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Jun 7, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Good morning it's Saturday and this is the home improvement show every Saturday from ten to -- we get together and get your chance to ask questions about home improvement. It's for payers -- renovations that job you're gonna do which appear to have done maybe something you started to happen with your house and you're not exactly sure why this is happening. Maybe you don't know who to call to get something done about whatever is happening which it is all those questions with our construction consultant called LaGrange who was with the greens consulting. And sister company's energy and comfort solutions ball good morning to it more -- Every Saturday we start off by talking about something that somebody might wanna do with the have much time on their hands to be proactive. Few times and I am going to house. I was not proactive I'm waiting until something broke before -- pay attention to it and -- -- to do over again I'd be a little more proactive especially after doing issue with you. So what's something that somebody might wanna think about doing today if they have some time to work -- on the house. Well something out of work or project this morning news late last night my main water made them want to supply come into my house broke in. After speaking to investigating it. It felt that that the -- from the landscaping hit point three wood around the piping in the fittings. And had to you know obviously busts the pipe. So this is something if you would be very proactive. If if you have large shrubbery. Or trees in the near your main water supply line. You -- choose to go in that area perhaps trimmed the -- back -- -- that's a salute to evasive. However in an effort of speaking piping. And you know an -- and also early in the morning and finding -- stuff that make it. When your house has -- again it's it's it would be a lot for it I followed a thought about it I would've done it would allow more happy to do it. You know years ago supposed to -- you know crunching through today -- -- -- for the show Nancy do you do you warn a do not I need to fix after the show. After Saddam worried about it. You -- who -- to the water. It didn't -- -- itself. I'm almost put it that way as as always good living the last part together another. Piper of a piece of pipe broke in my hands so while I need to go back to the -- supply house is more parts. I'm so jealous of people like you because she you can fix the problem yourself that you probably have all the tools that you need to fix the problem say that with people who are mechanics. You know their car brakes on the that instead of panicky like -- or or somebody else -- my -- related to a network. They just couldn't fix it. It's an -- house is got a fix it. Don't know I admire it and you know this is a -- nice about it is Mike Mike. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you don't learn how to do it did you -- hey Dan I just got to do that. -- like -- -- with so that Hitler for themselves. I think it's a good thing if you have a question about home improvement repairs renovations are going over your house are numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 86688. Ninths early seventy and a -- -- its revenues have also if you're buying -- -- -- -- different by just bought a house recently. And she was going through the process of negotiating the price and there was some things that needed to be done does the person selling house fix that or do you fix it. And maybe you need to know what it's gonna take to get something fixed because that can have a lot to do with which actually pay for the house may be it's good for you to fix it maybe it's better to say hey. You fix it before by the house which an answer those questions as well. Our number 2601870. -- free 8668890. At seventy. And a text of receipts have creativity. From Baton Rouge on your own home improvement show with -- grange. Yes it's not a particular -- with two or question that or quite -- old soul in it you know him intimately incident but. We're playing a low income tax bracket and you know only -- or anything like that. -- you get a refund on them or not that would -- it like earned income credit where there actually pay you money you get a tax liability -- The areas on the stateside so John that the -- -- our side. Now the heat it up because here yet yet the percent stake if you don't tax -- coat -- checked. But with a broad. You can carry it over four I think I'm mistaken -- the five years in the next you're giving come. You can get pieces parts of it all look back one on WT Ulster. And minimal amount of miles from 62. -- to -- like hundred -- You know look to recoup time and money doesn't mean much -- -- -- -- figure. And that and the just -- regular open what is it its commitment. That they're. That there really isn't it when I look at so our -- look at it in the an opportunity to apply. Power at today's prices because we all utilities are gonna creep up so you're -- purchasing -- paying for your gaining your your power. At today's prices as opposed to what they've got to be in the future which really know what those with the going to be but we do know that it thought that our community and. Old. And -- -- -- bathrooms and there's no way -- to the plumbing unless you break into the wall Virginia to design itself. What -- should want is the child in the Iraq -- struggle all worked as a the best way to implement apart panel