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06-07 12:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jun 7, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is the ice water voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. This is thirteen fifty or no it isn't either starting off on the wrong foot here. This is the big 870 WWL. And WWO 105 point three FM I'll tell you why -- make that mistake all the time in just a second here but I welcome you to the food show. On which we talk about food and drinking and eating and shopping for food and cooking and going out to restaurants and anything -- you can imagine. That touches on. The act and the pleasure of eating we're more into the pleasure of eating than anything. I. I get emails all the time from from nutritionists who want to come on the program and talk about. How old you need to eat more cable. And stuff like that. And I always tell no no we don't do that -- -- we eat if you wanna get health advice. About your eating. You talk to a doctor. Our bio book by a diet book goes listen to doctor odds you know. Or is probably a radio show out there somewhere that helps you. Two lose weight could be healthy this eighteen hit. This is a program about the pleasure of eating. And if that seems like -- kind of an epic puree and kind of glut this sort of thing I would I will offer you this. If you eat only the good stuff. You will not have a weight problem. I'm telling -- it's true. And the good stuff. Includes not just you know the best steak every day that isn't it because that doesn't face nearly as good. As the best -- today. And a really nice piece of grilled fish local fresh fish tomorrow. And a dozen oysters the day after that and played a red beans and rice on Monday. And then some vegetable soup on Tuesday. And then a little pasta with the honey chicken or -- let's get out let's seats in Chinese food on that next. And in other words if you are really curious like your grip -- would be and what you -- remain news. And you go to different restaurants and try different foods all the time. You will -- have a weight problem. Not much -- one anyway. Because it's only. When you eat the the cheap and country. That you put on weight because she need to eat more of -- to have your soul satisfied I'm really believe that. Maybe I'm wrong I don't think so. Our number is 260636. Of course we you know I did it again already. -- -- -- that part of my brain runs on auto pilot all day long all week long I do the same program. But on a different station. And I'm so accustomed to sing the phone number and sing and they believe that I I screwed up. So I'll try a little harder today 260187. He is our number we would love to talk review by eating drinking and stuff. And I have some good news here it is it's a good news to media and how you'll feel about it but we have entered as of today. A wonderful time of the year for this program on this station. Because through most of the year we have football. Not only the saints but LSU. And then we have LSU basketball and we have LSU baseball. And then we've got the draft and all those things that interrupt our program. Week after week after week and jerking around and you never know what it's gonna be on. From now until. I think the first week of August. So almost two whole months. We will not be interrupted. Very much we will be here every week from noon till three. So was you can kind of get used to it. 260187. Glitzy somebody's waiting for us already on royal welcome to the food show. There. It. Supermarket and it's always I'm not gonna be able announcement the deputy. Hi what type of issues that. It's why. That is a Vietnamese catfish. And it's it's not bad. And you I can virtually guarantee you that you have eaten it before without realizing it thinking it was catfish. Right at that there -- those who serve -- in plate. We can't. Yeah or Mississippi catfish I'd be happy with Mississippi catfish. Coleman's wild -- catfish is the best of the mall. But the U world. Because. It is irresistible. For grocery stores in particular. But also restaurants. To buying that imported fish. The save. 22 cents a pound on it. They'll go ahead get it. Instead of buying what they really should buy which is the local product which is better more expensive strangely enough I know what seems like. Hauling it all the way over from Vietnam that's got to cost money well today. Of the Kosovo pulling it up it's much much lower -- and so it points up competing with the real stuff and taking over and in fact. The catfish farming industry right now is in shambles because it. So. That's what it is it's a bad finish really I just can't bring myself to you I just don't -- oh here we are. In a place that has this tradition of eating local fish and why should we bring that and I just don't understand. I'm going to creole. Estimated that will tomorrow. And you had any dishes that he'd think I should try. All I don't know it's I haven't been there for a few years. And it's not as big -- deal as the French Quarter festival but they seem to be a little more picky about it. They've been doing it for 28 years. And they also have these great cooking demos. And and they do a