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Jun 7, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's going to be a very hot Saturday in June welcome back to the home improvement show so what's your question about your house. Are you gonna try to do the job yourself maybe you're not sure if it's something that you should do or somebody else -- -- come in and in doing we can give you that kind of advice. A -- -- -- -- construction consultant from the greens consulting the website is the greens consulting dot com. And the sister company's energy and comfort solutions and the website is easiest died she yes. Quite often on their shoulders there's a pattern of people calling very late in the show. As we're trying to wrap up the show we suddenly get a lot of calls on world until noon. And then the food show with Tom Fitzmorris so if you do have a question to wait till the last minute because -- -- possibly get all the calls at the very end. If you have a question about something going on with your house you're not exactly sure why something has started to happen maybe you don't go to call to get something done. Maybe you're buying a house and you're not sure about whether you should negotiate with them with the people you're buying a house from. And tell them -- you need to fix the problem or if it's something that maybe you should have Phoenix and lower the price of the house that some other advice we can give you. If you have a question about repairs -- renovations anything going on your home on approval numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 and a tax receipts have recently we have a very controversial W -- pretty -- of people going on this morning. Its recent low barbecue or crawfish give us your opinion by going to our web site W if you will not count Paula dated at the opening of the show this morning. That he has been working this morning on news so water main -- you have no water in house right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When we discovered was the it was the water main connection for the house with right next to some landscape is from recent very large. Bushes and the roots from from those -- his over the years have went through the fitting. Of the PVC pipe as a one it's in -- PVC pipe that's in the ground and as it transitions from the ground upward. It changes into copper and write that spot and the connections where broke in us and things like this happened. As you just gonna get -- dig at all Loudon and discover what the problem is and -- all part redo it so you know if were were too wise I don't locate large trees trumpet next you want me because eventually the -- will. Which happened to that on the part. And you've been doing this this morning so right now -- you handle thirty. They're full of PVC glue and primary and then yes well at. Now from New Orleans saw -- on the home improvement show with -- grange. This is god -- guys are all just one little thing that might call this one could you let all of you know we get some great advice. A couple months to -- I'd like to kind of follow through it. -- -- -- Stood in the world on it and went to this about it Portland on line you know one of the two. I think. -- is Paul did where did you ought to tell me. That I'd be quick commercial product out there to work. At Portland it's not jail ward of Albany with Iran captured on just want to know that in. You know they've won in war challenged but would work. Good -- that's great news. So thank you blessing god just whispered I know we talked about it we we spoke to you earlier but also for blisters -- that are considering using. -- broadcasted. To clean staying -- you know the tub or toll. But this is that this is a very caustic which are you would have lots of revelation the proper personal protection. And -- definitely -- the bottled ratios of how much -- the water you have to mix. And it's -- very effective as that I've used to from many many years. However if you use improperly. Himself so please -- -- You know you. Why didn't you do that you get to bite -- couple -- and follow it to the latter so you know -- -- for medicinal due to -- going on. You know what. About. Any guy Bill Belichick and you know what a great start and -- Makes you gonna come over your house and use the ouster of -- following of -- A big guy. -- here's -- -- getting moisture under limited in kitchen doesn't seem to be the appliances or this sinks or could it be sewage back -- Rebecca. But boy I wish I had a little message more information if it's erased Charles stories slap house because of as a slap posts. And -- you know there's there are the sources we would consider if it's a race how's the bush may be actually coming through the bottom of the the plot which -- for the finish wouldn't need to getting into calamity. So -- if you can please and I'm sure you're listening. Expect him so more details about the foundation your house and -- to -- the letter I to Baton Rouge Jim you're now on the -- for a -- with Paula range. But he can't -- -- house that was built probably in the mid fifties. -- -- asbestos siding. And he has time to