You know you can be -- Me feel qualified in and immediately and then -- did the post and did you know elected the -- likely is -- which. Bill that would mean real war and and hopefully. When I came four -- that cooperation when I was. We just jarred and all that -- meet that criteria -- And it didn't you between. Really considered the war Vietnam -- you look forward to. Did Turkey there and -- would actually bigger escort went out The American Legion. And the guys in debt that you want to guide you Magloire. I'll never forget it went to Colombia in an airport has achieved with that it -- -- and yeah science in college Nokia minor league and on the other thing. Aren't all that Beijing and that put shoot you in here into the airport keep. That being blatant. Obviously it is just cheer me and they were ready to get back in the corrupted retail. Injury -- -- -- with a wonderful. Staging area for our does your business -- where I was part of your -- It's sort of Canadian auto retirees all that -- there and they've got all these -- Big guys you know all of -- Been updated to be gained a lot of the year ended at one time. An all out there I tell me they -- -- that it that it that there -- Beckett. Review law where we knew we of course in the bombers into Germany as did -- -- active duty here. It killed and you know -- arbor I realize what you're saying about civil about war being more tactical. Technically advanced today -- -- it's our and stare -- somewhere for the public that they know. But not really I mean people people die -- it people died in Afghanistan people died in direct. -- you know if you grow. True low light. -- war and it work you're always -- to war. And Korea and Vietnam and everything like and you can do the 21 century. And you look at how well it's partly our -- -- uses computer. And everything like. And that indeed -- you know during the you know and keyword obviously black in the CIA. To Korea and back to rule this. Don't they -- is really interesting that I mean the Euro Europe -- you're you're you're discounting. War they used in part off. And and I would. Because -- -- and I think gallantly and mr. -- say you know. That we're -- you know our. And then -- -- agree disagree on a really take my hat off to Vietnam -- because my game with a thirty year. You know the you know he's they'll interpret it in terms. You know you're averaging you know and gallantry in -- At the end Archie medal quicker with them. And -- to Europe for airport that he's in control limited. Would think you know infantry would you know. -- -- he would yeah we talked a little bit. The marine I think I doubt you'd -- that would Apollo he did -- -- empire game. When you put on Wednesday RB you know that support and go to work of -- normally you away from the park. Richard -- appear in you know a lot of times it's eagle on the computer I could be. On the inability to be the trigger abuse you know. And -- talk about it they don't talk they talk about him amongst their oh -- product isolated and all that because. -- -- -- -- I only with the reward that was September 11 I never had a pool. My -- -- security -- you know even as the cup the only -- it really like it was cute dog. Pollutant green chased them away you know that was on the animal and really do. Take my hat off to war worth two in the World War I bit -- -- in the it was a problem goes away a group Richmond Virginia. 213. Years old to -- more in line at all though. I know they appreciate Euro appreciation of them and and I appreciate what you've done for our country. Well thank you do you don't -- to agree -- disagree on the -- you know wouldn't you know it could be peace -- comedy he retired I got kind of killed -- them. Has blind crippled increase you know it's. Jolie -- take carry itself and now another -- right. Specialist Ian in South Carolina. Here's attacks that reads. Screw with someone tells me. Did being gay is a choice I asked them -- did they make the choice to be straight. Be careful. If you tried this and many people react with anger by the way Paul -- Letterman's bandleader wrote it's raining men. He straight married with children are from Memphis Chris -- -- WL. Excuse size as Robin was an internship -- -- listener than I was just -- -- some pictures that bacteria in my band of my grandfather in Japan when he was sent right over there anchor. Japan's surrender and -- these pictures with me everywhere ago whenever I travel all over the country. And yeah there's a gentleman named tiny. It that migrant grandfather Serbs -- immigrant while it was excellent change. Now that you can picture my grandfather's nose coming up to that gentleman sternum. That man's -- should not have been tiny. Settled -- and that's it did I mean this man Wednesday mamet of them and these are the beat in the original black and white pictures. I don't want to say -- -- served in the restaurant industry for very long time. And the whole situation with the men and men saying it is very troubling. I think it shows a lack of concern bind the merchandisers. Player. Down in the French Quarter for their employees. End and I can't understand what such -- police force. Out anybody