pretty much continuously throughout the day today and tomorrow. -- of one chef coming out after another and he'll typically cooked three of four different ditches and then pass them around I think for -- -- and then you it you have the food booths I don't think kooky you get very much. For nothing but you'd and then you have all the food -- working and I haven't seen a list of who's there it's looking for one but I have been able -- one now. You know lately I've been in a grilling -- and I liked it health care and vegetables on my grill any type of vegetable. That day you'd think you really works great on the growth but that leukemia and mushrooms. My wife who's the queen. Really and vegetables she's always whenever we of them the grill fired up I can count on. Sometimes she takes up the whole grill surface with this stuff. Bob. Sausage. And always red bell peppers and green bell peppers to. And asparagus. Only big wins so the little ones and don't cut it they pages but they drive up that's no good but if you could find some good. Biggest Paris cut off the bottom inch and a half -- so. Those real real nice especially if you love brushing little bit about it before reported on the. Okay yeah he's in the regular season they went out of oil and don't -- -- them. Oh yeah -- you know whatever strikes your fancy. Yeah and so great. How about that the big goal by Dalia onion slice on the girl. That would work. Yeah I wouldn't cut it to fix. Like maybe about a quarter of an inch -- And yeah I think that would come on just just scrape it did the problem you have is slipping it's slipping between the gaps in the group. If I. I got these special -- at the -- the -- through and it works. Oh perfect well great -- if you have some like that than your business obviously you remind you -- -- Somebody that tried pineapple on the girl I never heard. That is really good grilled pineapple is excellent. -- it now that you do cut kinda -- about I'd say maybe as much as an inch thick. Half at least. And then you just put right on the -- you know of the do anything to it you buy whole pineapple. And then just YouTube just putted across the begin with and then cut the skin off afterwards it's a lot easier. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it is it's it's easy enough he'd just -- knife and an -- you know don't. Don't try to get every little scrap of -- Paul there because they're pretty cheap to begin with. And don't. Yeah right on the grill if you want to you can sprinkle a little sugar a little even he would put a little creole seasoning on if you wanna like a little cayenne peppers is interest. There there was a guy here. A French that that. Who was he was a Brennan's for a long time -- he opened up his own restaurant in Metairie road I don't know where is now. But he used to do a dessert called anonymous. Open one of which means. Pineapple with pepper. And what he would do is he would grill. Pineapple with peppercorns old for it and then serve it over ice cream and became -- tasting like bananas Foster girl -- except you -- this little spike of of pot at the end and it was really good. Hot and -- that they into. Heat -- heat. Warm I ask the chef -- root. I was talking to him years and years ago before he passed away. That's what's the most exciting and you run too late he said no doubt about it sweet -- Sweet scene is where it's -- completely agree. -- big neck whip you abide in the developers and then went on and on about it too loud as much. And on the scale of one and it came out to -- Oh well that's good to hear. It was awesome and everybody bugging me to do it again. Well -- down. And one under one way to make friends with thank you very much nice hearing that glad to know that my efforts are not in vain. I know me check my veins in just a moment while you're away and I'm here and will be back with more of the food show after first please that's a low it's the food show on. The big 87 EW WL. And WWL. FM 105 point three. And also WWL dot com -- to be here -- talking about eating. And drinking in restaurants and cooking and all that our numbers 260. 1872601870. We have a toll free number it's 866889. 087 in any of those who work. Now and get a minute hero crank up our. Message. Machine and maybe we can even do you can do with text for me if you of course have those. Those those rates and and and now possible again does this some magic words that we say. We are had our first. Really hot day of the year yesterday you went over and he is strange you win over ninety degrees yesterday for the first time this year. And it felt like two. And with the with the accompanying humidity. Everything's still running behind. The crawfish. Are an exception. If you love crawfish. -- especially boiled crawfish. I would very strongly urge you to go get a big pile of them that your favorite boiled crawfish restaurant. Or doing yourself. Because reports I am getting from a couple of good sources. One person who's in the rest on business and and what sells a lot of them will seafood. And the other is in the wholesale seafood business they say. That the crawfish are getting heavy which means that there are their shells are starting to get very hard. And