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The Garden Show 6-7 8am, Gardening

Jun 7, 2014|

Join Dan Gill as he answers all of your gardening questions with precise expertise.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning George Bush this morning at. Optional hard at trying to ensure done as early morning as you possibly can't. You might wanna take a transistor radio up there to publicly transistor. Portable radio that it would be at. Work to shell out there because it is equal part of the day right now. Election not -- theme park and this is the coolest part of the -- I am. You can get a couple hours work -- before -- caught. And values Asia as well it'll -- a triple a week. What are your what does come out of the country before you is you -- thirsty. Just go to their surgery which some cold water content and big glass of cold water. Just because before you go out there and -- -- A tanker. And -- inflated government shall hold water. How we view because when you're working to make your first picture of this -- All back inside get slaughtered you know what you insurance by the air conditioning you can think -- just sit down. And out there again -- -- we should take a cold water out there which yet are you really think supporter you want to. Or the most dangerous thing lead to is that and not true fluid are replaced well -- would that we're losing. And you gonna get and inching usual busy and that. For goodness sake if you ever taken all we're actually giving Hendrick and you'll like that opportunity you have taken it way too far take breaks it down in the cool. Russia eight with the same gallantry and cold liquid shouldn't stop don't forget to cure yourself during the summer when taken care of your yard. Let me if you got regarding question this morning that you placed a repeat information you need to make as well as cruel you want -- -- 260. 187 weeks is that political except when they try and beat up by the local New Orleans calling area in six. 889087. People from 866889. 0870. And we have collar that held onto the long popular -- shall go out that the don't ask. First -- -- and the calling from every morning and good. And band. Finally retired. And I am really gung ho with my body and that the common thought is animal and -- -- the -- -- beautiful how long does attend his. Well it depends on the kind to play Atlanta. It's in years. I'll belong to a that's typical category that we usually last year and bill. Maybe July. Sometime the end of June July and it just like temperature is -- beach. Until we've been lucky we've been skirting the ninety's last -- may be -- -- the ninety's all for the month of may but now that we're into June where any crimes regularly. You may be in the -- stress or trying to shore up on the don't be surprised that they contractual life that you typical -- you're thinking -- petunias. And that includes the wave petunias in particular wave tidal wave -- -- And as a super tune it. A group and now both of those groups all of those groups from a variety of colors. -- -- by the everything with the weight on the super chain is they may linger on into August but usually August middle of August at the latest. And that we can expect the changes to last so that even the very best but -- -- Aren't I the very best of martial law banning plastic of the best -- by banning plants. We want to last until October or at least late September because Japan or any rate clip art cool season -- If we have all summer bedding plant like well wait between yeah. Are played out almost an August emotionally too late to plant -- season -- Because there's only about 68 weeks into the starting -- cooled seats and Scott wouldn't get our money's worth. But it. A two only the plant to cool season stopped -- -- -- and actually what that should say we GAAP. Between when we lose those Clinton when we might feel like planting again shall. So between those are gorgeous but it almost incredibly beautiful the bedding plants I looked plant petunias and much except the fact that -- areas. Under -- play out before the end of the summer but that -- all without sugar group appliance that they don't like being here. Trouble growing trees and what we -- would prefer corporate best match. Thank you and I wanted to ask you what is the best time to walk in the garden. If I thought it. The morning and it should common sense as they charge really rocket science or anything you know it's Tuesday your plants are trying to need to be watered. What do you think or expressed toward him in the morning on Tuesday give them lots of good water. It was ignored as partly on Tuesday. That all that water they -- available to them or war definitely. Into the trip into. Most stressful. Day and opportunity needing water and you come in the late afternoon events and some water out as -- -- Until that's. Don't walk Bartlett and it needs to be watered watering nose -- in the morning -- -- the best time to do a panic about I have a lot of potted plants do and they really have to be awarded every day. They -- so dried out. Well and Sicily and your watering -- -- for the trial -- -- not try it out on the morning that they are trying to in the afternoon yet you may decide. So it would you walk in pot church based on time with a date deficit is based on in the pot tried. Then again -- It's just preferred that. To walk in the morning again and memories like told judicial plant or the war eagle. Of the day and it got -- at 8 o'clock at night and shall shall plant in orbit will or plant will that could be out -- -- at 8 o'clock at night shall automatically hotline and whatnot -- -- the world that you can't water in