get this thing you know repainted the -- fixed arched up thinking about whether she tries have been like that -- Shaquille product or something. That might encapsulate that -- better. Just what are your thoughts on -- Elicited -- there -- some good companies out there that would offer that type service like midsouth coatings will be one of home that you mentioned Ronald shield. You want to make sure that -- products compatible with what you're a unit to which most times that's not the case you know that's not a problem that is the case that. You know their product is compatible with viewers. You know think about -- is if you encapsulated. And there's no -- of dust of the breaking down than it really is a safe product. -- so yes in the NIC about those. Those type products as a proxy type products. Is is that they're very long lasting they'll keep the brilliant colors to keep to Sheen. And it's and so when you know so long lasting durable products that you should be happy with the. Yeah I think it just hit me like though whatever mitigation archer might be DOD has -- -- -- it would not -- at all. Oh goodness so no you you'll be ahead of the game he can capsule it does not a moment about that. Oh great thank you very much so you've -- a degree to collect call the. Text -- has -- sent back to explicitly says slam does that help. Okay. So that the that the petition with a slab I'm presuming at this point. That. It's more should come through if it's the on the outside into the slant that is quite common. Particular with a moderate rainfall we had the previous couple weeks. It's concrete that waterproof and allow water to come through it and also vapor moisture come through it's nothing but heart sponge. So if you're seeing some pinks and purple colors of some dark colors and it through your laminate flooring at the outside it you're slab. More than likely it's from Rainwater that can be from -- -- if you have a question force our numbers 2601870. To all free 8668890870. And it text oversee 7070. And -- -- construction consultant Paul Le grange with the greens consulting and energy income for solutions. If -- on -- we're coming right back with -- of your calls and also get to abort your text as well. Here's a WW pretty general opinion polling others -- a big controversy here in this part of the country. It's simple but very controversial barbecue or crawfish give us your opinion by going to WW dot com and -- Right back mr. -- resources coming up right after this show with the Saturday edition of the food show from noon to three here on Debian hero. I'm Scarlett construction consultant -- grange from -- did a year now along with Paula derivative hero. Hi. There lamp -- That. On green. It plan meets decide -- On the porch on. When a -- lately it they'd like to denigrate the sand in the all ball awful at CNET. -- Howard assumed. Thirty. And the saw Walker's proposals that house. Case of the country that -- this integrated on the Saab or or on the patio. It's gonna play -- that aside welcome talk about it the porch. It's just like if they didn't what you. And this does -- but up against the slam. And it has like a little what you -- Brit. In. Full camp on its -- the -- and how that it's happening here. -- and kind of describe the two neither of the pieces parts that I like is it flanking isn't. Likes a little pieces of granules of saying give me a little better description of that. It salient and grapple with last week but fortunately we have -- -- it just like the whole lay at the scene. Is disintegrating and on its stand in the rocks in the and it went out late on track. Did you don't like to do send me a photograph that or actually 23 photographs. And get a better feel for -- you're facing. But by some would maybe -- and also solution for. So if you go to my website -- rates consulting dot com you can send me an email. What it is -- directly to my you know go Paul act -- greens consulting dot com. Send it to me and I'll respond to. I didn't think you have weakened. And from Slidell -- year on the home improvement show with -- grange on WWL. Yes thank you have a problem not us it's about fifty years old. And I have a problem with standing water -- that follows cash and we thought it might be -- Let certainly it all new -- -- under the but that doesn't seem to be the problem which and I guess it's -- anymore is getting in New Hampshire. Politics just seepage because it seems to be under. Seems below then you know outside the -- such analysts on its way that we could get Soro. Pumped under fair assumption under the which should we do. Ms. Mary how high is your house off program. Three came -- block. It's you have Leahy wrote adding some soul. Yes. Some -- -- there is a it didn't. I'm not the problem is -- we discovered termite damage and not the man can't come out and you know. Treat to house because under the house because of the water. So -- really like a -- emergency trying. -- -- Would what I like to do is to call a local foundation companies have these homes that elevate -- houses. I thought they they held a service lets call pumping sand it's much like he described