they are incredibly hard to appeal and then not all that good because now they're putting all their energy into spawning. Which they will do shortly. It seems funny that crawfish. Kuwata styles so to speak at the like the first part of June sometimes -- and in a bad year. But the the in this seems to be telecommute deleting story years you're lucky it goes all the way to the fourth of July but I don't think we're gonna make it to restore the seat those. Big heavy chrome finish with the armor plated shells and that's no good. 260187. Here is -- They. It's going well what -- you out. Equity and off to a more -- More urgent and that into. Yeah well you see now that's productive. Why. Was going -- -- a quarter. Critiques and hopefully I'll go to the. Up pizza before you go to the fast that's who does the heat in the French Quarter. That is open in the daytime. That's the hard part. There eagle I think there's a pizza parlor this is gonna seem strange right next door to pat O'Brien's -- saint Peter street. It's the descendant of what used to be. -- news pizza place he used to have a chain of pizza restaurants around town. And that went head you know although the big ovens in the in the right kind of in the in the right recipes and everything. So I always thought -- news once in awhile if I'm in the neighborhood -- just jump in the area and grab a slice of pizza but it's been a while it's always been good. That's not far away at all from there who else is doing -- in the quarter. -- the best pizza place in town is not it's half a block out of the quarter it's in the Roosevelt hotel. In the Roosevelt hotel. On the -- street's side right across the street from jazz with church. There's -- this of a John dash restaurant called Dominica and that has a stolen. Wood burning pizza -- that wade who. And three quarters funds. And it's made of rock. Quarry out of my -- vesuvius. Which is right across the day from. Naples which is the home of pizza that's where -- was born. Oh boy is it's really good now it's it's not your standard American pizza it's a little different it's much thinner that is not as much stuff on that each person will be -- -- -- -- -- So Arnie is unsure they do. 00 and Jolene I guarantee that have that. Anyway it seems like there's some other places but they're not coming to me but well here's some from some other people so -- sleepless. Thank you see Frankie is here frank come on in. -- -- -- -- I wonder if you're sure or. Our metrics are out trick or Olympus. Yeah this governor current owners -- -- -- go to contrary. At the airport and go like four. I have heard that and he they redid all the restaurant. You and I -- so we'll grow our chips. Are built and everything you caller -- look -- actual. I -- via secret. Well why -- -- -- are a good crop. It was very very good on a good -- Are also lunch which we could protocol would look to try and build itself. Could actually go. -- this that that this is in the airport itself right. It's all between a between concourse C concourse at the right. You going to build -- -- -- doors in each election yeah. I'm missing wondered what he's got Russia and on Williams. Oh yeah a pretty good. -- -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- a motor control or place a victory here and I want you in my computer. So while we can't -- but -- a friend of mine told me about it O'Leary. But there was no -- -- probably should. There's something going on in the airports of America where there -- some fairly interest in restaurants opening here there -- not everywhere it's still for the most part it's not the best idea to eat in an airport but sometimes you run into some good. We have a problem -- we don't have all that many people. Just kind of hang in here you know who waiting for Paterno. You write your life is good once you're gonna get a good look up about it but could Saturday. Actually doing -- ones currently. You know we'll listen thanks for that. Ando and enjoy Selig who it is who's time so here here's Don and hello hello it's the food show Cotchery had a two people on hold when we broke for the news and where they go. Call backward -- -- put your right on I promise you. 2601872601870. About once every four or five years. Somehow or another. Usually it's me. On big conversation turns. To the subject. Of staged planks. Of all things. Now if you don't know what I'm talking about a stage play. Is -- cookie. Or it's. Almost would take have seen some of -- made where it's actually soft like cooking and and and kind of thick but may be. Three quarters of an inch thick. Made out of a byproduct of the sugar industry that's -- that's where they typically come from and to gingerbread flavored kind of thing. And that the two kinds aren't like you just describe -- sort of cookie shaped. And the other kind probably more common. Are these flat. Fairly thin like eighth of an inch thick. Cookies. That are actually crunchy and when you eat -- bill you know you could actually hear yourself beating. Well they are always this regardless of which. Kind they are the sequence of them wins there always collect. With scallop edges -- about typically about six inches long about three inches wide. And there