should have to go to their car. Well I don't let's say their last personnel. Whether you're you know you're you're collapsed cook -- in use. Cleaned the kitchen and everything I don't understand how that happens but I will say this. What is very troubling is that the -- situation. Just seemed like a prelude to -- for another actual work Zimmerman situation. Well I think there's a possibility and that's why I've had concerns about it from the very beginning not the concept -- saved by it. Who would be attracted to do with it. Well and and here is that hurting let's let let let's just beyond there are very responsible gun owners all across this nation. -- and am not saying that the minuteman effort is not. An effort to make the area better. But I honestly. Believe that there are more police and security guards because a lot of security guards are. Police -- police who were former police and it had. More extensive. Arch -- -- as far as how to handle situations. And I just don't you should put just any body out there to do this now that they -- to. And these people are well qualified in the police -- dead at them and have sit and. -- You know. This person got its head on initial order. Yeah I agree and and and and that was you know that was my point and there were some people who were critical of me saying I'm against the Second Amendment because I'm I'm I'm questioning. Who some of the people might be it would be part of it Chris I gotta get to breakdance thanks for listening in Memphis. The concept that the French Quarter amid a man is fine. Carry a gun that's fine but I'm concerned about some of the people who might wanna be part of the first -- Internet. Tomorrow night here in New Orleans Bruno Mars would agree show that's going to be. I'm scoot humor coming right back a bit of fuel. You know I'm just. I I'm I'm still laughing from their commercials it we've just had on. Bob spotlights. -- great Father's Day gift. I mean commercial major almost wish you had to go on. -- them and as a as a sponsor. It's Friday night on this coach Joseph I'm glad you're with us tonight here is attacks. That reads we definitely had fire fights and incoming artillery in Iraq and Afghanistan yet talked to a veteran and a South Carolina few moments ago. And it was just like. Talking so much about how high tech -- today that. It's it's really not war. Essentially it's what he was he was saying you certainly entitled to his city his feelings and he says. He's a veteran but he said he really respects the Vietnam vets that were were two vets and it worked today is eases surgical and and and tactical. And I'm thinking I mean you know wars war and when it comes down to it there's death. Theirs. -- -- There's really bad things that happen. Here's a -- about the French Quarter minutemen -- -- a good idea but I think there will be too many -- freaks starting around with guns perfect example the leader. The cause was busted for stalking university for. -- -- Here is attacks that read Cisco oh -- that -- -- here's a text. About the guy that calls -- to say that this guy obviously has never seen combat. I have. The ultimate outcome of war is death. And it's true if you wanna join us for the comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text -- is at 7870. So I mentioned earlier that the the Kobe a report a Comedy Central did the best job of all the networks Fox News MSNBC. CNN ABC CBS and the -- report on Comedy Central did the best job of explaining campaign finance to people. And I know that's appalling and shocking to a lot of people and you may think it's a sign of the into the world coming. But he does an honest assessment of the nature news channels especially the cable news channels. -- of their. They've almost become -- a satire of themselves. This study was conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and and it shows that the Kobe report and also the The Daily Show by Jon Stewart both a Comedy Central have consistently been gaining ground. When it comes to younger audience -- when I say younger. Market -- under forty. They consistently. In the source of information for a younger generations. And while there's comedy involved in it. Comedy is always based on reality. Comedy -- on on facts on real situations. And the reason it's funny is because out of that real situation there's a great exaggeration but something. Or something bizarre happened something out of the ordinary happens which makes. It believable situation so unbelievable. Therefore it's comedy. But see the cold -- and Jon Stewart. Present the top stories of the day with qualified guests often politicians sometimes celebrity's. And they discussed the top news it's it's threatening. -- -- Stewart used humor and sarcasm in reference. While delivering legitimate news stories they make fun of the right they make fun of the last thing -- laughed there's no question about that but they also make fun of the laughed. And I'd like to think that anybody can laugh it. And anything. And not take it too seriously. But what it comes to these these these news stories. Kobe -- Stewart really do delivered the news at even though there's comedy involved