that the shot one of the stated that my instinct dummy. If you have to put -- abroad and we'll go with the standup. Side of the ball. I think those. It. John like if your -- stay -- -- -- right back with more of your questions this is the home improvement show astute with construction consultant Paul agreed. Numbers 2601870. Tool for 8668890. Point seven. And it -- -- receipts and creativity. We have a very very controversial W -- project looking pull this morning. It's simple. But most of controversy of this part of the country. Barbecue. Crawfish. It is your opinion by going to our web sites that -- you don't count will be right back with your calls on the home improvement show. Welcome back to the -- -- -- -- afford it right back with your calls here's a quick update on our controversial WTO project opinion polls morning. Barbecue. -- 36%. Barbecue 64% say -- finished leadership team like going to Evian you will account but it or short -- you know -- with all LaGrange. Panic -- and -- Edit -- -- that's -- finish -- mobile dual paper anyway. All we got a little house so -- and portion of urgency about 12100 square sheets will look into expand to about 2000. -- -- And probably along the way. Remodeled bathroom rejections. On -- while. In Baltimore. Square foot lies about water shortage for the -- comparable to. Well actually new construction when talking about expanding the home. Like on just Buick. Just -- there in Kitchener. So the addition probably -- along the lines of of new construction although there are some additional. Complexities of any point to an existing house then they drop but the cost a little bit it won't be a law. However let me plant the -- in your mind that when you keep to the part of renovating the bathrooms and kitchens. That does not along the ones in the construction that is you know renovation work. You know mean to you removed you have been an open up the walls in -- infrastructure. There's no telling what you gonna -- I mean you may find some rotten book or termites or. You know piping that are much -- that doesn't meet code so there's a lot of surprises with when you slowed to a bathroom and kitchen renovations. And our -- on older homes. Okay an -- that brought me ma -- court or. If we were going to be -- The so this project. Would would it be. Obviously that industry's -- Tell the world market there. I think you may be close to more like 18%. More birds are some incidental. That should all the great and then my last question now college on the launch to use and recommend anybody. That others. But what we're looking for am fortunate there. It were a little. Like -- -- some second -- let that regional thank family all there. Where where exactly or you'd want to -- mean you jerk. -- it's your yet it's not too far under some folks here in the in the -- some merit that will be willing to different sets the fact that -- all the different news was it on the -- So you can give me call on Monday and dot com office opening up keep some names and numbers you. That -- good weekend. A for the West Bank -- on the home improvement show with all the drinks and BWO. You probably -- to both of you on this is far more caller called last week about our war that -- So I was making popcorn and Eric. Yes and that changed. Couple of -- and -- we're making popcorn. So I get -- replaced by how what it's about ten usable. Well in but the question they have it. A winter to lows in any of three those that they have three years six years. Yeah well be what he does. Of what I would it make him in such short determination Micah. At half a I just saw that try to be a price point is my only thought. You know when you change to what -- and obviously you went -- what -- -- that. You know has a longer useful like that for years in the water -- really should have been useful life. Much much longer than it -- I guess is the price point they're trying to trying to meet. It's like you so three units of -- war to -- three more years. And if it's partly by -- twelve yet how would it and it layer it's on ninetieth legally give it replaced an audience what you Corey. You know you have to look into that that's fine print that -- you really don't. OK so what you think that shot -- and they'll make it pop -- noise. You know it's over yet. They could be is. Some Toms would win though the water gets hot in. It is -- it it it is flashes and it makes like a pop pop and -- but I don't even know how to correct that I've seen it. I don't you know how to correct it so the whole thing I've done in the past has replaced it. Britain would -- led -- to the pop up I was last week we knew I was speaking his. You know we had a little leak -- they are thinking all right well maybe this thing is get ready to go out and that's what's causing the problems so on a it's our privilege in general path. Photo of checked at first though so I'll probably put. This weekend. Good deal can look their project thank you now have as much fun as you possibly can for Marie Errol Louis your and the only proof which you know with -- LaGrange. Track ball. Not about what you problem. I don't want that -- that it's that it replaces all out war you know we installed a new one from a big box store. You electrical what you. That'll earn an all out war opt outs hit and pressured go toward but we keep -- -- We checked -- you know why should it to electricity. Went into all out war. Well one and it felt it could be bad elements or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he set the that would