are they have a little bit of icing on the top. And if you have a classic. Package of stage blanks. One of the cookies will be. Ice with white icing in the other one will be ice with pink icing there are no other colors. Apparently I've never seen him anyway. And it occurred to me that I haven't seen these things and while. So we got to talking to a couple of days ago and it went two days long and I thought I would do abused you with the same. It's an object. I've been -- we we have eighty three. Stage playing spotting. -- effort under -- so if you know where you can pick up. Some stage -- call me and let me know -- 6063. -- 2601870. Here is bill bill welcome to the food show. Well I greatly appreciate it you technical. Calling for an extra rush hour we -- famous for. It -- If you -- her you -- Houston. An upper upper Indy. In the top. Those are -- rush Brothers restaurant. I have. The here is my assessment of them so far I've been through it's a bit of puppet goes which is just out and out awful. Pop pop a seat goes I used to think. Woods was very good in doing Mexican food the lions are five times we've been we always walk out and say. What happened in this place. And it's not as good as we remember. I went to the pop a steak house it's a first class prime beef steak house the same category as Ruth's Chris and Morton's in those kind of place is very good no question about that. And there are several other themes that they have. -- -- -- the the one coming of -- but I don't think they have is a Greek restaurant and because the family is very Greek. -- -- -- -- Yeah it is is that one of the -- Yeah I -- means grandmother. That's her grandmother married that's interest who I don't know about that next time in Houston I'll look it up. Well its way to downtown and you know I bridge that the good. Springs Florida which predominantly agree that's true. And so that's pretty good comparison -- -- -- staying on the pop this Pappas group change to be spreading fairly wide. Only there are all over the place there in Dallas area and there are. All over I mean I keep running into them whenever -- there. Yeah out there and Shannon O'Neil was injured O'Neill popped up some additional -- up windows in. You know so. What I don't I don't. Go through their entire menu item. Victory challenge actually quite good. Up -- but -- -- slugger. Cuban countered that group or kept the two hours. I used to go to Texas pretty regularly. Not -- in the last few years but we always -- like going there and give them the restaurant scene is different. And you get the best of it there's no question in my mind about this. The chain restaurants are totally in control of Texas it's almost as if probably during the George W Bush Administration when he was the may when he was the governor. Do doing things to make it very easy for chains opened up the very hard for anybody else alive I don't know if that's true probably not true. But it that's what it seems like and it is. And that the chains just blow my mind they they completely are in control of of texas' it looks to me. Well I mean you know what you -- there were you hurt people referred lots. Strips of restaurants as deep fried drive. They don't have a lot of deep fried interstate. That's about right. I love the way that they build these restaurants with a about a hundred seats outside for people waiting for tables this is unlike unbelievable. -- -- -- -- As far as finding. -- grow he typically it's going to be in the small community. So the ball around barbecue. Yeah well that's true but really even in Houston Houston is full of great restaurants that are not mean that you in this. Just to pick one you'd that you brought up -- in Houston and I think it's fantastic rest. It's it's sort of like a combination of commander's palace and -- no cafe and used him think one that I remember. And and terrific in the last time we were there. We went to this fantastically. Good Mexican restaurant called Hugo is in -- timer. The first time in my life I ever. I had it is and I wanna have it again dock with bullies us well well what niche. Oh. That's one of the things they're known for probably that the thing that everybody talks about the most is that they have an appetizer on the menu that's made of grasshoppers. It's it's actually fried -- a plate of fried grasshoppers and I'm not joking. -- well yeah. We don't want restaurant we're headed in Jerusalem across the river. Not a bad idea. -- It we will come back with more -- a moment but first please it's although it's the food show on thirteen -- an area almost go to WW all the big 870. And theories -- you -- Mike. A fly just flew in in my mouth and went right down my throat. Great -- like you don't. There's some strong from Spanish for probable was -- -- And in the news this week on Libya Taylor talk about it cement rod bill Mike Anderson. Our kitchen restaurant tour or forestry tumors that the sign and urban front -- you know faults. Well I'm not sure I didn't hear the story and I'm not familiar with the story but we did indeed have a guy by the name Mike Anderson who I understand it was a pretty well known LSU football player. It. Was a real issue lawyer -- soon or audio