they are taking time to explain stories in the reaching an awful lot of people. When you consider that the narrow perspective. It's presented by Fox News and MSNBC particular. Along with the bitter verbal battles that often erupt on the stats when they're discussing something. It really should be surprised that younger generations are tuning into the cold -- report The Daily Show for their source of news. America is changing. And it changes not easily accepted by today's establishment. Fox News and MSNBC of again as I said have almost become satires of themselves and meet with their -- -- heated debate on Fox News in particular. Mute the sound. And just watch it it's comical. And sarcasm is a way of of making a point. The cold air report The Daily Show. They stand out because of the harsh partisan bickering. On the other cable news channels. It's turned honest political debate almost in the comedy. Alicia one of those cities so immersed. In in that side of the debate. In spite of the referenced it really defined Stephen Colbert Jon Stewart -- both give us the news. And they really do delve deeply into meaningful discussions about the top stories of the day. You know their attitudes. With their humor to -- are no less distracting to the news content. In the pompous self righteous attitudes. Of the host on on Fox News and MSNBC. And -- their report in The Daily Show or not responsible for dumbing down America. Both shows present. Our view. I guess the growing disgust. Of the political battlefield. On on fox and MSNBC. -- -- Stewart are not changing America. But they're reflecting. The changing America. Now this does it mean that the news is gonna one day of fall into a comedy shows. But -- vehicle there Jon Stewart I think our reaction to what many Americans now think about the cable news channels. This country is changing. And fox news's ratings. While they dominate. The cable news channels. I think they have I think it in a month they have -- a million and a half viewers I I may be a little off -- somewhere around a million and -- viewers. But only 267000. Are between 25 and 54. And since teenagers are tuning -- that means that the vast majority. Is over 55. Voters under 45 are beginning to have an impact on the political process. Democrats and Republicans. And all the cable networks. Need to recognize that. America is changing. If you wanna join our show with your -- tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. At Texas breeze 87870. Here's a quick update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight it's it's close it's sort out very lopsided tonight. The question is should the city of Portland Oregon. Allow the world naked bike ride attempt to happen again this year it takes place tomorrow Portland. Even though many residents don't want to take place. 55% say yes it's 45% say no give shipping by going to W -- to account this is a huge event they're expecting 8000 naked bike riders. And I got a text earlier for somebody said. Well how assist not against decency laws. I don't know I believe I I don't know. But literally the big concern is because. I'm not in favor a public nudity. That's not what I'm saying. But is this is grown into this massive massive. Event every summer. That's a lot. What's it gonna do. They're not hurting anybody. And and and it was or president of Portland who has. According to an article saying that this is a horrible thing what if kids see what if kids see it. We certainly it's it's. It's funny it's not sexual. I didn't seeded Portland or participate. But there were a couple of times and I was in Denver and on the weekend I. -- witnessed the the naked bike riders and there was a big group I don't know Tony thirty people who would -- on weekends they would just go somewhere around Denver. And ride their bikes naked down the street. It's pretty funny. I mean it seems really uncomfortable doesn't doesn't look like you would be that comfortable especially for for guys. -- -- Mean what's what harm is it -- really do mean I think sometimes we become so puritanical and our views that. We freak out over something we shouldn't freak out over. And again I don't support. Public nudity. But if this is an event kind of like I guess more to draw mean things happen during -- draw that. You know don't happen all the time. Mission we've -- those things. Man know technically it's against the law to expose sex organs in in public. But you know I get a -- has become such an event will they don't look at it and if you happen to see it so what what's it gonna do. And seriously. What if a kid sees it. I'm sure the first thing that they would do is laugh. Because it's really funny. And since there are so many many many people. You know sometimes -- in accidents. And people fall naked. And that's really funny. I'm -- if you -- that comets and our numbers 2601870. Sold 3668890. Point 78. It takes a -- 7870. This week go on and are going to show -- filling in Ohio talking about this really really bizarre story. -- these -- 212 year old girls who lured another twelve year old girl into the woods and -- after nineteen times. They were trying to get the attention of the demonic mythical creature. Being slender man. On a web site. We'll talk about that we come back on -- -- This is such a bizarre creepy story that develop this week. But it actually have that mean you think that it was like action like horror story. According to a police complaints. Criminal complaint. This is in them. -- Waukesha. Await Wisconsin. 