mean indicated if thermostats are often that you set the temperatures on his got to operate in a lower thermostat is that correct correct. We -- -- one. Or -- -- when he when you're rotating that's our -- have to did you hear clicked. -- Who can I would suggest you go all the back -- and listen for a click and -- the thermostats are actually working. I guess it is possible that you have. You know faulty water heater that is really. Highly and you know it's his undies and typically that doesn't particularly for both. You know both arms that's not to be working. When you. Energize the water heater. -- you actually he can sometimes turn it does electric water heater you actually can hear the water heating up it doesn't make any sales in the gurgling nothing. -- remember. I know we know wore out we could hear the air rushing out at the open. So you've filled with water before you turn on the electricity correct correct we get all practical every one spot in the -- Then you -- Alexis. Yes. Okay good bit of -- is sometimes folks don't do that in parts of the elements are out -- just like you you you didn't go down that path. Lewis as -- to use -- you -- Go through that real quick diagnostic tests we just talked about you you may be going back to big box store and asked -- -- need to be done next. -- Are. Are predicting how sorry -- asked and evidently it right. If your -- stay with this aggregates all of your questions if you do have a question -- home improvements are -- going on at your house or. As a said earlier maybe you're buying a house and you're not exactly sure whether you should say hey you know don't worry about fixing that will take care of it. Or is say look I'm not there by the house until you get ethics would cancel those kind of questions as well as sometimes somebody might ask the question. It might make you think of a question that you didn't really know -- so our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text numbers 877. Ball is a text that asked the question what's your opinion of vinyl siding and boarded the new developments in sliding. Well funnel siding there's a variety of quality grades much like anything else you can purchase you know their -- to builders grade there's a you know consumer grade in the as the Cadillac. And can bottle Saudi when installed properly and it's a good quality product. It's pretty long lasting. However it you know it's it's not woods expressed our -- outbreak did you know of all the premieres. You know it's on the lower end of the value for long term value of the appraised value your house. And also the longevity of it although. You know I have houses that I've built that are. You know. Couple decades old that have publicizing his. Still looks good today. But it's fun -- it's not what are Stucco brick you know today's technology probably think you do who will be. Less stating. And also their their -- bottles -- -- some bottles they have different sizes and shapes. And they actually have some grain in Boston to make it more look realistic as addictive Mason improvements with that it's it's not a bad product that. You know it's of a price sensitive. Of the new year to use. I'm coming right back with more to your questions about home improvement I'm screw -- construction consultant -- agree engineers at WWL news update with -- -- such -- home improvement show in their sporting action and -- it is it a sport to me it's not a contact sport for the most part but. There's a possibility of a Triple Crown winner late today California chrome in the Belmont Stakes California from a Kentucky Derby and the preakness and goes for victory. In the Belmont Stakes could become the first Triple Crown winner since 1978. Also this weekend is the creole tomato fest at the French market and -- Charles parish crawfish took off. In saint Charles parish after the west bank and -- you're on the home improvement show with Paula grange. -- Pretty good morning call on a -- make comment in that -- is calm day on -- needed -- thing from -- local. Com home improvement or. Are Celtic -- in the name. When they -- in Dayton to call quality -- out the -- to -- So why are we want to be very careful that the plumber come here and they'll sure if you or something already. Like they pop on out you may epic Koppel are already there at its -- Torture not. To -- in the -- -- had that problem and all it took the priority. No jail because what you go to be complete actually. Armpit deep -- become all negative maybe one. Again. Is that that they don't care. What people be very helpful when bombers tomorrow. And an all out war. They -- upper coat. And make them. Everything and deal. At all -- that. At that -- could come it's for the folks out there that are considering. You know -- directly to the stores. That the big box stores to -- products installed and it's true for. You know plumbing as well as electrical and also air condition -- no autumn. Offer those -- services -- now are always. Enjoyed working with. A local mom and pop business because -- that the small businesses. -- -- -- Do people -- not mom and pop they wanted to pick one and you know it's arm you can -- you mention the name it. Telling people to be very cautious because they plumbers all like vultures they just want to get in and got to bring up Taco Bell all. They Georgia on at the -- to run that is great that people caught in about hundred bucks. They have outlawed here. It at end. This and you you know I almost say the same thing. I'd like working with. Mom pop