equipment people so much. -- -- -- him no one can can actual. -- hit Mike Anderson's is funny Mike Anderson's restaurants which were pretty good I I always thought the they had two of a year. And they closed and after the hurricane and really -- -- because they weren't really the best casual seafood investment. In the front court I thought. And very all -- in the them breathe just insane amounts of food I mean way way over the top. Well yeah. It was -- as a Jewish moral question. When she is will post or homo. And -- -- go to there's this question you all. And we you know to chairman restaurants it was options that can now. Then broke mystery. In Iowa -- -- whole scale albeit. That's what it looked like it that way but it was for now -- for some reason. -- that's how. -- -- Again our member that there was a lot and it was like. Sections you'll -- -- out and handle you know on much wing. No dummy it was swing back and -- Q is that true. Absolutely it -- In in one of the year two dining rooms -- two big guys as a big restaurant and an area to open in in the 1890s. And they were there for almost a hundred years old -- make it to 100 years but they almost. And in one of the rooms they had a system of belts all running off of one motor that turned all of these ceiling fans. And over one quarter they had a little guy Eagles like code kind of a puppet dressed up like a German guy with the hat in the later Rosen and all of that. And he appeared to be pushing them cranked to make all everything -- actually he was. Pretty tired by the whole system anyway. It was made no leather belts and the whole apparatus. Had come out of the old New Orleans world's fair in 1884. And that wound up they care. And no one knows what happened to. But it was pretty interest what what the -- used to point out is that all of the fans went around in the same direction except one. There was one thing and that went the opposite direction of all the rest. Of it was interest. Eighteen. And I'm sorry 1998. I think eighty. And ninety and 97 and 98 that I remember that they were on the verge of -- hundred years that they would. Regular. Like you're building change and number years why later. Is that now the story like that you know yeah. You might have been in the wrong place but it was a it was -- it was a fake thing look like you guys are cranked. Out to kids now. Well. Now they know they are you there there there are they're confusing it with the with Ludwick went it was his name -- He was the guy who look like he was during the great there was nobody -- -- Aren't what aren't they used to be. Suburban street they used to be a bar. Where what looked like a woman's legs would would fly every now and then through window through the curtains. And that look like there was a girl who was may be completely naked I mean you couldn't tell from. Actually it was just fall. And that it is just. Swing was swaying back and forth and -- -- went. What was idol I didn't go in. I lived in the neighborhood I lived a block away from and two blocks and Burgundy street let's see. Melodies here Melanie well here. We go I. What did you have some you know waiting on hold for you. -- Who do you did you did you have someone waiting on hold for you. But something. But -- all my. Career. Stage. And she. Played an -- -- that one -- are on high school. What happened to be at the door. And river. And there. -- -- -- -- -- -- In Arab summit to cookies to cook and how exactly name and who actually. Oh. And and. Fixing the league and on a banana flavor chocolate news. At. About. Stage like he. Still. Has happened. The world is we know it. Down -- And all of the drug and what. We -- -- -- Was at the crunchy kind business -- that current and BMW Wisconsin okay Wright. But little. It's a very New Orleans. And well -- that I guess we'll thank you very much forward oh. Who would think banana flavored each. Theories seen him so -- Yeah. I don't let go on the big -- your. Hello Gloria. A lot of our. I don't local real story here and have a -- why. A slightly. Errant -- part about vote but we -- all. I'll probably a lot of. Around that the famous dessert apple -- Then. Well you know it's not bad. But the idea of ringing in catfish from Vietnam offends me. And I mean this is a local product. It's gonna be better in the main the main reason we -- finding it is that you know the people around there they're very much in that. In two. Aqua culture and all that Andy. In ship catfish. You know their version of catfish. At this place. -- That it undercuts. The whole local business and it is hourly wipe out the business not completely but to a large extent the catfish farmers around your arm in shape. As a result so you'll never get me to touch and I know of two major restaurants that serve that. And I never ever order an -- on -- it's actually not a bad finish I just don't think it's right. Two when you can buy the local product why -- Unless are ridiculously more expensive which this is -- Listen I've got to take a break up but thanks for bringing up you know the second one that strangely enough -- will be back with more of the food show after first please this.

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