212 year old girls. -- their twelve year old friend into the woods. And standard nineteen times. And they did it to please -- demonic mythical creature. On a website. Named slender man. The -- discovered disarmament slender man is this demonic like a creature on the website creepy pasta. I believe it's creepy pasta and Wiki dot com. It's a website for creepy horror stories creepy Lincoln's. And the 212 year old girls were trying to become proxies. Slander me. Which requires killing somebody you wanna get with a slender man you wanna be was slender man you gonna get its attention you kill somebody. That's the theory of the web site. Slender man lives in a match in the woods. And they wanted to actually be part of slender man's world. In order to do that they had to kill some. So they planned this out there were sent a slumber party with three girls. And and they've lowered their friend into the woods. And -- nineteen times. She lift. Bleeding she crawled out of the woods and a passing bicycle -- -- -- -- one. She was taken at a hospital where she's recovering from NASA stab wounds. And a twelve year old who was stabbed immediately identified the 212 year old suspects. And they were arrested and charged with first degree attempted homicide. They face up to sixty years in prison if convicted. Since the 212 -- girls. Are being charged as adults and I agree with that not everybody will agree at least cause of twelve years old. But -- are being charged as adults -- names have been released they are twelve year old Morgan geyser and twelve year old on. -- -- -- -- And the name of their friend has been withheld because. She's twelve and her name wasn't released she's in the she's in the hospital. A police asked a Morgan geyser wife she stabbed her friend and according to the report she told police I may as will tell yet. -- That was the reason the center. Police reports say that both of the girls. -- have talked to them about the stabbing in their goal of pleasing slender man. They were to go live with him at his mansion in the forest. -- bizarre story. And I know that they are or are people who were gonna wanna blame the web site. The website presents this character. That tells you that you must -- in order to become part of his world. But can you ever blame. The website. Can you ever blame a writer. For. The actions of an audience. Can you ever blame entertainment and that's something that has become very popular in America. Blaming songs blaming. Video games blaming movies for for things that people do. And I think there's something really disturbing about blaming entertainment. Because it really should always come back to personal account a bill that. It doesn't matter what you're exposed to. You're responsible for your behavior. And it's become. It's become almost. A recreational sport. To blame. Negative behavior something in the media. It's I I think it's a convenient scapegoat. And for those who who won -- denounce slender man I have to tell you federal memory of its legitimate but there's really something wrong with these girls. Or twelve years so. And they -- a girl nineteen times. They were hoping she would die. And -- but for it for for these 212 year old girls. To feel like it was actually possible to become part of this fantasy world of slender man. On a website. And they think about it they killed this girl in real life. Because in their minds they were gonna become part of this this fantasy world of slender. It's really have that -- creepy figure that's seeing pictures of it. But there's something wrong with these girls. And the web sites not to blame. It's easy to blame the website for a lot of people. But you can't blame -- website you can't -- the book I don't think you can blame the movie of the -- music for negative behavior. And -- whenever this topic comes up by I think it's fair to point out that the entertainment we choose. Reflects -- moved. And if if somebody is focusing on a certain type of entertainment. That might reflect a certain type of mood in them. Then I think it's important to to look at that as the symptom of the problem the the entertainment is it might be the symptom of something going on. But I don't think it's really the problem. If you and -- light on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- Amber's late 7870. So will will California chrome the Triple Crown winner I have a feeling this horse is gonna do it but. It hasn't happened in a long time the Belmont is this weekend and have a special drink now -- day Kentucky Derby has its mutual ups. And I believe the the preakness has its. Black -- Susan. Like I Susie or something like that. Well now that the Belmont tonight has its its own -- talk about that from me come back on WL. There's a chance for history to be made this weekend has it happened and now long time to