the at the time but in the morning. I'm really did enjoy. Vacancy and I'm actually doing my part time -- With my god. -- congratulations. -- and so you enjoy it -- an -- you cardinal cheap you're young girl. I'm. And it's like Caroline that. Indicate -- particular hole between trying and Visio your questions are important if you want to call gotcha question like that only come back. 2601. Extremity is an -- We'll be back right after that good morning and thanks for joining me on the partnership we're talking gardening and -- regarding question. And that she and I'll order you have a goal and 260170. Is that number that you need to call -- -- the phone now and that talk Kamerion calling from every hearing good morning. Good morning. Today young healthy opt out of a tree about sixty watched all. And the -- look good but it. -- look at them the underside. I actually tiny greens. Insects may be about a millimeter ball. And I don't know Peter hatred that they seem to be. Serviced by little black and that come along -- each of their -- And. But it didn't obituary and so. -- for tips you can spray from tree and spray. Or mislabeled control. Adult trees. I'm -- -- would do a good job of controlling agent on true treat injuries and -- and -- deal like all oil like you around spraying oil or call sheet and spraying oil. Will control it as well that -- strip the leaves -- will go -- suffocating chip cookie and sex with that. I don't much payment should be able to group thing articulate oppose those taking care without any real -- Bad effects on the -- Without seeing damage to believe you still think I should get rid of Marion exits are sucking insects. Now we have chewing infects that you hold -- -- like Eagles and Caterpillar's. And holes to church Tibetan like -- -- like Gingrich and they insert those parts of the tissue instructor sat out. All over outward. Image symptoms when something simply shocking the our personal holes or anything wrong. -- potentially high population beating on the upper. -- or treat. So. And -- you know dropping leaves and so it can be. Imaging and cultural issues level there on your plant that can help the issue that much at this point. But they may build up the population and call later on that -- -- surely need to step in at this point and deal with the agent political that they are but they are being damaging treatment striking up -- -- -- just like you. The images basically when our blogger or. Or -- our report all contract so much blood. A ball can be in the game so again just carried over image -- bail out and I understand. -- -- Thank you so much of that call let them move on now Patrick calling from new Patrick and I can hear me I can electric. Current here you know. Great. Power. I'm not a native new warming but happy about twenty years and ever and act as his experience as part is old folks in the city. Who bring up that -- -- carried out. And the ABBA Eritreans that and I have never seen cherry tree that -- well. You on that Patrick sammon cherry called wild like Cherie it's protests so -- True in this apartment for my producers are cluster kind of wall and McCluster a little while archer like fruit. -- That's a dictionary -- -- tick off a tree and popping out that they. You can in reference to labor. And stamps and making sure flavor or -- or the core. She Beijing Apache keeping an advantage. If you get an Internet search if you didn't Google were being here in order you'll need to do and put in cheer you scorcher. Well we -- And you'll probably find a lot of great information on street and maybe recipe. And injuries and the challenge that because nobody growth and the cultivated. These registries people often comes on growing in the words -- mr. for Richard Alps. Okay have -- not something that people typically keep in there. -- -- -- And that. Indeed it is. You'd you'd you'd think there's any wait to bomb person to finding victory at all. Are finally had to pick it -- take care you would. I can -- do Patrick. -- And nobody knows Clinton it's like your column about climate protection and nurseries mostly your challenge again. It's finding the tree. I think given the rest in -- surgery now and an angle on from there a regular street shall be an issue what you are doing Patrick is. I look for the -- on me at the plant and -- -- -- always -- looking to the tree all and the two of them need to treat southeast and you may find it online or -- that are specializing in May. Okay great book that -- -- -- Patrick -- a call and a little bit of our heritage nurturing about a Gloria calling from three how you do and Gloria. Okay Bain I wouldn't know a couple of months ago -- put him and we can be -- -- get chance to finish smuggled more. And I learned that they would be all right the field put down -- The yes ma'am it is am I can now be careful because we atropine in the -- feed. Our slam it more likely to call in which law. When the temperatures are about denying. So there's a virtual -- you waited this is Gloria now in the ninety's. When you put out that we seated as a -- amendment. That you think she's discoloration so you have to accept that. If you decide to going to music if you decide that your little -- or not that is what you could be because you mentioned some discoloration. And you would -- that we feed that you could cut out lights are right now too strongly backed -- broke. Aren't ready in current put them and -- -- the whole -- might look. Trying to Portland glorious and is it. You can put it down now but now the -- and ninety's but we didn't feed it's more likely -- and nudged along that you apply it to. A lot I have to tell you you have to put it down