actually takes it and put it through a pump. And they -- sprayed the sand underneath. The footprint of your home elevating the height of the -- the soul that you one ahead it. Two things -- what you think about you wanna have that space on the Charles higher than the surrounding grass and landscaping around your home. You also want to have it. Where it's not a problem holding in one -- like one quarter of the house may be low and others. You wanna make sure it's it's trailed in the sinner higher in the center and -- the edges so that. If water gets underneath their flight medium may flutters like that. It will stay there and part of a two week out -- pushed out. Because the -- -- was pitched and crowned the forced water out of it. Okay now accompanied. That are on -- Eskew. Did these companies. I'm just saying -- would take complex. Outstanding play. -- I -- We should just do so are and I don't know what -- would do it to termite treating and and. It's it's it's going to be saying is that it will pump clay is dubious intro like rivers Sanders -- -- -- -- recipient. Or it's actually that the property was actually -- pumps him because they've they've run through -- It now would I would suggest -- that watcher terminate storm comes back to repair. For the termites they need to re treat all of its -- that your adding. -- That's going to be something they can treat -- It's the same standard that you -- a -- Ian in Metairie -- in the South Shore that people feel around their houses. And contractors were building new homes if you use that same product. So he can be treated with -- products that we have available. -- -- It is set company as it's called pump and stand. With debt they package would be accompanied to crawl out. -- miss -- I'm not familiar with the company but it certainly sounds like -- from the from the name with their competence but it sounds like yes -- So. -- has been very good luck Paul here's -- it wants to know what you think of solar NEC. So a city so he sees something that really came out but in the past. 1214 months here in in in the states and this product is. All the research I've been doing all that is is fairly impressive. I have not known anyone to install it -- -- give me long term history or its performance. But looking at the the research data in it seems to be impressive. One thing that you'd have to. Ask and really keep in written form from the installer is if that product. Qualifies for the state and the federal tax incentives I knew there was some discussion that legislation. -- early on this last legislative session. Whether they would qualify for that and not I have not seen the final determination. I'm sure about him that made his decision but that would be something I was certainly look into it doesn't qualify for both the state and the federal incentives. What's your question about home improvements job you're gonna do -- -- -- have done maybe some go earlier house not exactly sure why it's happening. But the question is will answer for -- -- 2601870. Toll free 86 X eighty -- -- where it's every -- a receipt 77. Maybe needs some direction in terms of who to call to get the job done and maybe to -- some consumer advice with an answer those questions as well. I'm still without construction consultant Paula Granger were coming right back with more of your questions. Is it having any real news update with Don Ames welcome back to the home improvement show it's gonna be another very warm David hey it's it's that time of year we expect that in this part of the country's time here also it's getting very very humid. I'm very exciting game today between ULL handled this in the NCA super regionals. No real -- -- was going to be there but they're not -- local team ULL. I've could be there also the creole tomato festivals happening at the French market this weekend. You know when I go to to -- to me I can't. Eat tomatoes have -- real to me that's the creeps me suggests a good bit of the tomatoes as countries like water to. But the cream tomato is not the prettiest -- It just goes to show you that you you can always judge things by appearance. It's not his ring and it's -- is if it's as perfect looking is in many of the -- is partly it is the best. What I notice on the show public for the show is it quite often we get a lot of calls at the very very into the show we've got to just about thirty minutes left in the show. Don't wait until the last minute because we can't get to those calls the last minutes if you do have a question about home improvement. -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- number is 87870. Public feet Steve here on the home improvement show with Paula range. I don't all. Morning. Our question ma am ceramic. Home. Arms -- in the kitchen unnoticed where -- out fares between like it's all been through it. And I'm -- -- and could that -- call from what. And not this coming year. You know sometimes you'll see it in the spring and fall where you're slab. It's a slap first mostly come -- are. I'm not actually on its own bloc should go wrong but to put. -- -- But I -- kitchen and hallway. And -- area. Like water and