Belmont Stakes is an opportunity for the source California chrome to become another Triple Crown winner. It's been a long time since since that happened. The the the other legs of the Triple Crown the Kentucky Derby and the preakness that they have special drinks at the Kentucky Derby it's the Mitchell. At the preakness it's the black guys Susan all now the final leg of the Triple Crown has its own drink and -- I believe this is something it's it's brand new this year. It's called the bill month Jules. And it was really developed specifically because of this Triple Crown a possibility. You know I have a feeling this horse is gonna is gonna do it. But it's if it's that these are three completely different races and I'm not an expert on one horse racing. But dean of the Kentucky Derby is a certain -- the preakness is a little shorter and Belmont is the longest ball. So it's a horse that has to you know win the Kentucky Derby. Then has to win the sprint of the preakness. And that has to win the longer race. Of the Belmont Stakes. So it truly is. A great test. Of horse's ability. But if you're thinking about make in the Belmont -- here's the other recipe for a one half ounces suburban. Two ounces of lemonade. Announcer pomegranate juice shake vigorously with -- And serve. On the rocks. Over -- garnish with a lemon twist or a red cherry. I don't drink urban but I'm. Doesn't sound like a -- to me here's a final update on -- W if -- project opinion poll tonight. I should the city of Portland Oregon allow the world naked bike ride to happen again this year. If many residents. Don't want to take place. 53%. Say yes. And 47%. Saying no. That's been trending on our website the scope blog tonight is -- About whether or not it's it's time to take some of the comedy news seriously. And it's it's -- we'd be talking about tonight and that is it. That. This. This report showing the study showing at the cold -- report did a better job of explaining campaign finance. Then -- any of the other networks. And also the continuing number of people who tune into the daily show with Jon Stewart and also Kobe report receiving -- there. -- is is proof that a lot of people are becoming very very disenchanted. With what has been very hateful partisan politics. On the other news networks. And things are changing in this country. And I think they're changing for the better. They hate. Is -- And that's a good thing. Albeit for growing nine next week and one of the things it will talk about his -- California residents support a soda tax. And new restrictions on junk food advertising to fight obesity. Did you really think the higher taxes on sugary drinks. And restrictions on advertising for junk food do you think is gonna help reduce the obesity in America. Or does this suggest that individuals. Cannot be taught to curb their consumption of sugary drinks. And junk food. Is a new study attend Stanford showing that a ban on using food stamps. To buy sugary soft drinks and junk food. Would cut the number of obese children and adults in this country. Study shows that poor families. Tend to have much higher rates of obesity. Then the general population. So. What we'll talk about this this on Monday I think about the kids. Bitter that they're growing up in their prepare for food stamps. I mean doesn't every kid. Entitled -- -- I mean not literally entitled but she every kid -- like. A soft drink. Shouldn't every kid has some. Junk food. And -- don't you know don't don't punish the kids and I've I've. I realized that people need to do a better job of selecting the right food and I constantly hear this this this argument that. Did it to it costs money to eat healthy. And I think about going to the store. And I think about. How many. Chicken legs. You can buy for fifteen dollars. No actually eight dollars -- the other day I I I was at the store I was thinking about this I counted there were they were fifteen. Chicken legs. For like 847. I mean do the math. That's not that expensive. And if you select the right things you you can buy things that are. I'm not saying that there aren't some healthy foods that are expensive. But there's a lot of stuff that you can get out there that isn't expensive in all comes down to -- choice. And that's we're it all goes back to personal accountability which is something that we don't respect as much as he once did. Here is a text that reads. Not sure he'll do is cute talking about California chrome but -- -- great great. Great great grandfather. Is secretary it. I didn't know that. Good -- is kind of the same color secretary debts Sorrell that Sorrell red. I did notice that I'm going to be Poland's foreign to -- I'll be devastated really again it doesn't happen very often. What do they Jack Harris our studio producers thanks for being with us if you wanna join me on Twitter -- act -- WWL. And my email address is scoot. At WWL dot com. And I want once again personally thank mr. Kirby who made two year old World War II federalists of the show talked to -- earlier. Your great man mr. curving and thanks to you with the actual events for doing what you do for a country have a great weekend bloody New Orleans.