without knowledge. Of debt and does -- remind you you may actually the picture on it that you with. Again and so if you decide not to take that risk. You -- you -- that you as you but he couldn't find. Not to take that risk and you can't put out just they launch -- are right now. With -- herbicide in a couple weeks Hillary and now. All right all right well thank thereby expand our right Gloria thank you for the call. And let's see we got to Regina next Beijing Portland called Marshall college. Got. One thing in my column I. -- oracle. -- Bill. He said here. Technology are on the golf world that the you know -- -- -- -- and it never grown those books or. Much information at all on on what do but I capitalist to your question much. Our era. Rhetoric are -- in -- -- -- on the ground. And color. There. Like it. -- -- And that they do well here -- Which it says that this is just not a planted we we probably grown in the here we have no long term experience would -- that do well. Over the years -- -- at all just. Bad boys of wrenched when it comes to this particular plant. All I can tell you Jean is struggling on the lie and he got a little bit like. Or partial or -- -- -- -- -- temperature temperature issue going law and I promise you what I'll do it is about you bet I'll go lie and and I'll try to do some research and familiarize Michael until the next time somebody calls that the problem may be -- knowledgeable about it. A -- -- find out what kind of -- conditions are recommended on the Gobi. Beer eat a plant and then make sure that you're providing the plant -- closest possible. The conditions that are being recommended all need to treat heat issue that you can do. -- watcher watering Jeanne. Don't keep them boldly where obligation to clinch frequently every few days to make sure the -- starts trying out. That you want or early -- they don't water again I into the ground against drought against the local water at them but do pay attention to making sure they they are provided with adequate water. I'm on a plane goes down quickly. Within a month's time of planting there's something fundamentally wrong. Either and you're taking care -- -- again that could relate to call your water too much too little or concurrently to the kind of like -- feeding trial on double -- that the -- go online and huge and trying to. I like your karma are eighteen banks and focus -- can get a lot. On the latest breaking news reporting out ago and is in the she's going on good morning and we're talking gardening here on the Garden Show and feel free to call and 21 of them a. You -- church issue regarding course like and help deal with as we can search. Any bugs her diseases. While not spoil what did you not to do those are all -- -- -- interest again I would be happy they'll be out of the number one again. 26 so. 1870. Wanna remind you again that Libya botanical garden and having their plant children should be parking -- And if you live in the New Orleans area as well or striving in the city park. Out for -- great botanical garden shell out a lot of great things a lot of unique things that they propagate their changer collection the old mark world collection which digital ones are party. Are amazing collection ensure that you can always trying to. -- anywhere else shall so you're looking for a planned to restore a great time of the year. To -- a tropical plants like ginger is some things and your landscapes are you cannot go out there and excel but not o'clock this morning. I handle until -- it to the pelican greenhouse there in -- -- -- so there aren't playing trail. I strongly urge you to take advantage of when and where we interest and plant. And do your landscape our look at. To the follow them if you is -- first call from it should teach good morning that you. Bigger more in extra call short -- -- got a book collection for. I have that's series. A containers growing hot peppers and start seeing these little clusters orange book black clinic for a little bit looking up on line and speaker they are. Other two possibilities -- com. Is that they are -- -- China's fast and one better try to Horry and checks and an it job. That's important to stay together for -- And so you see these that -- them he'll keep these. -- am sort of gathered together in groups often times -- to topple the plant. Two years -- -- -- is. Called the league. Footed. And a look at those holes that are close they actually looked -- The most high post here like that they have. -- -- -- It's just so little -- Way -- -- nothing on the boat and -- sort of the swelling or shapes swelling. On their hind leg and so you're looking at one right now I'm looking at one right now and it's about -- Berkman and long black -- to black in and it's an end. That look good at tablet you describe first. To -- as some Bachmann sucking on them and if you industry development the little. You know patent will be decommissioned on the crime Blake. -- -- the a moment as well. And hit it. Out in thinking of the boat and so sure that bug you and are they will feed on. Like I mean it is and centrists -- also. -- -- -- -- Those can be controlled army threatened that -- but I'd hate for instance shares are being threatened and that. And that as a good job controlling in the younger they are screened them the better control so -- about when that those likely has a good thing to do. Which can kill your predators so you don't sprayed the name of the attacks and bug to me it's difficult because. It's hard to -- the differences between these two. Related insects but want to Ireland the bad guy product and quietly on British public and go -- and years and in search engine and