common appointed at all allies but. I mean not a -- That that could be more should come from underneath if if you looked directly underneath those spots. -- -- -- Now not directly underneath it a copy -- ago we've reflected in the water came -- Right to insulate him -- a lot and installation that. And I replaced a lot of board. Our duty to check great -- sleek and went -- that common currency might still be you know you -- now -- right there. -- Yes I would definitely check for two things to see if you have any standing water in those spots in those general locations of the kitchen in the hall. And -- also checked to see. What type of barriers you have underneath her home in in really wouldn't like to seized three errors or control layers if you look at it that way. That got a thermal meaning insulation separate Nicole. It in the air barrier to perfect the air from moving from you know from your underneath throws inside -- focus when air moves inside your home. Brings in moisture particulars coming year. And -- probably would like to have a a paper were taught a perfect. You know bush and his guests a state of paper from going through. So you know we can have that the bottom of the floor -- you can be pretty successful accomplished by coming from underneath. It. -- -- -- Check in on gives a call back listen which I thought oh well regular state -- your question about home improvement repairs and renovations have gone on the house. Our numbers 260187. Until free 86688. Ninths nearly seven in a text numbers 877. Well here's a -- reads I've noticed the last couple of days my house smells really bolted. How can I find out where it's coming from I -- -- slam home. Well this is to tell -- year wins. If he gets warm both daytime and nighttime and were running America which is a lot. And we have a lot of outside moisture so. Most times when you're getting a moldy smelling Yahoo! mail's probably due to you compensation. Or duct leakage or a combination of both -- -- it will contribute to condensation. And that musty moldy smell really could be coming from. -- -- return or the dock work with the equipment that may be located in the attic. Or mechanical closet. And I've seen it quite often at that that the record elation between. The recognition system. Meaning the duct leakage in the conversation and that musty smell. If this was a race house which detection systems slab but it was a race -- sometimes the bush comes when the heat our homes. He gets out of her house and you can skip that that musty smell as well. And here's a ticks all the reason we're ticking of the vinyl tile in our kitchen of what can we used to take off the sticky glue. Oh OK that is a chore problem. You know they're they're making some products at a four companies yet to go where you buy your new flooring. Get a product and -- glue or if you want depending on the consistency of it they sell razor blades that filed successes while with the long handle. I can keep your your hands away from the ray's apartment and you can actually caught off. This is a labor intensive project yet that doesn't sound like much fun now is it really isn't this is when there's things -- -- take your time into its teeth and get them. Yes and thank you just don't wanna do and an ever what's about somebody calls up with a problem there at all simply say hey you know want to make a cold Franken pretend it doesn't exist. Because it's not really gonna get any worse or or any better. At what's your question about home improvement repairs or renovations and going over your house. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 8890 hours every text Amber's late 77 our fathers' day's coming up how would you like to treat your dad with a dead in your life to a round of golf for four. Including golf cart at the stone bridge country club in party. Just play our WWL four dead where yet father state contest listen to Tony Tucker weekdays from six to ten or sports talk for 48. And will give up the name of the golf course and you tell us what state what country the golf courses in first article over the right answer. Wins it's that easy and we'll give you another way to win. Go to WWL radio's FaceBook page which is -- -- radio. And look for -- for dad rare year where yet fog Tuesday contest like us and register to win. And will randomly select two winners on line Saturday June the fifteenth at midnight at Tommy will announce the lucky winner Monday morning. June the sixteenth and good luck for the station atlas dance. Every WL. This is a home improvement show our numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889087. Texas a 7070. More of your home for the questions coming up next on WWL and let's get right back to more viewer calls from -- mark you're on with Paula -- -- WL. -- Check your home. City and street that we now. Upstairs trying to -- the window. Out. And about. But he. Just out and saw. Yeah but ma -- Orange or grow more. And -- -- go. Out. Like so. A grown -- a local stores that. -- but it -- There are not yet. Make sure you will. -- mark would really it would. It would it would work better is a -- a glass pane