organizations a small businesses former Saturday Night Live cast member Tracy Morgan is in critical condition following a big accident managers you know thoughts and prayers are with him and everybody else was injured in that accident. It right back to your caller -- you know on the home improvement show with Paula grange. -- I -- him and call -- a few weeks ago I wrote. Doing them actually you are correct floor to put in a taxi over and and I would load. Of one -- and check out there that system that they have. And it looks like it might feel they shouldn't count arcade for me. And I was wondering if terrorists tried. -- need to it. Greet people or -- the color. Just not sure who to -- to do that for me. -- typically it would be done -- one or two folks. The folks that you sustained score country. Warn folks that install. Hard ceramic tolerant natural stone toppings like so Florida company. War a person who specializes in staying -- country. At that they would both those trades. Would be able to install that two part. Scrawled on a pox he finished. It is OK so we'd be calling -- concrete companies they would you know it's only taken them or not. Yes and a more Florida company. OK they do. It's been few that aren't good luck here in. And for better each every year on the home improvement show with Paula grange. Yeah good morning a couple of comments on the big they had a hand claps for hot water heaters. Let me tell you in my experience I went through the same thing -- Iran had like 800 dollars. After the water -- that they said that he had to elevated -- -- to put a hand under that they had to do it is that -- you know you undertake. Our anyway they have you. Right where they want to because you need it done all right. Went ahead and get it done I -- -- Jefferson -- I can't tell if the same thing is true outside -- Jefferson Parish. Lack the Jefferson Parish. But I that you aren't building permits thing it's not like that happened about it. In most cases. If you're replacing -- -- leader in the same spot. That the old one was. You're grandfathered in this these new Adams put supposedly bringing it up to promote. Are not required. What I did then. The Manhattan cocktail like. The big box store branded that way complained and everything like this as it turns out I got a couple extra charge refunded to make. So somebody else that problem and stuff like that they might wanna try they have to get their data on money. Carol. -- just appreciate that advice it's it's good to know and thanks for sure and the other story with us now he sometimes we can offer. Consumer advice and if there's something going on and consumer wise -- not exactly sure you've been ripped off or not or. You're not sure. Quote a call to get something done our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. And a text number is 87870. I'm still a construction consultant Paul Le grange will be right back with more of your questions on WW well this is a home improvement show -- -- our construction consulted Pollard arrange it for river ridge Steve here and every WL. -- -- -- Could you explain to me the difference between. -- pump system and the standard air condition system. -- so -- heat pump system. -- ankles in and it does using refrigerate. Both in the -- mood and the heated that it really depends on which season -- is -- what direction that retreat is flowing. Because Epoch has reversed himself in order to change from heeding the tuna commission. A regular air condition system the refer trip only. Moves between indoor and outdoor equipment when you're in the cooling mode. You that you -- have electric heat the heat your house or gas furnace the utopia so it uses a different type fuel for the heating component. Vs. That the the cooling component. Okay the reason I -- that is my daughter's considering having a house built in Harrisburg. Where there's no natural gas wrong. And all the houses that are built in there if he hopes and I guess that's why I'm Paul because. They're -- component in our people has to be electric. Is that well there. It it it's and it's far it's it's energized electricity however he -- is very efficient -- heating your house. Use in the heat pump technology. I have natural gas available by subdivision and I have that you but recording a -- -- more energy efficient. It's is it -- a gas furnace that's a lot safer. Well there's I thought the opposite up but the standard was more efficient more economical and hateful but you're saying he purpose is even better right. Net but when you talk a -- new construction home -- though that any cheap bottles will support that people -- slightly more insufficient. Then a guest artist when you compared to me older the wall is double shotgun house that's the key. -- a gas -- would be more effective and more beneficial than -- OK so -- heat pump. As. Corals. In the attic that electric right sport can also be gas. -- component in the attic and he. But he -- Jose native -- critical indoor and outdoor depending -- in heating vote depending would or could look at what's season grand. It has supplemental heat which is electric. This tasty -- can't keep up your house and Steve we've got to get to break through central RS but apparently -- I'm getting its next year from a plumber with Blair plumbing it says it's not true that a water heater has to be installed up to code. No grandfather. And grandfather and this is coming from a licensed Plummer are your questions about home improvement coming up right after the news on -- -- -- well.