had an action action. And am. And look at those pictures and then it in the least footed bug net. Images button and look at all those images you can wore a lot do and looking at the different images and he'll be sure you appreciate the differences. Between them and insidious about in the financial -- that abroad and you'll be able to recognize it more clearly. -- get sent by a great record on her -- Are evident -- everything flowers vegetables they're predators hang -- waiting to come along. Guess -- yeah it that make you so much I appreciate the call. That it -- -- -- victory shall we -- others out there -- bug problems Michael from Linear Michael good morning. Good morning. -- -- Have a pineapple that about Rezko orbit that thing and I wanted to know how to tell when it's ready. It will turn from a green. Background color to a gold background color. I'll be -- apple go from hard as they were quick squeeze on that. Truly too a little -- again when he squeezed on it surely can -- a little bit acute there. -- developing a rich forty Roma. Much as you would expect of my squad by the apple analyst and that -- -- -- unhappily Roma. And those -- the three things you won't look for it turns from green to gold. It has. A little Buford Scott squeeze firmly on. And to develop -- like at Applebee's sleeper. Should be aroma to it I don't -- industry younger Michael because the greatest labor. It is true let me get fully like on the plant so if you're -- hear if you walk out. Sure I think my agent market but I'm not sure don't have much -- harvested until you walk out there and say you know. This definitely looked like it means to be harvested and harvested them and the flavor of it like. -- pineapple missiles appear to pineapples you on the supermarket. It's an amazing -- were all the effort you put into Michael. Hearts are appreciated thank. Sure thing. Already folks. Let's feed -- quick break here coming to be yet. Forty minute mark and I will be or the guard shot -- that -- Good morning and thanks Arianna yards short and guarding -- and call or she is actually calling from coming and good morning actually. Good morning and thanks for taking my com or -- Have a problem with not apprehensive didn't think. That would have a couple of if I have twelve they're back eight years old they don't get out there I don't put -- not above it. That -- -- area but I noticed this year and fortunately but it on -- -- you know he. -- -- -- -- -- I know what I'm big big. You know there are reasons that the black spot a lot of times people think the -- resistant. Put him in in OK and that there's nothing I mean anything in this trip I definitely going up. -- compliance. Immune plants and the good -- -- -- -- they make spot over. Right -- does -- -- despray blind -- outbreak now all all right we have a couple of weeks ago while to develop. Every time it really didn't rainy spell. Don't be surprised everybody out there lifting. Don't be surprised if you're in April to -- black spot and -- under pressure or people in Albert agent and exceptional conditions and high pressure conditions or even a reason to actually the conditions are so ideal for election. May get in the direction and now again. Big national polls -- actually -- them up and dispose of them because -- is still in the sleeves and -- away and just to come -- fresh -- broke again this year. And it a -- knock -- -- every ten days all summer long we just don't -- -- and Al -- so just relax. Tell them you'll be OK. Okay. Thank you very liked and appreciated. Julius thank you for the call -- -- in Portland because a lot of people are not our children are calling and it up are -- I -- -- tool that's good morning Olympic you're on the carton show. -- mark again thanks for taking that Kyle. I have some Red -- -- I love it does beautifully but every now and then certain amount -- it will get like a little crimes spotted the truck -- underneath. -- -- -- -- -- -- that may tender you know I didn't fungus and has called rust because there rusty red looked so it went. But -- is that all of college ball and total -- And let the play somehow fresh which have been the rusty -- talks polished as say late spring early summer Obama and want to get association will delay its own. So this time of the year. May maybe -- ended June we get the rest shall not also -- just like so all you can picture of homilies consciously. Such as well role in the outcome of ought to do all which could -- -- -- -- it was did it and deal could not -- that just how open it was the right. Smartly. You. Well. Appreciate that. -- -- he's -- John. -- John good morning. And then major euphoria hand to com. -- you know John Kerry's comment male female and as they mature mulberry trees and you've never seen any -- them then it's likely you males. -- can do about that those sex change operations or anything like those trees. Is that. Not a -- and he. Strong economy. The tree didn't go to if you confined the female. That would be great but until you get it gave you won't get it from golf for those two males -- structure. -- -- Okay. Our identity. -- -- -- -- Appreciate that so much let's move on to the next caller that would be Cheney calling from -- down color coordination in Portland. Bought count and coming -- and dairy day actually a great partner. It's not -- Great. And I want to care for it and and leave now arm began it's it's loaded with great. They're lots of fruit on the car. -- the lead they're beginning to turn around and -- Hampshire at ground. So much rain we had recently. And he you know it could be only maturing in the -- face saturated -- -- out of time. It shaped structure as planned to -- And so I would agree with you that's that's a real possible there's nothing you can do about that. -- that's gone not a done deal. I'm not reacting to natural weather conditions and -- he can't do or really need to do on the those situations should be at that point. I would just -- -- back -- watching the greats carefully maybe pick one and tasted every now and again sure that you can see what the current -- and harvest them. About the next question I have no idea when there. I can you can you discuss the war obstacle for the color change her. I yelled that the full size and -- the color -- it will occur and again don't ever undertaken to pick on -- -- -- -- I -- American -- good at that moment. It's a way of assessing when that your right. All right thank you appreciate it already sending thank you for the call. It pokes at people in the slip in -- more or your world quick quick who we have next. John -- try and what you got are got. Question for a -- for -- -- lean toward more more natural. Lawn care and try not to put as much chemicals and -- and my garden beds and so forth. Of course directory oracle. At their moral story. I'm building a new. A new bit in my front yard. And it and then -- article basically. Which actually tackle opposite. What I'm looking at doing that article basically said that if you lay -- -- And you can news roundup because the second round that becomes younger and about chi -- to -- day to become and there are. You know around a secure all the grass. That it was unnecessary to remove the crashed and has it. Plant to plant and so forth would you cover with mulch to actually finish the garden. That brass will then feature. And aluminum particles and matter if torture question on you are you -- an -- Yes yes it is. All right. Though not all that all works I agree with everything you're just. That thank you. Our job is a look at the Czech government to appreciate that -- on that -- from -- somebody local and make sure they wish applies. While you re jumping on the Internet -- applies to where you actually Gordon to -- and John good. I want a -- -- about it the most trying to our folks such regarding questioned. That's the place to get back insurgent control that Germany is and call. We'll be back with more of the -- show right after this good morning you look at the Garden Show on WWL and deal. With the LSU actually work regarding getting out. Oprah get a call in today or if you called and -- couldn't hang on or the program before I get to you. Do wanna engage regarding course I feel like and that information that you need to you can email me. I'd feel Christians are in the weeks same thing goes they do that just Google my -- being deal. GI LL come out first when it comes up I'll bring my amateur web page. And you can email me from there are dependent upon the popular country are calling from -- -- morning. They -- -- it is policy -- to -- your program whether Great Britain permission. I -- it on my luggage. I haven't to have big street that. And seven years ago and that it -- Planes of bankrupt which -- -- god in my backyard and our particular golf. And outfit. What happened so that that's -- why -- -- There has some kind of robbery and it looked like -- squirm on the animal. -- 5000. I'll -- there -- programs that vehicle what he -- do that I mean what. Look we're not under that's that's -- hard -- to deal with because. For an that we used -- adding he could still great country with Burton adding at least trouble have a beer here. But when it's a -- doing debate in -- whether it's a squirrel during the day or. Ranch during -- raccoon or whatever happened to be in the area election like true. Are they can chew through you know love -- adding accurately determine sport. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About -- discourage an animal but they are Jews you right skill luscious shortening up in the tree. Even read how mean I'll work differently -- attractive. I Tibet animal -- -- got -- -- there that you are kind of unfortunate situation. You know a little bit going to defend against clothes are to be honest with -- I've been sitting up all along with a shotgun. They're. Animals. -- that the pilots I can imagine that there be a bit of treatment. Question about that thank you so much my question now luck with your program are yeah globally and then again. Now I appreciate that call it that there are Heidi I achieved -- the next start call we've got to help will be -- -- caller from new war that would get more. Didn't want in -- he -- Republican and euphoria. Okay the -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I get about six years ago it at. Cross between them their money and silence -- here I am sure and for the Lance. Who here I -- not a common. With the experience it and be little bit and expect Cumberland count you know I didn't. Did bumpy like is not a loan them money in the morning -- got a lot of Latin seeds in it and I want to know what do you think we've. It -- so many elements coming out. When -- -- -- respect and if you can send me an email. -- more information on this but I suspect they -- roots. Pockets proud of that problem Meyer -- Ireland and don't have -- them so the -- stopped at that Ireland has crept up on who has sprouted and started grow. And it's making fruit in -- Ireland may be well on at this point. And me an email can think it's more information explain this to you more fully because we're at the end of the program right now but that's the problem Oakland told parliament soldiers in the war engines -- or try all the autism. -- -- -- -- -- and -- Saturday.

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