and indeed it's almost like -- a blessing a boat so to speak so they've they've -- -- stand of of a -- a glass and they joke -- and they put texture in the paint any color you want. In -- it is and if I save like top product it's a little bit of exaggeration but it's a very very long term. Solution to your problem. And it. Very well. That's correct so if if you call my office of Monday you unisex. The ladies in the office and they'll be happy -- -- the -- is they've -- numbers used in military does it. Scenes work he does a phenomenal job. He's been doing this for a long. In fact he was in the boat business he still is in the -- this is -- he started doing this -- us before Katrina. Or right around Katrina and it's done very successful for and so it's a it's a great system. You have a good weekend. From Metairie brick your own -- and you always -- grange. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I bought eight. That you could well get out been chatting. -- at this girl got her and it. At the Pakistan. Total. -- -- -- -- And then shut off the saint then back out there it. All out. And they -- though it's art like ooh how great. I hit. And I like to check it out they brought the market. And check out. So -- -- -- that. Americans stand it no problem this process. And get them. -- you know I'm like it limbo where it is really acrobatic. So Africa a scroll compressor typically is little endorser. And other compressors however -- not as it was issues cropping. Into it you know it's at startup open and shut down some films some of dissent -- shut down. Analysts are skeptical knock. Com it but it shouldn't be as. Noisy as you're describing. Is there any way of as an -- of what type of head the outside content for sitting on is is about a fiberglass -- or concrete pad. That it has got it blocked and I built it with mud. And he's not connect to your house at all. So they ensuring that like it -- But in my opinion the critical why it would much better then the it. And you know but it but it mechanic -- -- They. -- Pakistan that well with the press that no. -- pick it up but pot. I just feel like -- spent the beat up on the ballot. There. Yes there. Listened -- -- speak to a couple more bodies that are in the and they expect business they made peace on the centuries. That we can put on that club to help them like -- start -- or something along those lines. With that process and a however not being specifically familiar with the American standard school compress with a problem there adding. I want to make sure that I keep the right fights so. Terry what's either send an email Coleman's office next week in about it Tom all of the spoke with a couple -- guys that are in the industry and give their opinion. It's Jericho on 858452148. -- -- -- -- Our regular weekend yet if they are you gonna get ahold of Paul I'll have the web sites in the phone numbers coming appeared in just few minutes solar Garrity two to write it down. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll I know -- the controversial. It's simple but controversial barbecue or crawfish. 33%. Say barbecue and 67%. -- crawfish we'll be right back on their BW is is the home improvement show and from what com is a -- now on with Paula grange. -- -- listen I am calling about a -- home in battery matter that's entirely was built in 1965. That they Torres though floor in again in the kitchen that the original it was a cracked a likely accurate because it was still in my my father. It's the rest the floor -- -- throughout the house was put him ceramic tile after Katrina. Is there anyway to Greek -- or do something to -- that the threat as a warning to make it look better it has been professionally cleaned. But it's still it's still -- I mean it's a great floor but it doesn't look. Great anymore. To stand there or -- very few companies in the new military that will be finished Torres though and actually will bring it down to the the original finish. And bring a luster back to a you know look shifts brand new looks spectacular. I have to tell you that. I I am not aware of accompanying doctor recommended do it I know there is one company's new loans. Who is doing it and I heard about them doing it a few years back but. The -- I don't remember the name I apologize for that but I think if you do you research and start calling around floor companies they can re finish. -- -- -- -- And it's been then again so it's it. Think you're saying that they can do it it'll look back like it did originally but that's just been little. And it's like it's so that the permanent floor obviously with that Katrina so I didn't want to get rid of it but. Again it doesn't look great anymore but thank you up to let them up I will be some call it. -- -- Paula grange is with the greens consulting the website is the greens consulting dot com the phone numbers 98584520. Went 48 sister company is energy -- solutions that website is EC has died she has. The numbers 9855904167. -- have a great week. Yes or use same pleasure but Rebecca homered for which -- next week I'd screw with Paul LaGrange have a great weekend flooding in New Orleans.